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  1. Hello. I have not use her yet so take my opinion with a little salt. Now she is 8ss and she needs a suited 6 to lay an egg. One use could be to use her at a flank since she can fight againsts scheme runners or weaker models. She lays 2 eggs in the first 2 or 3 turns. Then a wil o wisp or her hatces the eggs. So even if she dies you have 2 gupps at turn 3 or 4 for late schemes like take prisoner or breakthrought. I dont think she is great by any means but she can probably accomplish some schemes. The main function i see on her is to "transform" herself into 2 gupps. But since you almost never see her on table she may offer you the element of surprise. I have not played any games with gg18 s&s yet but they seem killy. She may be good if you expect shooty opponents to "protect" your scheme runners by summoning them turn 3 or 4.
  2. I also find very sneaky the idea with the riflemen but i suppose you must see the terrain opportunity first otherwise gunlines can be neutrilised fast. Do you play captain dashel with the gunline normally?
  3. I really like the terracotta warrior idea! Could be great with mature and young nephelim! Have you used terracotta with lucius before? How many you bring normally to do the trick?
  4. Thanks for the reply man!
  5. Hey chaps, I am aim to buy lucius' box but i play neverborn. So i have some questions on how to buy guild models for his "surprisingly loyal" upgrade. Question: do you think this upgrade really adds some value on neverborn playstyle? And if yes, then what models are worth collecting/painting. I intent to collect all neverborn models so i want peoples opinion before i start collecting out of faction models. Thanks!
  6. Dimitri

    UK Nationals 2017

    Hello guys! Unfortunately I cannot attent to the Notionals. I have already bought a ticket. Does anyone want to buy it?
  7. He favours all strats but the stupid reckoning. Mastres Somer hates is probably viks or lilith? I don't find somer having a problem when i lose but myself not adapting fast enough.
  8. Hi guys again. I am thinking all the time this afternoon about "alternative" models for my crews. I ve used Lenny a couple of times when i started playing gremlins but never in a competitive environment. At this ss cost i use Gracie (and i also think about fingers lately). So i would like to listen to your opinion about Lenny. His "immune to conditions" seems situationally great but the real beauty is the toss i suppose. Toss trixie and then she lures him and Burt Russell turn 1. After that trixie's ml7 with lenny means that lenny gets to attack with ml7 and min dam3. He has a heal (who cares) and he also reduces the damage taken by 1 but 3" aura is really small IMO. He also has a limited upgrade that seems nice to use it early/mid game on your models and summon some annoying piglets. If you summon 1-2 you take the 1ss back for sure, plus piglets are nice minions. His wp1 and df4 are superbad tho. Do you use him? Any luck? Any ideas? I don't really havr time for casual games because of my job so i mostly play in tournaments and i am also concerned about his place in the competitive game. I am a little bit disappointed from my Gracie lately as she seems to attract so much hate and focus that she doesn't really do much.
  9. Hi guys. I am playing a lot of gremlins now and my standard choices are Burt Russell and Gracie. Although i completely love those two guys and they serve me great, i find awkward rare situations that they don't fit the bill. So i start considering Fingers (in Gracie's place) in some games and Rami Lacroix (in Burt's place). Fingers is an other topic. So what about Rami? I was always thinking of him as a useless Ht1 sniper who harms himself and costs more than other snipers. In my meta Colodi, Outcasts in general and other guys who enjoy keeping distance are kind of common. So Rami seems to can annoy the most that guys. Given that Somer is my "main" master rams-for-rami is not the problem. Do you use him? What is your ideas on him? Hunting Party? Dirty Cheater? Mobile model if you run out of targets? Is Ht1 a "deal breaker"? Plz help me because I don't have the model and i don't want to buy it or even bother to proxy it before i listen what my brothers in green think about it.
  10. Can someone please give me some ideas of how an optimum ulix crew should look like according to your opinion? I mostly play somer and mah and my ulix ideas are mostly situational and mediocre. Thanks
  11. On the Saturday event i also had a good result with gremlins! I used Mah and finished 13/36. So very happy. And gracie was an alstar in all 3 games. I don't tend to take saddle on her because i use her as solo flanker most of the times and i have burt as a counter beater. Plus Mah's first turn is to reposition 3 models. But for sure saddle is a powerful upgrade. Also gracie with a situational ml7 doesn't need something better than a 10 to kill minions and heal.
  12. I think do over works really well with somer because one of the tricks i aim to pull off in every tow games more or less is: last activation a bayou go reckless and stay a little bit more than 1" away of 1,2 or 3 models (the second and third model within 4" of the bayou) and then cheat initiative go with somer, shoot te fool gremlin cheat if necessary and blast blast for 4 damage. So i suppose with do over you can do it in a more "reckless" way. Wong probably is a better target because of the "a gremlins luck" upgrade.
  13. My theme is "blue jeans", brown hats but if i did it again i would go "smurf"
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