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  1. Very solid melee attack, ambush, demise eternal. It is a very good option in a Zoraida crew.
  2. If the model is so unwieldy that I need to use a proxy base for it, then I don't even see a reason to buy it. I might as well just print a photo of it and stick it on a base.
  3. Indeed you do. That is also why I would vastly prefer that they didn't But if they absolutely insist on making the models bigger and bigger then the current bases wont work. The new Chompy is already ridiculous going far out of his base on both sides, and this model looks to be even worse. Do not misunderstand me though. I would definitely prefer that they just made models that actually fit on their bases.
  4. Honestly, Wyrd needs to stop with this nonsense. The models keep getting bigger and this one looks borderline unplayable. If they insist on making models of this size (which I would really prefer that they didn't) then they need to make new rules for a larger base size. Having 2/3 of a model jutting out from the base is just not functional.
  5. I mean, Woes aren't that tanky. If you are standing in the middle of 4 unkilled ones, then you deserve to have bad things happen to you.
  6. I definitely agree with these. Marcus I have played this keyword several times and the one thing that always bothers me a ton in practice is how card hungry it is. You have so many abilities requiring you to discard cards while also having a ton of target numbers requiring 6-7s. Every time I play this keyword I run out of cards blazingly fast and if my opponent has anything with terrifying or abilities requiring me to discard cards I just start weeping. Marcus himself also has the problem that after you give out your important upgrades, he doesn't really do that much. Usually I just put w
  7. I have posted in another thread that I don't get why Neverborn who are supposed to be the fast and fragile faction (are we even supposed to be that anymore? We mostly just seem fragile) get outmaneuvered by Ressers who are the tanky faction. Your options start to seem really limited when you can't outmaneuver the other faction and also can't win in a straight up fistfight. And as others have stated here I definitely also feel that the internal balance in the faction is off. I really hope this will be fixed with a future errata.
  8. When you draw that many extra cards a turn, it really isn't that difficult making the dispatcher pass a couple of shockwave tests. Also Executioners have 9 health with Hard to Kill and Mounted Guards effectively have 10 health. Sure it isn't a lot if you are paying 8/9ss for them, but when you are summoning them in I would definitely not describe it as wafer thin.
  9. I guess it is me being a bit behind the times then. I just remember in the beginning I never heard people talk about him which always puzzled me.
  10. When I played him he was summoning in executioners with a free push when they activated and effectively 4 AP. Other than that he drew 6 cards the first round from the dispatcher where every card gave him some other form of bonus as well (for example an extra AP on the executioner) But it is true that all the really strong summoners have very solid card draw. I definitely wouldn't mind also seeing a Nerf to Sandeep, Dreamer, Som'er and Von Schtook (who I feel is underrated)
  11. I just.... What??? Both masters are crazy strong. Daschel I think is the strongest master I have played in m3, he honestly feels like playing against Nicodem in m2 at his worst. Also Ikirio is really good while Daschels totem is completely broken. And it is definitely anything but fragile.
  12. Yeah, I got that, but Titania has range 8 on all her good stuff. Isn't it better to stand back more and maybe also get in another shot? I would assume that would also make it easier to hit more models with queens command. I might give it a shot to try it out, but I can't help but feel that it is a little clunky on paper. The one time I have tried Killjoy he was also a huge underperformer.
  13. Isn't it a bit awkward getting any use out of Blood Sacrifice on Titania?
  14. That is true, although the Effigy needs 8s to lure, so it isn't exactly free
  15. At first I thought this would just be a complaint about the current price of Malifaux, which I would honestly agree with. Malifaux was never cheap, but m3 brought some price increases, which makes certain boxes borderline obscene. Ironsides Core Box is 40£ msrp for 5 small human models and 1 tiny human model.
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