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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all. Can you give me some tips how to play Kaeris? I have a core box, Iggy, Carlos and burning bridges. Thanks.
  2. [For those that want to rather download the MS Word file, I've attached it to this message.] Perdita Ortega Tactica Intro When the Second Breach was discovered and people started settling in Malifaux, constant Neverborn attacks prompted the Guild to put a bounty on every Neverborn head delivered to their doorstep. Perdita gladly obliged and soon became a legend throughout Malifaux, earning so much scrip that she was able to send for her entire family to follow her through the Breach. Living on a ranch outside of the city, this family of gunslingers instils fear into the
  3. Hello again. Today I was ruminating on some of my mistakes in recent games and I realized that one of the biggest ways I struggle is deployment. I struggle to build a good crew to play the given deployment zones (and the accompanying schemes). I struggle to deploy my models in such a way that they're always in position or are able to easily get to where they need to be. I struggle to make good positioning decisions throughout the games progression. I would like to hear tips from everyone, as I realize that, like Chess, the beginning moves in a game can be the most impo
  4. I’ve been thinking about writing up a tactica on Titania as she’s my favorite master(especially after wave 5) and I’ve gotten a lot of games under my bealt with her, and with the recent release of wave 5 and her new upgrades I figured now was the time. So without further ado, let’s get started. Titania is a bit of a jack of all trades in that she has a bit of control, a bit of damage, and a bit of support, however, there is one thing she excels at, and that is taking a beating, so let’s go over a quick overview of some of her strengths and weaknesses. Strengths: Excellent durability, e
  5. Hello Puppet-Lovers! This is going to be my first attempt at writing a Tactica for use with my favourite Master: Collodi. I used Collodi a lot in the Wave 2 Beta and think I have a good grasp of the tactics and abilities you can make use of in a Collodi crew, which I would like to share with New Players and old alike, as well as maybe give Collodi's Opponents a leg up if they are finding him a difficult Master to go up against in their local group. Let's begin with where we came from: In M1E Collodi's tactics involved spinning a small ball of marionettes into anything and having that thing
  6. I love tabling people as Sonnia, and so after taking a look at Rasputina, I'm interested in blowing a couple hundred on models to fill her out given her similar schticks ala Ice Wall spam, indirect fire, blast templates and so on. I'm familiar with the usual array of tips from PullMyFinger, but I'm wondering if some veterans of the master could provide some extra/unusual insights. So far as a baseline list goes, I'm thinking: Rasputina: Seize the Day, Armour of December, Cold Nights Wendigo Snow Storm: Sub Zero (would Armour of December be better? Imbued Defenses?), Imbued
  7. I've been going over the Pull My Finger pages and I'm really interested in trying out the "Beastie Bomb" list described in the Tactics section. Just looking for some suggestions on specifically which models to get to it, a.k.a. what the full list's gonna look like. So far I've got just a rough idea on how this is gonna go down. Help?
  8. I didn't see anything on the forms so I thought i would start a thread to help us (ressers) share ideas for the divergent path games. And possibly coordinate which char we want to win. I looks like we are already on the way to the trickster, which is good. this new Week 3+4 should be a no brain'er. I used Tara and gave her maniacal laugh. With her 6 AP she ran around, drop scheme markers, and turned all the corpse markers into mindless zombies. Which in turn gave me activation control and the zombies just shambled their way to my few anchor guys to pick up and turn in. hopefully th
  9. So I went away from the game for a year or so (playing starter-only 35ss games at the time) and now I'm back for Divergent Paths, with a few new models added to my collection. Here's the Seamus list I'm currently running. I've been told I should up the damage potential (The Hanged?) though for some reason I feel like getting better objective-grabbers i.e. Necropunks or Crooligans, maybe a Dead Doxy to compliment a Belle. My current collection's literally just the Redchapel box, Bete Noire and two dogs but I may or may not be able to acquire more before the event ends. Suggestions?
  10. Is there a good/comprehensive guide for playing Leveticus, including match ups, crew compositions and the like? I am already familiar with the content on PullMyFinger.
  11. Hello Wyrd brains trust. Im relatively new to the system, with NB Dreamer and Collodi with masters. Played a game Collodi vs Ironsides and just got obliterated. It was Squatters rights with distract and out flank, but we didn't get that far as Ironsides just got in the centre of my crew and wrecked Vasilisa, Widow Weaver and 2 Wicked Dolls by turn 3. I got her down to 1 WD but ran out of AP to finish the job and she bounced back. The captains relic hammer corrected some stitched, the other was unlucky and that was game with Collodi ghosting around by himself versus the whole crew minus mouse.
  12. Hello all! Again, us at Sprites and Dice have put together a Tactica, this time, going in-depth about Pandora and her skill set. Dana, our Neverborn player, loves using the 'bubble-bomb' method to destroy teams, but do you play her differently? Is there another trick to using her besides a massive dose of Misery? Feel free to check out our article, and tell us what you think! http://www.spritesanddice.com/2015/07/malifaux-tactics-in-that-place-there.html
  13. Hello everyone I have decided to do a series of tactica on the various (less-played?) Minions models of Malifaux on my blog. If these are well liked or comprhesive enough, I will try to port pieces over the the PullMyFinger wiki. If there are suggestions on what to do better or what models to cover next, please let me know. Minions covered Wicked Doll Alps Current Suggestions (by priority) Sorrows Mysterious Effigy Beckoners Depleted
  14. I was a little surprised that there wasn’t already a Leveticus tactica on the forums here. I figured I would take a shot at one. I'd also like to link to an essay I wrote a few months back, Why I Love M2E Leveticus. Much props out to all the badass Leveticus players I’ve learned from. Especially drool_bucket and Lucidicide, who are premier players who really know their stuff. Leveticus is a steampunk necromancer, a scavenger who recovers stray parts both dead and mechanical and salvages them into horrible new creations. He’s quite a departure from most Masters, in that his mechanics revo
  15. Hi all This is my first post on the forums, and i'm (as the title suggests) quite new to malifaux. I purchased two crews for The Guild faction, Lady J and her Death Marshals and Criid and her Witchling Stalkers (purely based on looks, i mean, cowboy Ghost Riders? who could pass them up!). I go into the game with my older brother, who bought various crews for various factions (Lilith, Mei-Feng, Rasputina and soon to be getting Freikorps). I've played roughly 6 games, a few with him, and a few at my games club that roped me into the game. I've got most of the rules down, and can play full g
  16. So, I've just acquired my fifth Malifaux crew and it so happens to be Marcus... I've put a list together, and I just want to see what the rest of 'Team Marcus' have to say! Here's the list: Marcus Blessed of December (8SS) Ama No Zako (8SS) Shikome (8SS) 3 Night Terrors (9SS Total) That leaves me with 2 spare SS, giving me a total cache of 6SS. Should I include the Jackolope? Is the 1SS trade worth it for the totem?
  17. So I recently bought Yan Lo on a whim with my girlfriend getting Jakob Lynch. We ran them out of the box (after getting some painting and basing done that weekend - can post pics later if anyone wants to see), plus a few extra minions here and there. We had a lot of fun but now I want to get some neat additions to this crew. Something fun and exciting or something optimized and kickass. Either, or would be fine with me. I've heard a few people talking about "something cool" with The Drowned and Yan Lo, but never really saw what that "something cool" was. If anyone could explain that I would
  18. ANNOUNCEMENT! PullMyFinger Malifaux Tactica Wiki is Live! http://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/ Lalochezia, Rathnard, and myself(Karn987) have begun a project to create a Malifaux Tactica Wiki to help centralize all of the amazing Tactica's and information out on the forums right now. The site will have: Detailed Tactica articles on every Master, Henchmen, Totem, and Minion in the game! Model Errata as per Rules Marshal's Rulings. Rules Clarifications as per Rules Marshal's Rulings. Rising Power Card Changes. New Player Introduction Articles. Other Helpful Articles concerning Malif
  19. Showgirls Tactica Version 2011-02-23 This Tactica was written to help everyone understand Colette and her Showgirls including new and experienced players regardless of if you are playing with or against her crew. I will describe some basic tactics, gotchas, and synergy of the Showgirls and a little about who else works well with them. You'll need to come up with your own overall strategy of how to win each game because different victory conditions require different overall strategies. Corrections & updates are of course welcome. However, I ask that you first check the Rulebooks, lat
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