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  1. You need to be patient, man. It took me almost 4 months till I sold my Gremlins so you know... 😁
  2. Maybe it is better to drop these kind ability/upgrades at all rather than giving it to everybody?
  3. Yeah but by cheating initiative flip with high enough card might give the ability to score final vp point to grab the win i.e. by moving scheme runner behing los blocker and dropping scheme marker which opponent can't have access to and can't even have a chance to intercept this scheme runner before he does his job cause he drew weaker cards than you did.
  4. As edopersichetti said it looks like many things will be watered down and simplified. It is big gesture for the new players but old ones will feel like they were robbed of something...
  5. He can Charge more than once a turn plus what AndreyF mentioned hence more points
  6. In games heavy with scheme marker and high mobility needs he is pretty good. Kind of Silurid on steroids. For everything else he is ok-ish at best so basically he is good in what he is doing.
  7. Although info about m3e was announced recently and I'm more than reluctant to buy anything now i got an offer to grab cheap old metal Zoraida's crew with additional Waldgeists and now I'm tinkering on how to make a crew with limited amount of models available which would be viable in almost every game. So i came up with this: 50 SS Neverborn Crew Zoraida + 5 Pool - Powerful Control (2) - Poisoned Fate (1) Bad Juju (7) - Eternal Fiend (2) - A Thousand Faces (1) Hooded Rider (10) - A Thousand Faces (1) Baby Kade (6) - Depression (1) Waldgeist (6) Waldgeist (6) Will O' The Wisp (3) Will O' The Wisp (3) Side kicks are 2 Silurids which would replace Waldgeists in scenarios where mobility and scheme markers are more important than durability. Also Iggy will join the gang as alternative for one Waldgeist. Quick run through the crew: - Zoraida is mainly focusing on Obey and Bewitch with occasional hard hit on something with condition although in case of Silurids needed Poisoned Fate will be dropped - Juju is a beater. Thousand Faces possibly will be swapped for Fears Given Form or Mimic's Blessing. - Hooded Rider - main beatstick which will benefit a lot from Zoraida's Obey charge. - Baby Kade - cheap beatstick which can easily catch easily enemy off guard. Depression will allow him to get right trigger during his activation. - Waldgeists - durable minions which nicely combine with Baby Kade. First engage opponent thanks to their 4'' engage range and then murder it with Kade - Wisps - everybody knows why they are here. I run Gremraida a bit to quite good extent so i think running this lot should be interesting and doesn't require too much investment (which is very nice). What do you think?
  8. Not necessarily. I guess all masters might already have keywords associated and will be tested with the models with that keyword during beta.
  9. Knowing that most of the crews seen on the table are based on the 'crutch' models rather than what you can find in master's box then you really need quite a lot models to play it at even semi-competitive level at the moment
  10. Which i a boomer as if you want to buy some models now it would be good to know that you'll have a chance to use them with certain master in m3e. It would make perfect sense (from business point of view) for Wyrd to announce Keywords assigned to certasin masters ASAP.
  11. Turner looks good for Poison-oriented Brewie although his 'expunge' action has very short range. Rest is between meh and nothing special.
  12. Selling as whole or large chunks of this set are also possible to be grabbed?
  13. I doubt this. Merc presented real problem in m2e edition (i.e. Burt and McTavish in Nellie's crew) so i guess Wyrd will try to avoid generating similar problems in m3e and will hack mercenary concept from the game.
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