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  1. What Future Things Would You Like To See?

    Think Seamus' girls provide happy endings!
  2. Games more fun with lower powered masters?

    I started with a mid tier master experimented with original lucius for a challenge and the probably highest rated master I have used is Lilith who is awesome and quite fun.
  3. What makes other Factions jealous?

    Ml7 CA8 rail golem makes me a wee bit jealous as an arcanist player.
  4. Claim Jump - list of models

    Also mechanical rider
  5. Models forcing simple duels.

    Thanks both!
  6. So if I take a simple duel forced by an enemy model e.g. fears given form, can I trigger a defence trigger like smoldering heart to give the enemy model burning?
  7. LGBT characters?

    Back of the line? So you don't get any gay men behind you! Spot the homophobe! (joking obviously)
  8. Best Out of the Box?

    In fact thinking about it. Tots are good with Lynch. I'd say get the Lynch an Lilith boxes as the minions from both crossover easily to the other master. Other than that buy Lynch with beckoned and Mr graves and should see you through the first few games.
  9. Best Out of the Box?

    Rasputina plus acolytes due to how much you can spend on upgrades and additional stones. Marcus plus molemen.
  10. LGBT characters?

    Could be Seamus I mean he likes to dress his Belles up in frilly dresses but seems to not be sexually interested in them. Perhaps repressed trans issues!
  11. LGBT characters?

    I'd put money on ironsides but I'm probably just stereotyping due to her look.
  12. LGBT characters?

    Just showing it does exist in some form. I believe Ramos is essentially asexual or gay too as the girls in the star always try and fail to distract him.
  13. LGBT characters?

    Think I remember a bit about Joss fancying Cassandra in one of the earlier books. Does Seamus turning male corpse markers into Belles not add a trans angle?
  14. Coming back to the list game again

    50 SS Arcanists Crew Kaeris + 4 Pool - Arcane Reservoir (2) - Purifying Fire (1) - Blinding Flame (1) The Firestarter (7) Howard Langston (12) - Imbued Energies (1) Sabretooth Cerberus (9) - Imbued Energies (1) December Acolyte (7) Union Miner (5) Arcane Effigy (4) (exported from CrewFaux) The scheme pool is quite tricky but for headhunter I always like Howard and a Cerberus due to being able to kill something then move and interact with the head. Kaeris is good vs pandy due to having ca7 and a low damage track. Blinding flame also helps with headhunter as you can push enemies away from heads whilst stopping them from charging you. I tend to find the high CA is great vs most neverborn as once you can hit them they aren't that tough. I like the acolyte as slow helps reduce the opponents number of interacts and can also pull enemies close to your hitters. The miner can help with dig their graves and claim jump and the firestarter is another good multiple ap model to get heads/drop scheme markers.
  15. Expanding from Lilith

    Lynch makes good use of graves and tots. Illuminated are a strong all round neverborn minion.