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  1. The Plague Cometh should cometh via post next week and though you might say that my pledge is truly weak, for the month of March I solemnly swear I will eat my hat, if by the end of this month I haven't finished a Malifaux Rat.
  2. Unfortunately, I will not be able to finish my pledge for February, @Caedrus, and thus I would like to use my second mulligan. Work and family But! But I have already made some preventive measures so that it will not happen again I have ordered The Plague Cometh (Hamelin's Crew Box) and some Wyrdscape Sewer Bases. I mean... a Malifaux Rat is a 2 SS model after all Every month I will pledge a single Malifaux Rat and anything else will be a bonus
  3. Distracted +X: "This model Actions that target an enemy model suffers..." Burning +X and Poison +X read similar, but Poison +X reads: "...plus 1 additional damage for every 3 full points..." Why the extra word "full" though? Am I missing something? This one isn't about grammar/spelling, but... Assist: "Another friendly model within 2" lowers..." Shouldn't it be within 2" and LoS so you can't Assist models behind walls etc.?
  4. Ah, OK. Wasn't aware of that
  5. BABY KADE I Got My Teddy: When hiring, Crews containing this model treat Teddy as though it were Versatile. If it does so, Teddy models hired this way must deploy within 3" of this model. You can no longer hire multiple Teddy models.
  6. SQUEALER A Song of Night and Day: Models within range Heals 1.
  7. Now that we are in M3E Open Beta would it, please, be possible to confirm which model's Monday Preview is the one from May 21 - Mystery Monkey Mischief? Thank you
  8. Me, a person with Wp 2, ordering Cyclops and Bultungins right after I came home from the first game with Euripides back in 2018: Me, a person that painted Voodoo Doll for well over a month, realizing that most of the modles with the Savage Keyword are 50 mm: Me, a person with Wp 2, hovering over Gremlins on Wyrd Webstore:
  9. Thank you Thankfully the eye is quite large so it was a great opportunity to learn how to paint eyes in general. Here is the amazing tutorial that I followed - Arcane Paintworks - 6 Step Eyes by Meg Maples
  10. My pledge for February is to finish the male Cyclops Here are some promised WIP pictures. The skin colour is going to be greenish blue with offwhite on belly, chin, inner thights and arms and buttocks. Knees, elbows and fingers are going to have red tint to make them visually more interesting and red mouth should draw attention toward the face Detail of the face. Still some work to do Chin, ears, ice "horns" etc. And here is how the ice on the whole miniature (and crew) is going to look like. The process is little bit time consuming but I feel like it is worth
  11. "Everything sounds trustworthy, if you say it is an ancient Chinese secret." An ancient Chinese secret
  12. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish my pledge (male Cyclops) this month and thus would like to use my first mulligen, @Caedrus. I hoped that I would be, but... The base and 2/3 of the model are already finished though I will post some WIP pictures when I get home tomorrow. The impact MPC had on me: I didn't switch to another model when I felt frustrated with the state of the Cyclops. I felt motivated to paint more. Things I would like to work on: Everyday find half an hour for painting - make painting a (nice) habit
  13. Collodi, The Show Must Go On Tactical Action, Appropriate Costumes Trigger: When resolving, ignore the Mindless Abiltiy of the Summoned models.
  14. Good lord, no I signed up as a Minion as well. That gives me freedom to paint whatever miniature I feel like My pledge for January is male Cyclops worth 8 SS
  15. @misterfinn, thank you very much, I truly appreciate that 🙂 And yes, you are correct in both cases. "I can't figure out what color scheme I'm doing." I have a notebook where I write or sketch ideas, write "recipes" for colours, make notes and sometimes sketch colour schemes as well 🙂 Sometimes I use a bit of sprue as a "sketch model" as you called it. The real problem comes when I have to actually apply the colour scheme on a miniature. For example, if I am painting the skin blue and want the belly to be very light blue (almost bone colour), where is the colour supposed to start turning light? Where exactly do I place shadows and how dark are they supposed to be so that the miniature looks interesting? When to make a particular part of a model more interesting with a freehand and when it is too much so that it starts to be distracting and clash? Simply put, I lack experience and still haven't fully developed my own style 🙂 I look at photos of miniatures on painting blogs, CMON, Pinterest, art from videogames etc. (When I was painting Silurids I had a whole folder full of photos of frogs, catfishes, newts and such.) and make mental notes of what I like and what I don't and try to mimic it. "Dang, my technique sucked there so I'm gonna clean it up." I remember listening to an interview with a Golden Demon winner where they asked her what would she like to advice her younger self if she could when it comes to painting and she said something like: "Avoid perfection at all costs." 😃 Here is the first miniature I have painted - Young LaCroix. That was 4 years ago. I was so proud of those delicate, almost invisible shadows. LOL 😃 And here are two latest miniatures I have painted - Mysterious Effigy and Stitched Together. That was well over 6 months ago. @Nikodemus, you can't imagine how difficult it was to resist those Bultungins when I unwraped them as a christmass gift 😃 The actual miniatures look so much better the art and 3D renders on the box set. But... I did it 🙂 I am looking forward to painting them. I am taking all my painting stuff to my girlfriend's for the weekend. We were both working over Christmass holidays so we are very tired, she likes to lie in on weekends but I am actually crazy and wake up at 5 am every day no matter what, which means... 3 hours of Cyclops painting a day 😃 She also likes to take a nap after lunch, but there I have to serve as a pillow so...
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