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  1. New Rankings Algorithm?

    How do i raise a query about two of me showing in the uk rankings? Main profile is Jon McCarthy Got entered into ukn as John McCarthy
  2. Tournament W5

    Game 1 I would maybe go with: Kaeris, Purifying fire, Flaming angel, Imbued protection. 5 Cache. Eternal flame. Firestarter. Cerberus, imbued energies. Myranda, imbued energies. Joss, Imbued energies Railworker. Depending on opponent eliminate the leadership and undercover entourage would be my picks. Joss and Railworker hold the stashes whilst the cerberus and kaeris kill things myranda can bring an extra blessed or cerberus too, Kaeris and firestarter also help keep peoples wounds topped up as does the eternal flame.
  3. Tournament W5

    Did you play this weekend?
  4. What master do you take into each faction.

    I take Kaeris into everything but think she is very good vs NB. ca7 means they can't guarantee you will miss them with a high card for those with df/wp7 low damage track and armour means pandora doesnt do much against her, burning is great for finishing off collodis minions and again her casting attacks really bother hungering darkness and dreamer.
  5. M2e Kaeris

    Played Kaeris for the first time with her 2 new upgrades i was pretty impressed. Easy card draw turn 1 with flaming Angel and her 0 action to remove burning and draw cards. The passive burning auras are great for enemies setting themselves up to get tanked or killed. Took Arcane reservoir too but think against the right crew imbued protection could make her horrible to try to take out.
  6. Ironsides Vs Molly

    gunsmiths also easily kill stuff with htw and htk
  7. UK Nationals 2017

    Another question. If i go fixed master or fixed crew will i still get rankings points for my chosen faction?
  8. UK Nationals 2017

    Can't access it in work. Thanks though
  9. UK Nationals 2017

    When will we know the scheme pools for this?
  10. A guild player comes in peace to offer a trade.

    Actually just give me Samael Hopkins!
  11. M2e Kaeris

    Haven't looked too far into them at the moment. Was playtesting some stuff a couple of months ago that went really well but as I haven't seen the new book I'm not sure if they will be done as a separate release so can't comment right now.
  12. Rail Golem?

    Still love him with Kaeris. Mei Feng is already card dependant herself. Really depends what you are fighting you have to pick what you attack any crew that doesnt have loads of df6+ is going to have a bad time!
  13. M2e Kaeris

    Alwas scalpel/cerberus Francisco out of the way first!
  14. A guild player comes in peace to offer a trade.

    Sonnia would be cool with all the sources of burning we can throw out!
  15. Thoughts on Team-mates playing each other

    Does anyone really care about team rankings? If the team are all competative sorts they will bump into each other at later rounds. Or would you rather people achieved a better final placing due to luck of the draw? As for the additional question it would depend how far I needed to travel. Local tournaments would be fine as our team could make up half the line-up! If I drive for 2 hours or more I'd like the guarantee of at least one round without facing a team mate!