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  1. Paid for both days! Maybe a new year will mean I can be newly organised at planning for events in advance... Don't hold your breath though.
  2. Can you out Josh, Tim and Kamia down for the meal please? 😁
  3. I think that actually it's worded that both 1 and 2 are correct.
  4. Definitely an interesting idea. Would this mean the end of the bonus for 2-day events? It does cause quite a big swing for those events, and any 5+ round event is going to be a 2 day event anyway. Unless you're crazy... I'm looking at people attending Adepticon this year...
  5. Pretty much every crew has a repeating core for me. Collodi is the one with the most changes to that core, as he needs Puppets. Primordial Magic - Cheap activation, card cycling, and potential surprise scheme marker Nekima - Fast, smashy, and when used right can decimate a crew before she's taken down Doppelganger - Cheat the initiative, copy abilities, interact while engaged. Yeah, just a massive pain for your opponent Mr Graves - Tough, with a decent attack. Plus he can push models around which is massively helpful Then there are some other models that make regular appearances. Lilitu - Lure and a 4" melee give you some great board control Johan - Tough, with a decent attack. Plus he has condition removal and Flurry. Barbaros - Tough, and can push enemy models around. Nimble, which is very handy for certain schemes, or just charging people behind cover. Oh, and his Challenge aura is crazy good with Pandora Terror Tots, Insidious Madness, Silurids - Great Scheme runners. They're fast, each with their own ways of getting up the board fast. So yeah, there's a bunch of models, most of which you can buy by themselves as opposed to being in crew boxes.
  6. So you do get to make all of the disengaging strikes, even if the disengaging model fails the first one! If the disengaging model fails any of the duels, then it doesn't get to move at all, but you get to keep making disengaging strikes for any other models that are able to do so. Other models would include Insidious Madness and Changling (From copying an attack).
  7. My understanding was that once you failed a disengage you stopped trying to get away. So you would only be able to fail the first one, and not any others. It's still an extra Wp duel to fail, but I'm not sure it stacks up the way you think it does. Please correct me if I'm wrong, because that seems like a pretty decent trick.
  8. @MalifauxMartin is there still a ticket spare for this?
  9. But there's not been any Arcane Reservoirs out about the new stuff, and we all know that they are much better. Why would I waste my time listening to an inferior Malifaux podcast =p
  10. It depends what information you want. If you want breakdowns of what each table's Strat and Schemes were, and who was playing on each, then Bag-o-tools as is doesn't give you that. It is build for singles events, and so gives all the information necessary for a singles event. There is much more information to show for the ITC, and so this would need to be built in on top of what is already there. Now, I'm not saying this needs to be done, but for someone to be able to know what is going on across all the tables at a glance, you do need more information than what Bag-o-tools currently gives you. I say, get the whip out and get those Scottish lads to build a better version for ITC 2
  11. I don't understand this complaint about supposed "Super Teams" at all. For starters, the T stands for TEAM in ITC. It's not even like the non-UK teams were the only ones to have collections of non-club members in a team. Black Joker Society is made up of friends who met on the tournament scene, there's no geographical alignment. Team Harrogate drafted in an ex-UK #1 to fill in a space in their team. I'm sure there are more cases of this happening. Having played Trump Card (thanks for smashing me Larry), I can say that really they emody the spirit of the game just as much as anyone else I've played over the years. And I would say the same for the 2 Swedish teams we played as well. From the brief interactions I had with other non-UK players, and the general feeling in the room, this event showed sportsmanship and a love for the game, that was equal to any other event I've been to. Now, next year... UK need to step it up. Let's ignore how the non-UK teams did really well. You let Yorkfaux be the best UK team! You let Black Joker Society be the 2nd best UK team! BJS had 2 Guild Ball players on our team...
  12. From what I heard, Vengeance were streaming the top table the weekend before. No idea what was going on in the stream or anything, but might be worth talking to the organiser(s) for Vengeance? I definitely think that streaming is a nice addition to a tournament, in this internet age. But it is more hassle, and more cost.
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