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  1. Put me down for this event, will sort payment out soon 😃
  2. Sorry meant to post the strats and schemes before now but they are up.
  3. Sorry just seen the message. No I have no limit on the tickets. The more people the better
  4. Registration starts at 09:30, first round starts at 10.
  5. Link to get tickets in the first post
  6. Heartfaux is back. On 31 August 2019 York Garrison Wargaming club will be hosting Heartfaux again after missing a year. It will be held at The Folk Hall, New Earswick, York. As with the event in the past it is going to be a charity event, with proceeds going to the British Heart Foundation. So far from Previous event we have raised over £1600 and I would love to continue to build on that achievement. The event will be 3 rounds at 50ss per round, fixed faction. The aim of the event is two fold. 1 - Have fun and play some games of M3E 2 - Raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Cost of the event is £15, but this does not include lunch. Payment details will be added ASAP, when they have been added to the York Garrison website - https://yorkgarrison.co.uk/ tickets can be bought from this address https://yorkgarrison.co.uk/product/heartfaux-2019-august-31st/ Lunch wise there's a cafe on site which will sell drinks and snacks, a chip shop and local shop about a 5 minute walk ands a Tesco/KFC/BK and Mcdonalds within a 5 minute drive. Proper rules pack will be posted in the next few days and I will update this post when tickets have gone live. Link to the rules pack: - https://www.dropbox.com/s/wjpfjrtrxvquadb/Heartfaux.docx?dl=0 Lets make this a good one guys. Strats and Schemes Game 1 Corner Corrupted Idols Vendetta Claim Jump Take Prisioner Search the ruins Power Ritual Game 2 Wedge Reckoning Claim Jump Hold up their forces Outflank Harness the Ley Line Detonate Charges Game 3 Flank Turf War Assassinate Dig Their Graves Breakthrough Deliver a message Vendetta Paid 1 - James Doxey 2 - Paul Butler 3 - Dan Brown 4 - Ollie Hedges 5 - Russell Hunt 6 - Tom Benstead 7 - Karl Adam 8 - Kevin Gillet 9 - Peter Sidaway 10 - Greg 11 - Dave Brown 12 - Carl Lee 13 - Nick Pratt 14 - Gary McGuinness 15 - Radek 16 - Zed Strong 17 - Michael Arnott 18 - Andy Bushell
  7. Will aim to get to this, but the day before my Son's birthday so might be hard. Hence why I can never go to the ITC anymore, until David Brown moves it to another weekend (hint)
  8. Going to try to get to this, been a while since I have been to a tournament.
  9. I'm pretty sure goblin survivors are also foundry for Mei Feng
  10. Not true, got mine built and primed ready for some paint. Element games had him in stock
  11. The reason I take acolytes over mages is I will always get work out of him over the mages. I just don't find mages that good all of the time.
  12. I still take acolytes over the mages, imo they are the best range model we have.
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