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  1. As I already said, like a nightmare that a nightmare would have πŸ˜ƒWell done, Mr. @(Keenan) πŸ™‚
  2. Phinn

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    @(Keenan), that sounds revolting. It sounds like a nightmare that a nightmare would have πŸ˜ƒ Would you kindly post some pictures? πŸ™‚
  3. Oh ye of little faith
  4. I have been playing Neverborn Zoraida exclusively for past three years (I am a filthy casual though - one game every one and a half months on average I would say) and every new year of Malifaux league I think about starting new master or even faction, but then I remember that if I try hard enough I am capable of painting a single miniature a month. That is if I try hard enough 😐 Over those three years I realized that I enjoy painting the minitaures much more than playing the game so If I were to choose a new master now I would choose one that is preferably straight forward to play but mainly who's crew box and thematic models excite me as a painter. The problem is that with each miniature I paint my excitement shifts. One moment I am sure that I would like to paint models that are colourful and that I would never start Resurrectionists and then, after painting a colourful model, I realize that painting Resurrectionists would be fun, because it would be challenging. Then I realize that it would be great to paint a robot or two to properly learn NMM and so on and so on. #LifeWithWp2 πŸ˜ƒ And there is also something tempting about starting a master that doesn't share any models that I already have. To slowly finish their Crew Box (start now so it would be ready for next year's league), buy a Box Set, finish it, buy another one... I have like 9 unpainted models - I know, that's nothing compared to boxes or even cabinets of other people πŸ˜ƒ - but I find it quite demoralizing. Somehow it suck the enthusiasm out of the whole thing. But to answer the question - every two weeks a different one πŸ€ͺ Currently the following ones 😊 Resurrectionists - Seamus or Reva Outcasts - Hamelin Guild - Lucius Neverborn - Jakob Lynch or Collodi Arcanists - Marcus
  5. Phinn

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    I remember someone painting their Gremlins with human skin, @bedjy, and they looked great Unfortunately can't recall who that was. It was a picture of a Taxidermist if I remember correctly.
  6. Phinn

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    @misterfinn, @Caedrus and @Burnin' Coal, I will tag you in the post, guys, when I post pictures of finished Miss Erry Not that much left to be done, but... it's the less-fun-to-paint parts of the model, so I am not sure when I will finish it. I really enjoyed painting the patches. There weren't enough patches to utilize all the ideas, so I will probably use them when it comes to painting another Stitched Together Starting to realize how much I like models that give you freedom to paint what you want and to make the model truly yours That's why I like Neverborn models When it comes to painting people, I feel that there is much more restrictions. That is also the reason why I am probably not going to return to Gremlins - I feel like the green skin restricts you too much when it comes to other parts of the model - even though I think that a lot of them would be fun to paint
  7. Phinn

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Unfortunately I will not be able to finish Miss Ery today. I like the model very much and would like to do it justice I would say that I am at 65 % at the moment. Here is a WIP picture (this part is the least painted one): As I said, I want the patches to have children's motifs with a twist if possible. Here, as you can see, one of the ducks has tentacles instead of a beak The green patch at the top of Miss Ery's head has little hearts and one of them is anatomicaly correct (with aorta, vena cava superior etc.). The one around the eye is more simple to not steal attention away from the eye itself Two patches are still blank, but I think I have an idea for one of them already When I finish the model I will post some pictures Sadly, this is the third time I wasn't able to finish my pledge for the month, which means... this is a goodbye as well. I am looking forward to seeing your works and will continue to creep here I am also already looking forward to MPC 2019 Up until then I would like to finish the models that are unpainted/half-painted and when MPC 2019 comes I would like to purchase a Crew Box and work on that If it is going to be another Neverborn master or a master from a new faction I do not know yet. Those are my plans at the moment
  8. Phinn

    Monday Preview - Newsies

    Ever heard about Phinn, meme smuggler extraordinaire? No? Exactly!
  9. Phinn

    Monday Preview - Newsies

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. Only memes can help us, brothers.
  10. Phinn

    Favourite Malifaux Stories

    Very interesting read, @Lucius Mattheson. Thank you for sharing It has been a very long times since I have read the stories about Collodi, but I remember that I felt that Collodi isn't truly evil. In The Hidden Music I felt like he just wanted to create and preserve something beautiful and did't understand nor even perceived the horror he was causing. Like if somebody told us that the plastic that we cut into in order to assamble and paint our models can suffer pain and feel horror. In his profile entry I just felt sorry for him. He was wronged and so full of pain that he needed to share it with the world. As I said, it has been a very long time though. And it is possible that if I were to read those stories today I would feel differently. It's like when you listen to a song with ambiguous lyrics - different people (or people in different stages of their lives) might perceive different meanings of the lyrics, depending on what they are currently going through. I didn't know that When we were training for our thesis defense at school we were supposed to do a short presentation about something that interests us. I chose the story about Sleeping Beauty and how it developed over the course of time. The original - like it is with all old fairytales - was very dark and twisted (the prince raped her in her sleep).
  11. Phinn

    Favourite Malifaux Stories

    Puzzle Box, yes, that's the one I was thinking about, @Lucius Mattheson I really liked how it took something so... faceless as a Witchling Stalker and gave it so personal story Blind Man's Iron is the one about the gun with triangular bullet drum. Found it It is featured in Storm of Shadows. A Long Night in Red Row - also featured in Storm of Shadows - is also one of my favorites. It's the one about Collodi, but... if I remember correctly it's not Collodi as we know him now, but something that later became Collodi. I liked the mystery and horror And I like stories about Collodi as such. Such beautiful and tragic story about lonelines and misunderstanding. Kind of reminds me of Edward Scissorhands. The Hidden Music by Jonathan Boynton and his profile entry, both in M2E Crossroads.
  12. Phinn

    Favourite Malifaux Stories

    There is a lot of great stories, but four that immediately came to my mind are: The story about a witchling stalker in... Twisting Fates, I believe? The story about the revolver with triangular cylinder in one of the older books. Sorry, can't recall the titles nor where I read them. Unappreciated in My Time by Mike Wallace in Wyrd Chronicles, vol. 29. Master of Fate by David McGuire in M2E Shifting Loyalties.
  13. Phinn

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Last month was very demanding, but... today I finished school My pledge for the month of June is Miss Ery - another favorite model of mine I already started working on her last month after I finished Mysterious Effigy. The patches will be painted as children motifs fabric but with a twist - one has bananas on it, but one of those is rotten, another will have various balls, but one of those is going to be a skull, one has cats and a spider and such. The claws will be NMM so it looks more like a construct it is. And it will have one eye missing, because it actaully has a "scar" over it. The other one I would like to paint so it looks demonic. I wasn't able to find it on internet, but the pupil will look similar to the bottom left one rotated 90Β°. Really looking forward to painting again
  14. Phinn

    Zoraida Must Buy Models

    I, personally, would start with the following: Will o' the Wisps - They are practically Errata in the form of models. Will o' the Wisps allow Zoraida to use her AP on other (more fun) things than summoning Voodoo Doll. I play two in basicaly all my games. Iggy - You need a model that applies Conditions to the Voodoo Doll. Waldgeists - Very durable models. Though Armor isn't as potent as it used to be. Those would be my first purchases
  15. Phinn

    Nicknames and avatars

    @Gnomezilla, I thought that your nickname was "just" a clever wordplay, but the story behind it is actually amazing I think I rememeber the story, @Shadowopal Weren't some mind-altering substances used during the process, by the way? The story behind your avatar, @necroon, is definitely my favorite one so far @Franchute, when me and my brothers were little kids we used to play "treasure hunt" in our father's attic and garage and one of the "treasures" I found was a Lucky Luke comics. All that I rememeber is that it was in some foreign language (french apparently ) and some pages were missing. The character was well known in Czech Republic back then (I rememeber that we also had some cards with various character where you had to match 4 of them and some stickers as well) but the comics wasn't published in czech for a very long time. @Stark, that miniature was one of the research pictures I downloaded from internet when I was trying to learn OSL because of Iggy At least I think it was this particular one It definitely was one of your models though, because you have very characteristic and unmistakable style of painting @emiba, you are like my long lost brother I photoshoped one of the Voodoo Dolls that are hanging around Zoraida's waist. I wanted it to look kind of like it set itself free and went on an adventure. Also wanted to add a tattered tophat but failed miserably And the nickname... Originally I used to go by Laika, but that one is usually taken and because of how czech language works people allways assumed that I am a girl and my fragile sexuality couldn't bear such burden I know that Laika was a bi... a female dog, but still For some time I was using a lot of different nicknames - Wanderlustful Canine, The Gentledog and such - but then decided for Phinn. Originally it was supposed to be Finn, but that was already taken on the czech forum, so... The reasons are actually two. First - I used to love Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, and second - my name is Filip Hosman and Hosman used to be written originally with two N (after war people were changing their names so they would look less german) and if you take first two letters of my first name and last two letters of my surname (as it was originally written) you get Finn as well But as I already said, it was taken. Also, for some weird reason I was sure that it means quill pen in english which I quite liked, but... IT DOESN'T Not sure what happend there And my title just declares my love for Zoraida and Swampfiends (my blog here on the forums is called Of Swampfiends and Men as well ) and that I am a very casual player - that's why it reads Peon I am also interested in stories behind custom titles as well, by the way