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  1. Depends on the strats and schemes for me. Gunsmiths, acolytes, hoarcats, the effigy, rail workers are great with her healing, union miners have had an upgrade and may be getting better again. Willie works with her and fire gamin are useful enough at 4ss, wind gamin are quite good although potentially going to get Cuddled as they are a little too good.
  2. Abuela is great. Hoffmans box also works well with her as hunters and the watchers are good for Perdita
  3. I really like the cerberus for effective alpha striking apart from that not really though.
  4. I think it's one of those situations which is so rare that it's not worth worrying about you won't see this happen again for the next 100 games! Plus he is spending a stone every time so not able to use it to prevent damage or add a suit for something. Him playing Tara makes it seem worse as when he reflips he gets two cards!
  5. I once issued command with Lucius for a rifleman to shoot papa who was within 3 inches of vik of ash killing them both! But yeah teleporting him in is legit!
  6. Looking at it i probably played it wrong however it is still possible to do in the same turn as retributions eye gets discarded after use so you can essentially take a thousand faces on both and change them on the turn discarding after the activation clearing the way for the second one. Good to know though, i'll speak to dom about it.
  7. Depending on what you are facing if it is a lot of undead or constructs kang makes an awesome gunline with acolytes/gunsmiths/willie.
  8. Can you check when retributions eye is removed? End of activation or end of turn please? Ta
  9. Err possibly. Will need to check the cards.
  10. Me and Neil drew 4-4 too last week!
  11. For building up, single master tournaments would be my suggestion. I generally prefer playing with one master anyway and did well recently soloing Lilith with nothing newer than book 2.
  12. Take Myranda as your highest cost model with imbued energies and 7 stones your opponent will expect you to sacrifice her so when you don't may not have tried to kill her.
  13. Probably one of the most experienced gremlin players in the UK actually. Also once the desolation engine is done it pulses, and when it dies it summons 2 abominations which also pulse to all the grouped up gremlins and pult.
  14. I'm a fan of Lilitu doppleganger and lilith with living blade and wicked mistress.
  15. I've seen levi get a desolation engine into it turn 1 and ruin the gremlin crew too!