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  1. enderwiggin

    Alt Hungering Darkness

    Feeling the Stranger Things vibe for sure, hoping the smooth-looking interior is a face though for that NB twist. I like the old Huggy though for character's sake, but this is certainly a great model. I didn't realize the old, ridiculous, tadpole had grown on me that much.
  2. enderwiggin

    ITC up in flames

    It shows great character to post losing batreps imo. Thank you for the insight on some of the Euro scene, from us across the pond. The only way to get better at higher level play is learning from mistakes, so you've definitely benefited from the tournament from what I can tell. I was wondering how, the Collodi gunline would do in a tourney scene since I've heard relatively little on it's impact and it seems to work otherwise (though it is a tad light on runners in my version). With regard to mannequins, I think the mentality is usually "1 more SS and my master gets a semi-permanent buff that doesn't take an upgrade slot and the replacement gets good actions to support the crew" i.e. Effigies. That's how I look at it anyway. I do admittedly want to try a go-for-broke Collodi swarm list with max changelings/mannequins/effigies, a dopple, trapper, and then a few upgrades. Comes right at 50 SS with 12 activations, but besides the gunline stuff the killing potential is weak as piss. Obviously if you get stuck in the ball then that changes things to a risky thousand paper cut death scenarios.
  3. enderwiggin

    Book 5 wishlist!

    Ronin are available for armor penetration. They are very much worth their points and with the available means for pushing/fast the TT have both an affordable and usually solid investment there. Everyone always forgets them though. With all the card draw and possibly free focus they can do some great tricks! Shooting CA is something I agree TT needs, though I don't necessarily think it needs it in the form of blasts (just while we're stating opinions). While TT's actual SH options are among the best in the game, I fully back that Yan Lo is nothing to hold up to as much. I would not have minded closer ties to Gremlins with Wong being the bleedover and Brewie going full bayou, but that's not an option now really. Put it this way, Wong can't have the only mystical Asia magic book/scrolls/charms around. TT have scheme runners in spades though. You guys are fine there. 5 cost is the standard cost for a decent runner in my book.
  4. I think some of the old standbys are also still considered strong (Ramos/Lillith/Criid), but it'd be easier to start arguing tiers and going faction by faction tbh. Across factions, I think it gets much harder. I'll echo that Reva and Sandeep are strong though, I'd add Nellie too though in the new ones as the top three new masters to consider. I'm just more glad I'm not hearing Levi kvetching all day every day now. Support has been coming stronger in the form of models/upgrades for a number of masters though and happily I'm finding a more level playing field to be forming in many cases. I think a meta where you can reasonably use multiple factions to great effect is desirable though, so I'm okay if we all have differing opinions.
  5. enderwiggin

    D's thoughts on campaings

    I ran a no-master list very successfully in the last campaign I played strictly because of the increased cost of running a Master. In addition everyone wanted to bring their avatar, which although free, gives up advantages yet again to the Henchman ran list. With campaigns giving advantages to certain masters (Viks/Lynch) that absolutely make them worthwhile, for most I would recommend the hardiest Henchman (or most utility-leaning) hench that you can afford.
  6. I like #3 because otherwise it's pretty garbage for the AP that is used. #1 is right out because of the reasons listed + it leads to ever-stacking defensive stances if you use someone like Lazarus to invoke the Defensive measure after Collodi's activated and the model in question goes defensive first (so the overlapping condition timing would happen). Since that is silly and abusive, I go with #2 as the fairest.
  7. enderwiggin

    MVPs of 2016

    1) Doppleganger, copied so many useful actions this year. Mainly Lazarus and a Vik of Blood coming to mind for important games. 2) Widow Weaver, I hated the webs until I bought the model and embraced the love. 3) Hungering Darkness, what can I say best free points I ever spent. He's led me to over a dozen victories all on his lonesome by turning the tide. 4) Lilitu, when spending seven SS means you get actual value for your stones instead of a Beckoner. 5) Stitched, points:value make these guys phenoms. Plus, it was funny when one of mine gambled poorly with itself to the equivalent of 24/23 dmg. (Failed, severed myself, HtK, succeeded/healed 1 dmg from Collodi, Reactivate, failed, red joker myself, then failed again for severe. I couldn't even be mad at the gambling losses of that Stitched that game.) Master Tier MVPS 1) Lynch 2) Collodi 3) Dreamer 4) Lillith 5) Pandora/Nekima
  8. enderwiggin

    Build-a-Master (Reuse)

    So long as she has a "Triggered" trigger. Because, y'know, 50 cent and all heard you like triggers.
  9. enderwiggin

    Zoraida and Stitched Together

    Blah, good catch, I didn't look and it sounded right at the time.
  10. enderwiggin

    Lures, Climbing and Falling

    Not to ruffle any feathers but it's just people giving their opinion on a post without having to write anything. Take it for what it is, but don't get too wrapped up in that. One thing I suggest to many players (if it's a friendly game) just flip to see who "wins" the argument if there's no clear consensus and take it up at a later time after the game and preferably over jokes, beer/pretzels, etc.
  11. enderwiggin

    W: Peacekeeper

    You missed the black Friday killer deal on the RN, but they're under 10 bucks here. https://www.coolminiornot.com/shop/closeout/malifaux-1-and-1-5/rogue-necromancy-1.html
  12. enderwiggin

    Zoraida and Stitched Together

    Yeah it's 3/5 4/7 straight. Mama Z isn't big in our meta so I never saw anyone pulling things like Stitched or double FgF on the dolls. Geez, something to be wary of if I see her across the table. Edit: Mea culpa, corrected.
  13. enderwiggin

    Lures, Climbing and Falling

    I agree with your viewpoint if the Belle is at the bottom/only room to base with her. Since you still control the model (albeit with the limitation to get as close as possible with the movement), then you can take any route that gets you in B2B whether it takes you 1 inch move/fall 7 or 4 inches of movement/fall 5. Edit: I think Solkan's last post (as of this time) quoting Lure make it clear that the owner of the Lure controls the model being affected, so it's a rather one-sided argument now in favor of the Luring off the edge, even if from top-down there's no difference in "closeness" the Lure model doesn't have a choice in the route/avoid the trees if you're playing Belles. XD
  14. enderwiggin

    Need help with Dreamer

    Almost exactly how I play him now. I do like the team of Coppelius and Doppleganger though and those two, usually with the Twins I summon in, can usually take care of a board quarter (half when the whole squad is there) on their own. My very first Dreamer game ever I summoned 20 points on the first turn alone (twins + stitched), afterwards something like 31 more points over the next few turns. Tons more stitched, some nightmares, and ole squigglytentacleface/coppelius. I won with a score of something approaching 4-5:2, certainly nothing top-tier. My most recent game, following a leaner mix of summoning and supporting, saw a return on VP of 10:2 with the game essentially called on turn three in favor of me.
  15. enderwiggin

    (No) Apologies to the Black Blood Shaman

    I tried to love BBS, I really did. Until I was told pustule worked on the ability, not condition. For me, when I was running Lynch/Collodi it turned into a lackluster option since it couldn't heal and although the condition is nice on Masters/Illuminated, without the healing it's 7 stones for essentially Black Blood "upgrade" on a few models. It's not a great schemer/brawler/support (especially without a true BB source or growth options), and with Lynch can't even really grow my Tots since it can't keep up with their movement once the ace is in hand... Collodi is possibly going to get another crack at making one work, because I'm being tempted to run Lilitu and Lilu in a Props list for him, which means a BBS might see a return simply to keep those two healthy and/or provide focus/def at least for Collodi to steal as he rampages (plus he gets BB to keep the little swings at bay).