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  1. mo11usq

    Archie or Rogue Necromancy with Molly?

    Not sure I understand this "or" business. (6ss cache) Molly - forgotten life, take back the night Archie - hulking leap, decaying aura Rogue necromancy - my little helper Rogue necromancy - my little helper Kentauroi ALL THE FUN
  2. mo11usq

    Ressers Keywords M3E

    M3E: a tragically missed opportunity to make hayreddin a master... looking forward to see what they do with the new version though. Particularly McMourning's theme and Molly's playstyle
  3. mo11usq

    Resurr Shadow Boxing

    Okay, as I find time to sit and think about this I realise that the pool includes both set up and public demo again. Sigh. Proof positive that I just generate and post these things without really paying attention. I'll be more thoughtful next time. This scheme combo was essentially autotake for resurrs, and I doubt things have changed. However, arcanists access to warding rune counter spell aura is a serious matchup consideration. I also always assume I will face mage trio. Despite this I still think I would take horror Molly (arcanists can be relied on to have lots of casts) and a belle crew. I would run: Cache: 7ss Molly: Forgotten life, take back the night Madam sybelle: not too banged up Rogue necromancy Carrion emissary: generic conflux 3x rotten belles I would try to play a defensive game. This generally makes scoring things like set up, demo, and evidence a little harder for the opponent. The north and east deployment zones have choke points and the opposing zones are relatively open. I would chose one of these if I was made to deploy first. Deploying second makes it easier to position my crew for effective T1 luring so i would probably chose this option given the choice. The rather obvious plan is to lure in something for public demo and set up T1. Anticipate henchmen and master being immune, but there should be an enforcer to snag (e.g. a mage). The number of lures with + flips, sybelles upgrade and movement tricks makes this highly reliable and resource-lite. Tbh it is a bit excessive, and a belle and/or sybelles upgrade could be swapped for other things. Molly and the emissary should get me to at least 9 activations for turn 2. From here we rely on Mollys summons the emissary and the rogue to take down enemies, and maybe sybelle can peonise something but her ap is usually for repositioning. I brought the rogue for its + flips and ability to get extra ap. Without philip, any card efficiency I can get helps. The belles pull enemies out of scoring zones/away from treasure or into clusters for Molly and blasts. I would want to try and use the hazardous fountain to do some work for me, and keep in mind the option of summoning drowned. Playing this strat defensively makes us vulnerable to being swamped by an aggressive force, denying my strat points, who leave a low cost model or two behind to score theirs. The hope is that by getting 5-6 vp early we can focus on denying enemy scheme points so even if they score 4 for strat we are still up.
  4. mo11usq

    Resurr Shadow Boxing

    Its been a while, my attention is starting to turn back to 'Faux and I need to start chipping off some rust. Get me up to speed people. Game #3: Open centre with flank obstacles Opposing Faction: Arcanists Deployment: Standard Strategy: Ours Schemes: Guarded treasure, Set up, Inescapable trap, Recover evidence, Public demonstration
  5. mo11usq

    Molly in GG18

    We had a good discussion on Molly a while back: Maybe you will find some useful tidbits within?
  6. mo11usq

    Does anyone use these models?

    Have used hayreddin a few times, mostly as a medium flanker. Outside of a bit of yan lo T1 jank, i find his speed and damage output to cost ratio is what I want him for. At 6ss he is well costed. Jaakuna ubume sees a reasonable amount of play, again almost exclusively with yan lo. Molly and McM usually play too aggressive and have better crew synergies. Lure is an amazing ability all crews should have, but I normally want jaakuna for the hazardous terrain. The ability to heal her and give her armour can occasionally be fun. Easy transfer of AP due to being spirit is situationally useful. I have yet to deny sanzu effectively, but it could be useful one day. Marshal has been hired mostly because I like the cut of his jib more than for any strategic reason. He is decent in certain schemes like vendetta or the above mentioned surround them. The summon on death has actually saved the game for me before. Not used the others, draugr seem most disappointing on paper. Faced sloth once or twice ages ago when the seven were released, he was an okay area denier. Grave digger looks quite good to me, anything that positions/protects corpse markers should not be sniffed at in resurrs.
  7. mo11usq

    Resurrectionist Henchman Hardcore

    Mine used to be Anna Lovelace, Burt Jebsen, Sue, Graveyard Spirit. Then Burt put up his costs (for the good of the game)
  8. mo11usq

    Iron Scorpius 5 Ressers

    McMourning, Mcmourning with a note book and pig tails, Mcmourning with a whispy beard to twiddle, Mcmourning with a monacle and cane... Sebastian in a slutty asian dress.
  9. mo11usq

    Does archie need synergies to work

    Because you gave him decaying aura and hulking leap
  10. mo11usq

    McMourning vs Ramos, is this a bad matchup?

    Hate that blood mage so hard
  11. mo11usq

    Mcmourning vs shooting list tips

    @Ludvig Certainly a valid tactic, especially if the blighters start spreading out. Devour on Ophelia etc. is magical xmas land to me, but maybe my hand pressure game is lacking. I think it is actively worse than using the construct's normal attack on the cheap gremlins - requires a suit and I want things to die from poison. I tend to look for the KO on the big pieces, using rancid transplant and the horde to stack big poison on a target for the expunge finisher, gets round squeal quite well. I look to turn Bayeuxs into dogs if I can, they tend to go reckless and tagging them for at least 1 dmg and poison with a canine remains, or emissary blasts is very doable. That said, this was my gg17 playstyle. Mcm's dog engine seems weaker in gg18 due to it being easier for the enemy to score off ablative minions. Will keep in mind your way next time I get the opportunity.
  12. mo11usq

    Mcmourning vs shooting list tips

    As others probably said: emissary, my little helper, sebastian aura, and raw speed are McM's main anti shooting tech. Emissary is particularly good into gremlins everything (shards, speed boost, blasts with extra attack triggers, summons, scheme marker drop, the thing is a monster). I find it very hard not to take McMourning with plastic surgery, moonlighting, and decaying aura (possibly in that order of preference). Get that it is a low point game though. Rafkin is such a solid model, hits so hard for cost, but i can see debate into gremlins (their threat is dispersed, their characters are slippery). I almost never take rafkin without my little helper. If the board state is right, move up aggressively toward the mid-table end of turn 1, pop MLH turn 2 now you have a potentially 4 attack min damage 3 missile that can't be attacked from range. I'm not a fan of transplant in general, stacking poison on a target is usually not problematic (plastic surgery). Possibly it is more useful now in gg18 for meta reasons, but i haven't tried it. Flesh constructs are nice, summoning them off expunge is a very strong ability, but it is not the be all end all.
  13. mo11usq

    McMourning vs Ramos, is this a bad matchup?

    I have some video reports on the match up on my channel - gg17 though. My experience is that Ramos has a strong, but predictable mechanic. His first turn is spider summon and again turn 2 if you don't pressure him. This can be countered by alpha strike. I personally don't favour this approach. A good Ramos player will hold the prof back at range and threaten with reactivating Langston. Mcm can do it, but the odds are not in his favour and you lose if you bounce. @Ludvig is spot on about activations, however Ramos will almost always outactivate mcm in the first couple of turns. Ramos will use brass arachnid to reactivate the beat stick. Typically this is langston in the first turn, joss when he dies, and scheme runners in the late game. Langston exerts huge pressure, his job is to hold he enemy off Ramos long enough for him to get summon his swarm. He does this by assassinating your master or key peices, or threatening to so you stay back and let Ramos do his thing. The counter to Langston is to hit first with mcm, an bring him down turn 1/2. My favoured approach is this: Take out Langston, turn the spiders into canines, endgame with ramos To do this, move up extremely carefully turn 1. You will be outactivated so you must ensure your important peices cannot be reached by langston such that he can make more than 1 attack. Use chaf models and terrain (note: don't just hide behind terrain, position so he can't position where he wants). If you can bait him with something throw away great. Mcm must end the turn in position to go in on him first thing turn 2. This has to be a short dance or Ramos will build too many spiders. Turn 2 consider going with Sebastian getting into 6" of langston and accomplacing to mcm to ensure the bugger never gets another activation. From here it is time to deal with all the spiders (and of course run shemes). You will still be out activated and it is likely to get worse this turn. The key is to position such that you limit incoming damage, but get your models into threat range for turn 3. Once the crews clash quality counts over quantity and the arcanists numbers begin to matter less. Give your moonlight insecticide a shake and poison the spiders up good, they are your dogs in waiting and will help you keep up with activations. The job is of course not over, as there are still Ramos and joss (and all their + flips) to deal with. Gun for ramos if at all possible, joss can't usually do enough on his own to disrupt your plans in the late game, mcm can die happy if he gets this done. Circumstances dictate however. Watch out for whatever the upgrade is that dicks with ca. It's a tough game, favouring Ramos as his abilities are more forgiving of mistakes, but its not awful.
  14. Not sure how faction relevant this is, but perhaps we resurrs contribute more than most... Life has reduced my hobby time of late, and what time I've had this year has mostly been spent on Guild Ball. This is largely because my local group have been running a league, and it is a new shiny puzzle box to try (so far unsuccessfully) to unlock. GB is a fun game, but I ultimately prefer the mechanics and experience of Malifaux. However, playing on a chess clock is simply amazing. It basically guarentees a game will last 1.5hrs or less, which either means I can get 2 games in an evening or get back to the family with something of an evening left. Can't overstate how fantastic that is. On top of this, clock is an interesting resource and frees one up from the responsibility of agonising for ages over what is the most efficient move in a difficult situation. Additionally, having a fixed 6 (in rare cases 7) models in your team, makes for fewer interactions, generally quicker turns, and arguably a simpler game. Due to 'killed' GB players coming back on the pitch each turn attrition works in a different way from Malifaux, but heavy summoning sort of does a similar thing on top of Malifaux's other complexities. Basically, I've just found having fewer models around is quite nice. I think essentially what I'm getting at is a wish for competative Malifaux to incorporate a clock and downsize the scale of the game by a few models. More a statement of opinion than seeking response, but fuck all else of interest seems to be happening on this forum lately and my commute is all the more boring for it.
  15. mo11usq

    Resurr Shadow Boxing

    It is time for another! How would you approach this? Game #2: Shooting Gallery Opposing Faction: Outcasts Deployment: Standard Strategy: Symbols of authority Schemes: Punish the weak, Set up, Take prisoner, Public demonstration, Vendetta