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  1. We can argue semantics, but I would say that when a model is nerfed through a game rule, rather than anything on it's own card then it is an indirect nerf. The indirect nerf can then still be intended, which it was. But yes, they definitely didn't correctly buff cheap models to make up for it. I hadn't considered the focus change to affect cheap models, but you are right that it also did.
  2. I have several times made the exact point that Wyrd failed to consider the massive indirect nerf that pass tokens were to cheap models and therefore a lot of cheap models end up borderline useless in m3. Yes there are some that can be handy for scoring various schemes and objectives, but the cheap models that are focused on fighting are typically way worse than hiring an expensive model to get the job done.
  3. You just answered your own question. It increases the odds of the model having synergy with the crew. Zoraida drawing LOS from Swamp fiends for example.
  4. I am curious, how does your average crew look approximately?
  5. I very much agree, the only one I might argue with is Lucius. I feel it is more a problem with his crew than him. Agent 46 understandably had his "no cheat" ability changed, but they really should have given him some buffs at the same time to not make him terrible.
  6. I have had a lot of discussions about Neverborn with my local meta and I feel they are in a pretty off spot in m3. They are definitely not weak, but the internal balance in the faction is not very good. Dreamer is a lot stronger than all our other masters and our keyword models are often worse than our versatile models which are very strong. It should be the other way around. Dreamer: cool and thematic design, extremely fun to play and his keyword synergizes nicely with each other. Sadly he is just too strong and outshines all our other masters. I can think of no situation where I wouldn't pick dreamer if I was only playing to win. Zoraida: most likely our second strongest master. She has a lot of cool tricks and her keyword models are mostly very solid and fills various roles. Euripides: way better than people give him credit for. Lots of flexibility in the crew and some strong keyword models that synergize well with the crew as a whole. I believe people make the mistake or playing him as a melee beater which he is not, but he is very good at shutting down zones with his pillars. Could be my personal favourite to play in m3. Pandora: she got changed a ton during beta testing for m3 which i feel really shows in her final design which I think is fiddly and since her keyword auras dont stack, you are often penalized for playing heavily in keyword. Candy however is completely crazy and has the means to win the game on her own if the other player doesn't have an answer for her. Often outshining Pandora herself in that regard. Sadly the rest of her keyword is just not that good. Lucius: cool master, but sadly most of his keyword models are just too squishy and he is stronger ordering around a pair of black blood shamans/mature nephelim than he is with his actual keyword. Titania: Titania herself is extremely strong and much more so than she first seems on paper. Sadly her entire keyword is resoundingly "meh" and she is much better with our good versatiles than with fairies Nekima: very strong master who actually wants to play in keyword. Her play style of bunching her entire crew up the first round to have black blood shamans attack friendly models and then pulse out infinite focus does feel a bit gimmicky and unintended though. Marcus: Marcus might have my pick for worst master in the game. His crew is crazy card hungry and his playstyle of handing out upgrades to his models would only be cool if it made those models better than other models, instead of just making them on par. Once Marcus is done handing out the important upgrades his purpose disappears and he is often running around scheming, which is not the most exciting use of a master.
  7. This is honestly a pretty weird review. On one master it seems you are reviewing the rules and on the next it seems you are reviewing the aesthetics?
  8. Ahh yes ofc you only can. Pardon the brainfart.
  9. Let's say I have one hired gaming and two summoned of the same type. If I then activate the two summoned and get rid of their slow and activate the gaming without slow to make it into a golem, will the summon upgrade then count as "attached" again so that the golem gets slow, even if none of the gamin that combined had slow ?
  10. Can I just quickly point out that when masters like Kirai and Asami are perhaps near the bottom of that list, that really just illustrates how good the rest of them are. (Maybe with the exception of Sonia, but I am not sure I would consider her a real summoner)
  11. Pulse focus is definitely the biggest issue, but I still have a problem with the way focus works in general. It is not exactly due to it being overpowered, but having your models take one action and then focus is often the correct choice early in the game, and it gives you an advantage if your opponent doesn't do it and rushes you down instead. This isn't exactly broken, but it just feels against the spirit of the game and I don't see a point in having the game rewards the player who plays defensively.
  12. This thread has spiralled from what was just imo a fun joke but I feel it is incredibly silly to start up a dialogue about how you shouldn't make fun of other people and their hobbies, when it is so obvious a joke. I am sure if you went on any other forum about a game system they have jokes about how their game is awesome and other games are terrible. Anyway I am not gonna post more in here, but people acting like they are insulted (whether they were or not) at the benefit of others is a real pet peeve of mine. And over something as silly as a chad vs virgin meme of all things.
  13. I have a very hard time with people who have such thin skin that they get insulted over a chad vs virgin meme. And people who call people toxic for that reason.
  14. People who would feel insulted over a meme deserve to be insulted.
  15. I just saw the new models. What on earth happened? I didn't think it was as bad as it is, but it is like they switched Chompy for a Daydream
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