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  1. Very important update on the first post of this thread, please read.
  2. Final Rules pack is now available at https://www.dropbox.com/s/y1jftkfftew4bmg/Final.pdf?dl=0 Please note this includes all the strats and schemes for the event so captains can start planning now who will be playing what. There is no painting prize I'm afraid
  3. I have two spare tickets for this if the two reserve teams want them? Please contact me in some way and I will sort
  4. Just a few days left for the defending champions to make a decision about coming over or not, then the ticket will be up for grabs. If they don't come, who is going to snatch the title. Will Flipping Wyrds continue to crush all those before them?
  5. Also you raised £1100 for MIND which is a fantastic result
  6. Thanks to all of you who came to to the Nationals this weekend and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Please accept my apologies for disapearing on you before the end, a personal situation occured and I needed to get home as soon as I could, hopefully Matt was a suitable grownup replacement Thank you all again
  7. Nope, you don't need to decide faction / fixed master / etc. until you register
  8. In a break from my normal practice here are the strats and schemes for the nationals. All generated by the lovely Crewfaux Game One (2017) Deployment: Standard Deployment (2) Strategy: Guard the Stash (Crows) Schemes: * Claim Jump (Always) * Eliminate the Leadership (Doubles) * Frame For Murder (Rams) * Hunting Party (4) * Hidden Trap (5) Game Two (2017) Deployment: Flank Deployment (13) Strategy: Headhunter (Tomes) Schemes: * Claim Jump (Always) * Frame For Murder (Rams) * Leave Your
  9. I'm afraid this event is now cancelled. Folks who have already purchased tickets should receive a refund shortly
  10. Strats will be the standard rotation for this time of year. If you have paid then you are on my master list, pretty busy at the moment so list on this thread is behind
  11. Money for this event is now committed - venue paid for etc. so I am no longer able to offer refunds of tickets. If you are not planning on coming then feel free to sell your ticket to someone on the reserve list.
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