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  1. must have glossed over that thanks for clearing it up.
  2. the wording on germinate is anywhere within 6" at least 2" away from another underbrush marker
  3. I ran Zoraida for the first in ages. Consider Bad Juju and a waldergeist. Bad Juju was engaged with an Ice Golem . Waldiergeist germinated putting Juju in severe terrain making him regen +3.
  4. Cheers struggling to find the M2E version in the UK. Will have to succumb and have 4 Black Blood Shaman
  5. Do we know if we can buy Hayreddin separately i already have majority of the models for Nekima just missing him and her totem?
  6. Depending where abouts in Wakefield there are a few of us playing out of IQ games Huddersfield
  7. Sorry guys I can no longer attend due to certain circumstances
  8. Cheers must have glossed over that when going over the rulebook
  9. As Jack daw can hire the hanged. The hanged have an ability to put a forbidden upgrade on to an enemy model but the outcasts have no forbbiden upgrades can it put the resser one or is the ability redundant when in outcasts?
  10. bah only 5 factions I did the rainbow in one tournament
  11. Second game with Jack Leader: Jack Daw - Cache:(2) Twist and Turn 2ss Writhing Torment 2ss Drowning Injustice 0ss Firing Squad Injustice 0ss Growing Injustice 1ss Montresor 9ss Brick By Brick 0ss Fearful Whispers 1ss The Midnight Stalker 8ss Scramble 1ss Hodgepodge Emissary 10ss Conflux of the Damned 0ss The Suffocating Injustice 0ss The Guilty 4ss The Guilty 4ss Nurse 6ss It went far better then my first game with him
  12. Cheers that's what i thought when i have come to look at including the nothing beast in my list
  13. Cheers I tend not to use the nothing beast so came as a shock to bury 3 models with the trigger but didn't question it . Tend to do one via the trigger and another via pine box
  14. Have i got the understanding of this right The wording on 'The Faceless Oblivion' is Friendly models within 10 may use the glimpse the void trigger against enemy models regardless of how many friendly models are buried (enemy models still count). My understanding is that you can still only bury only one model via the glimpse the void trigger. The reason i am asking is that i recently had a game where my opponent buried Talos, Scion and the nothing beast via Pull the void and glimpse the void trigger. Cheers
  15. I have a translucent Raspi crew box i can donate for the raffle
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