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  1. Joel

    Pandora Tactica

    as corwin said. their ability to move for a (0) to get into postion helped too, and coupled with lilitu in the crew, they could copy her lure to bring things into position (or get them out of position).
  2. Joel

    Pandora Tactica

    so, I took Neverborn to a small event over the weekend and used Pandora in 2 of the 3 games (ply and ours - going with collodi for public executions) Pandora lists I ran were similar. for Ply against Sandeep I ran: Pandora (box, fugue, fears given form) Pmagic, doppleganger, lust, lilitu, 2 insidious madness, 2 changelings I took surround them (scored 2) and undercover entourage (scored 3) and got 2 from the strategy too to win 7-4. takeaways: fugue not as useful in this matchup as I'd hoped - mainly due to practised production (set up and trap were also in the pool) - and I lost lust too easily in this game. Changlings were excellent on ply. for the other Pandora game it was Ours vs. Hoffman: Pandora (box, rile, fears given form) Pmagic, doppleganger (1k faces), lilitu (1k faces), lust (retributions eye), 3 madnesses I took show of force (scored 3) and take prisoner (scored 3), and got all 4 from the strategy - winning 10-3 and take prisoners happened to each other. take aways: rile up is amazingly powerful - 4 incites and/or the ability to strike at range on any target and ignore damage reduction is very good. Pandora deleted a model a turn with ease. Lust amazing this game, breaking up the hoffball on her own, re positioning things to prevent scoring and slowing them down. Even smacking the peacekeeper for 9 wounds was useful. once she died, the other picked up the eye...
  3. Zipp just needs to be hit hard once - after that he’s manageable
  4. According to the rulespack this event is using 2017 schemes instead of 2018 😞 any my chance of this changing?
  5. Ticket bought
  6. Tried the list above last night, with waldgeist instead of coryphee. Symbols of authority (standard) punish the weak take one for the team show of force recover evidence Took punish (got all 3 with collodi) and take one for the team on hinamatsu. Scored 9 points to 6 for my opponent won had also taken “take one” on Francisco and show of force. He had one model left (Sonia on 4wds) at the end.
  7. I think the next colldi list I want to test is: collodi (fated, strum, wings) hinamatsu (thousand faces) 4 marionettes brutual and arcane effigies 2 coryphee I see a strike team of hinamatu and 2 coryphee turing one side of the board into a blender while collodi pins down the other and the rest spread as needed and get schemes done. The coryphee can switch out for 2 stitched an upgrade on hinamatsu (fears given form works well) and a soulstone into the pool if I'm up against arcanist (magnetism hates them). or they simply become my lovely ronin - providing me with more soulstones Having run hinamatsu with dreamer for a few games now and seen how she shreds things, I think she may be a staple with effigy conditions and fast being added to her,
  8. nice work goes to show that there is more than one way of dealing with the sky pirate
  9. my answer (as someone who piloted zipp as single master to 3rd at the UK nationals the other year, and as a neverborn player of similar levels of success) is this: don't go after zipp - go after his hand instead. zipp is VERY suit/card/stone reliant to get his stuff done. He may be fast, but he certainly cannot be everywhere at once. GG18 requires constant scoring which requires models to be active and doing things. Shredding his hand and his crew will leave him unable to score VP or operate at anywhere near maximum potential. luckily, this is something that neverborn do rather well.
  10. to quote Newt from Aliens "It won't make any difference."
  11. Not that hard in the right crew
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