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  1. Don’t get me wrong, wrath is not a great model, but he now has a tiny niche
  2. Henchmen - first takes Aeslin: solid, but not much stands out. Counterspell and the built in crow on his decay action to auto-hit into thorns trigger seem to be the standout abilities. He doesn’t gain much from the 3rd ap from leading a crew, but would not be a bad choice otherwise. wrath: the front of his card is highly forgettable, consumed by wrath is easy to play around. His attack actions are mediocre, but his tactical ones spark my interest. Destructive performance done twice can swing games and violent ghosts is really solid - something pandora would like to see. He’s cheap for a henchman, so he’s a situational maybe for me. hayreddin: wow! Serious damage output here, and the first of the henchmen I would take as a master without hesitation. The all 6 statline is great, 3 good abilities on the card front too. Revitalising ichor looks like too much trouble to set up for the payoff though. But damn, that combat staff! 2/3/4 is really 6/7/8 with necrotic decay since taking the damage will spill his black blood too. He can summon both mindless zombies and terror tots too. I’d be looking for a healer to run with him, but the idea of potentially putting out 24+ damage a turn can’t be overlooked. I’m going to need to buy this model! bad juju: a model I’ve loved in all its incarnations. He retains much of his unkillability on his card front, and picked up a serious speed buff this edition. Still hits hard and the quicksand trigger is worth stoning for. He is a simple model, do not one that would really benefit from being a leader, but he’s a good choice on a board with concealment, or a crew that can generate such. lord Chompy Bits: lacking a way to trigger his feed on fear ability during his own activation is a bit disappointing. Solid beater, but an easy target too. I’d not run him as a leader. However, with dreamer, different story! Chompy can be placed into the right positions and supported easily. Being 0 cost for such a potent beater is off the charts, so yeah - he’s just great. candy: OMG! Little girl got nasty this edition. There is not a bad, or even mediocre ability on her card front. She will need to be in close, but her defensive tech is fine with that. Debuffs galore. Her card back doesn’t disappoint either. Glimpse of insanity gets her in position, temper tantrum is a high TN to push that slow out, and self loathing is great. Goody basket is also a real toolkit action. Candy with 3ap for being a leader would be great - I can see her leading crews quite happily. I can also see her OOK applications being many and varied. the carver: mmm ruthless! His card front is rather busy, allowing him to fit into his keywords well, but I’m miffed about his rather flat damage profile. Crit strike may be built in, but you really want swift running too. As a leader, or if given fast, 6 swings should deal with most things. Breath of fire is great though, and all the better for not having that gun symbol. Using opportunist for pos flips here is a good idea. His healing is slightly limited and risky, but could be worth it. I could see him leading a crew, especially around Halloween. angel eyes: much improved from the last edition. Not a model that wants to see close combat (df4 is bad), but she has ways of keeping herself safe and a few of healing too. She is a superb gun and could take 4 shots (including sidearm) as a leader. Since we can’t merc in any snipers in this edition, she’s great. I wish she had from the shadows though. hinamatsu: very solid beater, fast and reliable. Onslaught could allow her 7 attacks as a leader (using flurry) all with pos flips. Aggressive stance is good defensive tech and lure has never been bad in any edition. Building in a double pos attack as a trigger doesn’t hurt either! Can easily see her leading a crew of puppets. widow weaver: solid henchman, but I’m not seeing master potential here at the moment. Other than as teleport points, the web markers don’t seem to do much this edition. The summoning is useful with stat 7, so she can backup Dreamer well, but I think her role is certainly second fiddle to a master. And that’s my take on the henchmen at this point. Enforcers next I think.
  3. So, I’ve Been going through the neverborn cards, and checking overlaps in other factions. Things have certainly had a shake up! master summary first: Dreamer: strong and reliable, flexible crew, decent mobility. I like how he plays. Solid choice for most strats/schemes pandora: changed in how she works, but her core abilities from last edition can still be accessed somewhat, it just requires a little setup. Poltergeist is very good this time round. zoraida: 😎😎 ok, probably the top of the pile for neverborn. In the hands of competent players she could easily dominate metas. lucius: certainly improved, lots of tricks here, most of which I know I haven’t uncovered yet. Mimics have some good options. nekima: one dimensional super beater. Effective but not overly interesting. Marcus: not really looked yet. Doesn’t have a neverborn feel for me on first few read-throughs though. titania: solid control play, but I’m not a huge fan yet. I’d need to see her in action to be convinced eurypides: tbc - no real info yet. ill be looking at a model breakdown as I go, initial thoughts first (as above), then drilling down into more detail as I go.
  4. Why thank you kindly! 😀
  5. Hello all, after a nearly two-year hiatus, I’ve played my first few games of M3E this weekend and decided to jump back in a little. Of course I started with Dreamer (mainly to see if I detested him this edition - I could never enjoy him in 2E, but loved him in 1st). loved him 😀. Game 1: vs Jack Daw (dreamer, chompy, 2 madness, 2 daydream, 2 stitched, teddy) (jack, totem, 3 guilty, 2 hanged with T13 upgrade) corrupted idols took take prisoner on a guilty and power ritual game ended 6-1 to dreamer. Power ritual with madnesses no issue. Killed the hanged as top priority. Game 2: vs Perdita (Dreamer, chompy, 2 daydreams, 2 stitched, teddy, madness, coppelius) (Perdita, frank, Santiago, Nino, granny, Nephilim totem, papa, monster hunter) plant explosives (2 to dreamer, 2 to coppelius, 1 on madness) (2 on Perdita, 1 on nino, 1 on papa, 1 on monster hunter) i took assassinate and take prisoner on granny game ended: 7-4 to dreamer the point I dropped was on assassinate as I had to kill Perdita when I had the chance. My opponent got 2 for outflank, 1 for vendetta (Santiago on teddy) and 1 on strat. I pinched explosives from Nino and monster hunter to keep dropping them on his side. So, on getting back home I started to see what I could turn up with just the neverborn card pack, and it didn’t take me long to find other crews I’d like to play. i will update this thread as I test and play, so feel free to add suggestions or criticism on my lists/choices as we go.
  6. Joel

    Pandora Tactica

    as corwin said. their ability to move for a (0) to get into postion helped too, and coupled with lilitu in the crew, they could copy her lure to bring things into position (or get them out of position).
  7. Joel

    Pandora Tactica

    so, I took Neverborn to a small event over the weekend and used Pandora in 2 of the 3 games (ply and ours - going with collodi for public executions) Pandora lists I ran were similar. for Ply against Sandeep I ran: Pandora (box, fugue, fears given form) Pmagic, doppleganger, lust, lilitu, 2 insidious madness, 2 changelings I took surround them (scored 2) and undercover entourage (scored 3) and got 2 from the strategy too to win 7-4. takeaways: fugue not as useful in this matchup as I'd hoped - mainly due to practised production (set up and trap were also in the pool) - and I lost lust too easily in this game. Changlings were excellent on ply. for the other Pandora game it was Ours vs. Hoffman: Pandora (box, rile, fears given form) Pmagic, doppleganger (1k faces), lilitu (1k faces), lust (retributions eye), 3 madnesses I took show of force (scored 3) and take prisoner (scored 3), and got all 4 from the strategy - winning 10-3 and take prisoners happened to each other. take aways: rile up is amazingly powerful - 4 incites and/or the ability to strike at range on any target and ignore damage reduction is very good. Pandora deleted a model a turn with ease. Lust amazing this game, breaking up the hoffball on her own, re positioning things to prevent scoring and slowing them down. Even smacking the peacekeeper for 9 wounds was useful. once she died, the other picked up the eye...
  8. Zipp just needs to be hit hard once - after that he’s manageable
  9. According to the rulespack this event is using 2017 schemes instead of 2018 😞 any my chance of this changing?
  10. Ticket bought
  11. Tried the list above last night, with waldgeist instead of coryphee. Symbols of authority (standard) punish the weak take one for the team show of force recover evidence Took punish (got all 3 with collodi) and take one for the team on hinamatsu. Scored 9 points to 6 for my opponent won had also taken “take one” on Francisco and show of force. He had one model left (Sonia on 4wds) at the end.
  12. I think the next colldi list I want to test is: collodi (fated, strum, wings) hinamatsu (thousand faces) 4 marionettes brutual and arcane effigies 2 coryphee I see a strike team of hinamatu and 2 coryphee turing one side of the board into a blender while collodi pins down the other and the rest spread as needed and get schemes done. The coryphee can switch out for 2 stitched an upgrade on hinamatsu (fears given form works well) and a soulstone into the pool if I'm up against arcanist (magnetism hates them). or they simply become my lovely ronin - providing me with more soulstones Having run hinamatsu with dreamer for a few games now and seen how she shreds things, I think she may be a staple with effigy conditions and fast being added to her,
  13. nice work goes to show that there is more than one way of dealing with the sky pirate
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