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Schemes & Stones Wave 4 Preview (Titania)


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Widow Weaver is definitely a higher priority henchmen.  Barbaros has his uses.  I'm very interested in using his challenge along side Titania's similar ability with some sorrows nearby.  I think they'll work pretty well in a Titania crew, especially with her keeping focus from enemies on herself.

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11 hours ago, orkdork said:

@Joel You mentioned that Sorrows are good in GG2016. I'm super curious about this. I can't ever imagine taking them.

It's true, I used 3x Sorrows in a tournament recently and they were more useful than expected. Frame For Murder, Mark For Death, Exhaust are all quite easy when you take them. Take the Depression upgrade on the Doppelganger or something for activation control and ranged Wp attacks. Use a Master that can target Wp for better results. When you set up a kill field of Misery auras you can really shred enemy models bit by bit. In addition, they can be pretty solid scheme runners as long as you have other models you can use as vectors - position the other model to charge, Lure, shoot etc. Afterwards you can teleport the Sorrow to them and drop a scheme marker or try to use Depression on something. Useful for Turf War and allows you to complete Search the Ruins easier.
As far as Henchcreatures are concerned, Nekima is the one I can rate as positively amazing. The others need team synergy and require crew building beforehand for maximum mileage. This isn't bad, per se: It just shows that the faction focus lies elsewhere. The Masters are very important, the Enforcers are quite solid and there is a wide and fun range of minion options.

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17 hours ago, orkdork said:

NBorn have one particularly awesome Henchwoman: Nekima. Bad Juju works fine with Lilith, but isn't "tier 1".

Meanwhile, we have quite a few less than exciting Henchmen:

Angel Eyes, Spawn Mother, Candy, Barbaros

I've had good times with the Spawn mother, but I agree the others are a bit underwhelming. Nekima is great but it is 13 points and you really have to commit to her (to get her in place, to heal her etc.) so the list kind of revolves around her anyway...
Bad Juju NEVER worked for me, in my opinion one of the worst NVB henchmen.

p.s. you forgot Widow Weaver, she's perhaps the best of them all! Useful with most masters and, even if a bit "delicate", incredibly effective!

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18 hours ago, Seryjniak said:

Uhm so basicly this 9pts hanch can generate 6" zone of no lure no push and so on ? I think my Rezer friend will hate me for this sooo I would not disregard this model so fast ...

Titania as a whole kind of screams anti-resser with her upgrade to replace your opponent's corpse/scrap markers with scheme markers for you as they drop, decent stats while also using resser's defensive tech and that.

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Ressers as a whole don't rely on Corpse Markers. Molly, McMorning, Tara, Yan Lo, Kirai, all generally don't care, though of course specific builds or upgrades might sway that slightly. Seamus only cares to the extent of having one corpse available to him a turn. Nicodem and Reva are the only masters really reliant on Corpse markers. 

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