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  1. Ok, this battle report is a bit of a sad one. I ended up going too hard with Shenlong on a new-to-3E player, which then turned into an NPE for both of us. But I'm adding it here to help those that might also find themselves in the same boat in the future. Ten Thunders vs Guild Shenlong vs. Sonja Criid Standard Deployment, Christmas Presents (Story Event #1 of the Mali-Food Tournament) Scheme Pool: Detonate the Charges, Search the Ruins, Hold up Their Forces, Outflank, Vendetta Ten Thunders: Shenlong 2 Aspiring Students 2 Low River Monks Yasunori Sensei Yu Minako Rei Huckster Katashiro Vs. Guild: Sonnia Criid with Lead-Lined Coat Purifying Flame 3 Witchling Stalker 2 Witchling Handler Pathfinder Austringer with Expert Marksman TT wins 6-0 with 2 for strat, 2 for Outflank, 2 for Search the Ruins 55ss game The strategy included three 50mm tree markers that are dense, concealing severe that are surrounded by four 30mm present markers. To score, a team must have as many present markers as the round number at the end of the round. Minions can carry one, enforcers and henchman can carry two and masters can carry three. To pick up, a model must be in base contact and spend 1 AP to interact. Guild player was attacker. He put 5 of 9 on his left all clumped up to the side of a building. Then put two witchling stalkers, a pathfinder and a handler on the right. I set up Shenlong and his Monks just left of center, intent on taking out those four first and having at least 6 present markers to myself. Yasunori was set directly across from the pathfinder. Those dastardly traps were going to die before they were set. Round 1 - Guild won initiative. He activated the Pathfinder and set him forward and set a trap near the leftmost tree. Yasunori flew into position and charged the pathfinder. Swing and a miss. The two stalkers walked twice to set up amongst the presents, while Shenlong was getting pummeled and distracted by his students. More of his models on his left, my right, setup to be in position. The Huckster dropped a scheme and scrap for Minako to summon a Katashiro, then Secret Passage into position with concealment on one side and cover on the left. The katashiro blew on the wind and walked into position to drop a scheme marker beginning of round 2. Minako had repositioned herself near the Huckster and was the most right TT model. Sensei Yu Hurricane punched Shenlong into position. The leftmost handler came forward near the other two Stalkers. A low river monk healed Shenlong up to full. After Guild had activated all their models, Shenlong drunkenly stumbled forward and smacked the Handler twice taking her out, then he bent over and picked up a present. Round 2 - The pathfinder redjokered the Yasunori and the Guild player learned about the Yasunori’s damage reduction. He shot and hit once again for a point of damage. Then set a trap on Yasunori. The Katashiro set a scheme marker for Search the Ruins, and then blew on the wind to set another scheme marker. A witchling Stalker attacked Shenlong doing damage, then Shenlong returned the favor, using fermented river style and taking out both stalkers and cheating the red joker in for damage against the pathfinder. Then picked up another present for the strategy. One of the traps attacked Yasunori, staggering it twice and doing some more damage. The Yasunori took out the trap that had not activated yet with the use of an onslaught trigger, and then killed the other trap as well. At this point the Guild player was a bit shellshocked, having lost 5 of his models in two of my activations. It was a bit brutal and severes were flipping, especially with Shenlong. He targeted Minako and learned about Karmic Fate upgrade. He shrugged and attacked again, and then wanted to back up when his Austringer did 4 damage to Minako. I let him back up, because that is a little daunting when you’ve never seen it before. He then decided to change tactics and complete the achievements for the tournament. At this point, he stopped playing the game to win. It was really confusing as to what I was supposed to do. I basically went into Concentrate multiple times mode on the models that could. He then started attacking me to cheat blindly (one of the achievements). I am still a bit disappointed about this as I didn’t know how to get it back on track and help him learn M3E. He was most upset by losing five models in a single turn, albeit two of them were clockwork traps. The pathfinder and the Handler needed to die, the stalkers could have survived, and next time I should let them be Sensei Yu and the student’s problem. The traps also needed to die. Those things are annoying. I could’ve used Shenlong on those three and then flown Yasunori to the Low River monk for healing. This also got me thinking about the achievement part of a tournament. While they can be fun to complete, it can cause a NPE, as well, for the opposing player, in this case, myself. The Guild player just said he can’t win, so he might as well get most achievements. The achievements probably need to have some of their throwing-of-the-game achievements yanked, like scoring zero points, which would normally be something that would be a consolation prize, like the spoon, but he was purposefully tanking. I was confused and disheartened.
  2. So do you use Loco with her? I have a real trouble fitting him in. Especially after the new upgrades. Often i notice that Sonnia's damage is not that high as expected. 2 cards are often ditched for the 0 action. 4 cards left, 1-2 of them are severes. To get a damage flip without a "-" you still need to target a really low defence model or use an old good focus. Focused strike may be worth it if they are close together, but it is often not the case. But taking Loco will probably require a dedicated trasport (Judge, Granny, Emissary) and will force an elite crew to be even more starved for activations. So, lets imagine: Sonnia with 3 upgrades and 5-6 stones. Dont need a totem with the new upgrade - you can summon it. Franc (wade in, hermanos), 8-10 slot (Judge, Queeg, Emissary?) 4 Brutal Effigy 7 SS for Loco So we have 10-16 SS left if Loco is present. Thats not much. + Sweet + to damage flips upping the danger level of Sonnia to a whole new level. - So hard to manage, slow, dangerous to your own crew and 7 stones to boot.
  3. So, the word was spread that a certain man had a certain information about a certain arcanists' affairs. Knowing that witch hunters would most certainly invite him to a conversation over a cup of coffee, the informant fled went to visit a Bayou swamp, famous for it's beautiful landscape. He didn't like coffee. Eager to ask about his granny's health, Sonnia Criid gathered the best possible searching party, which consisted of 2 Witchling Stalkers; a Watcher, used as scout; a Judge, because why not; Very brutal Emissary and Effigy (don't ask how this is possible); and Papa Loco as a mastermind of this operation. The most notable part of this hunt preparation for friendly chat happened when an informant ran into Ophelia gang,who were peacefully testing their brand new Pigapult. Francois Sammy Pere Ravage 3 Young Lacroix Pigapult 5 Stuffed piglets The crew of the Pigapult were a bit suprised seeing Sonnia . This resulted in a small mistake and instead of the pigs Ophelia with company was launched into the air . The brawl started. Both crews managed to take down oposing leaders, Ophelia was killed by a powerful fire magic. Wounded Sonnia, who suffered from Ophelia's bullets, managed to catch a flying dynamite pig and lose consciousness. Both crews killed each other succers (though Guild suspected some dirty trick when Pere was launched in the middle of their ranks). The informant was left untouched for some time as everyone who tried to come near was burned to death either by fire magic or by pig explosion. But Guild gets what it needs. At the end few were left standing. Judge with 1 wound left, Papa Loco with 3 wounds and Brutal Effigy were standing near informant looking at 2 Young Lacroix. (They were not looking at Pigapult and a stuffed piglet because it was hidden behind a losblocking terrain). Smart Papa Loco managed to convince the Judge that Lacroix were insulting him in particular and all Guild Marshalls in general. The sight of naked goblin ass helped a lot with it. So the Judge went berserk and ran into two remaining Lacroix. The pigapult crew tried hard to help their buddies and launched a pig into the Judge. It would be incorrect to tell, that they missed. The just didn't hit the Judge. So 1 Lacroix was gone, but sadly the Judge was killed from the explosion. Cunning Papa Loco thought that he will return home in one piece but the last Stuffed piglet managed to detonate his dynamite. The explosion was loud. There were many pieces. So at he end only Effigy and last Lacroix were left standing. As a farewell, Effigy shot at his eye. A brown eye. He missed, sadly. So this is the story how Guild got informant back and the Bayou swamp got a new boss. A boss, they deserve (see picture). PS. 7-6 Guild victory. PPS. Sorry for quality of the photo. Had to use a shoe to make it.
  4. Last weekend I went to the ITC with Team Lollipop, aka the finnish team and me - a random swede who had been invited to fill out the team. The amazingly friendly fins had been informed that my moderate success at swedish tournaments coupled with the fact that I hadn’t played too much the last six months meant that I wouldn’t be really improving their odds of a win but decided that my personality would do, for which I am very grateful. I didn’t really prepare properly from my hiatus by building crews before the tournament since I had a really stressful couple of weeks leading up to it. I mostly just threw in the models I figured I would use and got on the plane. I also didn't use the time during matchup to build my crew sinceour team tried to create favourable matchups of masters so I wasn't always sure which of two tables I would be playing. This left me sort of stressed during setup when most of my opponents seemed to know what they were going to play before coming to the table. Just deciding and building to the table and strat would probably have worked better. I had also accepted to take Sonnia into any interference games despite really sucking at interference, I should really have made myself a comfortable crew for that well in advance. My team did ok in my eyes, finishing 11th out of 18 teams. You'll see how I contributed below! Game 1 was Extraction (Standard), Claim Jump, Dig their graves, Leave your mark, Hunting party, Search the ruins. I played against Viktor from Northern Moose cavalry. I brought McCabe with Queeg, Francisco, a hunter, a guardian, Luna and the brutal effigy. I had all of McCabes 2ss upgrades and promises on Queeg. Viktor brought Marcus with a rogue necro, Myranda, Cassandra, a waldgeist, wind gamin, raptor and possibly something else. Queeg died turn one, I killed the rogue necro turn two and then most of my stuff died over a few turns while he scored points from the strat, hunting party and leave your mark. I managed to get a few strat points but failed miserably at everything else (leave your mark and dig their graves) so I ended up loosing 3 - 9. Luna was supposed to put markers for leave your mark but got tied up by a wind gamin and I really didn’t have the models to drop markers before the few kills that I did which made dig a pretty bad scheme for me. In retrospect I should probably have kept less minions around and gone for an even killier crew to score hunting party instead. This crew sort of felt like what I used to bring with Lucius last year when I looked back at it. I messed up my activations since it had been a while since playing McCabe so I managed to leave his waldgeist at one wound and have Myranda heal it right back up among other dumb choices. Over all I had a very enjoyable game despite me messing up and loosing 9 - 3. Game 2 was against Conor playing for Abnormalifaux. Turf War (Flank), Claim Jump, Frame for Murder, Dig their graves, Mark for death, Show of force. I had McCabe again and he had Collodi. The board was really open and had some rough terrain in the middle so shooty crews would probably have done well. None of us went with that. My opponent had mostly cheap minions in the form of marionettes, a doppleganger, brutal and whichever effigy lets you push and three(!) stitched. I had Johana and Francisco, a death marshal, Luna, a couple of hounds and double wastrels. Instead of doing something sensible I figured that charging McCabe at a stitched turn one would be a solid move. Collodi pushed around all over the place and scored by digging graves for Luna and her canine companions. I actually facilitated this by charging him near scheme markers like an idiot instead of running away with my hounds. Johana’s only contribution was taking the last wound off an emissary that had been hurt pretty bad and marked for death by my death marshal (who else to mark stuff for death?!). I’m pretty sure he had frame on the doppelganger and that I stupidly gave him three points with McCabe, could have been something else too, Francisco did kill a few things. I also had show of force which I scored without much resistance since he only had one upgrade on the doppleganger. My idiot dash with McCabe payed off decently and I killed a lot of his stuff but couldn’t lock Collodi down. It came at the cost of needing to walk Johanna instead of killing stuff with her turn one but at the same time it kept my upgrades safe since I couldn’t be aggressive with her or Francisco which probably saved them from the stitched. My wastrels managed to get killed, I think one of them took out a stitched on two wounds. At the beginning of turn 5 Collodi was on three wounds and engaged with McCabe so a single weak hit would have killed him. My opponent naturally won initiative and Collodi killed so many models that I couldn’t score the last strategy point which cost me the game. Since I had the advantage of deploying second I could probably have been a lot smarter with my hounds to not give away such easy points on dig. If I had forced Collodi within the threat range of both Johana and Francisco to get kills I might have had a decent shot at neutering it. Final score 10 - 9 to Conor. Game 3 was Interference (Close), Claim Jump, Eliminate the Leadership, Frame for Murder, Leave your mark, Covert Breakthrough against Ross of the Pariahs of card. He had Seamus and I had Sonnia on a cramped city board. The center line had some ht 2 terrain dead center, two passageways and then some buildings before clearing up at the board edges. I used a malifaux child, Francisco, two stalkers with a handler, the effigy and a watcher. Seamus had bag of tools, his emissary, Yin, a couple of belles, Big Jake, the carrion effigy and another minion that I forget what it was. I had Sonnia and Francisco dead center. My right flank was the witch hunters against Big Jake hiding in a corner and a belle more aggresively placed. My left flank had my watcher and effigy unopposed. The rest of Ross’ crew was placed fairly centrally. Turn one started with me blocking off his closest approach. Well, so I thought, forgot that Yin can ignore everything when walking so my first big mistake was placing the markers close to her so she could clear them in a single walk. He responded by blocking off the other central-ish approach with shard markers from his emissary and then walking backwards to avoid Sonnia targeting it. Franciwsco pulled Sonnia up so she could target the emissary and she put some damage on it but failed to blast. Seamus popped right next to Sonnia and started smacking her with his bag of tools. Francisco was lured by the central nurse and was paralyzed by Yin who cleared my flame wall without any effort. I actually forgot to activate my watcher turn one which may have cost me the game the way it played out. The start of turn two saw Seamus ending Sonnia with a lucky red joker so not looking great. Francisco had paralyzed cleared by a stalker and used enfrentate a mi to get away from Yin and lucked out by oneshotting a belle with the red joker. The stalker and handler killed his emissary and belle which scored him two frame points for the emissary. My watcher and effigy apent the rest of the game running from Yin and dropping markers. The child tried to keep Yin engaged so she couldn’t tie them up but unsurprisingly failed the task. The stalker and handler actually managed to kill off Seamus when he came to deal with them but instead of dropping a scheme marker to secure me the win I used the stalker’s last activation turn 5 to shoot at Big Jake which had no prospect of giving me any VP. This intensely stupid rookie move cost me the game since I didn’t get my last point from leave your mark. The game ended in a 6 - 6 draw. Game 4 was another round of interference, this time against Panzer Harris from Squigs. The pool was Interference (Standard), Claim Jump, Leave your mark, Dig Their Graves, Mark of Death, Tail ’em. He put forward Marcus against my Sonnia. My opponent had Marcus, Myranda, Angelica with PP, double raptors, a night terror and two sabertooth cerberii and the jackalope. The board was relatively open but had a few huge rock formations in the center and some vantage point walkways in the potential deployment zones. Also a forest to either side. I deployed first (lost the flip) and Sonnia started on the ht 3 walkway where I thought she would be safe from attack. I had Francisco in front but below it, two stalkers and handler off to one flank and several small, useless models in a clump near Sonnia. The useless bunch included the brutal effigy, malifaux child, a watcher and a reporter. By the end of turn one I had three cerberii and Marcus uncomfortably close to me, all of them behind cover to completely break LoS. The flame walls my child had put up was useless since his entire crew had leap. I also had a rock formation in one corner of my deployment that was perfect for hiding a raptor behind. In retrospect I should really have left something there to guard that spot. Sonnia put a few points of damage on Marcus and the summoned cerberus which was close to him since I walked my watcher up to gain LoS. After that all hell broke loose with the huge cats leaping in and killing my stuff. I sent my witchlings to mark one cat on their flank but that gave my opponent easy dig points since Angelica put a marker there before the cat one-shotted a stalker and took points for dig. I eventually killed that Cerberus with my handler on turn 4 but not after it killed my other witchling. My center had nothing killy except for Sonnia and Francisco, the former was engaged until her death on turn three or four and the latter died first thing turn two from a fast cerberus. Sonnia managed to mark and kill a cerberus before dying which was some small comfort. What got her? A cerberus of course! Angelica spent the game in her deployment using PP to score leave your mark while the night terror gave Panzer his second quarter. I messed up my positioning so I had really big trouble scoring any strat points even before my whole crew was eaten. I stupidly forgot to mark Marcus with tail ‘em until the fourth round. By that time I had three models alive near him so they got eaten during the round and Marcus broke LoS to my only remaining model - the handler. In retrospect I should have blocked off the walkway where Sonnia was standing with a flame wall to block him from placing raptors or Cerberii there and stop her shooting. This game would have been more interesting for me if she had been untouchable there. An austringer should also have been my first choice considering the insanely high likelyhood of an arcanist going for leave your mark with practiced raptors in that pool. The game ended 10-2 since I managed to kill two marked cats. Despite the crushing defeat I had a really fun game, I don’t see that many cats at the same time. Game 5 was Collect the bounty against Jake from Drunk history. The exact setup was Collect the Bounty (Close), Claim Jump, Leave your mark, Frame for Murder, Undercover Entourage, Show of Force I figured that McCabe had served me well against Collodi last game so I went with him again. My opponent had a trapper hanging out with a couple of changelings and a doppelganger in one corner behind terrain. Collodi, Lilitu an effigy and a couple of stitched hung out more centrally. I rushed along but hid McCabe on my left flank where my opponent didn’t have any models. My slow rubbish crew was easily dismembered by Collodi and his friends. Turn two I lost both my enforcers and four minions and didn’t kill a single model. I had frame on my executioner which scored me two points. The game continued with him scoring for the strat until my only model was the trapper hiding in my deployment zone. High points included having my own warden flip a moderate hit against an activated Johana to take 6 hp away from her with the glowing saber when I reactivated it turn 1 and Collodi had made it slow and put on the condition to take it’s first ap. Think end of turn two McCabe and Luna locked Collodi down against a building and I figured I could put it down and salvage a turn on the strat turn three. That might also let me score leave your mark uninterrupted since most of Jakes crew was on the other side of his deployment. I had completely forgotten that he had a doppelganger to cheat the initiative so that went south really quickly when Collodi went first and killed Luna so it was once again invincible due to pushes. At that point I had mentally given up since I had McCabe dehorsed and a trapper as my only models and was down in points with no real prospect of getting back. I reactivated McCabe to put a marker down far off to his weak flank but Lilitu walked over to block it. I then hid my trapper behind a building and offered to just fast forward to the game’s end. Jake revealed that he would be doing entourage on Collodi which I had no possible way to stop. Final score 5-2 in Jake’s favour since he couldn’t reach my trapper to score more bounty points. I can’t remember what his other scheme was but I’m guessing frame since he didn’t score it. Jake was a great opponent but funnily enough this game felt the most one-sided since I got killed so quickly. After loosing over half my models turn 2 and not killing a single thing in return I had trouble keeping my cheer, apoligies to Jake if I seemed gloomy after that. Playing guild I should probably have identified that this was a really shooty scenario and picked a crew accordingly. Sidir and some other shooty henchman could probably have scored me show of force while also putting some real pressure on his crew and I should probably have gone for a second trapper. McCabe in collect the bounty is also completely rubbish since he gives out 4 points for being reduced to 0 wounds twice, I hadn’t realized that although Jake was very friendly in pointing this out before we got started. In retrospect I should have picked dear old Lucius and played just as tanky to possibly jump forward last turn and do entourage like he did. Would have been a lot more interesting as a game I think. All in all I put forward some sloppily designed crews severely lacking any credible threats to my opponent which let them run a little too wild (quite literally in the case of Marcus). I also failed to use my models to the best task a few times. On the bright side the aggressive nature of the games meant I had over half an hour to spare each round so I got to chat a little with my opponents as well as watch the end of some other intense games at the event. Every opponent was also a real treat to face so I had a very good time even though I was loosing big three of my five games. I would have liked to put up a little more of a fight but that’s what you get when you don’t prepare properly. I hope my opponents found me as nice an opponent as I found them. I think I kept myself in a good mood to the bitter end in all my games except the last one against Jake where I mentally gave up too soon. For me that felt like an achievement in itself since I can be a sore loser at times. Hope you enjoyed!
  5. STAPLES Wherein four freshly-painted models find their way into my army bag. Pic at CMON. Dr. Grimwell woke with the word "staples" on his lips, carried on a spatter of froth. He never remembered his dreams, much to his professional disappointment, but whatever was on his mind must have been exciting. The possibilities made him smile. With some effort, he hauled his head up from where it rested on his chest. He rolled it from one shoulder to the other to work out the kinks. On the recommendation of the great Dr. Smedley himself, Grimwell slept sitting up. This would "allow the brain its natural descent", according to that revered pioneer of their field, and would "resist compression humors". It did guarantee a certain amount of neck trauma, but Grimwell was a pragmatic man: he'd take a hundred uncomfortable mornings over the risk of an undescended brain. This most sensible precaution also made him smile. Of course, almost everything did. Grimwell's smile hardly ever left his face. He smiled down at his sleeping chair, a sturdy wooden one whose straps and electrodes had been removed by a conscientious orderly. His room's scarred walls and ceiling only broadened his grin. The jumble of mysterious patterns -- carved, burned, and bled there by a forgotten settler of Malifaux -- could have been designed to engage a man of the mind with their ever-changing meaning. Today, they depicted the close friendship between Man and several other men; tomorrow, it could be fish. He could not guess. The insights delivered every morning lit up his face and reflected joy straight back at him. To one trained in the science of the brain, mysterious patterns were as good as a mirror. He wasn't sure about the dog. Dogs made almost everyone smile, he knew, but this one made him feel uneasy. It had been dead for two weeks and he wasn't sure what to do about it. Grimwell was a highly educated man and understood a great deal about the world, but he didn't necessarily know how to remove half a dead dog from beneath a desk. "Muh," he called to the dog. It didn't respond, but that was no surprise; he could never speak properly first thing in the morning. He shoved himself to his feet, bent over, and coughed to dislodge the night-phlegm. Wincing, he pressed a finger under the edge of his neuropathoculus, on the right side where the mooring bolt had only glanced bone and the splinters had never quite healed. The bug-eyed brass mask was flush against the skin everywhere else, but just above his cheek, his face tended to collect sores. "Margaret," he said with more fluency. "Margaret! Here, boy!" Nothing. The diagnostic insights provided by his prosthesis indicated neither transformation of character, nor revelation of unconscious mental processes. The dog simply lay there and exposed its ribs at him. He'd have to try again tomorrow. Grimwell shuffled to the hatstand next to the desk, waved away the cloud of flies, and plucked his long white coat from the hook. He might habitually sleep in his clothes ("prevents infestation by pixies of the flesh") but the coat was brushed and hung up every night. It was the symbol of his noble profession, and he'd afford it the proper respect. If he didn't, of course, it would complain. The doctor shook his head fondly. Coats. Huh. He shrugged the garment over his shoulders. Its reassuring weight -- pockets full of wisdom, experience, and a 9-kilogram psychoanalytical chainsaw -- made him smile. Dr. Grimwell unbolted the door and ventured into the corridor of the asylum to find some breakfast. *** "Good morning, Doctor," chirped Nurse Heartsbane, beaming over the serrated rim of her tea cup. "Nurse," he muttered, grinning at the floor. He said the word as if he were reading out an abbreviation, Nrs. As the only woman of his acquaintance, Heartsbane terrified and excited him in equal measure. He met the occasional patient of the female persuasion, but after a short stay in the asylum it was debatable whether they were even human. The Mistress was abundantly female, of course, though it was the femininity of certain cannibalistic arachnids and so one was compelled not to notice. That left Emily Heartsbane: mother figure and sex goddess, in hairy woolen stockings and sensible shoes. She was as feminine as you got at the asylum. He shambled through the doorway and pulled his usual chair out from the table. The staff lounge was furnished with just one shabby table, rather cozy for the five people sitting around it. This was more than offset by two hundred chairs, scavenged by some single-minded obsessive and piled into a tangled hedge around the edge of the room. While elbows might collide in the act of buttering toast, the staff were spoiled for choice when it came to resting their backsides. Grimwell's favorite chair was the one he slept in, but the runner-up was upholstered in black leather and farted like a bloated corpse as it took his weight. Even warmed up, the doctor's voice crawled through gravel. "What've we got today, team?" The chair provided the punctuation. "Ain't any jam left," said a cadaverous orderly around a mouthful of breakfast. He plucked another piece of toast from the stack with thin fingers. "I'll take a walk later on and see what I can scrounge." Grimwell, not entirely engaged in the conversation he'd started, rocked on his buttocks and delighted in the sound. The chair was pure bliss. The orderly continued, crumbs rolling from his mouth down his elderly red smock. "Alternatively, you know, hospital intake's been down lately ..." Nurse Heartsbane paused in mid-pour, a little steam puffing from her cup. Her grey eyes flared. "Manners, Mr. Hutchkiss," she said with the imperious tone she only used with staff. "Dr. Grimwell should not be subject to such crudeness. Please swallow before addressing the table." The doctor's chair farted his appreciation. Hutchkiss raised a hand to his lips and complied. "Beg pardon," he said, eventually. "I've been thinking about our revenue stream, and how we ain't got one. I was reminded of that old tinker round Cacomycotas Street, wossname, something Papadakis. The codger wot's just retired from the steamfitters with all that dosh -- more, you might say, than a bloke diagnosed with a bad case of the batshit might need." He nodded toward his colleague. "Me and Hogg could fix it up." The most generous contributor of elbows at the table, at least by volume, looked up at the sound of his name. The cart horse of a man had been painting a slice of toast with butter and an excessive attention to detail. This morning ritual could take twenty minutes, but eradicating the texture of lean bread was worth it to Mr. Hogg. "It," he said, supportively, and returned to his task. "Grieving brothers shown up just in time," said Hutchkiss. "Concerned for the psychological well-being of their beloved relative, wanting only the best for him and his shiny, shiny estate." He tapped the surgical mask hanging loosely around his neck. "They ain't seen our faces in that street, far as I recall. And you know we could use the scrip. The last time I remember the Guild dropping off a wages packet was when old Dr. Gibbs was still in charge." He waved in the direction of the wards. "You know, if you want Hogg and me to drag Gibbs out of his cell to ask him his secret, just say the word." Grimwell, gnawing a tube of breakfast gristle with every sign of enjoyment, considered the word and saw that it was good. "Jam," he rumbled. "Mmm. Jam. Can't run a madhouse without it. Gives you something to wash the knives in!" He slapped a hand on the table. At Nurse Heartsbane's frown of disapproval, he winced and withdrew the hand. Hogg turned his toast and started buttering the other side. "In," he said. "Well, I concur with Dr. Grimwell," said Heartsbane, forgiving the doctor his outburst with a lipstick-toothed grin that made him feel dizzy. "If I might elaborate on his behalf, the stratagem you suggest, Mr. Hutchkiss, is not without substantial risk. It is an unfortunate truth that keeping our department in funds has not been a Guild priority for some time. Still, caution must be our watchword when making up the shortfall. 'Retired steamfitter' has a lucrative ring to it, but also suggests ties to Arcanist criminals. We should allow that this Mr. Papadakis may be a person of interest to our colleagues in the Yellow Chamber, and take care to avoid the risk of immolation from on high should we track mud through their needful business." "Er," said the doctor. "I'll keep me ear to the street, then," said Hutchkiss. "Good thinking." Nurse shook her head. "Thank you, Mr. Hutchkiss, but don't trouble yourself. There are ways of asking without telling. I will call upon my contact at the Office of Records. Perhaps we may revisit the issue in a day or two." "Er," repeated the doctor. Something was on his mind. Hutchkiss flapped a napkin at his lips. "Works for me," he said. "For," agreed Hogg. With some urgency, Grimwell stabbed a finger across the table. "Er. I'm loath to point out the obvious," he said, a trace of the Princeton academic emerging through his usual aspect of a distracted hyena, "but that is a patient." Heartsbane, Hutchkiss and Hogg regarded the fifth presence at the table. A silent man, his jaw firm but his eyes vacant, he wore yellowish inmate's pajamas. His scalp was shaved and scabbed. He sat squashed between Hutchkiss's armchair and Hogg's broad shoulders like the mortar between two bricks. "Him?" said Hutchkiss. "Didn't get his name. He's got his marbles but was piss-drunk and celebrating his new job with the aforementioned fitters-du-steam when the night shift brought him in. Nothing special, just a hired gun," he added, with a nod to Heartsbane. "Might be interesting to find out what the socialist underbelly hired him for though, yeah?" The doctor grimaced through his smile. The visible half of his face was an unexpectedly versatile organ. "But why," he asked, "is he having breakfast with us?" Nurse Heartsbane emitted a delicate harrumph and cast just a note of glare toward Mr. Hogg. "Whoops. Reminds me," said Hutchkiss. He dropped his toast and sucked the fat off his fingers. A shiny steel syringe lay next to his breakfast plate, a bead of yellowish fluid just dripped from the tip to enhance the table's variously stained appearance. The orderly took up the syringe and jabbed the listless patient in the neck. "Do you remember," he said, carefully applying pressure to the plunger, "that load of super secret truth serum wot fell off a cart on the way out of the Enclave? Turns out the secret part was that it's a bad batch, basically poison. They were sending it to those creeps at the Morgue to use as embalming fluid, on account of it'll transmute a stiff's organs to rubber while you wait." "Hah! Plug 'em up and they won't do it again!" barked the asylum's sole PhD. Something squeaked behind the patient's lips. "Probably. Me and the lads figured it out last night. The upshot is, we've got ourselves a spanking toy pigeon at a savings. On the other hand, the eternal question, 'so you're a bird; what's that like?' will remain unanswered. Bit of a blow." "To the point, please, Mr. Hutchkiss." "Sorry, Nurse. Anyway, helpful Mr. Hogg here didn't get the memo, on account of he can't read and I forgot to tell him, so now I have to dose this bloke with the counteragent every couple minutes or his brain starts to bounce." "Dreadful, said Heartsbane. "In future, may I suggest--" A long, even buzz interrupted her. Everyone but the patient, whose nervous system was preoccupied with the struggle for existence, glanced reflexively toward a brass mechanism set high in the wall. "I'll see who it is," said Hutchkiss, rising. He pointed to the syringe on his way out. "Hogg, count to ten twelve times, then hit him again. Remember the trick I taught you with the fingers." Hogg picked up the syringe and held it gingerly between forefinger and thumb. He looked at it, then his toast, then to the sound of footsteps receding up a staircase. "Taught?" All sat quietly for a long moment. The nurse gazed serenely into her empty tea cup. Grimwell watched Hogg staring intently at his own fingers, wondering, as did Hogg, what was supposed to happen next. Eventually Heartsbane cleared her throat and spoke. "Doctor Grimwell, there was something I wished to discuss with you." The parchment voice and tannin breath sent tingles down Grimwell's spine. His neuropathoculus was never so helpful as he'd like when it came to dealing with Heartsbane. It would analyze her words, tone of voice, body language, context, and saved data, and invariably conclude she held her mother responsible for the precise configuration of her genitalia. That was no doubt true, but it was rarely useful in conversation. "Reprimand or intercourse, I accept your terms!" He instantly realized his blunder and was quick to recover. "You're hysterical," he said. Much better. Heartsbane, whose expertise included managing violent patients and putting up with Dr. Grimwell, inclined her head. "Of course, Doctor. Doctor, I understand your regular meeting with the Mistress is upcoming." "Criid," Grimwell barked, pulled back to the vicinity of reality. "Mmm. Yes. Day after tomorrow." The corners of his mouth drooped slightly. Of the things that made him smile, his responsibility to make personal appearances in the magus's lair almost didn't qualify. While she did not seem to care how perfunctory his official reports were, even a minute in the Mistress's presence made him profoundly uncomfortable. Nurse Heartsbane's depths were like dew on cobblestone compared to the bottomless fire roaring behind Sonnia Criid's eyes. Her eye-holes, anyway. The fact that she also wore a mask all the time somehow failed to endear her to him. The nurse continued. "When you do, Doctor, I hope to encourage you to suggest a more active role for our, ah, little 'crew.'" The skin around her eyes crinkled with amusement at the word. "I know you share my pride in the excellent service we provide to the citizens of Malifaux." She gestured at the patient, whose innards had not been nearly so elastic before he was admitted into their care. "But I believe such excellence should always aspire to greater responsibilities. We have the potential to become the Mistress's right hand, to realize her mission more effectively than any of the tools she has now at her disposal." She frowned at something distasteful in the middle distance. "Witchlings, Doctor. Witchlings! Those wretched things are her troops in the struggle against criminals of the mind and of magic? Surely she deserves better than such vermin. We are more than capable to help root out the enemies of our city, to extract their vile plans, and perhaps even destroy them where they stand." She gestured to the patient once more, this time with a marked lack of magnanimity. "The battle our Mistress wages is an important one, Doctor. It matters. We of the Institute should be at the forefront of that battle." Heartsbane tapped the gilded edge of her cup, as ragged as the saw blade under the doctor's coat. "Besides, it would be nice to be paid once in awhile." Grimwell studied the nurse while she gazed firmly into a ruby reflection of herself. Tiny gears labored behind the lenses of the neuropathoculus. The device reported nothing novel -- "profoundly debilitating feelings of inferiority; recommend prefrontal intervention" -- but to the rhythm of the gears' labored cranking, Grimwell thrilled with an unaccustomed sense of ambition. "Interesting," he said. "More jam for everyone, then. She'll melt all the faces. Margaret remains unresponsive." A dull thunk sounded across the table. "Thank you, Doctor. Mr. Hogg," she added, finally turning to the orderly and tapping a finger on her own neck. "The carotid, please. That gauge of needle will not penetrate the skull." "Gauge," said the orderly, grateful for the correction. Hutchkiss's footsteps began to clatter back down the stairs. Heartsbane tested the weight of the cracked teapot, then poured herself a last lukewarm cup. Hogg took aim for a second attempt. Grimwell smiled. The patient, for his part, jolted in his chair as most of his thoracic cavity went 'boing'. "I'm your man," he cried. His voice was the squeak of a man with rubber lungs. "Best gun in Malifaux. I'll keep him alive. Your tinker will be safe. Papadakis. Arcanist." Nurse Heartsbane gasped at the word. She and Grimwell rose from their chairs. "I know the place," the man hissed. "Guarded hundreds of folks on the road to Ridley. Like a shepherd. The old sheep will be safe." The animation drained from his face with the dregs of his life, a drowning man letting the water take him. As he faded, one hand fumbled slowly up his pajama top, fingers dragging at the coarse fabric on the way to his bare throat. When he was admitted, he'd worn a necklace there, made from string and a twist of leather around a tiny chunk of soulstone. Now it was in the top drawer of Hutchkiss's bureau. "Take this," he said. His voice was high and thin. "Take this to ... my ... ssss ..." Hogg caught him before he collapsed onto the table and upset the remains of breakfast. With a grunt, the orderly heaved the carcass out of its chair and laid it on the floor. Grimwell and Heartsbane shuffled around for a better look. Hutchkiss burst into the room. "He's dead?" he demanded, wheezing. His hair was wild, as if he'd been tearing at it all the way downstairs. "What did he say just before he died? He said something, right? Just now?" Hogg looked up from the body and shrugged. "Sheep." "That's all? Sheep?" squeaked Hutchkiss. "Look, there's a bloody handler at the front door -- a witching handler! Sent by the Mistress! -- who says she's here to 'collect the intelligence just extracted from the prisoner.' That's as creepy as anything that happens on this side of the Breach, but if I have to go upstairs and tell her she came all this way for 'sheep', the creepy part will be what happens to me five seconds later." The orderly's expression turned to outrage at the sound of gentle laughter. "Oh, I do apologize," said Heartsbane, covering her mouth. It took but a moment to collect herself. "Mr. Hutchkiss, the Arcanists have hired mercenaries to escort your retired steamfitter to Ridley. Our friend did not say when. He did not say why. Even so, I believe a valuable piece of information has fallen into our hands." She beamed at Grimwell. "Very valuable indeed." Grimwell stood tall. Princeton surged back into his voice and he addressed the room as if every one of the salvaged chairs was occupied. "Well done, team! I'll go with the handler and deliver the message to Criid personally. The time has come for Smedley's Institute for the Irreversibly Abstruse to take a proactive role in our Mistress's very important work. I will insist upon it." The nurse's crooked grin and tea-stained teeth were like sunlight on Dr. Grimwell's already rather sunny soul. He could see everything in that light. Primarily, of course, he could read the neuropathoculus's diagnosis that she was about to deliver him a vicious bite, but decided to disregard it. He could see that her mouth was a warm red incision. A fresh one, opening a patient's head to the secrets and the darkness inside. At the same time, her teeth were staples, bleached silver in the soft focus of his imagination, clutching skin, dragging it together, ready to heal and become perfect and new. "Staples," he whispered. Suddenly, he remembered. Goodness. It certainly had been an exciting dream. He was pleased to have narrowed it down, but to be fair, all his other dreams were probably about sex too. Dr. Grimwell returned Nurse Heartsbane's wonderful, terrifying smile, and went out to meet the handler.
  6. Hey guys, new year (almost) so time for a clear out, It's mostly Guild but there's a few other odds and sods too. Postage on top. Most is built and primed (painted stuff listed in a separate list below): McCabe crew minus one Wastrel (Sidir primed white) - £18 Hoffman crew with extra Watcher, Metal Gamin and Peacekeeper (all sprayed in metal apart from Hoff who is black) - SOLD Guild half of Starter Set (unprimed) - SOLD Executioner (primed white) - SOLD Abeula (unprimed) - SOLD Riflemen (two built, one brand new on sprue, all unprimed) - £4 each Painted stuff: Executioner - SOLD Sonnia Crew - £40 Miss Terious - SOLD Perdita Kiss - £40 Santana - SOLD Pathfinder - SOLD I also have: Mr Graves - SOLD Metal Von Schill - £5 Ronin - SOLD Nightmare Metal Teddy - SOLD
  7. Got my second game in with Sonnia Criid and have to say the Emissary definitely made her infinitely more useful for me. I manage to get burning on my opponent's Mysterious Emissary and Candy. This allowed for a lot of blasting going around at Ca9 with my opponent unable to see her. My opponent and I agreed that even though the Emissary is an Enforcer he is definitely a lot better to take than Hopkins.
  8. "And then—ha ha—right over the bar. He just sat there covered in gin and broken glass and the chorus girls just. kept. dancing. More wine?" "It is good this year. You can smell the sun from California." "You must be a real hit with the ladies. Fancy hat. Fancy suit. Wine." "Niño prefers it." "That why he's in the dress?" "..." "I'm not judging. He's not either, I think Sonnia distracted him." "Como sabias—" "Even your footsteps aren't that light. In dancing shoes? Couldn't be you. More wine?" "..." "..." "... Gracias." "..." "Santiago tried to teach me, but I always lead." "Tell. me. about it. Niño sounds good." "He's prettier than all of us. I think Dashel is smitten." "I can hear him blushing from here. It's cute, in a florid, chunky short of way." "Hello. Hey. Have you been talking to Dashel? I need another request form for guardsmen." "Can't your handlers handle it? He sheems busy." "I've been tracking a new lead. Everything's gone to hell since that bookseller visited. Sam got me extra funding for a new Brownie and we can enter photo evidence now. Look." "Jesús!" "Sharper picture than even the papers!" "I'm lucky I'm blind, aren't I?" "Excuse me. I believe my brothers need my attention." "..." "I think if we focus on the northeast wing of the Quarantine Zone—thank you; it's delicious—we can sweep it within the week. With extra guardsmen on patrol—" "Shonnia?" "Yes?" "You are a good Guildsman. You. Are a good person. But Shonnia?" "Yes?" "Shonnia?" "What?" "You need to relax."
  9. From the album: Sonnia Criid crew, midnight theme

    Sonnia Criid in midnight theme
  10. From the album: Sonnia Criid crew, midnight theme

    This is my Sonnia criid crew in midnight theme
  11. From the album: NPC Chris Guild

    This is the final shot of my first ever complete Malifaux crew! Let me know what you think!
  12. From the album: NPC Chris Guild

    Post Gencon, back to painting!
  13. Hi all This is my first post on the forums, and i'm (as the title suggests) quite new to malifaux. I purchased two crews for The Guild faction, Lady J and her Death Marshals and Criid and her Witchling Stalkers (purely based on looks, i mean, cowboy Ghost Riders? who could pass them up!). I go into the game with my older brother, who bought various crews for various factions (Lilith, Mei-Feng, Rasputina and soon to be getting Freikorps). I've played roughly 6 games, a few with him, and a few at my games club that roped me into the game. I've got most of the rules down, and can play full games with little reference to the rulebook, but im having extreme difficulty actually doing well. In fact, i've not won a game yet XD. Partly due to luck, (i've pulled red joker once out of my 6-7 games, and had some awful hands at really important times ) but mostly due to the same thing every game; other crews seem to be able to do some crazy trick im just unable to counter that wins them the game. I got quite frustrated playing against a more experienced player using guild lawyers who held my entire crew up almost all game whilst Lucius sat claiming objectives (Lady J couldnt kill a 4 wound model) . I've also had a problem with Lady J been torn apart by EVERY single thing she has EVER engaged (she hasnt killed a single model yet). Quite frustrated with these dirty tricks, i've come to see my crews as no-where near as good as these tricky crews, as i just cant play them effectively enough to counter them, even when i know what they are doing sometimes. I really just need some help with general tactics and nasty combos to get me started with the crews i have, as playing is fun, but when im annihilated every game by pretty huge margins, its kinda frustrating. Everyone seems to say that The Guild are Jack of all trades, but i'm not really seeing that as a strength when i'm going up against these crews that can always seem to out trick me. If i try to out-shoot, they just move faster than me and close the gap. If i try and melee, i always fluff draws and fail to kill people (Case number 1: Lady J) Some general help would be nice, from anyone more experinced and/or tactically minded, as im signed up for a friendly malifaux tournament set up by the local henchman at my club, and if im gonna do this bad in it, i might as well take my own wooden spoon . Quite a lengthy post, but thanks in advance to anyone who can be bothered to read i and can help me XD Jordan
  14. I'm setting up for a Through the Breach campaign with some of my friends. I was reading through both the Fated and Fatemaster's Almanacs to get a grasp on the game. i was reading up on the Witch Hunters and I got confused by some statements that seemed to contradict one another. "Once led by the famed Witch Hunter Sonnia Criid, the fearsome Ms. Criid has since disappeared, leaving veteran Witch Hunter Samael Hopkins in charge of the Task Force. " Fated Almanac pg 52 (my preview counts the cover page as page1 so technically 51) "I would like to take this opportunity to note two notable missing members. Sonnia Criid and Samuel Hopkins. These two are the most prominent members of the Witch Hunters, the Guild’s own personal inquisition against sorcerers. Fatemaster's Almanac pg 77 maybe Im just over thinking it, but my concern is it says that Sonnia Criid is missing and Samael is in charge whereas in the latter quote, it says they are both missing. Am I missing something from her backstory? I'm not too familiar with it.
  15. Hello, I recently played a game with Sonnia Criid vs Nicodem, and the game brought up a few questions. While i believe we ruled correctly in both cases, i just want to check. Sonnia's upgrade for reference: Violation of Magic: When an enemy model with the Burning condition within 10'(aura) of Sonnia is reduced to 0 wounds, Sonnia may spend a soulstone or discard two cards to summon a Witchling Stalker into base contact with the model before it is removed. Scenario one - A model with the burning condition is reduced to 0 wounds via the burning condition itself at the end of the turn (i believe it was a flesh construct on 3 wounds with burning +4). Can i summon a witchling when this model dies? We ruled that i was able too since the burning damage is done and thus the model reduced to 0 wounds before the condition is removed. Scenario two- A model on one wound is killed with an attack that gives burning (in the game believe it was a witchling stalker rushing to Sonnia's defence against a punk zombie. The witchling stalkers rules state that all models damaged by this model gain the Burning +1 condition). We ruled that the witchling would do its 2 damage from its melee attack to kill the model before burning was applied, thus i could not use Sonnia's upgrade. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  16. My first entry. I hope it's enjoyable if nothing else! C&C welcome of course :-) WC: 1500 on the nose so it is long. ______________________________________________________________________ The Demon-Barber Sonnia Criid surveyed the abandoned railyard. From her position atop a ruined station house the cold Autumnal wind was almost biting her cheeks as she glanced over the enclosure. “Not even Winter yet” she muttered to herself, not particularly fond of the cold evenings. On the horizon the setting sun shone though faded October leaves and were complemented by patinas of rust prevalent throughout the abandoned station. No one came here anymore. No one sane or living anyway. “It is here misstresss…” gasped a squat, cowled creature which had stalked up next to Sonnia. The being, a former witch stripped of its heretical magics purified by Sonnias flames, then bound by occult Guild rituals, was one of the three servants which accompanied her on the clandestine operation. Their magic was now devoted to suppressing the powers of witches and more specifically, sniffing out their lairs. “Spread out and move quietly” ordered Sonnia as she climbed down the station house into the railyard. By the time she had dusted herself off from the descent, the Stalkers had already scurried ahead, silent, seeking, hunting for any trace of her prey. Looking around the orange and steel environment, the Criid recalled the disturbing rumours. The most credible spoke of some diabolical hybrid of steel and flesh infused with alchemy, soulstones and a thirst for blood. The victims had all been found scalped - the very tops of their heads savagely cleaved off like the shell of a hard boiled egg. Those victims who were found alive could only gibber in horror before succumbing to blood loss, pain and shock. The unfortunate civilians finding the remains fared little better until eventually the Guild interrogators deciphered something from a deranged witness; “Demon-Barber.” Such names were often fanciful - the ‘Bayou Butcher’ after all turned out to be an actual gremlin butcher of pigs not some homicidal serial killer – but Sonnias preternatural instinct and the work of her Stalkers had assured her that this ‘Barber’ was a real threat to the inhabitants of Malifaux. What sounded like a low wuthering Autumn breeze beside Sonnia were the three servants returning from their reconnoitre. “Thisss way…” hissed one in a soulless monotone as it gestured with one of its heavy blades. There was no respect with the witchlings. No loyalty or camaraderie. Just pure, unadulterated servitude to Sonnia. This would probably have unnerved a lesser person but not Sonnia Criid; ‘Witchunter’, ‘Scourge of Sorcerers’ and the most recently peoples-appointed ‘Guild Guardian’ of Malifaux. She hated those names. Fanciful titles with no real meaning. Unlike the precocious Lady Justice whom the people saw as their champion, Sonnia preferred to be as anonymous as possible. Fewer attachments, less hassle and more often the element of surprise. Surprise. Sonnia knew its power. Blowing down a door with a burst of flame and striding in only to point a gun at a suspected deviant dabbling with dark powers (who by then had usually wet themselves), often shook their resolve and they could be captured bloodlessly for trial. But against this ‘Demon-Butcher’ machination there could be no such advantage. Skulking through the debris of ruined rails, girders and the skeletons of disused train carriages with the Witchlings close beside her, Criid stopped, silently holding up a hand. The Stalkers paused in synchrony and drew their pistols. Sonnia smelled blood, it’s unfortunately familiar coppery tinge to the air was tempered with putrefaction. The stalkers turned their heads and she heard an unnatural ‘sniffing’ sound come from beneath their hooded faces. One pointed with its pistol towards a mound of debris, a pile of rusted, crumbling train wheels, each about eighteen inches in diameter. Creeping closer Sonnia unsheathed her sword. Forty-three inches of tempered steel, sharpened to perfection on a soul-infused whetstone and carved with runes of conflagration, immolation and banishment. The secrets of the runes were only known to few within the guilds armourers. It was the exemplar on which the Stalkers own rune-swords were based. Though unlike Sonnias’, they were as close to ‘mass produced’ as any magical sword could be and thus not as powerful, though this was in small part compensated by the fact that each Stalker carried a pair. One of the Stalkers approached the pile sniffing as it did so. Reaching the stack of wheels it peered at one that appeared embedded in the ground. Lifting it up the scent of rotting meat assailed Criids’ nostrils as the concealed stash was revealed. Suppressing a dry cough brought on by the nauseous contents, Criid edged closer slowly, for the stench was horrific. She dispelled darkness of the hole was a minor flare emanating from her hand which gently bobbed down into the pit like an orange will-o-wisp. The flickering light revealed a crimson slicked pile of sodden tufts, like patches of grass pulled up from a field. Some were impaled on the wall of this shaft by rail spikes, others by what appeared to be sharpened ribs. What she saw before the light fizzled away was enough to confirm that the Demon-Barber’s lair was nearby. A mixture of fear-tinged excitement coursed through Sonnia, adrenaline sharpening her senses and tightening the grip on her rune-blade, the soulstones in it’s pommel glinting in the nearly set Sun. A slight tinkle of metal, like a pin hitting a tile, caused the quartet of hunters to spin about. Nothing. Criids bright green eyes squinted, analysing the direction of the sound for the slightest indicator of movement. Suddenly it emerged. Thirteen feet of flesh and metal, stitched and stapled together. Tubes connecting various harvested organs together and pumping a vile necromantic ichor around it’s body. It’s left hand ended at a stump upon which tubes and bolts connected what appeared to be a large, blood stained and rusted straight-razor to it’s ‘arm’. It’s ‘eyes’ were embedded, unrefined soulstones, glinting with foul energies which looked at the hunters. With a sharp grating sound the straight razor blade flicked out and the thing lunged at the party. Criid skipped back, easily avoiding the blade which swooped over the head of the nearby Witchling. Gripping her sword and pulling energy from one of the soulstones she conjured a column of flame to engulf the beast. Skin crackled and the stench of burned flesh filled her nose. The Stalkers pressed the attack firing shots from their pistols. All three hit their mark but seemed to do little to halt the burning monster. A dull roar emerged from the stitched orifice that served as a mouth and it swung a meaty open arm towards the nearest Stalker. The diminutive creature flew into the pile of wheels as the beast connected, the flickering flames in its eyes growing dull as it’s crumpled corpse scattered the metal discs around the trainyard. Blinded by its fury and its smouldering flesh the Demon-Barber lurched in a wild frenzy. Sonnia focused her mind calling forth an even more intense blaze ready to immolate this monster. The remaining two Witchlings, unbothered by the demise of their companion, fought to buy their mistress time to cast her spell. They ran at the Barber with their dual blades hacking at its meaty legs. Each blow made a dull ‘thwack’ while black, resinous ichor oozed out of the superficial wounds, thickening on contact with the air to seal the wounds. Unfazed the Barber snatched one of the Witchlings by the head and threw it at Sonnia. It took all of her resolve not to move and loose her focus despite seeing that the living missile would miss her by a factor of mere inches. The remaining Stalker took advantage of the opening and forced both it’s blades upwards into the beasts exposed torso, both blades simultaneously piercing its leathery piecemeal hide. It emitted a low groan of pain from its partially stitched mouth as it tried to swipe at the Stalker with it’s blade only managing a glancing blow which knocked the being prone. Seizing her chance Criid unleashed the pyrokinetic energies coursing through her, consuming another of the stones on her blade which channelled the power. Green eyes blazed red and her auburn hair whipped upwards with coruscating forces as an intense wave of flame rushed towards the Barber. Almost white hot, the damp Autumn air hissed as the torrent manifested, the earth scorched beneath the billowing holocaust until impacted the creature. Even the tattered robes of the nearby Stalker began to smoulder in the heat. Criid could hear it’s skin blister and crackling like that of a roast pig as she continued to press the energies into the monster. Pain surged across her cheeks from gritting her teeth in concentration. She could not see for the heat haze, smoke and dust that billowed around the three combatants. Until finally, slumped onto one knee, all but exhausted from her exertions, she stopped. “Mistresss?” hissed the Stalker. “Home.” said Criid, walking towards the setting Sun as the charred ash of the Barber’s remains began to disperse in the wind.
  17. So I finnally finished my Sonnia Criid crew. As of now, they are pre-washed. I'm thinking black GW wash on Sonnia and Samael and blue GW wash on the Witchling Stalkers. Here's my Sonnia Criid. I chose to paint her coat red and painted her hair orange. I'm going for almost devilish look and the Wyrd Flame base insert and accessories really gave her the inferno look. I'll probably try to have the outlines "pop" with the GW black wash. Here's Samael Hopkins. He kinda gave me a hard time due to the detail of his clothing. But I think it came out well. The red poncho kept to the "red devil" theme that Sonnia had. Again, I hope to "pop" the outlines with a black wash. My Witchling Stalkers almost became a disaster. I initially painted their cloaks in 1 color (brown) and they came out boring. So I decided to "wash" the lower cloak area with a darker shade of brown and used a tan wash for the upper cloak area. The end product reminded me of an old Jedi robe. The swords I painted with P3 Pig Iron and washed it with Arcane Blue giving a "runed" light saber-y effect. The eyes I decided to color green instead of yellow - I didn't want them to look like Jawas. I'll wash them with GW Blue to hopefully give the blue hue effect. I hope you like my crew. Suggestions and comments are appreciated. I'll post the post-washed models soon.
  18. My showgirls have taken a [temporary] back seat to guild. A painting contest came up about a week ago on Reddit, and even with the time constraints I decided to try it for a challenge. So for mini number six, I painted Sonnia's alternate sculpt which I'm absolutely in love with, and finished her hours before the contest ended; about five days total. Thank you Mydnight for showing me your lighting set up it's what I was using to take these pics. I had to use my cell phone camera because I can't get my actual camera working so the pictures are a little bit blurry. Front: Back: Out in the wild: A little better picture of Jack her skeleton head: It was my first time attempting osl and it took me a few tries to get it to where I was happy. I did some on her base, coat, armor and chain. It's a little hard to pick up in the pictures but it's light enough to notice in person. Also the base is from the Mali fire base pack that T3t picked up for me. Everything in there is seriously fantastic and I plan to use more of it for my witchlings. If anyone's interested in seeing more WIP and the other entries in the contest the link is here: http://www.reddit.com/r/Malifaux/comments/jzexn/single_model_painting_contest/ If you'd like to vote, you simply need a reddit account and you can do so here: http://www.reddit.com/r/Malifaux/comments/kfah9/single_model_painting_contest_judging/ As always, C&C completely welcome and appreciated. Her avatar is up next and my w&n brushes just got here; I'm ecstatic to put them to the test.
  19. I want to run a Witch Hunters crew, and have picked up the Witch Hunters Starter box, and a separate blister of Witchling Stalkers, since Sonnia can run around making more. What else should I invest in? (For reference I own the Justice box, the Hoffman box, Lucius, Ryle, a Guild Guard Capitan, two Guild Guard, and three Ronin.)
  20. Here is the guild models I have painted so far. Along with what I need to finish... What is left...
  21. Ok, I'll say right off the bat that I'm not happy with this and have -already- been touching up. Really, I've realized I have insufficient lighting in my workspace and need to relocate. On the flipside, I figure I'd show you my *sigh* sloppy looking version 1. http://shawn-reed.deviantart.com/#/d2yuqav and http://shawn-reed.deviantart.com/#/d2yuqjj Does anyone have any tips for how to do the super-fine details? Like eyes? Because I'm finding that a needle won't hold any paint half the time, and that when it does the tiniest drop is too big. I'd appreciate any tips in this from anyone with experience. '
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