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  1. for the tournament i have available : Kaeris / eternal flame / fire gamin / Carlos Vasquez / firestarter / elijah Borgmann / fire golem / firebranded Okay thanks for the tips
  2. hello thank for the reply i didn't know there is a wildfire outside the arcanist faction... so i don't have Iggy for now... if you know with what i can replace it if i can't have it for the tournament arcane reservoir is magical training upgrade right? do you think 3 SS cache for a game i enough? i thinked 5-6 SS was a minimum have a Nice day
  3. hello everyone, In first time sorry for my bad english. I Will participate In my first tournament soon and i only played one other part yet so i Will need all the help i can find to my kaeris crew. the tournament's rule is : 40 SS => 25 SS for all the tournament and 15 SS at the beginning of each game. I only had the wildfire keyword, no versatile. for my 25 SS base crew I thought of : - kaeris - eternal flame - Carlos Vasquez - fire elemental + soulstone cache upgrade - keep the 5 SS for the game with that i think i have a strong base with lot of move. but i don't know how to spend the 15 SS so if you can give me some tips i Will be really thankfull (if you can explain why take this model rather than another for a specific scheme it will be the best) i hope my english and my questions are understandable enough. thank for your help and have a Nice day :D
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