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  1. Just back. Thanks for running a great event. Looking forward to more in the future. Hopefully see you soon!
  2. Just to make sure this is still going ahead right? Just seems a little quiet
  3. I was fixed list Seamus at 11th
  4. What time do we start Saturday?
  5. Doubles? I am in! Eagerly awaiting payment link. Just for clarification: Do the henchmen have to be from the same faction? There is no master? Is it fixed crew? Do you have to evenly split the 50ss? Can your combined cache exceed 7ss? Are the henchmen leaders free (not part of the 50ss)? How many questions am I allowed to ask? 😋
  6. Would love to have come. Great idea for an event, but clashes with Welsh Gt
  7. Well if you work on the basis that everyone knows the strats and schemes in advance you can attempt to work out what sort of forces you may be facing, without being able to directly hard counter. I think at the end of the day you simply won't be able to make everyone happy when you are running an event for 100+ people. I think people need to go with the flow a bit and take their fun from the tons of cool games and great banter with folk from all over the world. I am still waiting for people to swear at me in Polish
  8. I guess you're going to need to get him that prize 😂
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