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  1. Good lord, no I signed up as a Minion as well. That gives me freedom to paint whatever miniature I feel like My pledge for January is male Cyclops worth 8 SS
  2. Phinn

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge

    @misterfinn, thank you very much, I truly appreciate that 🙂 And yes, you are correct in both cases. "I can't figure out what color scheme I'm doing." I have a notebook where I write or sketch ideas, write "recipes" for colours, make notes and sometimes sketch colour schemes as well 🙂 Sometimes I use a bit of sprue as a "sketch model" as you called it. The real problem comes when I have to actually apply the colour scheme on a miniature. For example, if I am painting the skin blue and want the belly to be very light blue (almost bone colour), where is the colour supposed to start turning light? Where exactly do I place shadows and how dark are they supposed to be so that the miniature looks interesting? When to make a particular part of a model more interesting with a freehand and when it is too much so that it starts to be distracting and clash? Simply put, I lack experience and still haven't fully developed my own style 🙂 I look at photos of miniatures on painting blogs, CMON, Pinterest, art from videogames etc. (When I was painting Silurids I had a whole folder full of photos of frogs, catfishes, newts and such.) and make mental notes of what I like and what I don't and try to mimic it. "Dang, my technique sucked there so I'm gonna clean it up." I remember listening to an interview with a Golden Demon winner where they asked her what would she like to advice her younger self if she could when it comes to painting and she said something like: "Avoid perfection at all costs." 😃 Here is the first miniature I have painted - Young LaCroix. That was 4 years ago. I was so proud of those delicate, almost invisible shadows. LOL 😃 And here are two latest miniatures I have painted - Mysterious Effigy and Stitched Together. That was well over 6 months ago. @Nikodemus, you can't imagine how difficult it was to resist those Bultungins when I unwraped them as a christmass gift 😃 The actual miniatures look so much better the art and 3D renders on the box set. But... I did it 🙂 I am looking forward to painting them. I am taking all my painting stuff to my girlfriend's for the weekend. We were both working over Christmass holidays so we are very tired, she likes to lie in on weekends but I am actually crazy and wake up at 5 am every day no matter what, which means... 3 hours of Cyclops painting a day 😃 She also likes to take a nap after lunch, but there I have to serve as a pillow so...
  3. Phinn

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge

    Your advice then would be to finish the Cyclops and not to take the break I was talking about before 😕 Not... what I wanted to hear 😃 Probably what I needed to, though. Alright, I will give it a try 🙂 I will not start painting new miniatures until I finish the one I am currently working on.
  4. Phinn

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge

    @Nikodemus, I used to spend significantly more time watching various tutorials than actually painting and felt like I am doing something good. I was basically procrastinating 😃 I participated in this year's Monthly Painting Challenge and even though I was eliminated halfway through it taught me how to work on a single miniature until it is finished... more or less 😃 It is very difficult to resist new miniatures since I have Wp 2 and it's so tempting to switch to a new miniature when things aren't going well with the current one. This year I would like to paint more and actually finish Monthly Painting Challenge 🙂 I already bought new table and lamp so I can paint when I am at my girlfriend's and would like to learn to again paint everyday, even for half an hour.
  5. Phinn

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge

    I don't, @lusciousmccabe and unfortunately I don't believe it would help me. Me personaly, I mean. I don't have a lot of experience with painting (I think that I have painted no more than 10 models total) and thus almost everything is an experiment for me 🙂 This is how I would describe me painting the Cyclops: "Let's try blue skin. Looks OK, but what if it had slight green shade. That I like much better." "It's a little bit boring, what if I added some white on the belly, inner thighs etc. Good idea, terrible execution. Again, but better. Now I have overdone it, let's take it down a notch. Now it looks nice." "The blue is good, but it's missing something. What if I added red tone around knees. I like that, let's try that around ankles as well. That looks horrible, I have to repaint that. How about around toes. OK, that looks good." I would describe my painting technique as 'three steps forward, two steps back' 😃 I also constantly come back to "finished" parts, because with fresh eyes I see mistakes I haven't seen before. Luckily, when I come to something that I have already painted it's not so dramatic 🙂 Brown pelt of the loincloth, toenails (similar to bones), even though painting individual ice shards is time consuming it is at least similar to painting gems etc.
  6. Phinn

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge

    Thank you, @misterfinn 🙂 My girlfriend is giving me Bultungin Box Set as a christmass gift, so that kind of solves my Malifaux Identity Crisis 😃 I have been playing Zoraida almost exclusively for the last three years and decided that edition change is an ideal time to start something new. Euripides sounded cool and thus I bought Cyclops Box Set and started working on it, so that I have as much Savage (Euripides) models ready when M3E and Euripides' Crew Box actually come. Just to explain, I paint painfully slowly. To finish a single 30 mm miniature a month is a heroic performance for me 😃 I was like 20 hours in painting the male Cyclops and had 1/3 of the model "finished" when the MIC (Malifaux Indentity Crisis) kicked in 😃 I felt frustrated and wasn't sure if painting big models is for me. Currently the plan is to take a break from the Cyclops, paint one of the Bultungins, return to it and when I feel frustrated again repeat the process 🙂 The main problem is that every master has something cool - models, theme, playstyle - and at the same time none of the masters is perfect. How is one supposed to choose?! It's like with girls 😃
  7. Phinn

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge

    Am I the only one who has this... Malifaux Identity Crisis? 😃 I want to paint, but don't want to paint something that I am not going to play in M3E. I can't decide what I want to play in M3E, because the most important aspect for me is the visual one (since I spend much more time painting than playing actual games) and some masters are getting new Crew Boxes and new thematic models. I also don't want to buy model X and then, when M3E comes out, find out that it is now sold in a thematic Box Set (like an Encounter Box) with other models with the same Keyword. A sensible thing would be to paint some unfinished models which I already have, but... I can't bring myself to feel enthusiastic about them and to try to think of ways how to personalize them - create a custom base that tells a story for example or add some fun details etc. And at the same time I would like to have a running start when M3E comes and have few models already painted for the new crew ðŸĪŠ What are your plans for 2019? What models are you going to paint? 🙂
  8. Both Abilities, Intuition and The Old Ways, also make you think very carefuly about the order in which you might want to do certain Actions or even what Actions you might want to declare. The Old Ways seems very strong, but as soon as you perform Damage Flip, Duel with Fate Modifier etc., you not only loose the opportunity to declare The Old Ways, the high card, or stack of high cards even, will probably get buried under cards that are not worth suffering 1 damage for. Also, as the game goes on and your opponent has kindly contributed with some of his very own damage, you might want to think twice what cards you want to recycle 😃 Euripides looks very fun and, most importantly, like a master that other, lesser, Factions will envy us 😃 Can't wait to see the rest of his Box Set 🙂 Might be different in M3E, @Kadeton, but currently the Red Joker doesn't have all the suits, it has one suit of the player's choosing 🙂 Jokers (Rules Manual, Page 12 and 13): The Red Joker has a value of 14 and a wild suit. When the Red Joker is flipped or played, the owning player must immediately announce which suit the Red Joker will be during the Action.
  9. Phinn

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge

    Sign me up as a Minion, please 🙂
  10. I can't rememeber what Monday Preview it was, but for every X Likes we would receive another information - an artwork, model preview etc. We shared the link on social medias and messaged them to our friends. The hype was through the roof! I would love to see that happen again 🙂 Just like @yool1981, I would like to hear more about actual Box Sets. For example, are models going to be sold mostly in "Keyword Boxes"? Something like The Plague Cometh and Brotherhood of the Rat? Are there going to be M3E Fate Decks on release date? Is the first M3E book going to contain campaign rules? If not, is it something you are planning in the future? Is there going to be an event during M3E launch?
  11. Phinn

    Black Friday 2018

    What model is LTD Victorian Lady, please? I haven't found it on internet. Thank you in advance
  12. Phinn

    Monthly Painting Challenge: October

  13. Phinn

    New style bases?

    I heard about this and I am bit worried. Is the difference noticable if you add sand, grass tufts, foliage etc. or is it problematic only for magnetization? Would someone kindly do a side by side comparison? Both top and the bottom, please. Thank you in advance 🙂
  14. Phinn

    Waldo's Weekly - M3E Core Rules

    You can see some pictures of (not only) the Lawyer in Gen Con 2018 Coverage 🙂
  15. Phinn

    Wyrd Chronicles 37

    I haven't read the whole Chronicles yet but I very much enjoyed the article about different communities around the world. Remindes me of old issues that featured photos of models sent by fans 🙂 And, of course, I really appreciate the glimpse into M3E in Soulstones in Rough (which in my opinion is also very clever marketing move) and hints in Starting Malifaux on Budget - Gremlins.