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  1. Hamelin is almost finished. Almost. Today I came back from 9 day family holiday and spent basicaly whole day sleeping. Unfortunately this means that Monthly Painting Challenge ends for me. But... This year I got further then previously and changed as a painter (been painting much more systematically etc.) My plans for the future: Finish Hamelin and post some photos at MPC - July. Continue to paint at least a model per month. Not sure which one will be next, because there are so many things I want to try. I want to try fur technique on Nix, worn leather on Rat Kings, Benny Wolcomb has a lot of skin etc. The end game is to finish all Plague models. Create a thread about my painting adventures - thoughts behind colour schemes, where I drew inspiration from etc. Phinntastic journey with a brush or something like that Attend MPC next year again Good luck and have fun, everybody
  2. "Hey! People of Wyrd Forums!" I cried. "Excuse me, coming through. Step aside!" "I said, make room. Make room! Since here comes a poem just for @Wintergloom." "I would have never guessed that me, a humble clown, could make you sad, break your heart and let you down. Believe me, for that I am truly sorry, but do not fret, my friend, and do not worry. Its like my mama said, there is always next time, plenty of opportunities in life to rhyme. Not that these announcements matter, but from a scratch, once again and better. People of Wyrd Forums, listen and hear that, I pledge Hamelin, master of all things rat."
  3. I pledge Hamelin for 15 SS I am not sure if I will be able to finish him this month since I am leaving for holidays in 10 days, which also means that I have to serve both weekends (I believe that is the right word Serve, as in hospital.). The colour scheme I chose is quite time-consuming as well. But I will give it everything
  4. Phinn: "I accept, your challenge." Diddick: "But I didn't challenge y..." Phinn: "Yet I accept!" The colourful clothes... I wanted to Hamelin be true to his original inspiration, The Pied Piper, who is usually depicted very colourful. Luring children and all, you know Half of his pants, sleeve, colar and coat will have purple and yellow diamonds and the other half is going to be in very dark purple. It's almost black actually, but I wanted to bring the colours closer together. For the same reason the shadow of the yellow colour is done by mixing purple in it I do not like to post WIP pictures because... I have to force myself not to add arrows with "Do not worry, this is not finished!" everywhere Hamelin's face was probably the first WIP photo I have ever posted now that I think about it. Here is another one though, ilustrating what I was talking about P.S. Do not worry, the pipes aren't finished The will probably be NMM dark gold.
  5. May Malifaux Rat is finished I wanted to try OSL - the rat is supposed to be sneaking through the darkness of sewers, lit only by a light of a torch in a distance. Proper photos will follow soon... ish. And as a bonus photo... Hamelin WIP @Caedrus, this brings me to another 2 SS
  6. I will finish my pledge, Malifaux Rat, probably in the last minutes of May. It is almost finished, but I felt inspired and have been working on Hamelin intensively lately
  7. New month, new Malifaux Rat Which means... no pearly white teeth, @Caedrus And no sparkling green as well, because this time I would like to learn how to do proper OSL. The rat will be in the dark, lit by a torch somewhere in the distance. Wish me luck
  8. I failed. BUT... not in the way you would think I simply used bit too much varnish so the model is currently shiny. From my experience - the same happend with Iggy - it will be OK in a month or two. I also moved and will have to figure out how to take photos since I no longer have my Poor Man's Lighbox available. Until I take proper photos, here is a single out of focus, overlit picture of my second - and oh so shiny - Malifaux Rat
  9. Mid-month(ish) update: First two weeks of April I worked on Hamelin. I did some research on Pied Piper, felt inspired and wanted to try few ideas I had. After that I switched to my pledge for this month - Malifaux Rat, which is almost finished I will try to finish it this weekend and then again come back to Hamelin for the rest of the month. I would also like to create a thread about my Plague painting adventures so that I have everything in one place. I would really like to see this one through and its own thread would be nice
  10. I like to listen to audiobooks I, robot by Isaac Asimov was the last one (really enjoyed it) and currently I am listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Not a potterhead, but they are very well narated by Stephen Fry If I am watching a video it is usually a gaming stream or a let's play video on YouTube. Sometimes painting tutorial. Not to learn though, just a background.
  11. Since I no longer have a mulligan, I will pledge a Malifaux Rat again. The second Apostle of Blight. And in the meantime I might do a research on Pied Piper and start to work on Hamelin already mounted to a cork.
  12. Thank you, @Nikodemus I am sorry, but I am not sure that I understand the question. The base is a Wyrdscapes - Sewers (30 mm) and the tentacle is smooth.
  13. My pledge for the month of March finished If you would like to see few more photos, you can find them at my pseudoblog here at the forums Of Swampfiends and Men - Chapter 10 - Apostle of Blight I
  14. Chapter 10 - Apostle of Blight I
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