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Enforcers Assemble - 21st January - Coalville


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**Sold Out**

This will be a 3 round fixed faction limited pool (100SS) ranked tournament running alongside the UK Masters event.

Entry will be £10 for which you get 2 TOs for the price of one as I'm running this event jointly with Mythic Fox.

Entry will be limited to 24 36 players.

Rulespack: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12083335/UK Masters EA LOEH Rules Pack '16.pdf

Venue: Newbridge High School, Coalville, LE67 3SJ


  1. Connor Truby
  2. Thomas Henry
  3. Peter Rees
  4. Matt While
  5. Lee Battrick
  6. Mike Marshall
  7. Kai Young
  8. Rob Hallam
  9. Craig Colley
  10. Ross Hill
  11. Adam Perry
  12. Peter Siddaway
  13. Michael Ross
  14. Nathan Chenery
  15. Marcus Rose
  16. Ross Baker
  17. Dave Chandler
  18. Dimitrios Mourtzouchos
  19. Tim Brown
  20. Troy Ashdown
  21. Ross Mason
  22. Conor McNama
  23. Mathieu Lecoeuche
  24. Ben Sime
  25. Conor Rooney
  26. Mike Hutchinson
  27. Jamie Clark
  28. Philippa Tickner
  29. Will Lambert
  30. Ben Harris
  31. Craig Woods
  32. Karl McConnell
  33. Tim Britton
  34. Rik Phillips
  35. Dan Haslam
  36. Tom Skitt
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