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  1. You can go ahead and put me one the list. Once things go live I'll pay. Sure a lot of TMI will be attending too.
  2. As soon as possible. I have private messaged you my address.
  3. I will have a word with Alex. I am just down the road from you, there is room for 1 more technically.
  4. Morning Fanteegi.

    Just letting you know my flight is showing on time, land at 9.35am, I don't get internet easily in the Uk so might not be able to update until I actually get to venue.

    I will however update if any delays.



  5. If anyone knows of someone looking to join in, please shout. I have Lukas wanting to play too but really want to stick to even numbers
  6. If you cannot get a slateridge Mauler sorted, but can get a card, I am more than happy to allow a proxy given the distance you are travelling. If your opponent has an issue with it, I will over rule them
  7. Don't. Get the train outside the airport. Go to hockley station (about 8 mins on the train), from there, it is a 5 min walk. Happy to come and meet you. If your plane delays, it won't be a massive issue, unless it's by silly amounts of time.
  8. I am no longer selling tickets for this event. Unless there are guaranteed even pairings (ie 2 people wanting tickets) any contribution made from this point on, will be refunded in full. I apologise if this causes any issues but I will be unable to supply a ringer and don't want that burden on myself. There's 40 of you that need looking after, after all.
  9. And sadly, the original restaurant have cancelled the booking. They haven't got the space for more than 10 people any more. I have looked else where and there is a lovely little Italian restaurant called PastaPia that have us booked in now. Will swing by the restaurant tonight and grab a menu. Oh, and it's a BYOB restaurant too, conveniently, there are a number of supermarkets near Wayland Games and a there is a local convenience shop not 100m from the restaurant
  10. Last chance for coming along to the meal on the Saturday evening. I need to know by tonight. Also, rounds 1 through 4 have been put up so those further travelled can prepare more
  11. I have received a load (and I mean a LOAD) of stuff from wyrd. Cards, limited models and alt sculpts, some guilders too. As well as the stuff that I have received from other henchmen. I also have some rather delicious looking faction bits available for the raffle that have been donated by the one and only Mike Marshall. All will be put into the raffle that is going to to raise money for MIND and there may be some room for some spot prizes too.
  12. Doc, I have one of my team able to lend you a crew. @Insomniakwulf is happy to lend it to you but can you give an idea of the crew you'd like? Have others able to assist too.. I am happy to lend what I can tho it is very limited and mostly gear toward 10t So give me a list with maybe some extras and we'll see what we can do
  13. So, who is in for the meal? It will be at Bella Italia in Southend High Street. If people wish to go out to some bars after, I can advise a coordinator hly depending on your tastes.
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