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Found 4 results

  1. I want to love the black blood shaman (BBS). It looked crap on paper, I played a game with one and observed that it did the square root of zero (Malifaux #17: Neverborn vs Neverborn (House of the Rising Sun) on my YouTube channel if it interests anyone). 7ss for a fragile model (it has more wounds than most minions. the end), that likes to be reasonably near the fighting, needs to be in position to maximize its decent abilities, but isn't mobile enough to keep up by itself and use them, and there are almost always much higher priority candidates for our movement tricks. The rapid growth upgrade is 1ss and leagues better than the Shaman's pathetic growth skills. Its main ability as Neverborn pseudo-blaster can only target models with the BB ABILITY, not the BB CONDITION, which its attack inflicts, dramatically cutting its utility. Add in the fact that it competing with the likes of doppleganger, illuminated, johan/na, a twin etc. and the BSS falls squarely into my never-take suck bin of suck. However, I took a fun crew for my game and did not use the models I had very well, though I thought the shaman was in a good position, I leave it to you to judge. Clearly more practice is needed to learn to get the most out of the model, but the match left me with hard feelings toward it and I haven't bothered to field it since. I now notice something that may make me reconsider. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, which probably means I haven't looked hard enough, or it isn't legal - if the former, at least this will help spread the word. If the latter, let me know so I can go back to hating this thing. BBS can use its built in BB infusion trigger to give a model with BB ABILITY the BB CONDITION (2x BB). This has some cool implications: Models with 2xBB do a gross of two damage back when injured. Nekima can now do 4 dmg for the price of 2 with blood for blood/limb for limb. This ignores all forms of damage reduction, except multiple ss use and immunity to pulses. You can choose the BB order applied, so you can choose whether to take credit for the kill (with the ABILITY) or be blameless (with the CONDITION). Murder protege, vendetta, framed for murder etc. now become more interesting with our winged friend on the table! BB pustule will dish out 3 dmg for the price of 1 dmg on models with 2x BB plus its situation buff - 2 for pustule (which ignores BB ABILITY) and one for the CONDITION. That starts to look mean! If you feel a bit ballsy, you can add blood curse into the mix. Get the shaman next to a model with BB ABILITY and regen (Nekima, Lelu, Lilitu), or possibly one with reliable healing (emmissary, killjoy(bit tricky)), hit them twice and now the model does 2 dmg to everyone in 1" without BB at the end of every round - and can heal back up when it next activates. Mmmmmh so much Nephilim hepatitis! If this is a thing, the BBS can have my apology - the general damage amplification and VP score/deny potential starts to make it an attractive contender for the 7ss slot in Nephilim heavy crews. I'd also be interested to hear any other tricks that can be done with the shaman, and crew lists that work well with it.
  2. Okay, so I haven't actually played Lilith yet so this may come off as a rather noobish question. I'm actually a Guild player at the moment (I know, booooooooh! Filthy humans) however as I'm also new I haven't found a Master I want to "associate" myself with just yet. I've been looking into Lilith and it's all been very appealing. The synergy, the growth (although I'm not a growth list person, at least mentally) and the models (HELLOOOOOOOOO Nekima!). I have a question of tactics though: Say I have a BBS and a Terror Tot. How viable is it to run a Tot into combat with several models and use the Shaman's Spill Black Blood spell on the Tot? My thoughts are: 1) You get blood tokens if you kill the enemy models, and one from the Tot. 2) You get to move nearby Tots to the Shaman, who has 1 or more blood tokens which they can use to evolve. This should be relatively easy, as you can use the Shaman's Blood In The Air to push the Nepehilim even closer to him, allowing them to be in a decent range for Growth or Mature. I ask as it is sacrificing a Nephilim. You can of course use the blood counter for other things, this is just what came to mind first. Is it a good idea, or a needless sacrifice of a Terror Tot?
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