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  1. Thanks. That's actually the reason of my question. We're preparing a order where I'm including the cards for all my alts (and algo purchase the GG2 pack for the errata cards) but I didn't know if I should order Rollins' card. Although, after posting my question I have remembered that Arrrchie's card didn't come with the GG1 pack.
  2. Does anyone know if the nightmare version of the errata'd cards come in the pack? I'm thinking about Rollins Black.
  3. Mancha Roja, along with the wrastlers, hasn't arrived two weeks and a half later... But it is on its way. Although, now I'm working on something for the summer painting contest, so probably Mancha Roja and the wrastlers are going to be something to paint on August. Also on that foto is Burt Jebsen who is gonna be part of the August pledge (probably with the rest of the Infamous keyword). On the other hand, the rest of it is already painted... Captain Zipp: 15 SS Earl Burns: 3SS Fist Mate: 9 SS Merris LaCroix: 6 SS 3x Iron Skeeter: 3x7=21 SS 3x Flying Piglet: 3x3=9 SS Mechanized Porkchop: 7 SS @Caedrus that is a total of 70 SS this month (I'm not counting the three Malifaux models I'm gonna paint for the contest...).
  4. This is what I'm going to paint (plus Mancha Roja which hasn't arrived yet). I don't know if trying to paint the whole thing before July 10 counts for the challenge. I'm quite a slow painter...
  5. Very, very nice. I love the gremlin skin!
  6. @Caedrus here is what I've done this month... So, 10SS for the Malisaurus Rex. I consider this a Focus Piece (built and painted myself from scratch), son another 10SS. Those three I going to count them as a single Scatter Piece, son another 5SS. And that's all. 25SS this month. Luckily from now on I'm going to have more free time, so I'm going to be able to paint a lot again (I hope). Se you on July!
  7. @Caedrus I did paint only the vatagi huntsmen and the crypsis corps. Malisaurus rex is deayed (again) to june. So... 18ss for the three vatagi huntsmen 14ss for two crypsis corps Thas a total of 32ss on May. I really hope to paint more in June. I'm painting less a less soulstones each month...
  8. As I said in the April's post, this is (at least) what I'm going to paint on May.
  9. OK... 😅 I've been too busy the last three weeks and I couldn't paint anything, so I'm gonna paint these in May (starting next Wednesday) and I hope I will be able to paint something else, but I don't know what it's going to be yet. So, @Caedrus I painted this on April:
  10. Would be available at stores a Gaining Grounds Season 2 pack with the edited model cards and this season's strategies and schemes?
  11. Let's see if I can remember the recipes... For the magenta, if I'm not wrong, it was a base of VMC 70.960 Violet and then it was highlights with different mixes of VMC 70.812 Violet Red, VMC 70.945 Magenta, VGC 72.013 Squid Pink and I think VMC 70.928 Light Flesh for the brightest parts. No exact proportions, just play with the colors on the wet pallet. I didn't use it, but if you want an extra punch for the magenta, you can always use some VMC 70.735 Magenta Fluoresc. as a glaze. The poison gamin's green I'm not totally sure of the base color (actually the shadows). I'm hesitating between VMC 70.823 Luftwaffe Cam. Green and VMC 70.850 Medium Olive. I would say it is the Luftwaffe Cam. Green (is a darker color so it should give more contrast with the later colors), but I'm not 100% sure. First light was with VMC 70.967 Olive Green and second light with VMC 70.954 Yellow Green (although, as I applied the color with the airbrush, is possible thatit was VGA 72.733 Light Livery Green, which is almost identical to VMC 70.954 Yellow Gree). I used VGI 72.090 Black Green to outline the shadows. And I believe that's all... xD
  12. It is gonna be the rest of Apex miniatures...
  13. It's finished. Lord Cooper: 15SS Model 9: 9SS Artemis: 6SS Ullr: 6SS Runaways: 3SS (1SS each) Total: 39SS I'm now trying to decide if I paint the rest of the keyword next or if I paint some Infinity models. I hope to have an answer for tomorrow.
  14. God! How I hated painting the emissary and how I loved painting the effigy...
  15. I guess I can paint either Uller or Artemis with the brush... Basecoating them with the brush when I can do it quickly with the airbrush sounds annoying... 😅 Or, well... I guess it can be done with one of the runaways.
  16. The one brush thingie includes the base? Because I'll ruin my W&N if I apply pigments to the base with it or do drybrush to the final result... And can we use the airbrush along with the brush? Well, this is my pledge for April. I was planning on painting the whole Apex keyword, except the Miley Cyrus Rex, and stay in the 70-80SS frame (or around 12 miniatures), but I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able since the last two months I managed doing it by painting the gamins, which are pretty straightforward. So, I'm gonna start with the Lord Cooper's Core Box and let's see if I can do more before the month is over.
  17. Nah, I didn't try March's challenge (actually I forgot it completely until you asked xD).
  18. @Caedrus, the job is done. A total of 77SS this month. 10SS for the metal golem. 15SS for the three metal gamins (5SS each). 4SS for the essence of power. 24SS for the three shastar vidiya guards (8SS each). 9SS for Kudra. 15SS for the three poison gamins (5SS each). I will be painting Apex in March.
  19. They still are Wyrd models. I can't see why the shouldn't count...
  20. Well, this is my pledge for March. I am not totally sure if I am going to be able to paint it all on March. The amount of miniatures is lower than those I painted on February, but I am going to be busier for at least the next two months. So, lets cross my fingers and work hard.
  21. @Caedrus This is my work of February. 15ss for Sandeep 7ss for Banasuva 8ss for Kandara 18ss for the 3 Oxfordian mages (6ss each) 18ss for the 3 Wind gamins (6ss each) 12ss for the 3 Ice gamins (4ss each) That is a total of 78ss. Actually I painted the Mysterious Effigy too, but I didn't post a before picture. It is worth 4ss, so, if it counts, the should be 82ss instead of 78ss.
  22. Those are completed too. Oxfordian mages... ...wind gamins... ...and ice gamins. The ice gamins are the miniatures I painted for the February challenge. I know it was a miniature in a single day, but I painted three miniatures in a single day (in a single hour actually).
  23. It's an idea I considered to make it myself more than once. Maybe one day...
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