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  1. Gah! I had seen that, guess my brain didn't quite believe it and defaulted back to m2e. I'll edit the original so as not to soe confusion, cheers! Can't speak for the new m3e dynamic, but the m2e chihuahua was a beast. The difference is the new incarnation does one less poison with horrific odour (important), 1" less engagement (probably important), and 1 less health (not important). It is otherwise just as fast (important), much better Df (6 vs 4) (important), and is even significant for scheming (important). The attack is also better in every way (not important). Anecdotal, but I onc
  2. Just passing through, thought I'd drop some comments on m3e McMourning as he doesn't seem much discussed so far. This really is just me thinking aloud to organise my thoughts. Caveates: I haven't played in a year or so, these comments are entirely theory. I haven't read many of the rules/cards for other factions. Summary: I can be safely ignored if it pleases you. First, some asides: 1) Mad props to Wyrd for the 'Experimental' keyword. Perfect 👌 2) The m3e rules generally seem to be a bit of a mess, I get this is a beta, but it seems a way off being done. Still a myriad of
  3. It is not a great ability, but it is not a bad ability. It requires significant set up to pull off, costs resources (multiple corpse markers), 2 AP (unless you want to leave McM distracted), and improves the opponent's chances of getting initiative. For this you get an uninjured 7 point, minion with 2AP (fast cancels slow) that can interact and has poison synergy, without using a card (therefore can't fail) or stone for suit. This can totally be planned for turn 1 with a grave digger/mortimer etc. or be a opportunistic scheme-running option late game. Its not going to come up ev
  4. Not sure I understand this "or" business. (6ss cache) Molly - forgotten life, take back the night Archie - hulking leap, decaying aura Rogue necromancy - my little helper Rogue necromancy - my little helper Kentauroi ALL THE FUN
  5. M3E: a tragically missed opportunity to make hayreddin a master... looking forward to see what they do with the new version though. Particularly McMourning's theme and Molly's playstyle
  6. Okay, as I find time to sit and think about this I realise that the pool includes both set up and public demo again. Sigh. Proof positive that I just generate and post these things without really paying attention. I'll be more thoughtful next time. This scheme combo was essentially autotake for resurrs, and I doubt things have changed. However, arcanists access to warding rune counter spell aura is a serious matchup consideration. I also always assume I will face mage trio. Despite this I still think I would take horror Molly (arcanists can be relied on to have lots of casts) and a b
  7. Its been a while, my attention is starting to turn back to 'Faux and I need to start chipping off some rust. Get me up to speed people. Game #3: Open centre with flank obstacles Opposing Faction: Arcanists Deployment: Standard Strategy: Ours Schemes: Guarded treasure, Set up, Inescapable trap, Recover evidence, Public demonstration
  8. We had a good discussion on Molly a while back: Maybe you will find some useful tidbits within?
  9. Have used hayreddin a few times, mostly as a medium flanker. Outside of a bit of yan lo T1 jank, i find his speed and damage output to cost ratio is what I want him for. At 6ss he is well costed. Jaakuna ubume sees a reasonable amount of play, again almost exclusively with yan lo. Molly and McM usually play too aggressive and have better crew synergies. Lure is an amazing ability all crews should have, but I normally want jaakuna for the hazardous terrain. The ability to heal her and give her armour can occasionally be fun. Easy transfer of AP due to being spirit is situationally useful.
  10. Mine used to be Anna Lovelace, Burt Jebsen, Sue, Graveyard Spirit. Then Burt put up his costs (for the good of the game)
  11. McMourning, Mcmourning with a note book and pig tails, Mcmourning with a whispy beard to twiddle, Mcmourning with a monacle and cane... Sebastian in a slutty asian dress.
  12. Because you gave him decaying aura and hulking leap
  13. @Ludvig Certainly a valid tactic, especially if the blighters start spreading out. Devour on Ophelia etc. is magical xmas land to me, but maybe my hand pressure game is lacking. I think it is actively worse than using the construct's normal attack on the cheap gremlins - requires a suit and I want things to die from poison. I tend to look for the KO on the big pieces, using rancid transplant and the horde to stack big poison on a target for the expunge finisher, gets round squeal quite well. I look to turn Bayeuxs into dogs if I can, they tend to go reckless and tagging them for
  14. As others probably said: emissary, my little helper, sebastian aura, and raw speed are McM's main anti shooting tech. Emissary is particularly good into gremlins everything (shards, speed boost, blasts with extra attack triggers, summons, scheme marker drop, the thing is a monster). I find it very hard not to take McMourning with plastic surgery, moonlighting, and decaying aura (possibly in that order of preference). Get that it is a low point game though. Rafkin is such a solid model, hits so hard for cost, but i can see debate into gremlins (their threat is dispersed, their ch
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