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  1. What: Malifaux tournament in La Crosse, WI, La Crosse Convention Center, CouleeCon! When: Saturday, August 25th, 12:00-20:00 What: 50ss GG2018 Tourney! Who: You!
  2. Come join us for the first Winona tournament on May 26th, noon-10 pm at Jimmy Jams in Winona MN. This is is a full 50ss tourney, but it’s focused on new players. Full GG2018 rules, with no painting enforcement. If you join, please consider playing “friendly” crews - leave Hamelin at home! Prize support will be provided! Hope to see you there!
  3. Ergonomic Cat

    January 2018 Errata

    The official app - Bad Things Happen. But only on Android I believe.
  4. Ergonomic Cat

    January 2018 Errata

    Borbs only got reductions, but they were very much there to shake things up. There's a reason that the Neverborn All Stars is a thing - in most cases, we have specific models in most point costs that are almost always better than the rest. Beckoners going to 6 mean they might be picked over Lilitu. Kade at 6 may see play again (which also means Teddy may show up more often, which means a couple of our most iconic models might leave the shelf occasionally!). No one took Lelu outside of Dreamer summons - now he might show up to support his much better sister. Tuco was a model *no one* cared about - maybe at 6ss his gun might come out. Vasilia, Badjuju, Spawn Mother- all interesting models that just sat on the shelf because of cost. Now maybe it'll be more than just the All Stars! But there's also a hidden cost increase to Borbs - pretty much all our favorite out of faction models got cost increases! Johan was a member of the All Stars - he's +1. Nurse was in a lot of Zoraida crews - +1. McTavish the same. Even Burt was starting to show up. Trappers were often a must have in Collodi with Changelings. +1. Terracotta Warriors were one of the best things to import in to Lucius on NB side. Probably still are at +1. Stuff we like that got cheaper: Lawyer and Guard never showed up - maybe they will now. Hans was always just a *bit* too expensive to include, and now is a consideration (certainly going to knock Angel Eyes out of the few crews she was in).
  5. Ergonomic Cat

    Black Friday Sale

    A question I've never asked - can you order other stuff during a Black Friday sale too, to count towards the $100?
  6. Ergonomic Cat

    Black Friday Sale

    Perhaps in the future, to avoid so many confusions, the clever web monkeys could include pictures, or links, in their internet enabled emails and web pages?
  7. The most anticipated episode 24 about Resurrectionists this year! The second string Lecturers (I was dying, or drunk, or playing games, or something) continue the Broken Promises review, this time going over the Dirty Ressers!
  8. Come one, come all (except not Guild, because we hate you) to the Super Fun Demo and Game Day in Winona Minnesota at Jimmy Jam's! Come see the beautiful Mississippi and drown dirty Ressers in it! Enjoy the brisk fall weather that makes Rasputina smile! Claim another city for the Mother of Monsters! We'll be at Jimmy Jam's from about 13:00-21:00 with availability all day for demos, games, painting parties or general Faux-down! When: 11/11/17, 13:00-21:00 Where: Jimmy Jam's, 113 E 3rd St, Winona MN 55987 Why: CAUSE MALIFAUX, YO!
  9. Ergonomic Cat

    Two Teddies and Then?

    Nothing to see here.
  10. Ergonomic Cat

    Two Teddies and Then?

    I still keep wanting to try this. It just seems so hilarious. I agree with this idea. Dreamer can summon Stitched Together to add to the tremendous amount of pure damage flying around, he can summon Lilitu to give you some control, or he can summon Insidious Madness to go score while you tie everything up. If you're going to go with Baby Kade, I'd definitely put Depression on him, so that you can guarantee his knife goes off to full effect. As for the three Dreamers: 1. Summoning Dreamer - Dreams of Pain, usually Otherworldly and Wings of Darkness. He summons things. Needs high cards, stones for masks, or daydreams. Also should be using his buffs on things that are summoned. 2. Shooty Dreamer - Restless Dreams and Tantrum. That gives Dreamer ranged expert (1 ap for ranged attacks), a good ranged attack, and +1 Waking every time he does damage with a shooting attack, and gives Lord Chompy Bits Melee Expert (1 ap for melee attacks). Basic plan there is to shoot things 4 times, hitting every time, and then summon Chompy, who gets 3 attacks, then turns back in to Dreamer. Sometimes Aether Connection is good to keep Dreamer alive post LCB, but Sleep Cycles, from Wave 5, is probably the best - it allows Dreamer and LCB to chain activate each other. 3. Melee Dreamer - Growing Up, from Wave 5. Gives Dreamer more wounds, a Charge, a good Melee attack, and melee expert. He can ping pong around the board with his melee and end his activation as LCB in safety.
  11. Ergonomic Cat

    GG 2018 and Condition removal

    I've always considered that part of our Faction identity. We don't really do condition removal. It's not our thing. And I'm fine with that. We shouldn't be good at everything. Our condition removal comes as a part of something weaker. We can do it if we want, but it's going to be harder. Now I don't disagree that Scion should get a bit of work, but I think his condition removal is fine and flavorful for us.
  12. Ergonomic Cat

    Cyclops vs rougarou

    Changeling gets the plus flips too, right? Ml4 with plus flips is not at all bad. And yeah, the look on your opponent's face when you pull off 9+ attacks on a single turn has to be amazing. And yeah, I think you're right about the threat. Just knowing that any model that gets in the range of that awful bubble could very well get destroyed with minimal AP investment is worth a lot! You're really selling me on the Emissary. + flips to Tooth, Rougarou and Changelings is just fantastic. I think this is probably one of the exceptionally few situations where the Gorar might actually be worth it. Because taking down either Tooth or the Rougarou turns this from a doom ball to "oh, you have a good minion." Being able to laugh maniacally and say "BUT WAIT!" is pretty amusing. Is it worth more than +1 card draw from Pukesnake? Maybe, maybe not.
  13. Ergonomic Cat

    Cyclops vs rougarou

    Realistically, Kade is the same cost, because 99% of the time, you're going to put Depression on him so he can get his triggers. For me, the key differences are that 1. The Rougarou has so much more range. Kade is a 30mm base with a 1" range, which works out to a bubble about 80mm/3.2" (15mm from center + 1" radius). Rougarou is 50mm base with a 2" range, which works out to a bubble about 200m/6.2" (25mm from center + 2" radius). That's a lot of increase. Rougarou has 50% more health, but 5 vs 7 def *probably* makes that a wash? However, Rougarou can heal 2 or push for free (assuming a scheme marker, which is pretty likely give The Tooth). He also has Hard to Kill. So if he's not taken out, he's likely going to activate, heal for 2, and take another 2 AP to kill at least. And while Kade has a Lure, which is fantastic for triggering his own ability, Rougarou's 0 is pretty useful (and kind of hilarious). Kade gets a slow on his attacks, which is huge if you don't get the kill. But I think the reach of the Rougarou (he can even attack over Tooth's head, at 2"+HT3) can't be discounted in how much easier he makes it to get the combo off. For me, it's mostly down to the fact that Kade feels small and fragile, while Rougarou feels big and tough. Combine with Titania's ability to pass out Armor now.... That being said, I think Kade is still a model that gets unfairly dismissed in a lot of cases.
  14. Ergonomic Cat

    Cyclops vs rougarou

    Interesting. I've been taking a Changeling with the package a lot of the time too, since they're a nice little 4ss package. I'm so desperate to use the Emissary *somewhere* that I like the idea of dropping it in here. Thanks! Both Lilith and Titania seem like they'd really like this, for different reasons.
  15. Ergonomic Cat

    Cyclops vs rougarou

    I'm bringing Rougarou any time I need to move people around or any time I can move 2-3 models as a unit and not sacrifice my scoring ability. Given that we're Neverborn, that's about 90% of the time. There are very few pools where "Move people where I want them" is not a path to victory. I find it *really* hard not to put the 15 point Tooth + Rougarou package in almost every crew. The amount of devastation those 15 points can dole out is crazy, especially given how tough Tooth is. If you haven't done the math, assuming all successful duels: Tooth uses a 0 challenge to lure an opponent. Rougarou gets a pounce. Tooth gets an attack and pushes the opponent .25". Rougarou gets an attack. Tooth uses 1 AP to attack, pushes opponent .25". Rougarou gets an attack. Tooth uses 1 AP to attack, pushes opponent .25". Rougarou gets an attack. Opponent has to flip to avoid slow on activation. So 2 AP from Tooth gets you 7 attacks and a slow flip. And Tooth has 2" melee (right?) armor +1 and hard to kill. <3.