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  1. Psientologist

    Sphere's Given Form: Tinker, Taelor 2 - 18th August 2018

    Colour me interested. Will look at trains etc soon
  2. I know people may want them a little less but I have 2 foils cards and still have a Vintage Misaki.
  3. Psientologist

    W- Guild Sgt and swine cursed H-£

    Got a metal Guild Sgt I can flog you, or hey, if you're in Devon as your location says you should come up to a tournament in Bournemouth next week and I can even hand it over then
  4. Amelia has been sold but Rowan Nilsson is now in the pile.
  5. Psientologist

    Sphere's Given Form: Clash Of The Titanias - 19th May 2018

    Cheers everyone for a great day. More events with a slightly later start and I'll see you there again.
  6. Psientologist

    Sphere's Given Form: Clash Of The Titanias - 19th May 2018

    Paid up. See you Saturday.
  7. Amelia Bathory has been added to this "to sell" pile. Help me fund my next tournament trip x
  8. Psientologist

    Sphere's Given Form: Clash Of The Titanias - 19th May 2018

    As I said on Saturday, looking to come, just need a little more funds.
  9. Psientologist

    Scottish GT 2018 - 21/22 July - 50SS, Fixed Faction, 6 Rounds, Stirling

    Is there a list of attendees anywhere Kai?
  10. Psientologist

    Hippy-faux pt2 power flower 12th May 2018

    Top event, looking forward to the English GT now.
  11. Psientologist

    Arcane Reservoir (the podcast)

    *A New Record.* I knew it had been a while since I updated this thread but wow, not touched in 2018. Better remedy that. AR LIVE +2 This show was as previously stated the draw for the 2017 UK Masters groups, old news now but maybe interesting to go back and see exactly what we thought would go down. +63 Raw Tim and I chat about the Masters draw and I give my literal first impressions of GG18 reading the final draft document for the first time. +64 Year Three As is tradition now I'm joined by Tim and Malifaux Rankings/Bag-O-Tools co-creator Jamie to chat about how the year (2017) went and what our goals are for 2018. +65 AKA AR LIVE +3 So the live shows, for now become not separate but an occasional replacement, they're fun to do, interact with but also can help get a show out on time if there's been a lack of it for editing etc. This one was an emergency recording as the non-live 65 was buggered for lack of a better word. Tim is back (as always <3) and joining us is Joe to chat ERRATA +66 AMA I'm Lonely A solo show (Christmas/New Years causes troubles it seems) where I do a Q&A/AMA via questions given to me via @arcanereservoir on twitter and Facebook.com/arcanereservoir. +67 Dread Pirate Master *spoilers* if you are catching up, but I'm joined by the winner and current UK Malifaux Master to go over the games and the weekend event. Very insightful stuff. +68 Woe I get good friend and Welsh GT TO Luke on the show to talk about a new and popular list which at the time has gotten him a lot of success. Summoning Pandora. +69 Nice Tim and Josh come on to tell me all about Bonescon, their games and everything else I missed. +70 Egg Tim (the best co-host I could ask for) joins me as we do a classic tournament review of Haul of Eggs 6 +71 Dragons (AKA AR LIVE+4) Another tournament report but a biggy, with Tim and Luke. 2 Days of great fun and to this date my favourite event of 2018. +72 Surprise? Released yesterday as I type this, Tim and I talk about what has surprised us for better or worst from Broken Promises in comparison to our initial reactions from 7 months back. Apologies for the big post. As always, please follow the pod on twitter, facebook and twitch.tv/psientologist for live stuff (warning I play video games on it too). Also if you've been enjoying the show a lot and would like to chip in to help me out, check out my patreon Patreon.com/ArcaneReservoir. Soon there will be some sweet new t shirts too, I'll endeavour to remember to put them here too.
  12. Says exactly what I've got in the title, I'm UK based so take that in to consideration. DM me your offers. Cheers.
  13. Psientologist

    The Welsh GT 2018 - 7 & 8 April 2018

    I was Sandeep/Rasputina just fyi
  14. Psientologist

    The Welsh GT 2018 - 7 & 8 April 2018

    Amazing event, we'll be streaming a live edition of Arcane Reservoir chatting about this with Luke, Tim and myself over at twitch.tv/psientologist around 20:00 BST
  15. Psientologist

    Scottish GT 2018 - 21/22 July - 50SS, Fixed Faction, 6 Rounds, Stirling

    Is there an attendance list yet please?