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  1. McCabe summoning 2 additional models after leaving the play? I would consider taking this upgrade
  2. You used to play Gremlins - they've got faction-worth of models in such a bizzare esthetic.
  3. Do they synergize with the Frenzies? NVM, they don't.
  4. Grootslang's already been released.
  5. When: 28-29.04, start at 9.30 am Where: Warsaw Wargaming Club 'Dragon' (Al. Krakowska 114 - Instytut Lotnictwa) Format: 50 ss Fixed Faction, 5 games, gg2018, +1TP for using painted models only Fee: 15 PLN Contact: https://www.facebook.com/events/180234032700005/
  6. Lelu w. his upgrade can damage himself to draw and discard card.
  7. Who's gonna be new lead rules designer of Malifaux?
  8. Lucius cannot hire Lazarus - please re-read 'Hate the Maker' ability of the latter.
  9. IMHO she's a way of taking Strum the Threads outside Collodi's Crew (i.e. in Dreamer's).
  10. Recently I had a good game vs. the best Neverborn player in my city (I'm average at best). We played Corner Deployment, Symbols of Authority. I chose my trusty Summoning Pandora vs. his Grown up Dreamer. I'm short of cheap models and scheme runners (My Insidious Madnesses are constantly killed by those models with min. 3 dmg Ca actions) and someone have to pick the Symbols, so I decided to test run a Coppelius with On the Dreaming Wings. I lost the game 5 to 6 pts, but Coppelius was surprisingly good. He killed an Alp and a Tot before the latter could remove any of my Symbols, Removed the last enemy's Symbol, and if I were a better player I would use him to summon an Alp thus denying opponent's Punish the Weak. I'm going to test Coppelius more, especially in this Strategy. Even my opponent was positively surprised by his performance, and usually he's allergic to subpar models.
  11. Ad. 89., Bone Pile, Ply for Information: can the second model be targeted with actions? To be more specific: can I interact with two-headed Bone Pile with Intel to gain Intel, because 'the second one' doesn't have the condition?
  12. Sonnia, but I play Dreamer and Pandora only. If I had Lilith she wouldn't be such a pain. She ignores all my defensive mechanics, guarantees a hit with her powerful attack no matter how high I cheat, and is immune to most of my attacks.
  13. Personally, I would prefer to see changes in her card instead of her cost. A few (probably) mutually excluding examples: - Raise both her attack actions to Ca value of 6 (the most straightforward way to boost her AP efficiency (IMHO that's her Achilles' Heel), making her less reliant of WP debuffers) - Remove symbol from her attack (so that she can safely shoot at models engaged with WP debuffers); - Raise her Goody Basket (Healing) action range to 4" (that would let her heal your own models while keeping them outside the range of her Fears Given Form). That being said, I still think she has a niche where she's playable. She's just not competetive.
  14. How many times you've used giving out insignificant and scheme marker thing successfully? Keep in mind that insignificant goes away after Pukeworm dies. And it dies SO easely. The only time I managed to use its attack with a great effect was when I copied it with a Doppelganger. Being a scheme marker is at best mediocre. We've got perfect scheme runners, in all colors and sizes. Scheme running is kinda our thing in this game. I would pick scheme runner buffing over a single marker (almost) all the time. Plus we've got models that drop markers with their attacks.
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