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  1. Hi all, Lenny has a rule Gremlin General: Friendly Big Hat models with 8 aura receive +1 to duels performed outside of their activation So used for obey etc. My question is whether it will as also effect when your models are attacked (defender in a duel) simple duels etc?
  2. Thanks for a fun event. Hope to get to another soon!
  3. You can borrow mine if you like. Roosters are proxies (2) and sparks isn't painted
  4. Money sent. Hopefully the big hat will be ready in time!
  5. Thanks for the great event and giving me my keen back!
  6. Sorry I forgot to add I would be up for food/drinks Sat evening
  7. Money sent. Time to learn M3e the hard way 😁
  8. Hi Would print out cards for models already released be alright for this event? I am still trying to work out what I want to play with. Connor
  9. Just back. Thanks for running a great event. Looking forward to more in the future. Hopefully see you soon!
  10. Just to make sure this is still going ahead right? Just seems a little quiet
  11. I was fixed list Seamus at 11th
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