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  1. Dear players, If you happen to be in Warsaw, please let me invite you to our humble, local tournament, nearby Chopin Airport (Warsaw, Aleja Krakowska 110/114). We'll play fixed faction, Dead Man's Hand Allowed format. 50 ss. 5 PLN entry fee. Start at 10.00 am UTC+1 End at 6.30 pm Breaks (one lunch break) included Scenarios: Round 1: Plant Explosives, Standard, Outflank, Detonate Charges, Take Prisoner, Breakthrough, Search the Ruins Round 2: Turf War, Corner, Assassinate, Vendetta, Dig Their Graves, Harness the Ley Line, Hold Up Their forces Round 3: Reckoning, Flank, Power Ritual, Deliver a Message, Search the Ruins, Hold up their Forces, Claim Jump Any questions? Please pm me.
  2. Regarding my limited pool of models, I consider him as a mandatory addition to Dora's lists. He has the best lure in our faction, both stat- and trigger-wise. Till now, I only used him with Teddy and Candy. Fast, unactivated Teddy ~10" away from my deployment zone discourages my opponents from making daring moves on the first turn, so I can score points more easely next turn. Later on, I use him for his 3 lures to put enemies out of position, or to bring poor Candy back to action. He's a decent Vendetta maker. Are there any factions without an access to thwarting enemy's positioning? Seriously asking, I don't know the 3rd edition that well...
  3. I am limited in my model options but I've been successful with Core box + Iggy + Teddy. Either I use all the models or swap a Sorrow for 2 Ancient Pacts (not the best host for this upgrade but frankly speaking Woes lack a good one). Interesting turn 1 gambit: Candy gives sweets to Teddy and Kade with the Crow trigger, so that they both get fast and suffer 2 dmg. Then Kade activates, walks 2 times, lures Teddy and performs 'Where's Teddy?' Action to move teddy again, heal both models and open potential charge lines for his big, fluffy buddy. That way you have inactivated, fast Teddy 10" away from your deployment zone. You can place Kade slightly behind Teddy to make him a valid jumping point for Sorrows. Drawbacks? You leave Candy behind, plus you probably don't have points for some Pandora delivery models (ie. Hooded Rider).
  4. It's not countering, it's excelling at it.
  5. I think your reasoning is correct.
  6. They are very cheap schemers, can be dropped from Fly with me trigger for extra black blood damage, as you have already pointed out they provide you with cheap and numerous corpse source, plus they are Nephilim, so their deaths trigger Nekima's 'Don't kill my Nephilim!' Outrage aura. Three Hounds can put 3 scheme markers on the centerline much easier than a Mature Nephilim - what's the point hiring Mature if you can hire 3 hounds
  7. McCabe summoning 2 additional models after leaving the play? I would consider taking this upgrade
  8. You used to play Gremlins - they've got faction-worth of models in such a bizzare esthetic.
  9. Do they synergize with the Frenzies? NVM, they don't.
  10. Grootslang's already been released.
  11. When: 28-29.04, start at 9.30 am Where: Warsaw Wargaming Club 'Dragon' (Al. Krakowska 114 - Instytut Lotnictwa) Format: 50 ss Fixed Faction, 5 games, gg2018, +1TP for using painted models only Fee: 15 PLN Contact: https://www.facebook.com/events/180234032700005/
  12. Lelu w. his upgrade can damage himself to draw and discard card.
  13. Who's gonna be new lead rules designer of Malifaux?
  14. Lucius cannot hire Lazarus - please re-read 'Hate the Maker' ability of the latter.
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