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  1. Tyrant-level characters, anyone? Seriously, Fatemaster has to design combat encounters to give advantages to his characters and disadvantages to the Fated. I see no other way to make a challenging combat encounter in this situation.
  2. That's great and noble endeavour, I wish you a hard-earned success. One of the worst of my experiences as a Fatemaster/MG was being unable to provide my players with a worthy challenge. I think your Fatemaster suffers because of that, too.
  3. Thanks, Kimberly. I knew about Norton I thanks to Neil Gaiman's graphic novel, but I've never planned to incorporate him into Malifaux session... until now. Personally, I would use this Don Quixote-like character partly as a comic relief, of course, but my main goal would not be ridiculing him. Instead, I would like to show him as a harmless lunatic with a great dose of dignity, as well as compassion and high ethical standards. He could be in stark contrast to pragmatic and cynical leadership of the Guild and the Union. Imagine a semi-political campaign, like In Defense of Innocence or Nor
  4. Malifaux has a certain Wild West vibe (duh!): ghost towns, great railroad building, pioneers, gold rush, badlands... After reading snippets of Earthside lore (mostly taken from Malifaux and older TTB books) I had an impression that in-game United States were weak and deplorable country, not a rising economical and naval power we know from real world history. I assumed that all the energy, manpower and resources that were spent on colonization of the Wild West in real world, in 'faux verse were redirected to both attempts of establishing settlement in Malifaux. There was another w
  5. Probably Master's gonna have two keywords
  6. No, no, trust me: you need to suffer in order to experience joy.😜
  7. YES!!! It's still work-in-progress, right?
  8. Your players are not a bunch of wusses: they want to be challenged. In fair fight they obliterate entire regiments of Governor's Finest? Fight dirty. Here are some ideas: Obstacles and difficult terrain that work to their disadvantage, i.e.: - shaft/vent/tunnel/corridor so narrow it limits their attacks, movement and positioning, but does not affect their opponents (snake/centipede-likes, gelatinous blobs, incorporeals); - stacks of unstable rubble/luggage/heavy, hard objects, they have to climb on to get into attack position; - unstable surfaces in general (boats, roof of train wag
  9. Personally, I LOVE worldbuilding. Creating characters, places, institutions and layers of relations between them. The hardest part for me is inventing a story and inserting the Fated/PCs into it. Too much love for Fatemaster characters/world syndrome. Maybe that's why I find running TTB homebrew campaigns challenging. EDIT: I don't listen to Breachside broadcast, but I read most of the stuff from previous editions books. My favourite point in a timeline is right after events at Kythera, before the Piper's Plague.
  10. Personally, I don't like sandboxes. Preparing one is very time-consuming, and frequently, both plot and pace suffer because of open world structure. That being said, I love when players show initiative and suprise me with their ideas. I think my favored adventures are closed scenarios with some room for player's ingenuity. I also liked In defense of Innocence. I'm definitely interested in the new one.
  11. I tried slightly modified recruitment drive. The fated boarded a train in Breachtown to travel through the Breach for the first time. They had no tickets and didn't want to loose all the money in scrip exchange, so they stole tickets. On board, they had a friendly conversation with another passenger about strange new world of Malifaux. I emphesized how stunning the sensation of Breach-crossing is, described views through the window (they are pretty significant: the General Governor's fortress-manor, the great Hanging Tree, and sprawling metropolis of Malifaux City) ... and then Transmortis min
  12. I play roleplaying games through Discord. I haven't found TTB bot/macro, though. I'll check that roll20 page, thanks!
  13. 9 games in M3E under my belt, so there's a lot of things still waiting to amaze me Thanks to Regelridden for a great thread idea. I use/plan to use models you mentioned and I find it helpful and insightful. I was surprised how killy Iggy can be in new edition. I hired him as a scheme runner/anti-scheme runner, but frequently he managed to take down opponent's support pieces, including Maddox and Amina Naidu. I think both me and my opponents underestimated this model. Of course, I still believe the best use of this model is Arson.
  14. I would really want to be wrong, but because of the date I suspect disappointment. My Guesses: 1) Fated Character Pursuit illustration from TTB Neverborn expansion book. 2) Umbra henchman for Explorer's Society. 3) Model for the Court of Two.
  15. IMHO the biggest change in rules is terrain. I would say Cover is completely watered down, on the other side, concealment (ie: forest) is strong, though there are many powerful ranged models that ignore both special rules. I ordered a manufacture of high fence terrains to simply block line of sight because of that.
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