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  1. Yes, 2 FWC on Rough Riders is both overkill and exposes twice as many 9 Cost RR to getting caught and killed (I don't think two Insurance Auras can proc from one death, right?). Archivist doesn't benefit the crew much either. Sure, Omens is cool but he's an additional ranged attacker who suffers from Concealment and he doesn't have good Health batteries like he does in Cadmus. Assuming this is the super duper "load up your hand with severes" trick from before, losing Initiative Turn 2 should only worry you if you think Sidir will die in a single activation. Even if he gets engaged on, tha
  2. Theoretically anyone is worth it, Sidir works out well because his gun is so strong and he doesn't need his bonus action so he can keep the chain going. Hucksters, HopefulProspects, and Crypsis Corps are good models with bonus actions which won't be used every turn too. It helps to think of Artifact passing as "Bonus action: requires a 4, give an unactivated Minion/Wastrel within 6 Fast" in addition to actually transferring the Upgrade. So if a model isn't getting a lot of value out of its bonus actions this turn (another example could be RRider/McCabe don't need to move) and doesn't ne
  3. The more I think about this the more I like this pipe dream. Beebe & Calypso RoughRider Sidir Hopeful Prospect Daeva 10 SS Remaining Turn 1 Daeva makes a scrap, concentrates for Focused+1 RR & McCabe Ride Daeva & Sidir Pass Upgrade to Hopeful, he Walk-Walk-Concentrates and is far enough up the board to be within 4" of Sidir/Daeva Sidir Walk-Concentrates for Focused+2 and BlowsItToHell to remove any potential cover Turn 2 Stuff happens with McCabe & Others top of turn Hopeful activates, walk, concentrate or shoot, passes upgrade to Sidir Sidi
  4. Out of 6 cards in the hand and SS for 2 more, you only need 1 Tome. FlushWithCash on a minion can let you Draw 3-4 extra cards. Austera & Twigge or a HopefulProspect can help further. It's not 100% but it's much more consistent than needing a 6Mask which is what 10T McCabe relied on for nearly 2 years now, right? If all that fails, you can flip a weak Tome on Initiative, with Luna, or with anyone else as they pass around Luna's Artifact. Luna pass Mirror to a RoughRider, then RoughRider RideWithMe, Concentrate, and Shoot once or twice in non-corner? That can flip 2-8 cards and Draw
  5. I don't play Wastrel because they don't fit my style at all, I just like theorizing. So I suppose the literal answer to "how often" would be never, lol That being said, I think always 2. Good gun range and good movement is good, they can drop 2 schemes per turn, they move the rest of the crew for free, they heal, grant concealment, and can use all 3 Artifacts better than most. I think they should usually carry Faded Mirror to let them hold a Focused and cycle 1-3 cards per turn each while staying mobile and shooting (just cheat no matter what unless you're already winning against a h
  6. Yea this one I'm convinced of, I think B&C are auto-take with McCabe. They're roughly as fast as the rest of the crew without needing Ride, they make scrap much more consistently than Hucksters (and can use the scrap made by others in a pinch), they effectively have Min3 plus AoE damage, Injured is synergistic with all the Stat 5, and most importantly they're durable, which is something the Keyword lacks. If things go wrong and Beebe already activated, he can be RideWithMe'd to safety or near Scrap If McCabe is dismounted, he can be shoved inside Calypso (maybe in assassinate) Cryp
  7. I think he's too expensive. No Poison Synergy, fragile (for cost) like the rest of the crew, if he's Obeying for Scrap he's not Obeying the right targets for Focused which is his best job, and VoiceOfTheSociety isn't that great, only adding 4 success cards on a few actions. Beebe+Calypso would be my Scrap Maker Daeva as the best OOK minion like I went over before (best against DF-targeting Keywords) Intrepid is really good if you're taking both RoughRiders since it heals them for 2 every time they trigger the Aura - although the Emissary can't be RideWithMe'd so you have have another
  8. OH... I never noticed that. That's... not going to matter most of the time OoA but yuck that sucks in Activation.
  9. I see. However, I'd consider FWC as a replacement for SS for cards, not as an addition to. Sure, you use one high card for Initiative but out of 8 cards drawn, the 3rd-5th worst have to be 3 weak cards to make this ideal. Most crews have plenty of simple duels requiring 6's and 7's (if not lower) and I expect to fail at least a couple of those each turn so I'd be hesitant to toss midrange cards away, especially in a crew with already good card draw which can replace used cards. Then again, I'm HEAVILY a control/attrition player so I just have a sickly reaction to wasting any potential v
  10. Currently I think Frontier is the weakest, followed by Syndicate and then Wastrel. But also none of these fit my playstyle, they're not particularly WEAK - just weakEST, and Syndicate isn't complete yet so Jury's out.
  11. I can see this being possible. You yourself said you'd take a Lamplighter 1 in 10 games, when would you take him?
  12. It's less about absorbing damage and more about how good Jedza's options are. Jedza can absorb ranged fire for a while but if Seeker isn't putting in work to counteract resources spent then you're going to lose. It's not like Seeker doesn't have ranged damage at all, but those ranged options are usually shorter (6-8") and/or OncePerActivation (Jedza's Terrain, Austera's Bonus, Mikhail's Shockwave, Surveyors' gun). Comparing that to nearly everything having 2" engagement ranges, good damage tracks or utility on most attacks, Surveyors creating Hazardous terrain and Geodes for Jedza, k
  13. Core Crew: Intrepid Emissary or Effigy w/ FateUpgrade TheDamned Surveyor Mikhail (90% of the time?) Jedza is very unique because of the LifeToken mechanic, so I think her core is much less set in stone than most crews - it'll fluctuate based on the enemy Keyword. For example, Mikhail is INSANELY strong with Jedza, but in some matchups he's going to be overkill for the Jedza-bubble-area-control job when a second Surveyor, GraveGoo, Lamplighter is cheaper and more flexible in movement/other things (if not taking Mikhail, you must take Emissary not Effigy tho)
  14. Jedza excels at absorbing melee attackers and out-grinding them. A Surveyor is excellent for creating hazardous terrain and sitting in her bubble protected by LifeTokens while continually damaging and engaging melee enemies who can't kill him back. In games against a lot of ranged enemies, the Surveyor cannot stay immortal within Jedza's bubble if he wants to be as useful as possible - if he dives into the enemy crew he will do some damage for a brief time and then die. Jedza herself also suffers more against ranged threats because Mikhail can't sit next to her and protect her from melee.
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