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  1. Can I just quickly point out that when masters like Kirai and Asami are perhaps near the bottom of that list, that really just illustrates how good the rest of them are. (Maybe with the exception of Sonia, but I am not sure I would consider her a real summoner)
  2. Pulse focus is definitely the biggest issue, but I still have a problem with the way focus works in general. It is not exactly due to it being overpowered, but having your models take one action and then focus is often the correct choice early in the game, and it gives you an advantage if your opponent doesn't do it and rushes you down instead. This isn't exactly broken, but it just feels against the spirit of the game and I don't see a point in having the game rewards the player who plays defensively.
  3. This thread has spiralled from what was just imo a fun joke but I feel it is incredibly silly to start up a dialogue about how you shouldn't make fun of other people and their hobbies, when it is so obvious a joke. I am sure if you went on any other forum about a game system they have jokes about how their game is awesome and other games are terrible. Anyway I am not gonna post more in here, but people acting like they are insulted (whether they were or not) at the benefit of others is a real pet peeve of mine. And over something as silly as a chad vs virgin meme of all things.
  4. I have a very hard time with people who have such thin skin that they get insulted over a chad vs virgin meme. And people who call people toxic for that reason.
  5. People who would feel insulted over a meme deserve to be insulted.
  6. I just saw the new models. What on earth happened? I didn't think it was as bad as it is, but it is like they switched Chompy for a Daydream
  7. I feel like you are arguing against a point that I didn't make. I never said that all cheap models are useless or can't take interact actions. I do still feel that there are way more bad models that are cheap than there are bad models that are expensive. I like that idea. I feel like you are contradicting yourself there. Summoning being broken in other systems does not excuse summoners being overtuned in Malifaux
  8. I feel like that nerf to focus would be way too harsh and would require much more rebalancing than not letting focus stack up to high amounts. I also feel that using an action to focus and hit harder in the midst of combat goes way better with the intent of the game and makes a lot more sense flavor wise rather than standing still and powering up by letting focus stack to high amounts. I agree that part of what makes summoning masters too good, is too easy access to ways to mitigate their supposed weaknesses (card draw for example). I do not agree that, that is the sol
  9. Well I do believe stacking focus is a problem due to the reasons in my original post, but I definitely agree that spending an action to focus and then attacking afterwards is not a problem
  10. True, but my point isn't that cheap models have no role or all are useless, but a very large number of them are just plain bad. Off the top of my head there are Bloodwretches, Orderlies, Terror Tots, Corrupted Hounds, Molemen, Hoarcats etc. Well I don't argue that pass tokens aren't a good addition to the game, but I was actually of the belief that most people seemed to think summoners were overtuned this edition. Also I am curious what beater master can kill the summoned model in a single action ? And what summoners in 2ed you consider as strong as the ones now? (With the exc
  11. Now let me start off by saying that I absolutely love this game. It is by far the best miniature game I have ever played, so all my critique in this post is fueled by nothing but love for an amazing game and a hope to see it continue to get even better. I will also make a quick point that I have won several local leagues/tournaments, not to try and brag, but just to point out that I do at least have some experience with the game and am not just some guy who lost his first few games and decided to make a whining forum post. That said I do have three areas where I feel like third edition too
  12. I have always been playing that a 30mm model cannot block LOS between two other 30mm models, but I can see there is an example of this happening in the rulebook. Now I have always been told that a 30mm model can't block LOS to a scheme marker even when standing perfectly on top of it, but how can this be true if a 30mm model can block LOS between to other 30mm models? Is this also not true ?
  13. Very solid melee attack, ambush, demise eternal. It is a very good option in a Zoraida crew.
  14. If the model is so unwieldy that I need to use a proxy base for it, then I don't even see a reason to buy it. I might as well just print a photo of it and stick it on a base.
  15. Indeed you do. That is also why I would vastly prefer that they didn't But if they absolutely insist on making the models bigger and bigger then the current bases wont work. The new Chompy is already ridiculous going far out of his base on both sides, and this model looks to be even worse. Do not misunderstand me though. I would definitely prefer that they just made models that actually fit on their bases.
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