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  1. Mr Janje

    Schemes & Stones Mah Tucket Crew Spotlight

    Personally, i LOVE Out for blood but i use Mah as a beater and have never used Horrible Hollerin'! Lets me push 8", 0 for a 6" push and then i can Aim for the Sore Spots with a stone and a card to charge a model within 10". 24" "Charge" with 1 ap, a 0 and 2 card cycles lets me pick a model and just kill it. Usually, i can take down a cheap model like a Monster Hunter, Austringer or Steamfitter down with that charge and then use my other 2 walk to run away or charge some other model nearby if i'm in a tasty place. Trixi can then either reel her back in or push a beater away from her, positions depending. Then on the 2nd turn, Trixi can cheat it so i go first, Mah can do it all again and hopefully kill another dude and run away, or even threaten their master with 4 attacks!
  2. Mr Janje

    Lilith Sudden Darkness/Flying

    I would say no, as flying "ignores Terrain whilst moving". Therefore, she has not moved through any terrain. Also, impassible terrain would never count as you can't move through it.
  3. Mr Janje

    Our worst models

    I said this then, i'll say it now... Stuffed piglets should have "Slop for brains" ability Slop for Brains: This model may not activate whilst there are any other models without this ability yet to Activate Its basically perma "Nobody likes me" condition
  4. I believe, both of the new boxes have a Henchman, Enforcer and 2 minions just like the Guild VS Neverborn starter Set
  5. Mr Janje

    Mei Feng Tactica.. ish

  6. Mr Janje

    Mei Feng Tactica.. ish

    Just so you're aware i believe it was FAQ'd to say if Mei railwalks to the Emmisarys Scrap Marker, it vanishes
  7. Mr Janje

    Fee Fi Fo Faux 6th May 2018

    Is there an estimate of numbers?
  8. Anyone looking for a team? If you're a guild, Ten Thunders or Outcast player and need a team, drop me a message :)! I'll even pay for your ticket to come play with us!
  9. Mr Janje

    Monday Preview - Another Mystery

    Widow Weavers Pop-Pop perhaps?
  10. Mr Janje

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    I think brewmaster MAY play better in TT than Gremlins Yasunori & Misdirection being the key pieces
  11. Mr Janje

    Monday Preview - Fire Golem

    Urgh, i love This model so much it may SPARK a BURNING desire to start my 5th Faction :(!
  12. Mr Janje

    Haul of Eggs 6 - Sat 24th March - Daventry

    Then my attendance likelihood is increased by 1000%! Cus i've dreamt about those little meaty suckers since last year :D!!!
  13. Mr Janje

    Haul of Eggs 6 - Sat 24th March - Daventry

    Likely to be attending again Will there be Cocktail Sausages in a loaf of bread again?!
  14. Mr Janje

    Be My Wyrdtine @ The Outpost Sheffield 25/02/18

    We're looking at Roughly 16 players from rough maths! Rough
  15. Mr Janje

    Backdraft Story Encounter

    What magazine is this from?