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  1. This was my interpretation as well...
  2. Two questions for you all today: 1) Anya makes friendly Scheme Markers count as Hazardous to the enemy. For the opposing crew, would that make these scheme markers now "Terrain Markers" for the purpose of effects that specify targeting or removing Terrain Markers? For example LifeOfTheEarth, the DrawnToTheUnknown trigger, or Cooper's Machete? 2) How does Luck Thief interact with Ungentlemanly Affairs? Does the Distracted condition become a plus flip and then back to a negative flip? The ruling on two Hanged attacking each other seems to imply this - the defender's ability "triggers"
  3. For Round 1, could you please clarify the Terrain traits of the center area. (Adding my interpretation in parentheses) Do the Wall-looking things on either side of each staircase have a Height, can they be moved through to get on/off the stairs, or are they just part of the stairs? (It feels to me like the intent is for the "stairs" themselves to only have the +Ht1/2/3 trait, while the walls on either side of the stairs should be a Ht2 or 3 Blocking/Climbable wall - that way you can only walk up/down the stairs but it will block line of sight if LoS is drawn over it) What is the ce
  4. Hey everybody! I just released my Apex Review - If you're interested, here you are! (Just know it was recorded pre-GG2)
  5. Eva is a model who is very effective but cannot really do more than 1 thing. She's better defensively than offensively unless given Fast, and generally either threatens Passage-Scheme-LockAway to hold up enemy models or Passage-Walk-RemoveMarker with Treasure Map (and then Treasure Map pushes her back towards blocking Terrain, ready to Passage again)
  6. @NickDub Could you update the OP with the new GG2 Round 4 please? Edit: Also on the Round 4 map, how is Terrain on top of the hill handled? Is the Forest effectively Ht5 and the Rocks effectively Ht3? Is the Shadow cast by the Rocks 3" long? Should the Hill have the Dense trait so that a Ht 2 model doesn't see a Ht2 model on the other side of the inner rim? Will the +Ht apply to any Terrain markers placed on top of that hill as well?
  7. Unless I'm mistaken, I believe Station and Cost are solidified very early in the design process and Station especially is non-negotiable, with Minions being the only Station for "unnamed crewmembers and creatures which come in multiples" With the exception of Victorias, there is no non-minion (2) or (3) or greater model in the game, only Minions can be hired more than once at a time
  8. I don't think this is a great idea. It could work to balance Cadmus in Win/Loss ratio, but also makes the crew one-dimensional (not in what it can do, since Cadmus can do many things, but in variety). When the opponent declares Cadmus you'll always know exactly what will be in the list, and it shuts down the fun in decision-making and predicting your opponent's moves during crew creation. --- At this stage we're unlikely to see nerfs since the crew came out just 4 months ago, but if we are to nerf them it would have to be small changes with little-to-no impact on theme, but moderate
  9. I'm not arguing that it works that way "because" it's intuitive, just trying to describe what I mean. The argument for it to work that way is that it's the only ability in the game with the text "unblocked sight lines drawn from this model to the dropped marker" as opposed to - for example - Francois' Showdown which specifies "it can draw LoS to the Attacking model and no sight lines are blocked" To me "unblocked sight lines drawn from this model" means any LoS line drawn from the Crypsis towards the marker *up to the point which it's blocked* is still active, so to speak. If it do
  10. Runaways' OnTheRun ability Can Lord Cooper be considered engaging a Runaway for the purposes of giving an enemy FriendlyFire penalties? I think possibly. It's not fully clear if the rules governing "Engaging" label "enemy" from the attacking model's perspective or from an omnipotent perspective. Crypsis & Hazardous Terrain If a Crypsis Corps is within (A)3 of a Pit Trap, is the Hazardous from BeneathTheLeaves also (Damage 1 & Injured+1)? If a Crypsis Corps is within (A)3 of a Pit Trap AND a different source of Hazardous(Damage 1), is the terrain from BeneathTheLea
  11. Can you post the Strat/Schemes please? I'm wondering why there are 2 Treasure Maps
  12. Hey all, Posted my Wastrel Review - It's a mini this time since Wastrel has already been out. Check it out if you're interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCQosixrCBI
  13. By the topic title mentioning "Explorers" I thought this thread was a hint about the new Syndicate Outcasts being revealed in March, am I wrong on that? I wanted to find when to expect the reveal to plan my Syndicate review, so asking here before I start a new thread
  14. Hey all, My Seeker Review is up! Check it out if you'd like and leave me some feedback https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owPiby6CqDs
  15. Yea, I've noticed that others value spare soulstones much more than I do on average. I go into hiring thinking "what's the minimum amount of SS I can leave myself so I can use as much as possible to hire a better crew." That's more of a general discussion though rather than Apex specific
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