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  1. Phinn

    Wyrd Chronicles 37

    I haven't read the whole Chronicles yet but I very much enjoyed the article about different communities around the world. Remindes me of old issues that featured photos of models sent by fans πŸ™‚ And, of course, I really appreciate the glimpse into M3E in Soulstones in Rough (which in my opinion is also very clever marketing move) and hints in Starting Malifaux on Budget - Gremlins.
  2. Phinn

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Thank you. Carver is one of my favorite models in the whole game but never saw a reason to buy him. Does this mean, though, that Carver is no longer going to be a legal proxy for Killjoy?
  3. Yes, I know. "You start with Soulstones equal to the amount you did not spend during hiring." That is why I used quotation marks when I was talking about "SS Cach" πŸ™‚
  4. If that is actually the case then I think that it is going to prove unenecessarly difficult to balance all the masters and in my opinion is uterly avoidable. I understand that 50 SS pool and free Leader is a tradition, but... Pay for your Leader as well. In that case you can make some Masters "weaker" with stronger Totems or higher "SS Cash" or they would be able to hire one cheaper model more or... It would be just so much easier to balance. Up the SS pool to (50 + price of the most expensive Master). The most expensive Master (and their Totem) - let's say 15 SS - has a SS Cache of 0. A cheaper Master that would cost like 10 SS would have a "SS Cache" of 5 or could spend their SS on one more model. This is based on the speculation that the format is 50 SS and you do not have to pay for your Leader, though.
  5. Phinn

    First feelings M3E

  6. Phinn

    Ressers Keywords M3E

    I just wish that Teddy would be Verstaile in M3E, but he is more than likely to retain Nightmare Characteristic. Anyway, sorry for derailing this post. Continue with the Resurrectionists stuff πŸ™‚
  7. Phinn

    Ressers Keywords M3E

    Tell that to Desperate Mercenary that was even featured on M2E Rulebook πŸ˜ƒ Or Teddy - one of the most iconic models of Malifaux. I, personally, like him, but a lot of people see him as lackluster πŸ˜•
  8. Phinn

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Mister @Mason, can a model have multiple Keywords? For example Waldgeists, Silurids, Spawn Mother, Gupps... Are their Keywords going to be Swampfiend (Zoraida) and Beast (Marcus)? Are some Keyword pools of models going to be much larger than others? For example Beasts versus... well, anything else actually πŸ˜ƒ Not trying to complain or anything, just being sincerely curious πŸ™‚
  9. Phinn

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    May I ask what will the size of the cards be? They seem taller.
  10. Phinn

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I would love to say something clever or neat or... but all that comes to my mind is "YASSS!!!" I am visibly excited Visibly!
  11. As I already said, like a nightmare that a nightmare would have πŸ˜ƒWell done, Mr. @(Keenan) πŸ™‚
  12. Phinn

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    @(Keenan), that sounds revolting. It sounds like a nightmare that a nightmare would have πŸ˜ƒ Would you kindly post some pictures? πŸ™‚
  13. Oh ye of little faith
  14. I have been playing Neverborn Zoraida exclusively for past three years (I am a filthy casual though - one game every one and a half months on average I would say) and every new year of Malifaux league I think about starting new master or even faction, but then I remember that if I try hard enough I am capable of painting a single miniature a month. That is if I try hard enough 😐 Over those three years I realized that I enjoy painting the minitaures much more than playing the game so If I were to choose a new master now I would choose one that is preferably straight forward to play but mainly who's crew box and thematic models excite me as a painter. The problem is that with each miniature I paint my excitement shifts. One moment I am sure that I would like to paint models that are colourful and that I would never start Resurrectionists and then, after painting a colourful model, I realize that painting Resurrectionists would be fun, because it would be challenging. Then I realize that it would be great to paint a robot or two to properly learn NMM and so on and so on. #LifeWithWp2 πŸ˜ƒ And there is also something tempting about starting a master that doesn't share any models that I already have. To slowly finish their Crew Box (start now so it would be ready for next year's league), buy a Box Set, finish it, buy another one... I have like 9 unpainted models - I know, that's nothing compared to boxes or even cabinets of other people πŸ˜ƒ - but I find it quite demoralizing. Somehow it suck the enthusiasm out of the whole thing. But to answer the question - every two weeks a different one πŸ€ͺ Currently the following ones 😊 Resurrectionists - Seamus or Reva Outcasts - Hamelin Guild - Lucius Neverborn - Jakob Lynch or Collodi Arcanists - Marcus