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  1. Thoughts on the changes? Glad to see some of the other faction's changes (first mate being nerft made my day, it always bugged me that he does more damage than anything in Neverborn with his built in ram and a card or stone) I was surprised to see only Stitched and Zoraida altered at all, and boy were stitched hit (deservedly), and inhuman reflexes seems significantly less useful than before. The big question: are stitched even good now?
  2. Having trouble into dreamer and all his deck fixing along with stiched just wrecking stuff. What are you playing into him to keep him in check?
  3. I'm a bit lost with our mini-cthulhu, which role do you assign him in your lists? Combat: His damage and accuracy (stat of 7) are pretty good, as long as he is not fighting into a lot of stuns or trigger denying, his damage track is 3/5/6 better than the other 2 premium beaters (Teddy with 3/4/6 and Carver with 3/3/5; but this last one could be 4/4/6 with a ram). However for head to head combat both Teddy and Carver seem better. Teddy can Flurry, has 1 armor, 1 extra Wd and more ways to recover Wds (but 1 less df tho); Carver is a Henchman with 1 more Wd, so he can use SS to stay alive, can get rid of the enemy focused condition and has a ranged damage spell and a bonus action that stun (and that could heal him if used in range). Coppelius is the squisiest of the 3, but the nimblest, with 7 movement and agile he has the longest threat range (8 versus 7 of Teddy and 6 from Carver). So, he is a good beater, but the squisiest by far of the 3 (even with terrifying and 9 Wds, he can be killed much more easily than any of the other 2). Utility: He has some useful abilities, unhinge is like a heal for Nightmare; each Nightmare engaged with the target will get 2 Wds healed (1 from feed of fear and 1 from the pulse), but it's hard to get high damage out of it. Whispered truths isn't bad per se, but I can hire a Changeling to do that; the trigger however it's pretty good as an scheme denial tool. Frightening Reminder (bonus) is good to push nightmares into position both offensively and defensively Scheming: With movement 7 he can double walk 14'' per turn, but there is no way he can drop double schemes or get free interacts, agile is the only saving grace here; so it's not good as an schemer. But he can do good denial with Whispered truths. I can see several uses for him: Scheme denial: Use Whispered truths to slow the enemy runner and remove the enemy markers. Then gut him with his higher combat stat. Mele beater: Focus in his mele attacks, for this role he would need Focused to get easily at least moderate damage, this needs the player to be very careful with him Scalpel: Give him fast and focused, walk him into position (easy with agile and movement 7) and charge that model you need out of the game. Support/antidive: Push other nightmares forward and heal with Unhinge until the oportunity to charge is there or a model try to bypass the centerline and go for the support models. This would work better with models that may get enemy models out of position with lures or placements (like WW or Hinamatsu) But i'm not sure which is the best way to use him... So... how do you use him? with which other moels/strategies/schemes do you usually pick him? Ty in advance!
  4. In your experience of M3e thus far, who stands out to you as the most engaging and rewarding master or set of masters? DMH ecluded, (sorry Collodi and Lilith) I'm slowly working my way through my collection (I don't own Marcus, Zoraida or Euripides), so far having tried Titania a few times, and Lucius and Dreamer each in a good number of games. In practice, Lucius is as entertaining as he has always been to me (even before he was any good), and I very much love new Dreamer, and my win ratio with him suggests he might even be stronger. Of the crews I haven't taken to the field yet, Pandora stands out to me as potentially interesting, whereas Nekima seems a bit straight forward for my tastes, although I own all the models so will no doubt try her out. So, based on your own experience which master/masters are your pick? Which combos?
  5. Hi, we are Agent(s) of the Breach, a couple who are starting to play with Neverborn. We love to have a painting thread of every game we play because, not only It keeps us motivated, but also, it’s always interesting to have different points of view of the things you are working on and share ideas. So, please, feel free to comment or ask whatever you want, we’ll try to keep this updated At the moment, we’ve been focused on painting Zoraida’s box (testing colours and doing some brainstorming), so we don’t have much to show yet; only an (almost) finished Silurid. The idea is that the Silurid had to look as froggy as possibly, but with a spice of lizard in it. Like we said, it’s not finished yet; we want it to have a brown pattern in her back. Something like these: Usually, the base is the last that we (she, in this case) paint, but we wanted to see how it was going to look. It tries to be an autumn swampy zone. Seeing the photos, we have realized that it's a little dark, so we still have to work it a little more. Malifaux it’s a strange game; coming from Warhammer and Infinity, we are kinda used to paint “armys of”, but every single miniature here looks like a separate challenge. We’ll see how this work!
  6. Good Afternoon all, I am looking for preferably NoS or Built UnPainted Insidious Madness models, x3. I will strongly consider painted, but I would much rather not incur the cost of painted models when i can manage that on my own. If anyone is looking to unload some Madness let me know in PMs and we can work out the details. True
  7. Hello! I have a question about tactics, that can I use in play against The Dreamer. I have Marcus, Kaeris and Colette. Which one can I take against The Dreamer? He have next roster: Dreamer, Teddy x2, Daydreams x3, Widow Weaver and Insidious Madness. Upgrades are different between different games. I have a big problems with two Teddies. But when he summon Chompi - I have a terrible troubles... Teddies hold my models. Or just kill them... I'm newer and played not so much games. And maybe I don't understand some subtlety in game. Can you help me?
  8. "The Dreamer" is a model I painted as a birthday gift for a brother of mine. He's wrestled with sleep disorders (sleep walking, vivid dreams, and night terrors) since he was young and has recently shown an interest in Malifaux. Seems like a perfect match n'est-ce pas? I've long enjoyed the fantasy of this young boy who shapes and disrupts reality and wanted to use this model to portray that. Every step he takes wrenches the ground free (in the shape of handmade, cork puzzle pieces) and sends nearby objects (twisted wrought iron fence behind him was a model train fence purchased from China, so good as terrain!) writhing away until his passage is complete. I sorta imagine the pieces all settling back neatly into place once he is gone, but I think that is a little bit beyond the scope of a miniature haha! I look forward to seeing the rest of your creations for round two!
  9. Hey, hows it going? I am brand new to malifaux. So much so that i have yet to play my first game. I have settled on playing the dreamer. And have picked up his crew box. The closest store to me that carries more then one or two crew boxs is a 2 hour drive each way. But i am making the drive this weekend to pick up at least the rule book and a fate deck. But to make my drive worth it i wanna pick up a bunch of the stuff i would use in both summoning and beats dreamer lists. I know i wanna pick up. INSIDIOUS MADNESSES, STITCHED TOGETHER, LELU & LILITU, DOPPLEGANGER, TEDDY, WILL O' THE WISPS, BANDERSNATCH. Is there anything else i should look at getting. Also is what i listed ok? Thanks for your help.
  10. Hello everyone. I recently started, and was acquire a dreamer crew to start with. I understand dreamer is best as a summoner, what other models should I get? This is what I have: Hide and Seek Dreamer box set (all models) Baby Kade 3 Waldgeist 2 Insidious Madness 1 Doppelganger Primordial Magic Widow Weaver The Carver 4 Stitched together 3 Terror Tots Neverborn models from the 2nd Edition Starter Box: Angel Eyes, Scion of Black Blood, 2 Bloodwretches All advice welcome. Maybe a beginner 30ss list to start?
  11. Hi all, I've been getting into Dreamer lately and was wondering if the changes to lucid dreaming had prompted anyone else to try a different playstyle. Would it be workable to run a Dreamer build that used both Tantrum and Dreams of Pain? You don't get the waking increase from Restless Dreams, but using summoning in a more limited way and combining it with a WP based sh seems doable. Pop in three stitched, shoot once, accomplice to a stitched. Then again....9ss of upgrades. Thoughts?
  12. Hi everyone, I been playing for a long time and only Neverborn. I love Lilith an Collodi and i want to dive into Dreamer. after palying a couple of game i am underpressed by the Dreamer. The summoning is realy easy and we can summon strong models. But the fact that the models are on 1 wound makes it a big issue. i know that summoning is not the only thing i need to do and only summon what you need. Also my opponents quickly learned the you need to interact with these models before i heal them. The only thing i haved tried is only summoning 1 model at a time and chain active it. Do lot of poeple summong this way? or summon you out of line of sight? Teddy, I like the model and pushing hem around and making him more Deadly. But Def 3 i can't protect. My apponecent can shot him to pieces. And if i face some with blasts i am not happy. Cards, When i summon in 2 stiched i have of used 2 cards form my hand. Doing soo make my summoned stiched and big beaters less efficent. And i offen miss my attacks because my oppents will cheat his def from defending against these big attacks. Do you offen start with models that fix cards? and how offen do you use "a game of chance"? or do you generate + flips somehow (emmisery) Dreamer self, I have trouble keeping hem alive, its the same problem with teddy, def 4 give problems. and incoporeal is not everyhing. Mayby need to play more defensively, but losing board is not what i want. And having my master and summoned models in my deployment zone is not good.
  13. Is the damage from "Surrounded By Nightmares" (off Tantrum upgrade) a single instance of damage or multiple instances? Example would be that either: a ) it deals 1 damage at a time for each Nightmare within 3" and LOS of the target, thus being better against things like Hard to Kill and Soulstone use. b ) it counts the number of nightmares within 3" and LOS of the target, then deals the damage as one lump sum, thus being better against things like Arcane Shield. Similar question regarding Lynch's 52 Pickup. Wording for relevant abilities: "Target model suffers 1 damage for each Nightmare within 3" and LOS of it which it considers an enemy." "Target model with the Brilliance Characteristic within 6" suffers 2 damage for each Ace revealed in this way."
  14. From the album: Skull Studio showcase

    http://paintingskullstudio.blogspot.ru Skull Studio https://www.facebook.com/SkullArtStudio/

    © Skull Studio

  15. Hey, I'm a semi new player and I've just picked up my second master. I started with Dreamer and I have enough of an understanding to feel comfortable learning a second master. So I bought Lilith, and while thinking about how to start playing her I had the thought, how viable are dedicated split synergy crews? For example, If I ran Dreamer as Master, and took Barbaros as a henchmen, could running 2 mini crews, one of nightmares and one of Nephilim work or would you be sacrificing too much of each crews potential for it to work. I feel that it could work as you are not wholly reliant on just Dreamers movement and summoning, or just Nephilim push and melee prowess but a little of both. I'm interested in this concept as a whole in Malifaux not just with Dreamer and Lilith, though that is were my understanding is currently best. Cheers Dan
  16. Scenario: Dreamer is at Waking Condition 3 with Restless Dreamers/Tantrum upgrades He shoots a model, raising his Waking to 4 The model he attacks has a Trigger that does 4 damage to the target that damaged it Both Chompy Summoning and the Damage Trigger hurting Dreamer happen "After resolving damage" Option A: Dreamer takes the damage, then Chompy pops out Option B: Active player chooses whether to have Dreamer take damage first or Chompy Summoning to go off first Option C: Chompy pops out, then takes 4 damage--no choice by any player Thanks!
  17. Helping the henchman out with a league event and the question came up. Dreamer player read it as every attempt raised the waking. Opponent read it as only if it went off. RAW seemed to go either way. Clarification appreciated.
  18. Hi, i had been playing for about a month and half now. Enjoying the game a lot. I play neverborn, but i feel like i had been missplaying some stuff, and i wanted to see if you guys can clear it for me. Pandora's Fading memory push: - I had been using it with self loathing and self harm. Is it a correct interpretation of the requirement as an oppossed Wp duel, or has to be pandora the one using her willpower for it work, therefore only working with incites and when "defending" from opponent's actions ? Ok just saw this and learned how misery really works... i feel so dirty now : Dreamer and hungering darkness "buried": - I had been using it as i can activate it after coming back with the (0) from Lord chompy bits or in Huggy's case, after i manage to unbury him with rising sun. I haven't found anywhere why i can't use it, since it says removed from play. But in dreamer's case is the one that had me thinking it can't work that way, since i could chain spawn lord chompys ad infinitum with tantrum. I checked the FAQs, the rulebook, etc, and i had been unable to find an answer. So the question is, does a model that has been activated before being buried, keep counting as activated after being unburied ? Cheers and thank you in advance for the responses. By the way, loving the game, cheers to the Wyrd's staff.
  19. Has anyone had any experience playing or playing against a Dreamer crew with Tannen with the goal of summoning Teddy's? I love the idea and have started investing in some more Teddy's (total of 3) to either play from the beginning or to summon if the chance arises.
  20. Hi everybody! Can anyone provide some real clarification on these two abilities? My new player chose The Dreamer against my Ulix (ugh) and had some big issues this week, and honestly, those abilities confuse me as well. How exactly does Frightening Dream work? Also: Chain activations can only affect one other model. However, if the other model that was activated BY that chain activation ends his activation within range of another model, does the new model then chain activate? And so on? It felt like there was a lot (a LOT) of long turns being taken on the NB side, and it didn't seem right. I have never played NB, which is probably where I'm running into issues explaining. Kind of n00b questions, I know, but clarification would really help me out. Thank you!
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