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  1. Not true, got mine built and primed ready for some paint. Element games had him in stock
  2. The reason I take acolytes over mages is I will always get work out of him over the mages. I just don't find mages that good all of the time.
  3. I still take acolytes over the mages, imo they are the best range model we have.
  4. The thing with Sandeep is he just makes models better by giving them so much utility that it makes the mages stay in the box for me.
  5. Do you know, this is a funny post to come up, as I was going to post about these models to try to figure out what all the fuss is about with these models. Personally I find they just never pull their weight for having to take 3 of the them as they are to easy to kill and I find there are better damage dealers to have. I will keep trying them on the board to see if I can get them to work but at the moment they just don't do it for me.
  6. balgor

    Vappafaux 4 Feb 2018

    Sorry you did not hear some of the calls Paul, thought I shouted and then walked around making sure everyone heard. But will take it on board. The show is only open on a Sunday, bit they have the venue on the Saturday for some traders so we can get in. There are many hurdles to cover before it became a two day event, but thought I would get player views first.
  7. balgor

    Vappafaux 4 Feb 2018

    Thanks to everyone who came to the show, hope you had a good event and if you have any feedback please leave it here. We raised £158 for pilgrims bandits http://pilgrimbandits from the raffle, so thank you very much for supporting a great cause. Question for you all? How would people feel if Vappa became a two day tournament? Now this is not saying it will happen, but would like to get your views before I look into it.
  8. balgor

    Vappafaux 4 Feb 2018

    The ones in the top thread are correct, The rules packs only difference is is guarded treasure, in game three as its changed when final version of GG came out
  9. balgor

    Vappafaux 4 Feb 2018

    Thanks for pointing that out, I thought I checked to see if there were any differences, I will check again
  10. With out sounding out of order, I have no issues with not using the app to track wounds. What's wrong with the good old way of asking your opponent how many wounds they have, what defence are they etc. Yes you might have technology, but that does not mean you have to use it, this is a game against real people, and I for one like talking to them.
  11. balgor

    Vappafaux 4 Feb 2018

    Last day to get your tickets. Buy them if you intend to come to the event
  12. balgor

    Vappafaux 4 Feb 2018

    11 tickets left, get then before the deadline
  13. balgor

    Vappafaux 4 Feb 2018

    Slight bump to remind people to get there tickets if they wish to attend Vappa this year, I will stop accepting money after the 15 Jan.
  14. balgor

    Vappafaux 4 Feb 2018

    Deadline to purchase tickets is the 15 January so that I am able to sort out money for prize support, table hire etc.
  15. balgor

    Vappafaux 4 Feb 2018

    Thanks for the funds see you in Feb
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