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  1. So with a last minute effort, we've managed to hit double digits for "The Beefy Side" Huzzah! Hopefully we hit 16 before the event day, as that'd be awesome!
  2. So far, with 7 paid and between 2-3 others "Promising" to pay soon and turn up on the day, this event is looking to be a blast! So i'm gonna give this bad boy a little bump to try and lure in any stragglers
  3. I always thought "Once per suit" meant Once even if you flip 6 tomes... I've been shortchanging myself out an awesome strat then :P!
  4. So how does this work now, as if you flip 4 rams, you are still only allowed to resolve each effect once per suit in the conflict right?
  5. 6 People have paid, What a time to be alive and fighting for T'other Side! Just a little bumpity bump to tempt some other folk into taking part
  6. Sadly, people are claiming you can cheat over Hazardous Terrain flips over on the Facebook page, despite this rule being a thing
  7. Little bump just to keep this epic event at the top of the events page!
  8. Does anyone have any idea when this usually gets updated? Still shows september stuff :(!
  9. This event will consist of three games with each game being a One Commander game + an extra 5 Scrip to hire your company A Full rulespack will be available at a later date Tickets £15 per person which will include a hot drink and pastry on arrival and food at dinner time, with the rest of the money being dumped into the prize pool! Please purchase tickets either from myself via paypal at "Rossmason6710@hotmail.co.uk" or in store by 12th March so the venue can order the correct amount of food. If you have any dietary requirements please let me know in advance! How to find
  10. So i played my first game yesterday and a couple of questions arose that i couldn't find the answer to in the book... 1. Stalking Portals are considered to be portals. If they start in B2B contact with the other member of its fireteam, can it just jump to another portal? 2. The Warpeds action of "Echoes of Existence" has the trigger, "Through the Cracks". Does this place a fireteam or a unit into base contact with another portal? 3. Knowledge from the Aether on Adeodatos's glory side. Is it optional?
  11. Its a combination of the fact that its been a mess for a while and now its just not knowing anything about where my shipment is... Just fed up of not knowing where it is, or how long it'll be...
  12. I'm just sick of having to wait for ANY sort of update, be it a tracking number or even just a "Your parcel has been delayed" because at the moment, i'm losing faith its even going to turn up... Incredibly poor service from Wyrd AND Whoever it is they are using to distribute it in the UK
  13. Hey guys, if you ever want a game at "Sanctuary Gaming Centre" in sutton in ashfield, drop a comment on their facebook page! We used to have a lot of people play, but things started to die down ever since both the henchmen they had quit, but i'm always down a game :D!
  14. Lilith in a wheelchair, like Abuela
  15. Woah Woah Woah.... I was all for these changes until i noticed one thing, that simply MUST be a mistake... Lenny isn't a Master!!!!
  16. Do you guys have an ETA for this? Just so i know whether or not to pick up a couple of cool boxes for my faction, like Lynch for Neverborn etc?
  17. So, backdraft rules have gone live on the Wyrd App What we all thinking? Popcorn Turner seems awesome, Whisky Gamin seem pretty nippy and fun, Cooper Jones seems Sturdy with armor 1/2 and they all make Brewmaster more likely to hit my Table :D!
  18. Personally, i LOVE Out for blood but i use Mah as a beater and have never used Horrible Hollerin'! Lets me push 8", 0 for a 6" push and then i can Aim for the Sore Spots with a stone and a card to charge a model within 10". 24" "Charge" with 1 ap, a 0 and 2 card cycles lets me pick a model and just kill it. Usually, i can take down a cheap model like a Monster Hunter, Austringer or Steamfitter down with that charge and then use my other 2 walk to run away or charge some other model nearby if i'm in a tasty place. Trixi can then either reel her back in or push a beater away from her, positio
  19. I would say no, as flying "ignores Terrain whilst moving". Therefore, she has not moved through any terrain. Also, impassible terrain would never count as you can't move through it.
  20. I said this then, i'll say it now... Stuffed piglets should have "Slop for brains" ability Slop for Brains: This model may not activate whilst there are any other models without this ability yet to Activate Its basically perma "Nobody likes me" condition
  21. I believe, both of the new boxes have a Henchman, Enforcer and 2 minions just like the Guild VS Neverborn starter Set
  22. Just so you're aware i believe it was FAQ'd to say if Mei railwalks to the Emmisarys Scrap Marker, it vanishes
  23. Is there an estimate of numbers?
  24. Anyone looking for a team? If you're a guild, Ten Thunders or Outcast player and need a team, drop me a message :)! I'll even pay for your ticket to come play with us!
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