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Found 6 results

  1. So an interesting scenario cropped up in a game a couple of nights ago. I've dug around looking at FAQ's and other threads, but haven't yet found a complete answer. A Freikorps Trapper was on the edge of the front edge on top of a Ht 7 tower with a ladder down the center of the tower. A demure and sweet Rotten Belle, with what can only be assumed to be good intentions, lured that Trapper. So right away, it's obvious that he doesn't go down the ladder. Standing at the front would require him to move away and end up further away (as his move 5 would end up on the ladder at the center of the tower's footprint.) So assuming the tower is climbable, there are two remaining options. A.) The Trapper climbs down the side of the tower or B.) The Trapper leaps off the tower to his death. The FAQ clearly allows for B if the tower isn't climbable. However, if the tower itself is climbable, will the Trapper abandon his suicidal thoughts and climb down (dropping the final 2" presumably to end up closer)? The idea being that ending up at the bottom of the tower alive is actually ending up closer than the swan dive that ends in death. Or will he not count the falling distance in his calculation and plan on ending 5" in front of the tower after the fall, only to find gravity is a cruel mistress? Thanks yall! James.
  2. So this came up in a game today and I wasn't quite sure how to work with it. I think this came up maybe in Trixiebelle is standing 1" from a ht 3 ledge, and fires her gun in the opposite direction at an enemy necropunk. Trixie pushes her 3" away which puts her off the ledge, so she should immediately fall. The problem though is at the bottom of the ledge, in base contact with it if it matters, is Lenny who is ht 3 and 40mm base if that's relevant. Trixie *should* fall, but she can't land because of Lenny is in the way. We played as her stopping at the top of the ledge since that's I guess the last legal place she was? She can't share space with Lenny because other models are impassible, but the only guidance the rules give is "stop in base contact" which is not something Trixie ever *is* since base contact means the bases are actually physically touching (from the FAQ) and Trixie never really gets that far. Ideas?
  3. I'd like to ask how does flight work when moving from a Ht3 terrain to another Ht3 terrain. We've assumed so far in our community that since nothing indicates it does not fall as soon as it moves of the terrain, it has to fall and then fly up to another terrain. However, the Enclosed terrain trait contains the following example: "A Nephilim may fly over a building or take flight from its rooftop, but may not teleport through the wall". Does that simply mean it can fly down from the rooftop, or does it refer to flying from one terrain to another without having to fall?
  4. As per the FAQ 3-01-15, we know that leap and incorporeal work the same as flying, minus the damage reduction when falling (and with incorporeal benefiting from damage reduction from sh and ml). While spirits breaking an ankle when falling might seem counterintuitive (specially when they got up there by floating in the first place!), it can be argued that they suffer damage when materializing in order to avoid going through the ground. Still, this interpretation leave me with some questions: If a spirit with Wk 6" can float up to the roof of a Ht 5" building, couldn't it float back down? And If it can, couldn't it do it when at the edge of the roof to avoid falling? Let's say a Poltergeist is at the edge of a HT 5" building, that it reached by floating up, as per the FAQ rules. With incorporeal not preventing damage from falling, if the Poltergeist were to fall and then move 6" horizontally, it would suffer 5 damage (and die). But what if the Poltergeist chose to go down as it came up, by floating 5" down and then moving 1" horizontally? Is that possible? As stated by the rules (pg. 42, big book): Now, it doesn't say that moving off elevations equals falling. It says that falling deals damage, but it might be that a leaping or incorporeally-floating model can choose not to fall. If it is possible, if the Poltergeist were to be lured or pushed, could it also choose not to fall, but to float down? If all this works with incorporeal, does it work the same with Leap? How is the floating/flying/leaping movement measured? I've been told that you should measure diagonally from the base of the model till the place where you want it to land. This seems consistent with the Movement section of the Rulebook (pg. 42): Still, the FAQ explicitelly mentions that vertical movement is measured as per the Movement & Terrain section, where (only climbing) movement is explained as horizontal + vertical distance. And I would say that to measure horizontally + vertically makes sense from the top-down, 2D approach of the rules to measuring. So, what is it? Diagonal measurement (ignore terrain and measure from the base till the place you want to reach) or horizontal + vertical measurement (the same as climbing as it seems to be described in the FAQ). Just to be sure: you can leap/flight/float onto unclimbable buildings, right? This has already been discussed, and it is mostly a matter of abstraction, but: we are accepting that a model can leap or flight over a Ht 10" building to move, let's say, its Wk 5" and end on the other side; but it cannot land on top of said building, right? I have to say that's a little wyrd. But, hell, it's just a game!
  5. Do Incorporeal models take damage from falling, or do they just flat ignore it as falling is listed within terrain rules? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all, I've just completed a montster Terraclips build using the 'Streets of Malifaux' and the 'Sewers of Malifaux' sets. On the table there is a vertical drop of eight inches (4 floor levels) into a plunge pool. Has anyone got any suggestions on what the rules should be for playing this? No damage? Some Damage (how much) ? Normal falling damage? Cheers
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