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  1. esqulax

    Make 2 intro crews in NB

    Some really good suggestions here guys, thanks a lot. I had not considered making a puppet crew. That might actually be pretty thematic while not being overly complex What do you usually do for strat and schemes then? I usually go very, very low on that so it mostly turns into a punching battle, but interested in hearing what other people do.
  2. esqulax

    Make 2 intro crews in NB

    So this is a problem I have had with Malifaux since I started. I have a very hard time making interesting and cool crews for intro games. Let me explain a bit what I mean. I used to play Warmachine/Hordes before I saw the light and switched to Malifaux and in that game it is so easy to make a couple of small skirmish crews that fight evenly and looks cool with the big warjacks and monsters. I own close to the entire Neverborn range in Malifaux and yet I can never figure out what to smack down on the table when I want to demonstrate the game for new players. I would like two crews that have a somewhat even matchup and that have some cool models that peak peoples curiosity. So what two crews would you make to demonstrate the game if (close to) all of Neverborn was at your disposal? Remember that this is an intro game for a completely new player, so it would need to be very small crews. Something along the lines of Henchman, Enforcer, Minion, Minion. I also despise both the visual and gameplay part of the Neverborn starter box, so that is out of the question.
  3. esqulax

    Question about pulses

    Alright thank you. I think the main reason that I was confused is because it says in the rulebook that a pulse has the same height as the model casting it.
  4. So a question that came up in my last game of Malifaux. If the green height two model uses a pulse effect will it hit the height three model in the example with the two height two models blocking? Likewise if the height three model uses a pulse will it hit the green height two model? Also is the answer the same with auras as it is with pulses? Thank you.
  5. esqulax

    Thousand Faces and Retributions Eye

    Cool, thank you I was pretty sure about the first question, but regarding the second I actually thought the restriction still counted for some reason.
  6. Can a model switch to Retributions Eye with Thousand Faces and then active the upgrade to ignore defensive triggers in the same turn? Also, I am assuming that you can't, but if one model has already taken Retributions Eye and discarded it, can another model then take it again with Thousand Faces?
  7. esqulax

    Pandora Tactica

    The idea is fun, but I fear that the list might have trouble with most schemes. Personally I would swap Tannen with a Wisp and Rile them up with Aether Connection. This does change the plan a little I know, but Pandora having a full cache of stones together with Aether Connection is essential to me in this list since pretty much all the eggs are in her basket and if she dies the game will go south fast. This does mean that she can't push up 8 when serena dies, but she can just take a 4 walk and I feel the vastly increased survivability is worth the decreased mobility. The Wisp not being able to place scheme markers does change the order of operation a bit, but I doubt you can just expect to have the two masks needed for making the scheme markers into changelings anyway. The Wisp frees up stones that can be used to add suits to pandoras abilities as well as keeping her alive. Also it can take the poltergeists two action and the wisps call is a very strong ability in a pandora list to deal dmg through misery or to force a model engaged by pandora to take a walk towards the Wisp and hopefully failing its disengange and thereby keeping the condition.
  8. That was also what I was thinking, but that makes it very strong together with models with long engagement ranges.
  9. So can someone tell me how this works? Call of the Wisp says that the next movement a model makes must be as close as possible to the wisp which then ends the condition, but if that model then fails a disengaging strike do you still remove the condition?
  10. esqulax

    Does anyone use these models?

    I have played against Hayreddin a few times after his buff, and I feel like he is just generally good now for 6ss.
  11. I am just making certain here, since I am not 100% sure, but Ice pillars from cyclops and Rasputina don't provide cover in spite of being blocking terrain. Correct?
  12. Thank you for the quick answers And no, I was not looking at the six step process for scoring, but now that I have it definitely cleared it up. Thank you.
  13. Hello, I have a few questions after a recent tournament that I hope someone here can help me with 1: Can a model block line of sight between two other models of equal height and base size? In theory the model would need to be standing completely perfect to do so, which would be impossible to do in practice, but can a player declare that they are doing so and place the model to block sight? 2: Similar to question 1, can I place a 30mm model on top of a scheme or corpse marker to completely block line of sight to it? 3: A strange situation popped up regarding primordial magic and Take Prisoner. I had Take prisoner on Primordial Magic, but during the final end step my opponent used the primordials ability to count as a scheme marker and removed it from play. Do I still score for Take Prisoner?
  14. esqulax

    Thoughts on hooded rider at 10?

    I feel like Teddy has been dead for a while
  15. As the title says, what do you think of the hooded rider at 10ss ? I always kinda liked him, so I am very interested in giving him a shot now, but I just can't shake the feeling that we aren't exactly lacking in efficient beaters. Especially since we also just got Hinamatsu at 9ss.