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  1. Lynch makes good use of graves and tots. Illuminated are a strong all round neverborn minion.
  2. Last tournament I played I came away with 3 wins and a draw wins were versus Nellie, Wong and Asami, the draw was versus Hamelin and I was using Lilith so I can't say i've encountered them being OP so far!
  3. Hard worker Mei with tiger claws could ruin a lot of arachnids. Also willie could be awesome.
  4. Depending on the opponent shooters can be good. Kangs aura with gunsmiths December acolytes and Willie can be awesome.
  5. Anybody using them? Just played my first game for a month or so and decided I wanted one. Ended up vs a raspy crew and he smashed up snowstorm ignored explosive demise then dragged raspy in and finished her off too!
  6. December's pawn is awesome! Funniest game I've ever played had 3 bj flips in 3 turns vs a Levi crew. Blasted them to pieces. When you can cast 6 spells per turn you cycle a lot of cards!
  7. Kaeris. Purifying Fire, Arcane resevoir, seize the day. Eternal Flame Sabertooth Cerberus, imbued energies. Howard Langston, imbued energies. Mech Rider Arcane effigy. Railworker. Lots of options here. Mech rider can setup for dig their graves and summons in reinforcements. Kaeris does breakthrough very easily due to how big deployment zones are and can fly off turn 4 to get it done. Langston and Cerberus kill everything near the extraction marker and get healed by Kaeris and the rail worker provides able backup. Depending on Who you are up against eliminate the leadership is quite doable and recover evidence can be a good pick depending on how aggresive your opponents crew looks.
  8. I've run them for a while got some Perry american civil war miniatures as proxies. I really like them they are fairly tough and make your other close by models tougher to take down whilst also helping with mobility!
  9. Don't vote for ourselves right?
  10. Just a flesh wound!
  11. Would love to see a suggestion for each master before this ends!
  12. Could maybe go with something similar to infinity where sectorials gain bonusses for using only certain models within factions rather than splitting the factions.
  13. So I played this list versus Guild last year and won handily. Kaeris. Arcane Resevoir, purifying fire, blinding flame. +1or2 ss Joss. Imbued energies. Mech Rider. Malifaux child. Although eternal flame could possibly be better. Hoarcat Pride. Sabertooth Cerberus. Imbued energies. Arcane effigy. Kaeris can push enemies out of scoring range. And keep wounds topped up. Joss can hold a stash marker by himself the Cerberus can alpha strike most guild non masters off the table in one turn. Kaeris also helps block line of site between the stash markers and can redeploy easily whichever way she is needed most. The hoarcats built in - versus projectile attacks is good against guild it also packs a punch. The Mech rider can score 2 for setup by itself and brings in reinforcements. Effigy is great for extra burning for kaeris whilst also being a tough 4ss activation also good if brutal emmissary sets something on fire for Sonnia to blast without LOS. I would take setup and either mark for death or claim jump.
  14. I play a couple of masters that can put down los blocking terrain, Lilith and Kaeris. Mei feng vents steam. All about activation control really use your lesser pieces early and keep them out of LOS. if you are in LOS try to be in cover and out of max range so they need to walk and shoot rather than focus and shoot, this can make a huge difference.