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  1. Great report of our game. It was a fun game and you where a excellent opponent.
  2. Bad juju 2.0?? (i don't have the app so i can't see all this abilitys)
  3. I have a question about Iggy, How can you consistant do 3 Burning? In the Podcast i heard that Iggy is 5 point, so he doesn't have a single upgrade. than you need to flip or cheat a extra tome in each attack. Or am i missing something? personally i put depression on his to make it more consistant.
  4. My advice is reading this blog post: https://schemesandstones.wordpress.com/2016/08/21/building-on-a-budget-neverborn/ ps. There is a building o a budget for every faction.
  5. Cheap activation, Minion for strats and schemes, the wisps call Copying other 2 actions, (poltergeist, adze, spawn mother )
  6. I don't know with models you have and if you want do spend any more money. the big change i would make is taking the upgrade beckon malifaux. It's too good not to take. A extra zero and the forest block LoS. i have never played Lilith without it. I am also not a big fan of the widow weaver within this crew. is a support model for constructs and offensieve WP targeting models. If you have the doppleganger than switch her in for the widow weaver. If not a other enforcer with good damage can also work. Why enforcer, so you can take (Retribution's Eye). I see you play a lot vs arcanist and ignoring armour is good vs them.
  7. Yes. You can even Flurry charge through on you second flurry attack, push the model 4 inch. charge. and engage a other model and the flurry target. Do you charge attacks and after that. do you last flurry attack if it in range.
  8. I always want to try Nekima Mature Nephilim A Thousand Faces The Depleted The Depleted But i have never played it and i don't know how strong it is.
  9. Always injoy your tournament reports, once again a great read.
  10. How to kill a master turn 1 with collodi: Use marionette and effirgy to out activate your apponent (4 marionette, 2/3 Effigys, and more) Give 1 stitched together 'Brand new strings' form a Wicked doll. (condition that give the model + flips for attack action out side its activation.) Go fast using 'Strum the treads' with Vasilisa and with 'a friend to talk to' more the stitched into position. (2 move actions is often enough) Using 'obey' and 'Twist' attack with the stitched. Go fast using 'Strum the treads' with Collodi, and my use 'my will' on the stitched to attack with the stitched. ( use brutel effigy and collodi def trigger to get him into position.) Go fast using 'Strum the treads' with stitched and attack. and reactivate stitched and attack. 12 gamble your life attacks, 2 with 1 + filp, 4 with 2 + filps, 6 normal
  11. i am playing a game vs my friend. Hes is going to play Kirai and the scheme pool is : Strategy = Collect the Bounty - FFM - Dig Their Graves - A Quick Murder - Last Stand what would you play? this will be my first time vs kirai.
  12. I like Lucius in Headhunter, his zero is perfect for that. If you are scared of someone killing you master in NB always that aether connection, with lucius ablility to have extra stones can make it diffical to kill him. And even if he manage to kill you master the game is not over. This is not warmachine. play for points and make sure you pick up lucius head for points
  13. You cannot do this. The ability works only during the same activation. Rage is only active during zoriadas activation when you use this tactical action thought a obey. When a bloodwrech activatie you need to use 'the rage builds' again.
  14. Hallo fellow Neverborn players, Now that Frame For Murder is offen in the scheme pool we need a way to play arround it. it is always a mind game about whaat moddel is the sucker but how do you anwser the model without giving points. Iggy is big here because givving a lot of burning. we can paralyse a model with pandora or dreamer. Using the Vodoo Doll Are there other smart ways within NB to fight FFM?
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