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  1. Hello. I Administer Momentous Two on Two and we have branched into Malifaux 3E. Have a look at our most recent game. https://youtu.be/tUh_JmyX3lI If you would like to see specific match ups please let us know and we will try to cater to you. (own most 2nd edition masters)
  2. Paid for @thedicegod Ross Baker and Marcus Rose
  3. I have checked travel and I will not be able to make this event, please remove my name from the list
  4. color me very interested - when can i give you my money!!!
  5. paid for Marcus Rose and @thedicegod ross Baker Will let the faux-mads know this is happening so hopefully we can get a big group up to this event.
  6. Hi Both @thedicegod and myself are booked onto a season pass, Please can you add us to the attendance list.
  7. @Red? hello. Marcus Rose and Ross Baker have Season Tickets, Please add us to your list
  8. Hello @Red? Tom Payne ( @GSenator ) has chosen to pull out of the event to allow Tim Bhretain to attend.
  9. @maca1066 could you offer the same for Marcus Rose and Ross Baker. Sort you out Friday, also gonna post this to the Faux-Mads Now
  10. @Clousseau hello buddy, would you like me to send over the pictures from the event. if you private message me your email address I will send them that way. I have the master side events and this one to pass on to you.
  11. Faux-mads will be there in force!
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