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  1. Hi all. Can you give me some tips how to play Kaeris? I have a core box, Iggy, Carlos and burning bridges. Thanks.
  2. Hello again. Today I was ruminating on some of my mistakes in recent games and I realized that one of the biggest ways I struggle is deployment. I struggle to build a good crew to play the given deployment zones (and the accompanying schemes). I struggle to deploy my models in such a way that they're always in position or are able to easily get to where they need to be. I struggle to make good positioning decisions throughout the games progression. I would like to hear tips from everyone, as I realize that, like Chess, the beginning moves in a game can be the most important! Tell us about how you deploy. How you build crews for certain deployment zones, what kinda checklists do you have when you're deploying, etc. Looking forwards to hearing your answers!
  3. I’ve been thinking about writing up a tactica on Titania as she’s my favorite master(especially after wave 5) and I’ve gotten a lot of games under my bealt with her, and with the recent release of wave 5 and her new upgrades I figured now was the time. So without further ado, let’s get started. Titania is a bit of a jack of all trades in that she has a bit of control, a bit of damage, and a bit of support, however, there is one thing she excels at, and that is taking a beating, so let’s go over a quick overview of some of her strengths and weaknesses. Strengths: Excellent durability, especially with Royal Indignation Good damage after a little bit of set up. Draining your opponent’s hand Controlling where your opponent’s models are and who they’re attacking. Most marker based schemes are very easy for her Weaknesses: Models with a high min damage, enforcers and up especially, largely ignore her durability. Models that gain some form of buff from you placing scheme markers Models that debuf or are resistant to Ca actions. Models that gain buffs against Undead You will always find yourself wishing you could take 1 more upgrade, so deciding which 3 to take will be hard. Now, let’s start with an overview of her card. The only non-station characteristics she has are Undead, so watch anything with a bonus to Undead models, and Fae, which let’s her be targeted by the tactical actions given by her Royal Indignation upgrade, and Primal Conflux, as well as allowing her to benefit from Taproot’s aura. Her stat line comes in at Df 5, Wp 7, 12 Wounds, Wk 5 and Cg 7. This already puts her over the curve for Neverborn masters in terms of durability, and she boasts an average mobility already. Abilities Impossible to Wound. Nothing new or exciting, but this makes her Df 5 hurt a little less, as most damage flips are going to be coming in at a anyways and that even when they’re at a straight flip, or those pesky models that can cheat in spite of s won’t be able to cheat against her. Flight. Also nothing new, she doesn’t have to worry about anything slowing her down or blocking her movement. The Thirsty Roots. Now onto something new. Enemy models that activate within 6 of her and in base contact with a friendly scheme marker take a Wp 13 duel or suffer 2 damage that can’t be reduced, and with her ability to generate scheme markers, that should be every enemy model within 6 of her, meaning your opponent is going to need to be ditching cards from their hand or taking some damage on average. Rejoice in Rebirth. Last but certainly not least, when another model places a friendly scheme marker with 6, Titania heals 2 damage. This is what really shoots her durability up to one of the best. Her entire crew box has ways to passively generate scheme markers, so she’ll be getting healed just for your crew doing it’s thing. Additionally, if you have her in a good spot, your opponent will also be healing her if they want to score their schemes which can force some tough decisions. Now, let’s take a look at her actions. A Wicked Silence. It’s a Ca 6 against Wp attack with a 2” range to drop a scheme marker in base contact with an enemy model and deal 2 damage to them. No damage flip means you don’t have to worry about a black joker or wasting high cards on a damage flip, and you get a scheme marker to fuel her and her crew. It also has a trigger to push Titania up to 4” after succeding. Bloody Command. Another Ca 6(get used to that), but this time vs Df, and it has a 8” range. It has an unimpressive damage track of 2/3/4, but the triggers are where this action shines. Into Thorns is a built in trigger to discard up to 2 friendly scheme markers before flipping for damage to increase her damage by +1 per scheme marker. This turns her min damage of 2 into a min of 4, so with a little set up she can put the hurt on an appropriate model. Next we have My Loyal Subject, which lets you heal a friendly model with 4” of the target for 2/2/3. Nothing major, but any healing is good, and it can let her help keep her key models alive. Finally, we have the Deal With Him trigger. This makes her reduce the damage of her attack to 0, but it lets another friendly model within 8” and LoS of the target to push up to them and take a 1 AP attack against them. This has the obvious use of having a model with a better damage track hit them, as well as pulling your model into the fray, but it also has a use with one of her upgrades, which I will get there. That concludes her cards Attack Actions, so let’s take a look at her tactical actions. Both of these are (0) actions, so you’ll have to figure out which of the two you’ll want to do based on the situation. A New Harvest. Ca 6 again, with a TN 13, so you won’t reliably be able to top deck this, especially if you want to get the bonus. It’s pretty straight forward, it causes every model in 6 to take a TN 12 Wp duel or Titania places a scheme marker in base contact with them(hello Thirsty Roots). Now, a 12 isn’t hard to beat, but for every in the final duel total, you can increase that by 1. Now we’re looking at a 13 or 14, which models are much less likely to be able to just flip, and unless your opponent wants to give you fuel, that’s some card drain. The Queen Has Risen. Ca 6 TN 13, again with a 6” range. This action allows her to discard between one and three scheme markers within 6 to push a friendly model in range 2” for each scheme marker. A 6” push is respectable, and it lets her get rid of enemy scheme markers. That concludes a look at her base card, so now let’s take a look at her upgrades, starting with her 2 limiteds from wave 5, which greatly dictate her playstyle. First, we have Royal Indignation. If you thought she was durable before, this takes that and turns it up to 11 cementing her slot as the most durable master in malifaux. To start off with, this upgrade turns every living minion or enforcer model hired into her crew into an undead fae model, which allows them all the same synergies that Tiania gets as mentioned above, and you’ll want to be careful taking this into factions with good anti-undead tech. Next it gives her the ability Royal Indignation. Enemy minion and Peion models reduce all damage they deal to Titania by 2, and enemy enforcers and henchman models reduce all their damage by 1. This ability allows her to reduce damage done to her to 0. Additionally, this gives her a (1) tactical action to give any friendly fae model the Armor +1 condition so long as they don’t already have the Armor condition. Needing a 9 to go off, it’s not very reliable, but in a pinch you can throw that onto any of your important models, as most of your crew should be Fae. If you’re taking this upgrade you want Titania in the thick of your enemy crew gumming up the works and soaking up their resources. Next we have Pact With the Grave Spirit. With this upgrade Titania has 1 job. Kill the enemy leader. This upgrade gives her 2 Abilities. The Death of Tyrants. When she’s in a duel with the enemy leader she may add 1 suit of her choice to her final duel total when declaring triggers, and her attack actions deal +1 damage. The other ability, Autumn’s Corruption, means enemy models within 3 of her unable to heal or use soulstones. These abilites on their own make her excel at killing the enemy master, but it doesn’t end there. She also gains a (1) attack action, The Rot Within. Again at a Ca 6 vs Wp and a range of 8”, but this time it has a TN of 12 . This attack allows her to deal damage equal to the target’s missing Wds, up to a maximum of 4. And yes, her other ability can increase that to 5 damage. Normally, not having the suit in the TN would make this a little unreliable, but because you declare triggers before determining success, she will always have the suit when attacking an enemy leader. With no damage track, she is going to be taking out big chunks of of their Wds each time she hits them, and if she’s close enough to them they can’t even use their stones to prevent that damage. It also has a trigger to place a scheme marker in base contact with the target if they were killed, which is just more fuel for her. The downside of this upgrade is that you don’t have her super durability that Royal Indignation gives, and you are telegraphing what you want your master to do from the start. Next we have her normal upgrades. Audience With the Queen. This upgrade just gives her an attack action to place an enemy model in base contact with her. Again a Ca 6 vs Wp, with a TN of 13 you’ll usually need to cheat to get it off. It also has a somewhat disappointing range of only 8” so no pulling people from very far away. That shouldn’t matter after the first turn though, as she’ll be in her central position and ready to pull in anything she needs to. This action also gives her the trigger “A trophy for well… Me” which allows her to put a scheme marker in base contact with the model after succeeding. This is an upgrade that will go well with either of her Limiteds. Either pulling models in so that they have to waste AP to move, because they can’t even damage Titania, or getting models into the aura that Pact With the Grave Spirit gives her. Behold My Glory. This gives her a trigger on all of her attack actions, and it will be built in on every one except The Rot Within, called Behold My Glory. The gives the target the condition “She Will End Us All!” which forces them to discard two cards whenever they declare an attack action that doesn’t target Titania or it fails. Spread this around on models that you don’t worry about hurting Titania and suddenly your opponent is either wasting their AP or wasting their hand. This also has a nice synergy with Barbaros’s Challenge aura. TN 14 Wp duel to target anyone but Barbaros with an action, and discard 2 cards to attack anyone but Titania can mean your opponents big beaters aren’t going to be able to do anything without first using some cards. This pairs very well with Royal Indignation, as if you put this on minions then they will be unable to even damage Titania, and they’ll have to discard cards to damage anyone else. The Forest Claims All. This gives Titania an ability of the same name, that whenever an enemy model places a corpse or scrap marker within 4” of Titania, your opponent has to discard a card or Titania get’s to place a scheme marker in base contact with their marker, and then discard their marker. This has obvious uses against summoners, as you’re eating into their resources in both getting rid of what they can summon off of or getting rid of cards they would summon with. This can also be used to force your opponent into choosing to give you resources after killing one of their models or draining their hand. This upgrade will usually get passed over for something else, but should be near the top of your list if you think you’ll be playing against a summoner that needs markers. The Queen’s Champion. This is the last Titania only upgrade and this one doesn’t actually buff Titania herself in any way. While attached to Titania, whenever a friendly model kills an enemy mode with an Attack Actionl you may discard a soulstone. If you don’t the upgrade is discarded from Titania and is attached to the friendly model. Now, at a cost of 2 to start with, this upgrade could very quickly start costing a lot. But as I mentioned earlier, the trigger on Bloody Command to let another model attack her target can let you get Queen’s Champion on the appropriate model rather easily. While on another model, this upgrade gives 3 abilities. The first of which is just Armor +1. Next we have the eponymous ability The Queen’s Champion, which gives the model a to their attack actions. And finally we have Gifts to My Queen, which let’s the model place a scheme marker in base contact with an enemy model every time it damages them with an attack action. This includes Blast and Pulse effects that cause damage as part of an attack action. The best candidates for this upgrade are models that can get more attacks, like Nekima, her henchman Aeslin, the Doppleganger. Models with blasts like Hannah or Envy. Or models that will benefit a lot from the armor like the new wave 5 model Cyclops. Combine this upgrade with Malifaux Provides on any of them, and you can greatly increase their durability. Between Armor +1, and healing 2 from just damaging enemy models and using one of the scheme markers they dropped, your Queen’s Champion is going to be a rather hard model to get rid of. Now onto the only general Fae upgrade. Taproot. This gives all friendly Fae models with 10 a Df/Wp trigger The Forest Hides Us. After resolving an attack action against this model, it may discard a friendly scheme marker within 3” to push up to 3” in any direction. If you pair this with Royal Indignation then most, if not all, of your crew gains access to this trigger. Fae Models: Aeslin(9ss) The only Fae henchman, coming in at Df 5 Wp 7 9 Wds and HtW+1 she's no tank but she's going to eat AP or take a dedicated beater to really take her down, especially if she or someone near her has Taproot. Her abilities are The Curse of Autumn, which when an enemy model activates engaged with at least 1 model with that ability they make a Wp duel or gain slow, Casting Expert, and Wild Magic, which allows her to discard a scheme marker near the target when declaring an action to not have to randomize. Offensively she's very similar to Titania, possessing an identical A Wicked Silence, and Rot And Rend. Ca 6, range 1 or 10 for 2/3/4. It has the Into Thorns trigger just like Titania, A Darkness Falls which can give the target Slow after succeeding if they don't discard a card, Secrets Kept, which pushes the target 6" towards Aeslin after succeeding, and A Trophy For The Queen, which places a scheme marker in base contact with the target if they're an enemy after succeeding. She has 2 (0) tactical actions; Bound and Rooted, which make it so that friendly models within 6 can't be moved, pushed or placed by the actions, abilities, or triggers of enemy models until the end of the turn, and As Leaves On Wind, a Ca 6 Tn 12 action to discard a friendly scheme marker within 6" to put up a 6 to Ca actions for enemy models until the end of the turn. She has an average walk of 5 and charge of 6, so she's not going to be breaking any records, but she doesn't need to with a 10" gun and casting expert. Aeslin is a model you want to take to support your crew, as well as get some surprise hits in with Rot and Rend having a min 4 potential. She is especially good against Ressers, 10T and Neverborn, as those are the 3 factions with the most offensive movement tricks and most reliant on Ca actions. She's a good holder for the Taproot upgrade as well, because you will want her in a central position for her tactical actions which lets the most models be within the 10" to gain the Df/Wp trigger. She is also one of the models best suited for placing scheme markers to heal up Titania. Cyclops(8ss) The beater of the Fae. defensively they aren't great, coming in at only Df 4, Wp 5 9 Wds and HtK. Their abilities include, Frozen Heart, Cyclopean Raaaage! which gives them +2 to their Ml when 5 or fewer wds, and Foresight. Foresight is an interesting ability, because at the start of their activation, you can either discard a or to either heal 2 or buff the Rg of it's actions by 2 for the activation, which gives their attack an impressive range of 4" which when combined with their Cg 7 let's them really reach out and touch someone. Turning over to the back of the card now, we have the Mighty Spear as it's only attack action. Ml 5 vs Df, a range of 2 and 3/4/6 damage with the Skewer trigger on to give it + per in the final duel total to moderate and severe damage. They have 2 (0) tactical actions. The first is Ice Wall. Needing a 7 to go off, it's not something you want to be relying top decking, it puts up 2 Ht 5 blocking impassable 50mm Ice Wall markers in base contact with it. Unfortunately they can't be touching any other models or markers, so you can very quickly run out of space because you want a Cyclops surrounded by scheme markers due to it's 2nd (0) action, Frozen Runes. Now Frozen Runes is the real reason you take the Cyclops with Titania. For every scheme marker within 3", and yes this includes enemy scheme markers, you reveal a card then resolve an effect depending on the suit then discard the card. Deal 1 damage to an enemy model within 5", Heal 1 damage on a friendly model within 5", give an enemy model slow within 5" and discard the scheme marker, place another scheme marker within 5"(do not flip for this new marker), or your choice of 2 if you flip either joker. None of this requires LoS and there is no way to resist any of it happening. Overall, the Cyclops is a model that depends on risk/reward. Ideally you want it sitting below half health in the middle of a horde of scheme markers, but between being able to heal it at the start, guard it's approach with Ice Walls, get healing from Titania's bloody command trigger and potentially armor if you take Queen's Champion and feed it a model, and the obvious syngery in a Titania crew with Malifaux Provides it is a very manageable risk for some amazing reward. They work best in a pool where the opponent wants to be in a single location to get the maximum use out of Frozen Runes, but don't be afraid to take them anyways as a 3/4/6 damage track and on demand blocking terrain for 8ss is by no means a bad deal. Bandersnatch(5ss) The Bandersnatch is the odd one out of the Fae, as it has nothing related to scheme markers. Coming in at Df 5, Wp 5 and 4 Wds incorporeal, at first glance one might wonder why you would ever take it. The reason is that it should only be spending 1-2 turns actually on the table, and the rest of the game burried, as this model is all about hiding inside of another model and attacking from it. It has the Shadow Spirit and Shadow Hunting abilities, which allow it to activate normally and declare triggers while burried, and add the Ht of the model it is measuring range and LoS from when declaring an attack action while burried. To determine whom the Bandersnatch is drawing Range and LoS from, we need to look at its (0) Crawl Into Shadow attack action. It is a Ca 6 vs Wp, Tn 13 range 6 attack to put the Shadow Lair upgrade on the target and burry itself. The Bandersnatch will unburry in base contact with the target whenever the Shadow Lair upgrade is removed, or if the model with Shadow Lair is about to be removed. The Shadow Lair upgrade gives the model with it the ability that lets the Bandersnatch draw Range and LoS from it while declaring attack actions, and an ability to deal 1 damage at the start of the activation and remove the upgrade after it has taken 2 damage from that ability. It's other attack action is Grab. A Ml 5 vs Df, range 2 with a 2/3/4 damage track with 2 triggers, Snatch which pushes the target in base contact with the model that range and LoS for the attack was drawn from after damaging, and False Suspicion, which forces the target non-leader to take a (1) attack action against the model that Range and LoS were drawn from that is controlled by the Bandersnatches controller, and cannot declare triggers. Lastly, it has the (1) Dart Out tactical action, which just unburries itself in base contact with whatever model has Shadow Lair attached, and discards the Shadow Lair upgrade from them. The Bandersnatch is a curveball model. You can either have it hitch a ride in some of your own guys to pull stuff in and trigger abilities like Pounce or you can stick it in an enemy model for the free damage and to hopefully get some infighting going on, as well as mess with their positioning. It's also very good as your only minion in schemes where the opponent wants to kill your minions, as that is hard to do when you can dictate when the Bandersnatch is on the board to be killed unless they're willing to start killing their own models to get it out. Bultungin(5ss) A very mobile minion, with Df 5, Wp 5, Wd 6, Wk 6 Cg 7, it shines as a scheme runner hunter. It has the abilities Careful Hunter, when an enemy scheme marker is placed in LoS, it gains the condition Creeping Forward +1, which allows it to move +1" in any direction when the condition is removed, and Stalking Pounce, when this model ends a move or push that wasn't part of the Walk or Charge action, this model may discard a card to take a (2) AP attack action against an enemy model within it's engagement range if it discards a card. It's attack actions are (1) Brutal Knives. A fairly standard 5 vs Df range 2 that does 2/3/4 damage with an interesting trigger. After succeding, if the target reduced or prevented damage from this attack, take the (2) Savage Mauling attack action against the target. Savage Mauling is a 6 vs Df, range 2 with a 3/4/5 damage track, and a trigger to place a friendly scheme marker if the target was killed, and prevent any other markers or models from being placed or summoned as a result of the target being killed. Lastly it has the (0) action scavenge, Discard an enemy scheme marker within 2" to draw the top card of your discard pile into your hand. These are great shceme runner hunters between getting a free movement for them placing scheme markers and a decent attack. There is also the synergy of Titania using her Deal With Them trigger on one of these guys for a potential of 3 attacks if they have some way of reducing damage. Having a (0) action to just remove a scheme marker is also great, but it gives the added benefit of either letting you get a low card of your deck for the next turn, or picking that high card you just used back up. Rougarou(8ss) A beater minion that comes in at Df 5, Wp 5 Wd 9 HtK for it's defensive stats. It has an average Wk 5 and a good Cg 7. Its abilites are Fresh Meat, it can discard a friendly scheme marker within 3" at the start of it's activation to heal 2 or push 3", and Pounce. It's attack action, Wulfen Claws, is Ml 6 vs Df, range 2 with a 2/4/6 damage track and the trigger Crushing Strike, gain a for every in the final duel total. It has the tactical actions (0) Challenge of the Alpha, Ca 6 Tn 13, which forces all enemy models within 4 to pass a Tn 13 Wp duel or be pushed into base contact with the model, and a trigger to place itself in base contact with a model that passed the Wp duel after resolving all the pushes. This is a good way to reposition the Rougarou and/or to pull in some models and get some free attacks. It's second tactial action is (0) Howl To The Blood Moon, which forces a target model within 2" to pass a Wp 13 duel or the Rougarou can make a (1) attack action against it. In most cases it will probably be better to just use Challenge of the Alpha instead, but if there's a model that you really want to get an attack on that's within 2" that for some reason can't be pushed any closer to the Rougarou you have this as a backup plan. The Rougarou can make for a decent beater minon with its 2/4/6 damage track and potential for to the damage flip, as well as having 9 wounds and a 2 heal at the start of it's activation. Where it really shines is in combination with something that can abuse its pounce, either Barbaros or the Tooth as they both have a push built into their attack. The Autumn Knights(7ss each) I am grouping The Tooth, The Claw and The Thorn together as they are all similar. They each have Df 5, Wp 5, 7 Wds, with HtW+1, Armor +1 and Curse of the Autumn, as well as an average Wk and Cg of 5 and 6 respectively. They also each possess the (0) tactical action A Clear Path, this model may discard a card to push into base contact with a friendly scheme marker within 4". Where they differ is their attack actions, a different (0) challange attack action, which is a 6 vs wp range 8 attack to pull a model in.. The Tooth as the Blossoming Blade attack action. It is a Ml 6 vs Df with a range of 2 . It does 2/3/4 damage and can push the target up to 4" away. It has the triggers Brambles, when damaging if the target is within 2" and LoS of a friendly scheme marker the damage flip gains , and the built in trigger A Trophy For The Queen, to place a scheme marker in base contact with the enemy after succeeding. Her challenge is the Challenge of Summer. It pushes the target it's Cg towards her, then the target takes a (1) Ml attack action against her that gets a to any resulting damage flip. If she is still alive after this, Tooth gets to hit back with a (1) Ml attack action. Tooth pairs very well with the Rougarou, because she can potentially trigger 3 attacks from the Rougarou. Additionally, her challenge is very abusable. Since it is Range 8, any model with less than a Cg 7 that has a 1" Ml attack could be pushed into her but not get the free attack, whereas she can hit them. Additionally, if they just don't have a Ml attack at all then her positioning doesn't matter in the slightest. Having A Trophy For The Queen built in let's her support Titania by healing her up with every attack she hits as well. Next up is The Claw. He has The Winter Spear, which is almost identical to The Blossoming Blade except it also has a 8 range, no push, and Brambles is built in instead of A Trophy For The Queen. His Challenge, The Challenge of Winter, just pushes the target into base contact. It comes with a trigger Winter's Chill to give them the condition Winter's Chill, this model suffers on all Df flips, unless they discard 2 cards. This is obviously a very debilitating condition that no one wants, so you can potentially eat up half of your opponents hand with a single (0) action and still push them 8" towards your crew, and against a Titania crew they will want their hand for all the passive Wp duels for being around your models. Last but not least is The Thorn. Her attack, Lashing Vines, is Rg 3 with a 1/3/4 damage track that ignores armor, and has the triggers Brambles and The Queen's Spies, after damaging if the target is within 2" and LoS of at least 1 friendly scheme marker, draw a card. Her Challenge of Spring pushes them up to 8" towards her and drops a scheme marker in base contact with them, giving her more control of where the opponent ends up and where you place the scheme marker. While her weak of 1 is bad, the fact that you can get a to her damage flip and it ignoring armor can definitely come in handy against some of the tougher nuts to crack, or you can just farm a weak model that you don't have to worry about for cards, and if you want to hit your own models for cards you're usually only doing 2 damage to them. Her 3" engagement range also gives the biggest range for The Curse of Autumn to force some Wp duels or slow. The Gorar(3ss) Finally we have Titania's totem. At Df 6, Wp 5 and Wd 4 it's nothing to write home about for durability. It's got a nice mobility with Wk 6, Cg 7 and unimpeded, but not for scheme running as it's insignifcant. What it has mobility for is its ability From Malifaux We Are Born. When a friendly Minion model is killed or sacrificed by an enemy attack action, if this model is within 6" of the center line, you may summon the model that was killed or sacrificed into base contact with this model, then sacrifice this model. This ability can be a nice kick in the teeth for your opponent when they finally put down that Illuminated, or Rougarou, or Autumn Knight. For attacks it has A Wicked Silence at a Ca 4, and The Serpet's Call. Ca 4 vs Wp at range 10, target model with the Slow condition gains Paralyzed. This can go very nicely with the ways your crew can hand out slow, and especially against most summoners, and can get some high cards out of your opponents hand as no one wants to let their model get paralyzed if they can help it. With it's Ca 4s, this guy is mostly taken just to be revived into one of your minions in the mid-late game, with its attacks just being coincidental bonuses when they happen to go off.
  4. Hello Puppet-Lovers! This is going to be my first attempt at writing a Tactica for use with my favourite Master: Collodi. I used Collodi a lot in the Wave 2 Beta and think I have a good grasp of the tactics and abilities you can make use of in a Collodi crew, which I would like to share with New Players and old alike, as well as maybe give Collodi's Opponents a leg up if they are finding him a difficult Master to go up against in their local group. Let's begin with where we came from: In M1E Collodi's tactics involved spinning a small ball of marionettes into anything and having that thing die rather brutally, from just about anywhere on the board. While maintaining a lot of the same flavour in 2E Collodi is not going to fly across the board with his entire crew, that said he has never felt more like a PuppetMaster in my opinion, and I'd like to show people why, especially if theyre having trouble transitioning. StatBlock First off Collodi is a Low-Wound Master. His Df is average at 5, with good WP at 6. 5Wk makes him a little faster than average, but is going to leave some players missing his old 40" moves. However, he can push 3" after any Df targeting attack, so if youve got some low cards to toss you can attack him with your own models to push him up the board. We've also got Accomplice so he can always have a friend go after him and Puppet Friends, which gives him access to any out of faction Puppet model, which is currently Mannequins, Coryphee and the Effigies. The 6" Bubble Collodi's abilities and buffs all center around a 6" bubble around him. This makes him more vulnerable to blast-heavy crews, but also makes it much easier to buff your entire crew at once. Of note is that Collodi's buffs do not require you to STAY in this bubble. Learning when to venture from the bubble is going to be an important skill for 2e Collodi players. Personal Puppet This is one of Collodi's (0) actions and marks a friendly Minion as the Personal Puppet until he uses the ability again. This grants the PP a (1) action any time Collodi suffers damage from an enemy model while within THE BUBBLE, so long as they take 1 damage themselves. It also grants Collodi the ability to kill (not sacrifice, so it will drop Corpse/Scrap) the Personal Puppet to negate all damage from whatever just hit him. This gives us 2 courses of action with PP. 1) We can throw it on something menacing, like an Illuminated, Young Neph or Ronin, and furiously punish things for hitting Collodi (or stalk the PP closer to priority targets and mark something else PP on out next turn. Nothing says dont hit my Master like a magical crack addict clawing your opponent's Master's face off.) 2) We throw it on something throw away, most notable the Marionette totem, and kill them when a Seamus Flintlock RJ dmg flip appears. The nice thing about the Marionettes is that when they die they may transfer positive conditions off to other minions. So you can face-tank a number of hit equal to your marionettes +1 before taking any damage. Assuming they are all in THE BUBBLE. Ideally you will get a chance to gauge your opponent and pick a tactic that most messes up their gameplan. I usually start off now by putting it on something big unless I guess my opponent is a "kill the master at all costs!!!" kind of player. Beater tends to deter pot shots, chaff tends to deter people from concentrated efforts. Collodi Hates Mind Bullets Ok, so Collodi has Df 5 and WP 6, why does he hate WP duels more? Well, first off you'll only usually only be taking one hit from a Df duel due to the auto-triggered Run Away Home; letting you push 3" in any direction, usually good enough to push out of melee or into cover/out of LoS against shooting attacks. Against WP? He's a sitting duck if the attack makes it past his WP6. So prioritize those nasty WP targets, or just avoid them if you can. But Hates His Opponents More Lets talk about what Collodi does to your Opponent's crew before we get into what he can do for his own. Collodi's lone offensive skill is Pull The Strings. It is highly accurate, extending 4" past THE BUBBLE and best of all, isnt actually a ranged attack, so does not scatter and does not care about cover. The attack itself has a... poor damage profile for a master: 2/3/4, but comes with a positive twist to damage, so you can cheat in those middle of the road cards if you want the 3 damage. But no, where this attack shines is in its triggers. SO first of all we have a build in Mask. That Mask gives the opponent slow. A crow lets us damage AND obey the opponent's non-Leader model, as many times a turn as we have AP and fancy crows to throw at them. The last trigger; Idle Hands, requires a second maske. On that model's activation, you control one of it's AP, and spend it. Now, that on its own is great, but you can shut down nearly any model in the game with 2AP and some good cards. Slapping a model once for slow and then a second time for Idle Hands means they are Paralyzed, without being able to Frozen Heart Immunity their way out of it. They lose 1 AP and you're spending the other. Even models with specific AP like Nekima can be forced to move out of position so they can't make use of their extra AP. Or just stab away with them, your pick. Nasty Ability. Collodi Loves His Children Collodi has two more actions on his -base- card, both of which are for helping his wonderful friends out. Collodi has a deep affinity, like many buffing masters, for Minion and -Keyword- models. His keyword characteristic is of course, Puppets. The first, My Will, allows him to transfer some AP out to his minions/puppets giving them a positive twist to any DUEL they make during the action. So this allows for more easily passed Horror/Manipulative duels, as well as just flatly being more likely to hit. Often you'll be better off attacking with your own strings, but this ability should not be overlooked. It doesnt work on Collodi so dont try. Second, he can summon back his totem, the marionette, or wicked dolls from scrap left lying around from killing all your decoy personal puppets or killing whatever mechanical beasties your opponent brought. This requires a 9 of Masks, making it one of the worst return-on-investment summoning powers in the game. But only by a TN difference of 1 so, its not the end of the world. This ability is one of the reasons you might pause on taking some of the NB minions I mentioned because they will all be dropping corpses, save the Coryphee. But you should have plenty of scrap from marionettes dying and effigies getting taken out. Fated VS Props Collodi's two Limited upgrades are going to change how you're playing with him. Both provide Creep, a handy little 3" push (0) action, good for getting out of engagements and moving up the board. What they differ on is key though: Do you want to Buff Your Crew or do you want to Buff Your Master? Fated was my go-to during the playtest. Effigy buffs are very powerful and will be covered in more detail in their own section. But suffice to say, being able to grant your Puppinions healing on causing damage, burning on every attack unless your opponent discards, etc and being able to do so -without activating Collodi- is very powerful indeed. When Collodi activates he can also grant a second buff to the crew by taking an action. This is usually defensive stance or more notably: Focus. If you have been reading game dev Justin's blog, you'll know how valuable AP is as a resource and I found myself on average granting it to 4-7 Puppinions, which is a heck of a lot of AP saved. Props is the contrast. It allows Collodi to sap off Defensive Stances and Focus conditions from friendlies as required. Now on the surface this seems much less useful, but having Out of Position models ending their turn on a Defensive Stance or Focus can free up a LOT of Collodi's AP, let him stand a higher chance of drawing suits he needs and just generally let him be more effective while chaff models secure you activations and are no less effective at being in your opponents way. If you find yourself thinking Marionettes are not useful, this may be the upgrade to try. Especially with Avatar Collodi's attacks (covered in the third post) You'll also get the option to summon Effigies! You dont get their buff across your whole Puppinion base, but if there's scrap around they can be more useful than a Wicked Doll and Collodi certainly does still get to benefit from the Effigy buffs! I Heard There Are Other Upgrades? Right you are title! My favourite/always taking of the remaining upgrades is Strum The Threads. This allows Puppinions Puppets-Only in THE BUBBLE to take 2 unavoidable damage to gain fast. Now Puppets tend to have low wounds high defences, so if you dont have a way of healing (which you do! See: Effigies) you can quickly wipe yourself off the board, but Illuminated could heal that back same turn. And now they are FAST magical crack addicts. It should be noted this is NOT an action, its just an ability so you cant spread Fast to your Puppinions with Fated. Stop doing so, take your 2 damage like a... man puppet? Like a muppet. Breathe Life exists! Its another option for a (0), letting you toss 2 wounds back on a model, but it can't be you, so probably pass? Pushing Puppinions 2" is actually more useful than it sounds. You can unlock a lot of models from combat or manage some extra distance. If you're hitting 8 models with it, it is 16" of free movement? I dunno, I still haven't got it to be as useful as I think it COULD be. Threads of Fate. Not to be confused with Fated, this makes Collodi immune to forced movement, which is pretty dang super. You also get a (1) to give yourself Armor. Now, aside from the obvious interaction with Fated and giving that armor to your Puppinions, did you consider making yourself Fast with Strum, giving yourself Armor +4 and then not caring so much about the Beatstick in your face? Especially since that 1 minimum damage still lets your PP get free AP. Im sure I can do more with the Collodadillo. Next we'll be discussing Collodi's best pals the doll friends, followed by some Avatar Collodi pondering!
  5. I love tabling people as Sonnia, and so after taking a look at Rasputina, I'm interested in blowing a couple hundred on models to fill her out given her similar schticks ala Ice Wall spam, indirect fire, blast templates and so on. I'm familiar with the usual array of tips from PullMyFinger, but I'm wondering if some veterans of the master could provide some extra/unusual insights. So far as a baseline list goes, I'm thinking: Rasputina: Seize the Day, Armour of December, Cold Nights Wendigo Snow Storm: Sub Zero (would Armour of December be better? Imbued Defenses?), Imbued Energies 2x Silent One 2x December Acolyte Ice Gamin Other models I plan on purchasing: Arcane Emissary, Ice Dancers, Arcane Effigy, Essence of Power (for Shattered Heart/blasty Rasputina), RoF Carlos Santana (for more blocking markers), Kudra (Illusionary Forest + Ice Pillar synergy). I already have Mech Rider. Any recommendations as purchases go, including mercs?
  6. I've been going over the Pull My Finger pages and I'm really interested in trying out the "Beastie Bomb" list described in the Tactics section. Just looking for some suggestions on specifically which models to get to it, a.k.a. what the full list's gonna look like. So far I've got just a rough idea on how this is gonna go down. Help?
  7. I didn't see anything on the forms so I thought i would start a thread to help us (ressers) share ideas for the divergent path games. And possibly coordinate which char we want to win. I looks like we are already on the way to the trickster, which is good. this new Week 3+4 should be a no brain'er. I used Tara and gave her maniacal laugh. With her 6 AP she ran around, drop scheme markers, and turned all the corpse markers into mindless zombies. Which in turn gave me activation control and the zombies just shambled their way to my few anchor guys to pick up and turn in. hopefully that helps anyone still needing to get their games in. Look forward to seeing what our next scenario is gonna be!!
  8. So I went away from the game for a year or so (playing starter-only 35ss games at the time) and now I'm back for Divergent Paths, with a few new models added to my collection. Here's the Seamus list I'm currently running. I've been told I should up the damage potential (The Hanged?) though for some reason I feel like getting better objective-grabbers i.e. Necropunks or Crooligans, maybe a Dead Doxy to compliment a Belle. My current collection's literally just the Redchapel box, Bete Noire and two dogs but I may or may not be able to acquire more before the event ends. Suggestions?
  9. Is there a good/comprehensive guide for playing Leveticus, including match ups, crew compositions and the like? I am already familiar with the content on PullMyFinger.
  10. Hello Wyrd brains trust. Im relatively new to the system, with NB Dreamer and Collodi with masters. Played a game Collodi vs Ironsides and just got obliterated. It was Squatters rights with distract and out flank, but we didn't get that far as Ironsides just got in the centre of my crew and wrecked Vasilisa, Widow Weaver and 2 Wicked Dolls by turn 3. I got her down to 1 WD but ran out of AP to finish the job and she bounced back. The captains relic hammer corrected some stitched, the other was unlucky and that was game with Collodi ghosting around by himself versus the whole crew minus mouse. The Oxfordian mages with the runes that remove printed suits from Ca actions really locked me down. Hand picked men being blooded by the electric creation for [+] flips was also nasty. We've since realised we had played a few things wrong (using her place ability to drop her in the middle of enemy rather than specific base to base) so I'm sure there were other mistakes that made it a bit OP (but we are learning). Any advice beyond the obvious 'don't bunch up'? Crew ideas? I'll be seeing her fairly regularly from now on... thanks
  11. Hello all! Again, us at Sprites and Dice have put together a Tactica, this time, going in-depth about Pandora and her skill set. Dana, our Neverborn player, loves using the 'bubble-bomb' method to destroy teams, but do you play her differently? Is there another trick to using her besides a massive dose of Misery? Feel free to check out our article, and tell us what you think! http://www.spritesanddice.com/2015/07/malifaux-tactics-in-that-place-there.html
  12. Hello everyone I have decided to do a series of tactica on the various (less-played?) Minions models of Malifaux on my blog. If these are well liked or comprhesive enough, I will try to port pieces over the the PullMyFinger wiki. If there are suggestions on what to do better or what models to cover next, please let me know. Minions covered Wicked Doll Alps Current Suggestions (by priority) Sorrows Mysterious Effigy Beckoners Depleted
  13. I was a little surprised that there wasn’t already a Leveticus tactica on the forums here. I figured I would take a shot at one. I'd also like to link to an essay I wrote a few months back, Why I Love M2E Leveticus. Much props out to all the badass Leveticus players I’ve learned from. Especially drool_bucket and Lucidicide, who are premier players who really know their stuff. Leveticus is a steampunk necromancer, a scavenger who recovers stray parts both dead and mechanical and salvages them into horrible new creations. He’s quite a departure from most Masters, in that his mechanics revolve around the fact that he’ll probably die several times and keep coming back. He also has the dubious pleasure of having the absolute largest possible hiring pool of any master in the game. Playing against Leveticus the first time can be a shock: he’s easy to kill but keeps coming back. His attacks almost always hit, do decent to huge damage, and bypass most defenses. He jumps around the board. He summons by killing you, and his Core Crew models all have unusual mechanics of dying, being reborn, being created, and combining together. Once you get used to him, he’s still very dangerous and potent. His resilience and his mobility all rely on odd crew mechanics: to come back from the dead, he needs a Hollow Waif, plus another model to anchor the Hollow Waif.
  14. Hi all This is my first post on the forums, and i'm (as the title suggests) quite new to malifaux. I purchased two crews for The Guild faction, Lady J and her Death Marshals and Criid and her Witchling Stalkers (purely based on looks, i mean, cowboy Ghost Riders? who could pass them up!). I go into the game with my older brother, who bought various crews for various factions (Lilith, Mei-Feng, Rasputina and soon to be getting Freikorps). I've played roughly 6 games, a few with him, and a few at my games club that roped me into the game. I've got most of the rules down, and can play full games with little reference to the rulebook, but im having extreme difficulty actually doing well. In fact, i've not won a game yet XD. Partly due to luck, (i've pulled red joker once out of my 6-7 games, and had some awful hands at really important times ) but mostly due to the same thing every game; other crews seem to be able to do some crazy trick im just unable to counter that wins them the game. I got quite frustrated playing against a more experienced player using guild lawyers who held my entire crew up almost all game whilst Lucius sat claiming objectives (Lady J couldnt kill a 4 wound model) . I've also had a problem with Lady J been torn apart by EVERY single thing she has EVER engaged (she hasnt killed a single model yet). Quite frustrated with these dirty tricks, i've come to see my crews as no-where near as good as these tricky crews, as i just cant play them effectively enough to counter them, even when i know what they are doing sometimes. I really just need some help with general tactics and nasty combos to get me started with the crews i have, as playing is fun, but when im annihilated every game by pretty huge margins, its kinda frustrating. Everyone seems to say that The Guild are Jack of all trades, but i'm not really seeing that as a strength when i'm going up against these crews that can always seem to out trick me. If i try to out-shoot, they just move faster than me and close the gap. If i try and melee, i always fluff draws and fail to kill people (Case number 1: Lady J) Some general help would be nice, from anyone more experinced and/or tactically minded, as im signed up for a friendly malifaux tournament set up by the local henchman at my club, and if im gonna do this bad in it, i might as well take my own wooden spoon . Quite a lengthy post, but thanks in advance to anyone who can be bothered to read i and can help me XD Jordan
  15. So, I've just acquired my fifth Malifaux crew and it so happens to be Marcus... I've put a list together, and I just want to see what the rest of 'Team Marcus' have to say! Here's the list: Marcus Blessed of December (8SS) Ama No Zako (8SS) Shikome (8SS) 3 Night Terrors (9SS Total) That leaves me with 2 spare SS, giving me a total cache of 6SS. Should I include the Jackolope? Is the 1SS trade worth it for the totem?
  16. So I recently bought Yan Lo on a whim with my girlfriend getting Jakob Lynch. We ran them out of the box (after getting some painting and basing done that weekend - can post pics later if anyone wants to see), plus a few extra minions here and there. We had a lot of fun but now I want to get some neat additions to this crew. Something fun and exciting or something optimized and kickass. Either, or would be fine with me. I've heard a few people talking about "something cool" with The Drowned and Yan Lo, but never really saw what that "something cool" was. If anyone could explain that I would be interested in hearing the combo or whatever they do for Yan Lo. I was also thinking about running a crap ton of Canine Remains to Chi Hulk out with the Master; or I've heard that Izamu, The Armor is good to take and then take a couple Canine Remains with him and zerg-rush the opponent. I read the post out there somewhere and it sounded fun but hard to control. Anyways, has anyone out there done anything neat with Yan Lo? If so, post here. I'd be happy to read your tactics! (I ran 3x: Ashigaru, Chiaki, The Neice, Yan Lo, (proxy) Toshiro and (proxy) Yin, The Pendangalan)
  17. ANNOUNCEMENT! PullMyFinger Malifaux Tactica Wiki is Live! http://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/ Lalochezia, Rathnard, and myself(Karn987) have begun a project to create a Malifaux Tactica Wiki to help centralize all of the amazing Tactica's and information out on the forums right now. The site will have: Detailed Tactica articles on every Master, Henchmen, Totem, and Minion in the game! Model Errata as per Rules Marshal's Rulings. Rules Clarifications as per Rules Marshal's Rulings. Rising Power Card Changes. New Player Introduction Articles. Other Helpful Articles concerning Malifaux and gaming. Fan Art. As you can imagine the scope of this project is enormous to say the least. There is still a lot of work to be done and many articles that need to be written and Master's that need attention. But we are announcing the site now in hopes that many of you in the community will want to pick up a pen and help us finish this! Many parts of it will require ongoing updates as long as Malifaux lives and breaths, especially the Errata and Clarification sections which will need constant updating. So we urge you to go and take a look and if you think you can/want to contribute, register on the wiki with your name there matching your forum name here if you have a forum account here. We won't refuse any help. Please read the Helping Out section before you register though. Read it Here: http://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/Helping+Out As this wiki grows, it will become more and more of a community effort. But before we released it, there were several amazing individuals who worked really hard to get this stuff up for you guys to browse through and build off of. They truly deserve some applause as they have not only contributed on Master/Crew articles but in many other places on the site and to the spirit of this project. Without these hardworking people, the Wikia would not be even half as complete as it is. So I am honored to extend our thanks to them. I also want to thank everyone who has put time into this project by writing articles, proof reading, contributing art, etc. Thank you everyone! We still have a lot of work to do so keep up the hard work!
  18. Showgirls Tactica Version 2011-02-23 This Tactica was written to help everyone understand Colette and her Showgirls including new and experienced players regardless of if you are playing with or against her crew. I will describe some basic tactics, gotchas, and synergy of the Showgirls and a little about who else works well with them. You'll need to come up with your own overall strategy of how to win each game because different victory conditions require different overall strategies. Corrections & updates are of course welcome. However, I ask that you first check the Rulebooks, latest FAQ, latest Errata, and Extra Errata and quote the relevant rules in the correction. From what I have seen most false corrections are caused by the poster going from memory and not realizing that something, like Companion, has been changed in the errata. Please, I ask of you, just take the time to check and make sure you got it right. Thread: Malifaux FAQ Download Thread: Malifaux Errata Thread: Extra Errata Assumptions In a Brawl a second master may adjust the hiring prices of some models or change which models may be hired. I'll also refer to your opponent as he, him, etc. I know your opponent could be female, but that makes writing rather clunky. Overview The Showgirls have diverse talents, strengths and weaknesses which often show up in pairs. Colette and Cassandra have Use Soulstone and can cast spells to damage enemies. Cassandra and Coryphee/Coryphee Duet are decent in melee and are able to move quite a distance in an activation. The Performer and Coryphee/Coryphee Duet can inflict Paralyzed. All the Showgirls either have or can gain the Use Soulstone ability. The Showgirls can use the Mechanical Doves as a Soulstone (even when they don't currently have the Use Soulstone ability) which gives any resulting Flip a . With Coryphee/Coryphee Duet, Mannequins, and Mechanical Doves (which are not Showgirls) you have a variety of non-living models. Your average damage is 2/3/4. It's not bad, but it's not great either so if you want something dead then you probably should attack in numbers. Some models are nearly impossible to kill or just won't stay dead. In such situations it is probably better to focus on your objectives and go for the VP that you can get. Colette's Minion Choices 9 Cassandra ( Showgirl ) 6 Performer & Mannequin ( Showgirl ) 7 Coryphee ( Showgirl ) 9 Joss ( Construct, M&SU Member ) 6 Gunsmith ( Special Forces(M&SU Asset) ) 6 Soulstone Miner ( Special Forces(M&SU Asset) ) 5 Johan ( Outcast, Mercenary, M&SU Member ) 12 Killjoy ( Outcast, Mercenary ) 6 Convict Gunslinger ( Outcast, Mercenary ) Colette's Totem Choices 2 Mechanical Dove ( Totem(Colette) ) 2 Essence of Power ( Totem ) 4 Student of Conflict ( Outcast, Mercenary, Totem ) Henchman Choices Kaeris ( Special Forces(M&SU Asset) ) Von Schill ( Special Forces(Freikorps) ) [General Showgirl Tactics] Vs Graverobbers and Terrifying Some enemy models may be a problem to deal with. Terrifying models require a moral test that you don't want to loose while Graverobbers can collect Corpse Counters when your living or undead models are killed. Coryphee, Coryphee Duet, and Mechanical Doves are immune to Terrifying Morale Duel due to being constructs. Colette and Cassandra can use range spells while the Performers have a ranged strike. If you must face a Morale Duel remember that Colette can boost the Wp of nearby Arcanist models. Vs Leveticus In Malifaux they say Death smiles at everyone. They also say Leveticus always smiles back. Vs Lilith The number 1 tactical error I see people make with Lilith is they send Lilith out on her own. This is the best way to loose Lilith because Colette and a few Mechanical Doves can eat through her with Magician's Duel. Lilith will resist it with her Ca which is reduced to 3. 'Nuff said. For Lilith's crew I recommend taking the Primordial Magic Totem over the Malifaux Cherub because the extra Control Card makes a huge difference. The Malifaux Cherub's Love spell isn't useful against Colette who is the Showgirl's biggest threat and is at most a moderate inconvenience to the rest of the crew. A good Lilith player will pair Lilith with a Mature Nephilim (or something similar) when her crew needs to split up. To counter this cast Disappearing Act and try to get the Mannequin Replacement trigger to go off. With cheating in a high Tomes and using a Soulstone you have about a 50% of triggering Mannequin Replacement. You may want to wait until your opponent has used a couple of high cards from his hand. Usually your opponent will draw 2 or 3 high (10+) cards. Terror Tots (and all Nephilim really) are also difficult to deal with for the Showgirls because of Black Blood. The Showgirls will almost always be taking wounds in melee. Ranged attacks can soften them up, but you are almost guaranteed to end up in melee. The Performers can use Mesmerizing to Slow them and have Irresistible which makes them difficult to kill. Spread your Showgirls out so Black Blood hits as few Showgirls as possible. If you can, send your Mannequins in first. If you give them Use Soulstone they can do a damage prevention flip if they are about to loose their last wound and Showgirls within 2" of a Mannequin can heal any Manneuqin 1 Wd thanks to the Fix Mannequin ability. See Fixing Mannequins below on how to abuse this and make your opponent demand that the Mannequins get cuddled. The Gunsmith looks to be decent against Nephilim. However, it is not difficult for most Nephilim to get into melee with the Gunsmith and reduce him to a Blood Counter. Sure, he is Terrifying > 12 to Ht 1 models like the Terror Tots and Totems, but Wp 5 is decent enough and Young Nephilim and Mature Nephilim won't find him Terrifying at all. Overall you are probably better off with the Performer and Mannequin because you can heal them and because they are just much more difficult to kill. Against Lilith and a few Tots he maybe worth it, especially if you can cast Lead Storm in the middle of a bunch of Terror Tots. Important: Black Blood will only damage you if you damage it with a melee attack. Ranged Strikes, Ranged Spells, and Poison will not trigger Black Blood. I have yet to play against Black Blood Shaman, Lelu, Lilitu, and Nekima but would expect to see them in larger Soulstone games. Read the thread Question on Maturing Terror Tots Turn 1 to find out about how to use the Black Blood Shaman and killing the Desperate Mercenary to gain Blood Counters to grow Nephilim. Further Reading: Thread: Tactica: Lilith Thread: Question on Maturing Terror Tots Turn 1. Vs Pandora Pandora via her Emotional Trauma ability (and quite often Doppelganger mimicking Emotional Trauma) and the Sorrow's Emotional Stress make her the Death of a Thousand Cuts Master. Every time you loose a duel where you defend using the Wp stat these abilities cause you to take additional wounds. They are accumulative and can be deadly. Also, Doppelganger has Ill Omens which give opponents a on Initiative flips so you can count on Pandora always going first. If you want to negate wounds using a Damage Prevention Flip you must do one flip for each source that inflicted damage. This means if a defending model looses a Wp Duel and is hit by two models with Emotional Trauma and three with Emotional Stress (each inflicting 1 Wd) then the defending model with Use Soulstone may make 5 Damage Prevention Flips and each flip can negate the damage from one source. High Wp is the best defense so try to keep your Arcanists models within 4" of Colette for a +2 Wp boost. Each Coryphee has 4 Wp but a Coryphee Duet has 6 Wp and double the Wd so Dance Together is probably a good idea. If your Coryphee uses Lost in Dance to gain +2 Wp before Dance Together then the +2 Wp will carry over to the placed Coryphee Duet until the end of the turn. See the reference on Replace below. As long as Cassandra has Celebrity active she can't be targeted by Incite or Pacify and a Sorrow can not Link to her. However, Pandora's spells are still just as effective and will be a Wp duel for Cassandra. The Gunsmith has Smoldering Heart and may take a Wd to boost his Wp from 4 to 7. A good Pandora player will keep Pandora and the Doppleganger out of harm's way (but within 12" of what she is trying to kill), use the terrain to provide them cover, and Link a Sorrow to Pandora for transferring damage to. She also has Expose Fears Wp duel you must pass to target her and can also make Damage Prevention Flips when damage/wounds are inflicted on her. One thing that you can do is keep summoning Mechanical Doves. The Dove's Detonate Soulstone does not target Pandora (so no Expose Fears) and will probably hit the other Woes around her. With Pandora's 2 Df the Df > 14 duel will be almost impossible for her to resist the damage though it will likely be transfered to another Woe. Summoned Doves are slow on the turn they were summoned, but on the next turn you can fly one in (often over walls and buildings), then Detonate Soulstone! Reference: Core Rulebook: Using Soulstones to Prevent Damage (pg 57) Malifaux Errata (Version 1, January 2010): Replace (p.3) Ranged Spells Colette and Cassandra (via Understudy) can both use Discharge Soulstone which is a range 12 armor-ignoring spell with Dg 2/3/5. Unfortunately Understudy can only be used once an activation. Also, this spell can't be used in melee. The Performers have a ranged strike. If you want more ranged firepower you could always run Gunsmiths and Convict Gunslingers. Melee Spells At some point you will probably get into melee combat. Colette, Cassandra (via Understudy), and Mechanical Dove (via Magical Extension) can cast Magician's Duel which is great against opponents with a low Ca stat. Those with Use Soulstone (mostly Masters and Henchmen) have their Ca lowered when they resist this spell. The Dg 2/3/5 isn't bad and if you kill the target you gain a Soulstone. If you have 3 Mechanical Doves you can fly them over from cover and cast Magician's Duel on your opponent's Master. If all goes well then you will probably kill your opponent's Master and gain a nice shiny Soulstone for yourself. If a Dove gets killed it's no big deal. You can summon a new dove once per turn so they are somewhat expendable. Don't forget that Magical Extension allows you to use a Soulstone to change the casting total. Fear the Doves! Melee Strikers (Cassandra, Coryphee, & Coryphee Duet) Cassandra and Coryphee Duet have high Cb and decent Dg 2/3/4 stats, they can move around quite far, and Cassandra and Coryphee both have Dance Partner. Coryphee's and Coryphee Duet's weapons are Paired (giving a to Attack Flips) and Coryphee Duet's weapon also gives its Damage Flips a . Their movement makes them excellent choices for going after objectives. Dance Partner is useful for bringing in more melee models to deal with something that needs a good killing. Against Spirits and models with Armor they are much less effective. They may be your melee force but they are not heavy hitters. Slow Playing Showgirls With up to 3 Mechanical Doves and the Performer & Mannequins costing 6ss for the pair you can easily outnumber your opponent in models. This way you can wait until all of your opponent's models have activated and can activate the rest of your crew without your opponent activating this turn. This is useful for using the Mechanical Doves to fly in and attack a target with Magician's Duel and to use Colette to generate Soulstones (see Colette the Soulstone Factory below). Alpha Strike! The Mannequins have Companion(Showgirl) which allows them to activate simultaneously with all other Showgirls within 6". This may be useful for dealing with an enemy model that just needs a good killing. Reference: Malifaux Errata: Companion, pg 7 [Character-Specific Tactics] Colette Du Bois Pronounced: Doo-Bwah / Due-Bwah, Doo-Boys / Due-Boyss. There are several correct ways to pronounce the surname Du Bois. The first pair is a more common French pronunciation, second pair is how W.E.B. Du Bois pronounced his name using English pronunciation. Please use the first pronunciation, it sounds cuter and less slutty than the second. Colette is great for going against almost anything that isn't terrifying or an anti-spell caster. Magician's Duel is one of my favorite spells and if attacked she may trigger A Blinding Flash to slow the attacker and switch places with another Showgirl. She can play the rolls of Attacker, Support, Objective Taker, and Dove Spawner. She is almost immortal too (see below). Colette the Almost Immortal When Colette is reduced to zero wounds her Slow to Die 1 AP will be available. You could use Death Defying if you have a Soulstone, 6:masks or better, and are willing to sacrifice a useful Showgirl (or a Mannequin), or you could just spend a Soulstone and make a healing flip. Either way if you flip a Black Joker she's dead. The Henchman Von Schill also has Slow to Die and Use Soulstone. The next time you hear someone say something about Colette being unkillable don't forget to bring up Bettie Noire, Von Schill, Pandora and Leveticus! Colette the Soulstone Factory Activate Colette and use your Artificial Soulstone for Soulstone Infusion to gain Reactivate. Use Soulstone Manipulation to discard 2 control cards and gain 1 Soulstone. You now have 1 AP left for this activation. When Colette activates again she can use Soulstone Manipulation a second time. The leftover AP could be spent on moving her around. I suggest doing this during turn one and always near the end of the turn when you're least likely to need control cards in your hand. Triple Tomes for Colette's Mannequin Replacement (:tomes:tomes:tomes) There are two ways to get the Disappearing Act spell and Mannequin Replacement trigger to go off. In Scraps the only way is to get a :tomes on the casting flip, cheat one in if you need to, then use a Soulstone to add to the casting total and hope for a :tomes. The flip receives due to Colette's Soulstone Augury. Combined with the :tomes in Colette's Ca this gives you three tomes. In a Brawl you can have both Collette and Ramos. Give Ramos the Mobile Toolkit totem which has an action to add a :tomes to Colette's casting total. Now she would only need to flip/cheat a single :tomes in to get Mannequin Replacement to trigger. Illusionist without activating Colette! It is best to use a Mannequin for this. Make sure you have a card with a :tomes on it in your hand. If you want to do this sometime after turn 1 then Link the Mannequin to her. First, activate the Mannequin (and Companion if you want), then have the Mannequin Bash Colette. Cheat Colette's defense with a :tomes card if needed and cheat the attack down if needed. Now activate the defense trigger A Blinding Flash which will inflict Slow on the already Slow Mannequin and allow Colette to change places with any Showgirl within 18”. A Blinding Flash will be able to trigger regardless of if the attack hits or not. Don't forget, the two models are still Linked so when Colette Walks or ends her activation the Mannequin will be pushed back into base contact with her. Core Rulebook: Melee Basics - Bash (pg 52) Malifaux Errata: Combat - Declare Target, then Check Range (pg 4) Cassandra Cassandra is highly mobile, decent with melee strikes and magical melee/ranged attacks. Opponents will try and kill her so burning a few Soulstones to keep her alive is probably a good idea. Cassandra the Swift Cassandra can be many things. If you need to take objectives don't forget Confident allows her to be pushed 6” before the first model activates on the first turn. Nimble gives her a free Walk action each activation as well. Assuming you need 1 AP to Interact with something you can move her up to 16” through open terrain on the first turn. Cassandra Charging Have Cassandra use the Sword Dance zero-action before Charging an enemy. You may then make one free attack because of Sword Dance, then the attack from charge which gains a on the damage flip. Note: Walking, Charging, and Jumping, are all movement actions while anything that Pushes a model is not. Heal the Enemy! Cassandra and Coryphee Duet both have a spell called Elegance which heals only enemy models. To me this always seemed a counter-productive way to get a Soulstone but then it hit me, Leveticus actually tries to kill himself to gain a new hand of control cards. Why not keep him alive and starve him of his ability to cheat fate and you can gain a Soulstone in the process? There should be plenty of time to kill him and a Hallow Waif once everything else is good and dead. Leveticus also has a Master Specific Scheme: "Souless(sic) Life" which dieing on 4 different turns earns him Victory Points. Performers Despite being bundled with the Mannequins the Performers work much better with Collette buffing their Wp via Special Charm. Try to keep Colette within 4” to boost the Wp to 7. Poison ring may use Wp instead of Cb for attack flips. Mesmerizing also benefits from a boost in Wp. Don't forget to use Mesmerizing whenever you can. It is the only zero-action the Performer has and Slowing your opponent prevents non-fast models from using 2 AP abilities. Also, Mesmerizing is an Action so it does not require line of sight. Enemies with Immune to Influence are immune to Wp Duels when they are the defender. This means they are immune to Mesmerizing, and all of the Performer's spells. However, the Wp Duel for Irresistible must still be taken. By now Pandora with her Emotional Trauma ability has probably popped into your head. Well, there had to be a reason for the Performer and Mannequin pair to be available as Mercenaries. Mannequins I find my Mannequins are often killed in a single turn with Anti-armor attacks or by 3 different attacks. However, they do have some uses. 1) They can Alpha Strike using Companion(Showgirl). 2) Beautiful Clothes is a mediocre attack that damages only on two triggers. Still, not bad for free. 3) They can be used to change places with another showgirl. 4) They can Link to a Showgirl and create a Mirrors Aura. 5) See Illusionist without activating Colette! above. 6) Mannequins can be healed 1 Wd for 1 AP by any Showgirl within 2" of a Mannequin (including itself). See Fixing Mannequins below on how to really abuse this. Walking a Mannequin into a dangerous situation to change places with Colette is one of the best uses for a Mannequin. Colette can pop in, do whatever, reactivate and change places again (possibly bringing in another Showgirl to finish the job). See "Performers and Mannequins: Willpower" below. Mannequins, Showgirls & Mirrors Mannequins have spell called Mirrors which causes models hit with weak damage to suffer no damage. This may be moderately useful in some situations, but only if the attackers damage flip is at a negative twist (). If not then the attacker can cheat the damage up to moderate or severe damage and you had cast Mirrors for nothing. Negative damage twists will be gained when the attack total is equal to the defense total (adds a :-fate) or beats it by 5 or less (adds ). Chances of a Damage Flip resulting in Weak Damage based on Negative twists. 37.04% No twist, the flip can be cheated. 60.80% 75.87% :-fate 85.34% :-fate:-fate I usually don't bother with mirrors because of how difficult it is to cast and usually have better things to do with control cards. Statistics are based on drawing from a control deck with all 54 cards. Reference: Thanks to Natty for the correct math on this <http://wyrd-games.net/forum/showpost.php?p=169839&postcount=23>. Coryphee Pronounced: kawr-ee-fay or kawr-i-fay Everyone loves Coryphee! Coryphee has some decent defense abilities. With Paired Blades and melee stats similar to Cassandra they can do lots of damage. Being Constructs they will ignore morale duels including Terrifying. Coryphee & Performer You may want to buff your Coryphee's Wp by placing Colette within 4” of the Coryphee and use the action Lost in Dance. With both buffs Coryphee will have a respectable 8 Wp. Corephee Duet does not have Lost in Dance but has a higher basic Wp. Have your Coryphee attack with Blinding and cheat the damage flip to severe damage to Paralyze the target. Then activate a Performer and use the action Poison Gift to inflict 4 poison counters. 3 Dg from Blinding, + 4 Dg from activating while Paralyzed, + 3 Dg from activating after Paralyzed has warn off is a total of 10 damage. Few models will survive and be able to to take any actions ofter this. Joss Although not often taken in a Showgirls crew, Joss is a valid choice. Joss is a construct which means he is a non-living model and won't take Morale Duels (including the ones caused by Terrifying). His Talents make him a better damage dealer than his stats make him appear. Also, Johan's melee and ranged attacks gain a Cb bonus when near a M&SU member like Joss. Both Joss and Johan have the same Wk/Cg and should work well when paired together. Remember, if given an opportunity your opponent will likely try and kill Joss. Keeping him with other models of your crew and behind cover will help keep him alive. Most of the time you are better off with a Showgirl rather than Joss. Gunsmith The Gunsmith is an excellent ranged Arcanist model against anything that isn't a spirit. Seriously, spirits half non-magical damage and the Gunsmith's Custom Pistol doesn't have any special effects against them. However, his Ruthless does counter Pitiful. The Gunsmith is a good alternative to Performers and Mannequins if you don't plan on using the Performers Poison Talents, Expensive Gift, or Seduction. Soulstone Miner The Soulstone Miner is an interesting model because it can use Tunneling to place a Tunneling Marker and move underground without risking being attacked. Because it is litterally buried it can't be attacked. Like the Large Steampunk Arachnid it is an anti-armor model. It's Limited Soulstone Use and ability to create Soulstones makes it fit in with the Showgirls thematically, but seems to be situational at best. Tunneling: On your first turn you can walk 5", then perform the Tunneling action which buries the Soulstone Miner and gives you a Tunneling Marker as long is it stays buried. During the Start Closing phase you may move the Tunneling marker up to 8" ignoring everything else in play. During the Start Activation phase you may "unbury" your Soulstone Miner, or keep it buried. Remember, the turn he "unburies" himself he will be insignificant which often effects objectives. However, it has average defense stats at best. Colette has an anti-armor spell which Cassandra may cast via understudy. The Showgirls are already good about being able to get to objectives most of the time. TODO: Try this against Perdita and Family. Tunnel over, pop up. "Hello! Welcome to melee my little Nino!" Johan Pronounced: yo-hahn or yo-han Johan deals Magical Anti-armor damage making him useful against Jack Daw and anything with armor. He also has a decent ranged attack. His attacks also gain +2 Cb while near M&SU Members (but not M&SU Assets). If you plan on taking Von Schill as a Mercenary Henchman or another Special Forces(Freikorps) model the Freikorps Mercenary ability will NOT prevent you from hiring Johan because Colette hires him via Labor Union, not as a Mercenary. Summoning Killjoy on the Cheap Killjoy already costs 12 Soulstones for Colette's crew to hire, plus the cost of whatever you sacrifice to summon him. One cheap way to summon Killjoy is to sacrifice a Mannequin which costs you nothing extra if you run Performers. Or you could sacrifice a Mechanical Dove. Let's say Colette is in combat within 6 or 8 inches of someone who really could use Killjoy's attention. Have Colette use Trick of the Hat (at a cost of 1ss and maybe an 8+ control card) to summon a Mechanical Dove within 6" of Colette. The Mechanical Dove may activate immediately after Colette (though it would be Slow from being summoned) and let the Dove take the (1) Sacrificed action to summon Killjoy. Convict Gunslinger The wording on how Suppressing Fire and Paralyze interact is a bit odd, but may inflict Paralyzed making the target model susceptible to the Performer's Poison Gift action. Reference: Thread: Suppressing Fire & Paralyzed [Totems] There are several totems that may be used with Colette (more if you recruit Hamlin), but I'll list those which have the most potential. Burying a Totem Oddly enough when a totem gets buried another totem can be summoned without going over the limit of one totem per Master/Henchman. If the buried totem returns to play and you are over the limit of totems then the one returning to play can't connect to the master and is immediately sacrificed. This can have some bizarre uses. For instance if a large group of enemy models is within 6" of Colette she can bury her totem (such as Essence of Power) and summon a Mechanical Dove near as many of the enemy models as possible. When the Dove activates (and don't forget it may activate right after Colette) it will be slow but can use Detonate Soulstone and damage everything within 2". In general you probably will never bury your own Totem, but an opponent may bury your totem so be aware you can just summon another one. Malifaux Errata (Version 1, January 2010): pg 1 Totem. Thread: Voodoo Dolls and the Pine Box Mechanical Dove Mechanical Dove is an excellent totem and I would always recommend using them. Don't forget, if you use another totem and it gets killed, sacrificed, or burred you can summon a Mechanical Dove. Colette may have up to 3 Mechanical Doves at once, they can fly, and they have Wk/Cg of 10"/-. Until it attacks it has Harmless and a defense of 5 which is decent for a totem. Although the totem has no weapons (other than Bash) it has two good offensive talents. Detonate Soulstone action can damage enemies in a 2” radius this is good if there are a lot of enemies close together. Use the spell Magical Extension to cast Colette's Magician's Duel on an enemy, especially on a Master or Henchman. With the -2Ca penalty applied to any target with Use Soulstone the Mechanical Dove has a good chance of causing damage. Many other models have low casting as well and are also good targets. This is the only spell the Mechanical Dove may cast because Colette's other spells require discarding a Soulstone and the Mechanical Dove does not have Use Soulstone. It can't even use Soulstone Powered from another Mechanical Dove because it is not a Showgirl. Be aware that Magical Extension allows a Soulstone to be used to change the casting total when when Magical Extension used to cast a spell. Cheating Fate and using a Soulstone this way is a great way to make sure Magician's Duel hits. This is true for all Totems in the game. Soulstone Powered: A friendly Showgirl model within 3" of this model (Mechanical Dove) may sacrifice it when that model could use a Soulstone. The Showgirl gains the benefit of having discarded a Soulstone even if she does not have the Use Soulstone Ability. If the Soulstone was used to flip a card, by a model other than Colette, that flip receives . Mechanical Dove does lack Companion(Colette). This is probably to prevent Alpha Striking with Mechanical Doves due to how Companion now works. Student of Conflict (Not Recommended) He is a bit expensive to recruit, but if you don't plan on moving Colette around you can use his Assist action to give Colette Fast. With her ability to reactivate you will get a total of 6 General AP she can use, useful if you know your opponent will gain VP for Wounding Colette or if she is sitting on an objective. If he dies then you may want to start summoning Mechanical Doves. I would suggest taking Mechanical Doves unless you really want to sit on an objective and make ranged armor-ignoring attacks. Those attacks will cost Soulstones! Overall, you are probably better off with two Mechanical Doves instead. Essence of Power (Not Recommended) He can link to Colette and give her spell damage flips . He'll probably be killed at some point so start summoning Mechanical Doves once that happens. This may be useful if you go on the offensive with Colette. Don't forget, if you loose this guy you can summon a Mechanical Dove near an enemy and cast Magician's Duel via Magical Extension. Essence of Power has the same casting as Mechanical Dove so using him to cast Magician's Duel a couple of times when something gets close to him is a good idea. However, you are probably always better off with Mechanical Doves. [brawls] Ramos His Controlled Detonation works well with Mechanical Doves as well as Steampunk Arachnids. Blowing up Steampunk Arachnids is usually the better option, but they can't move as far as the Doves. After you have the Doves fly in and use Magician's Duel you can sacrifice them to cause 2, 2 Dg. You should take the Mobile Toolkit as his totem which works well with him and Colette. Further Reading: Thread: Tactica: Ramos C. Hoffman Fist choose Arcanists as your faction (because this doesn't work if your faction is the Guild). Then hire Colette. Colette's Labor Union ability allows her to hire Masters so C. Hoffman can be hired with her. Hoffman's Arcanist Ties ability is now redundant as it gives you a subset of what you can hire from within your faction. Because your faction is Arcanists you can not hire his Guild Mechanical Attendant totem. However, you can hire the Arcanist Mobile Toolkit for him. Hoffman works well with constructs (including Coryphee and Coryphee Duet) who are close by or in base contact with him. Once a C. Hoffman Tactica exists I'll list it under Further Reading. Reference: Core Rulebook: 5. Hire Crews - Masters (p.96) Kaeris Kaeris does not have much synergy with other models. Her synergy is around sacrificing expendable constructs (Steampunk Arachnids and Mechanical Doves) to inflict Burning Counters, then punishing anyone with a Burning Counter. (She does have other ways to inflict burning Counters). Right now the only non-mercenary totem Kaeris can take is Essence of Power which you can use to Link to one of your spell casters to give their spell damage a . She may eventually get her own totem (kinda like how Molly Squidpiddge has Necrotic Machine). As a Henchman she seems to work best with Ramos and/or Colette. Also, if you select the Guild as your faction and Hire C. Hoffman he can hire Ramos and Ramos may hire Kaeris as a Henchman so she can be used by both the Guild and Arcanists as a Henchman. Mobile Toolkit Mobile Toolkit has a one-action called Controlled Detonation that can be used to target a friendly construct (Mechanical Dove or Mannequin) within 12". The target generates a 2, Dg 2 before being removed from play. This is better than the Mechanical Dove's Detonate Soulstone because Controlled Detonation does not have a resist/defense duel. Both Ramos and C. Hoffman may take the Mobile Toolkit totem which can add +:tomes to Ca. For Kaeris this will trigger Surge and will make casting Accelerant easier. For Colette this makes casting Disappearing Act and triggering Mannequin Replacement easier. For C. Hoffman this can help him cast Combat Mechanic. For Ramos this can help him cast Construct Spider and Electrical Creation. [strategies] Most Strategies are straightforward but some have a few caveats. Remember, you select your Strategy before you hire your crew. If you don't think you can pull off your Strategy with Colette's crew you can hire a different crew. Most tournaments allow you to use two or more crews. Claim Jump - If playing against a ranged crew try to place your Claim Marker behind cover like a building. Your Mannequins and Mechanical Doves can't help you score VP but you can use them to deal with your enemies. Don't forget, Illusionist does not require Line of Sight. Contain Power - To score 4 VP you must kill all your opponent's models which is not the strong suit of the Showgirls. Some masters play defensively while others are just difficult to kill. If facing an experienced Colette, Leveticus or Pandora player this can be extremely difficult. In the end if you know you can't kill your opponent's master then you have no chance to score any VP for this Strategy. In this case ignore this Strategy and work on scoring through Schemes and denying your opponent his VP. Escape and Survive - Using Coryphee's Dance Together will count against you with this Strategy at the end of the Encounter. However, Coryphee Duet's Dance Apart will give you back two Coryphees which will both count towards scoring VP. Be sure to Dance Apart before the end of the Encounter so you will have 2 models that will count. Slaughter - Check the rulebook for the details of this strategy. Some Models like Mannequins have a Soulstone Cost of - while others like Coryphee Duet, Ashen Core, and Dust Storm have a cost of Placed, and still others like Hallow Waif, Voodoo Doll, and Ikiryo have a cost of Summoned. Such models don't count toward this Strategy when they are killed. Also, if a player Kills or Sacrifices his own model they do not count toward this Strategy either. If your opponent has Slaughter then you can safely blow up your own Mechanical Doves and sacrifice two of your Coryphees to summon a Coryphee Duet. Reference: Thread: Slaughter and Summoned Models Treasure Hunt - This Strategy gives any model carrying the Treasure Counter some significant drawbacks, the most severe of which is probably a reduction in movement. Coryphee Duet and Cassandra can both walk up to 3 times in a single activation. Insignificant models may grab the Treasure Counter so your Mechanical Doves can be used to grab it if it is in an area that is difficult to get to, (just make sure a non-insignificant model grabs it in your Deployment Zone before the end of the encounter) You MUST walk the Treasure Counter back to your Deployment Zone and have a non-insignificant model holding it to score all 4 VP. If you use Colette's Illusionist the Treasure Counter will be dropped. [schemes] This is a list of all the schemes available to Colette's crew (as of Rising Powers) and and preceded the maximum number of VP you can gain from each. Some Strategies may make some Schemes more difficult to accomplish. If you are able to take Power Ritual and Steal Relic you can end up scoring 6 VP without too much trouble. Against Showgirl Schemes These are notes on Schemes that may be taken against Colette. 2 VP: Kidnap (Neverborn Only) - This is an excellent Scheme to take against a Colette player because you score VP is based on three specific models that you note. If they are not in play at the end of the encounter for any reason they count toward this strategy. You don't need to kill or sacrifice them yourself so why not pick ones your opponent will kill or sacrifice for you? To be perfectly clear only the original model is the one that counts. If you sacrifice two Coryphees to summon a Coryphee Duet then those two Coryphees count as having been Sacrificed, even if the Coryphee Duet uses Dance Apart. Those are two new Coryphees that get summoned. Got it? Buried models that return to play are still the original model. However, Buried models that are still Buried when the encounter ends count towards storing VP. Mechanical Doves are almost guaranteed to die as exploding doves, flying Soulstones, or something about to zap you with Magician's Duel. A pair of Coryphees are likely to be sacrificed to summon a Coryphee Duet. This Scheme does not grant any VP for announcing so you won't find out until the end of the game. Easy Schemes You should almost always be able to accomplish these schemes. Bodyguard(Colette) and Sabotage can be safely announced while Power Ritual doesn't give you any extra VP for announcing it. Power Ritual may make it difficult to gain VP from some Strategies. 2 VP: Bodyguard - This is one of the easiest schemes for Colette's crew if you note Colette as the one you want to bodyguard. Go ahead and announce when you Bodyguard Colette for the maximum VP. 3 VP: Power Ritual (Arcanists Only) - This scheme is easy to pull off with Cassandra and Coryphee Duet. The (1) Interact action may also be done while locked in melee. Take this scheme if it won't interfere with your other objectives. With Corner Deployment have Cassandra and 2 Coryphees ready to head for the left and right corners while another Showgirl is in your corner to grab that one. Have the two Coryphees Dance Together and move to their corner. Once Cassandra has interacted with her corner she can use Dance Partner (when close enough to the Coryphee Duet) to bring her to them and head for the last corner. 2 VP: Sabotage (Arcanists Only) - Cassandra or Coryphee Duet may be able to complete this during the first activation depending on how you set up the terrain. The (1) Interact action may be done while in melee. This and Bodyguard are probably the easiest schemes for the Showgirls to accomplish. Situational Schemes These schemes may or may work well for you depending on the terrain, your Strategies and other Schemes, your opponents Strategies, Schemes, and models. Choose carefully. 2 VP: Assassinate - Some masters will play more defensively while others are just difficult to kill. Only take this scheme if your opponent will be using a master you know you can get to and kill. 2 VP: Breakthrough - This may be a good scheme to take if you opponent has few non-insignificant models and you have also taken Power Ritual. 2 VP: Frame for Murder - If you know that an enemy Master is going to try to kill one of your specific models then this may be a good scheme to take. Insignificant models may be used so you can select a Mechanical Dove or Mannequin. Just make sure the enemy Master is the one to kill it. 2 VP: Grudge - Only take this scheme if you know you will be killing a specific model for any reason. Don't select a model that will likely be sacrificed by your opponent (for summoning Killjoy, to gain Blood Counters, or some other reason). Coryphee, Coryphee Duet, Mechanical Doves, Cassandra, and Colette have decent melee strikes and/or melee spells. If you take the Kill Protegee scheme you will probably want to select the same model for this scheme. 2 VP: Hold Out - Only take this if you are sure your opponent won't be inside your deployment zone at the end of the game. Many Strategies and Schemes require you to leave your deployment zone and an opponent with the Breakthrough scheme will be trying to enter your deployment zone. 2 VP: Kill Protegee - Only take this if you are planning to kill off your opponent's most expensive model. May work well with Grudge. 2 VP: Perfect Performance (Colette Du Bois Only) - This scheme requires the crew to have at least 7 Soulstones at the end of the encounter. Because Colette's crew can burn through Soulstones this can actually be quite difficult. However, with enough resources on turn 6 (2 to 4 control cards and several non-insignificant models) you can create quite a few Soulstones. Assuming you have Colette reactivate she will have a total of 4 AP to spend making Soulstones this turn. She can use Soultone Manipulation and gain 1 Soulstone once per activation. Colette can also use the Drain Souls action which allows you to sacrifice 3 friendly non-insignificant models within 6" and turn them each into a Soulstone. Drain Souls does give all your non-masters an accumulative -1 WP each time the action is taken, another reason to do this as your last action. When flipping to determine if the Encounter ends, Colette's The Show Must Go On can be used to re-flip to try to prevent the game from continuing. Reference: Core Rulebook: Drain Souls (p62) 2 VP: Steak a Claim - If you are planning on being next to or on a piece of terrain on your opponent's side of the table then this may be a good scheme to take. Otherwise you should pick something else. May work well with Breakthrough. 3 VP: Steal Relic - This scheme may be good to take against a master who works well in melee like Lilith. This is easier if the Master has low Wp. Try to have a high card in your hand to cheat this duel with. Colette is probably your best model to use for this. Let's Not and Say "We Didn't" Schemes These schemes are usually very difficult for Colette's crew to pull off, even if you don't announce them. Taking these schemes is like giving yourself a VP handicap. 2 VP: Extermination - Showgirls are not about killing so this is not a good scheme for them. If you do take this scheme make sure you pick a subtype that does not regenerate. 3 VP: Eye for an Eye - This is just a difficult scheme and not worth the points if you don't announce it. If you really want 3 VP then I suggest taking Power Ritual or Steal Relic. [Gotchas and Reminders] Use Soulstone & other Soulstone Uses If you are not familiar with something in this list please check the listed sources below for an explanation of what the rules are. Re-flip Individual Strategies. During an Expanded Encounter a 1 to 8 on the Expanded Encounter Chart will allow you to flip for Individual Strategies. You may only re-flip to change the selection on the Individual Strategies Chart. Re-flip your initiative flip. A model with the Use Soulstone ability may change (add to) the starting total in both Simple Duels and Opposed Duels. A model with the Use Soulstone ability receives wounds it may do a Damage Prevention Flip. A model with the Use Soulstone ability may take a (1) Healing Flip action to recover lost wounds. Reference: Rising Powers: Individual Strategies Chart (pg 42) Core Rulebook: Flip for Initiative (pg 43) Core Rulebook: It's all in the Cards (pg 36) Core Rulebook: Using Soulstones to Prevent Damage (pg 57) Core Rulebook: Healing Flip (pg 57) Malifaux Errata: Healing/Damage Chart (pg 4) Thread: Soulstones - A comprehensive list of what you can use them for? Reactivate (but Always Later) A model with Reactivate is allowed to activate a second time in a turn. Colette can give herself Reactivate during her activation. However, once her current activation (or a Simultaneous Activation) ends it is your opponent's turn to activate. In other words Reactivate does not allow Colette to finish her first action and reactivate immediately if your opponent has models to activate. Mannequin and Companion (Showgirl) is not Recursive During a Simultaneous Activation (via Companion) you can not activate Colette, have her gain Reactivate, have another Mannequin Companion(Showgirl), and have Colette activate again. Reference Thread: Mannequin and Companion (Showgirl) Thread: Simultaneous Activation Question - Relevant for Belles and Guild Hounds Colette's Artificial Soulstone Colette's Artificial Soulstone states that it can't be used to summon any models. New players will often overlook this rule. This means Trick of the Hat can't summon a Mechanical Dove and a Ronin's Always for Hire can't use the Artificial Soulstone if one one is in play. Magical Extension is Once Per Activation! All totems have Magical Extension which allows you to cast a spell from the connected Master once per activation. As nice as it would be to attack twice with Magician's duel, you can't. Mechanical Doves can still use Detonate Soulstone and Bash. Cassandra the Celebrity While Celebrity is in effect she can only be targeted by ranged strikes and spell attacks. This also means Cassandra can not cast Sublime Performance because spells with a Range of C target the caster. Also, the Mannequin can't Link to her (as it also targets, but is not a ranged strike or spell attack) and can't use any of the effects of Tricks of the Trade which target Cassandra. Cassandra can't use her Understudy to cast Tricks of the Trade either. Of this, the most useful thing you are prevented from doing is Linking a Mannequin to Cassandra. With Cassandra using Southern Charm to give all attack and damage flips a and a Linked Mannequin you could have a reasonable tank. But unless Celebrity is changed in an errata you can't do this at the beginning of the game. Note that Colette's Illusionist action does not target anything so it can be used to switch Colette and Cassandra while Celebrity is still active. Also, all of Cassandra's Actions (Blond Act, Southern Charm, Sword Dance, Dance Partner, Sultry, and Understudy) do not target Cassandra. Be careful with the Understudy action and make sure the spell doesn't target Cassandra! Reference: Thread: Celebrity Semantics (re-post from Arcanist forum) Performer's Expensive Gift It is a requirement that your opponent discards a Soulstone for you to gain one. If your opponent uses the last Soulstone to defend and you still win the duel you do not gain a Soulstone. By the same logic this spell will always fizzle against an opponent with no Soulstones to begin with. Reference: Thread: Expensive Gift Poison Prevention Models with the Use Soulstone ability can perform a Damage Prevention Flip to prevent the damage inflicted when they activate when poisoned. Reference: Thread: Poison and Soulstones Performers and Mannequins: Willpower You may have noticed that most of the Performer's Talents involve some sort of Wp Duel. There are two halves to every Opposed Duel so if the Performer successfully performs a melee strike with her Poison Ring using her Wp instead of her Cb then she won a Wp duel, but the defender lost a Df duel because those are the stats they each used in the duel. Because the defender is defending using its Df stat it is not take part in a willpower duel. This means enemies with Immune to Influence are immune to the Performer's Mesmerizing, Expensive Gift, Seduction, and Siren Call and the Mannequin's Beautiful Clothes, but not Poison Ring using Wp. Also, if a model with Immune to Influence attacks a Performer then the Immune to Influence model must take the Irresistible Wp > 12 Duel. Reference: Thread: Does Rst: WP = Wp Duel? Thread: wp duels.help please..... Malifaux Errata (Version 1, January 2010): Immune to Influence (p.7) Differences with Armor and Object I never really thought about the differences between Armor and Object until I saw a reply by Wodschow and there are some subtle differences. Armor # is an Ability which reduces Dg (Damage) by the given number, but never below 1. Some attacks will ignore Armor. Object # is a Characteristic which reduces Wd (Wounds) by the given number, but never below 1. Currently no attacks will ignore Object. When Dg is inflicted it is first reduced by the Armor. Then the Damage becomes Wd and is reduced by Object. However, some attacks inflict Wd which Armor does not reduce. Only Object will reduce Wd. Reference: Core Rulebook: Common Abilities List - Armor (p.72) Rising Powers: New Characteristics - Object (p.34) Thread: Mannequin, Object and Armor (Wodschow's Reply) Fixing Mannequins Old Wording: Update: The Fixable ability has been added to the extra errata. Under the new wording a Mannequin can nolonger fix itself and other friendly Showgirls may only fix Mannequins within 2". Reference: "Friendly" question Coryphee & Lost in Dance Lost in Dance won't stack with itself so don't use it twice. Reference: Core Rulebook: Stacking Spell Effects (pg 65) Talents, Spells, Triggers, and Line of Sight Book 1, p.24 Malifaux Errata (Version 1), p.1 By default all Attacks, Strike Actions, and Spells require Line of Sight. Most of the Showgirl's Actions (such as Colette's Illusionist) are not Attacks and do not require Line of Sight. This means Colette's Illusionist, Cassandra's Dance Partner & Understudy, and Coryphee's Dance Partner & Dance Together, can be used if you don't have line of sight. However, some actions such as the Performer's Mesmerizing Action are attacks when targeting enemy models. Oddly enough, when targeting your own models with the Performer's Poison Gift it is not an attack and therefore does not require Line of Sight. (This is probably just a rules quirk. If this is incorrect then a correction with the relevant rules is more than welcome). Also, Triggers do not require Line of Sight and are not attacks, so Colette's A Blinding Flash trigger does not require Line of Sight either. Note that in the Does Colette's illusionist ability require LoS? thread below they refer to Illusionist as an Ability when it is really an Action. Reference: Core Rulebook: Strike Attack Sequence - Details (pg 54) Core Rulebook: Spell Basics (pg 62) Thread: Does Colette's illusionist ability require LoS?
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