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  1. Recently, I've found a new appreciation for Tooth. The extra Push from her blade and the ease at which she drops scheme markers is also great.
  2. So, as 2016 comes to a close, I thought it would be cool for all of us to share who our Neverborn MVPs of 2016 are! List your top 5 to 10 models down (and if you want, your reasons)! Here are mine: Nekima - just a brutal destroyer of all, with serious disruptive abilities. Changelings - have surprised me more times with not, producing those 'WOW' moments often to with their Copy Cat ability. Waldgeist - protecting me from those hideous Viks' charges more times than I can count with Germinate. Widow Weaver - because of webs. The Claw - hands down, my favourite Autumn Knight. Bunraku - just for unlocking a very interesting way to play Collodi and for their versatility in many NB crews. Vasilisa - an indispensable control/manipulation model. And for making Stitcheds incredibly maneuverable. Aeslin - what a beautiful model, and just a scary casting beast for Neverborn. Insidious Madness - because Insidious Madness. Scion of Black Blood - this guy in a Lynch crew, against that annoying Brewmaster... What an uber counter measure to Poison!
  3. I've converted some Space Wolves Thunderwolf Cavalry into Rougarou... I haven't played with them yet, but the obvious synergies they have with Titania and Aeslin are great. Having one sitting with either Titania/Aeslin or both will be cool - especially to capitalise on Titania and Aeslin's abilities to pull models toward them (not to mention the knights too). I think they'll also detract from Aeslin and Titania quite nicely (as I've found that both ladies take a lot of heat once they introduce my opponent to their destructive/disruptive prowess). Looking forward to chomping some foes up with these evil fairy pooches.
  4. I don't think you can... The Bunraku's "Obscene Preparations" is for that activation only, so having Queeg allow them to do it outside of their activation won't count (if I understand it correctly). I'm using the same logic applied to the Blood Wretch's 1AP charge that can't be manipulated by control masters. If my understanding is wrong - then BOO-YA! That's an awesome suggestion.
  5. I recently ran two Bunraku in my Collodi list, and enjoyed great success with them. Granted, I was playing against Undead (Molly) so their low WP made them more susceptible to Snatch, but their durability also proved to be better than their card implies. I ran a Bunraku on each flank, and with the additional AP being pumped out from Collodi and Vasilisa, my Bunraku were able to split Molly's bubble in two by pulling summoned creatures to either side. At one point, a Bunraku was surrounded by Toshiro, 2 Ashigaru and a Punk Zombie (all victims of Snatch), and luckily, he managed to survive against all of them (barring Toshiro) with the Disappear trigger. That's a lot of out-of-position wasted activations on the little ninja puppet. I like them a lot! Can't wait to try them out with Lucius next!
  6. How about the scheme marker shenanigans of the knights plus Lucius' Hidden Weapons?
  7. So I played the same list now against a killy Tara crew.. The strategy was Headhunter.. I played Frame for Murder and Sesrch the Ruins, and my opponent played Frame for Murder and Hunting Party.. In his crew he had Tara, Hayreddin, Scion, Nothing Beast, Forgotten Marshall and three wretches.. Although Lucius was the only model left from my crew, we drew 8-8 ?
  8. I've made that mistake before with Queeg and germinate where I've lost my forests because of poor sequencing.. its definitely something to be careful of!
  9. You're underestimating the durability.. the lawyers can spam impassioned defence with Queeg or if you prefer/need to, spam germinate.. Also Lucius' Commanding Presence allows you to move the changelings and geists around without losing their defense abilities.. Also Lucius' What Lackeys Are For is very useful to reposition a geist or changeling where you need them (again with out having to activate them and losing their defensive abilities).. In my experience with the Changelings, they have been great beatstick counters.. It's about putting them by the right enemy models.. I've taken down Johan, Parker and Rail Golem with amazing contributions from the little guys.. With 9 minions and AP spam you're not only out activating your opponent in most cases but also getting in extra hits.. Plus the positives if they're within 3" of Lucius.. it's about knowing when to activate your little guys and how to position them.. I'm not saying there aren't any crews that this crew won't struggle against.. That's the nature of Malifaux.. I've faced McTavish and Oxfordian Mages that make short work of geists, and the crew still proves quite durable.. I've just had more success with this list than I have with any other Lucius build.. And I know many folks on the NB forum have struggled to find working competitive lists with Lucius, so I thought I'd share my experiences..
  10. I've been playing a couple of games in a row with Lucius and I think I've cracked a competitive list with him.. I've tested it against Zoraida, Parker and Ironsides and the crew has been a victorious match-up in these occasions... My list is: Lucius (Hidden Assets, Surprisingly Loyal, Legalese) Master Queeg 2 Lawyers 2 Changelings 3 Waldgeist The crew is very durable and tanky and packs that needed punch that Lucius was missing..
  11. Dear fellows at Wyrd, It pains me to write a message like this as I've been a enthusiastic supporter of Wyrd's Gencon sales! This morning my Gencon order arrived, missing my Titania box set (having placed my order on the first day of the sale)... All I received was a little note saying that my refund is pending.. This is unacceptable.. I have paid for my order and expect its delivery.. I don't want a refund.. How can an order from the first day not be fulfilled.. i am am so disappointed to say the least..
  12. I don't agree with any of the debuff suggestions in the original post. And in terms of the suggestions of models to improve, I find Candy, Barb, Kade, Sorrows and the Mature all competitive models and more often than not they prove to be the bane of my opponent.. I don't think it should be a question of reviewing models to make them easier and more straightforward to use but rather reviewing how you're using them. I'm not saying that there are some models in NB that do have little appeal, but of the models listed in the original post - if they're used in the right combinations with the right timings (as much as the game allows), are probably some of the most potent NB models.
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