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  1. Really? Everyone I played with just had the active player choose the order for everyone, usually left to right or vice versa
  2. Thats actually a hidden, but really big change from last edition
  3. I do not believe that rule applies because no model is having its game state changed twice. Just under that spot in the rules is a clarification about how mulitple models with Scamper each resolve Scamper, "Bushwhackers have the Scamper Ability, which reads: “After an enemy model within a6 Cheats Fate, this model may Push up to 2" in any direction after resolving the current Action or Ability.”If an enemy model Cheats Fate within 6" and LoS of multiple Bushwhackers, each such Bushwhacker could Push up to 2", as they are the models affected by the Aura (i.e., the models experiencing a change in their game state)." Because Recharge Soulstone effects the model with the upgrade, each model resolves it separately. No model's game state is affected twice; two model's are affected once, and therefore the Auras are not cumulative Another problem with interpreting the auras as cumulative is what happens when an enemy and friendly model with the upgrade are both in range? Who would get the ss? There is no clarification for that situation, which might mean its intended that both gain a ss. To be clear, I think its weird but RAW I think this is how it works
  4. So just to check, right now, RAW, if a model dies within range of two models with Soulstone Cache (on the same crew), the controller of those models would gain 2 soulstones?
  5. That took me a while to figure out too! Ultimately the confusion is that there are two different terms, LOS and cover. The first paragraph explains when LOS. Is blocked. If you are standing near blocking terrain, any LOS that go through the terrain are blocked. If your model is smaller than the terrain, all LOS that go through the terrain are blocked so an enemy on the other side cant shoot you. The "even partially" was a bit confusing for me, but what it refers to is if your model is touching the terrain's shadow. In M2E you needed to be within 1" of terrain to benefit from it. In M3E you need to be H" away where H = the hight of the terrain (special rules apply if H > 4"). So your big bad 50 milimeter base model can be 3" away from a hight 3 building, be a centimeter inside its shadow, and gain full benefit from the shadow The second paragraph refers to cover, although this paragraph doesnt have cover defined (its on p 18, Models within a terrain’s Shadow (even partially) have Cover against any projectile (gun) Actions that can draw one or more sight lines through that terrain." So any model in the shadow of terrain gains cover. Your size 3 Rider gains cover from the cruddy hight 1 barrels laying in the street. In the Parker vs Hound scenario, Parker is size 2, the Hound is size 4, and the terrain is hight 3. The Hound is bigger than the terrain, so LOS is not blocked. This only means that Parker can target him. The Hound is also within 3" of the terrain, so he is inside its shadow. Whenever a model is within a terrain's shadow it gains cover
  6. FYI, both players declare Faction first, then after both players know what factions their opponent is playing, both players choose masters. So if you declare Guild and your opponent declares Ressers you can then go, "Oh, Lady J is good against Ressers, I'll player her"
  7. You can make guesses based on their faction, and you hire counter models out of keyword. Anna Lovelace, the Transmortis henchmen, is a relatively cheap but effective way to counter scrap production and places. And you can always hire a second master, so maybe you declare Molly but pull a fast one after masters are declared and hire the Professor and Anna
  8. Does the Karmic Debt trigger still proc off of damage from shockwaves and blasts? Does the model that created the shockwave or blast still count as the attacking model if there is no opposed duel? Does Karmic Ties proc if the attack kills Minako? For example if she has 2 wounds and takes 2 damage, does the abilility proc or does she just die? My interpretation is that the ability does NOT proc, but im case it does: If Minako has 2 wounds but gets hit by an attack doing 3 damage, would the attacker suffer 2 or 3 dmg? If the ability procs, my interpretation would be 2 damage, because that is all the dmg she suffers
  9. This may be a case where the specific overrides the generic
  10. Just wondering on if we have a ruling for resolving stacked abilities. I have a Metal Gamin with Diesel Engine that activates in the aura of something that happens at the start of its activation (Harsh Winter, Catalyst, etc.) I the acting player choose to resolve Diesel Engine first and move 3" away, out of range of the auras. Therefore none of the auras apply, the model doesnt gain slow or take dmg from poison
  11. I asked about that interaction specifically a month or two ago and the consensus was that no markers would be dropped
  12. No, within range refers to within pulse range. This is why the Mech Rider's ult was changed, because it only used to apply to models within the pulse. Similarly, the other two triggers are still limited by the pulse, so the Mech Rider cannot use Innovation to give herself Tomes because she's not within range of the pulse
  13. Wait, models cant be placed on impassabme terrain anymore? Why not? Can models land on top of buikdings or climb and stand on them? Edit: I looked at the impassable section again. Do models count as Objects? It seems a bit silly to me that models with flight could climb up the side of a building but not fly to the top. This also means that models that die on buildings drop no markers right? 2nd Edit: ok, I found my answer in the advanced terrain section. Sorry guys. The rules say that the walls of a building are impassable (or climbable) but the roof is not. So in M3E impassable doesnt mean "hard" it means "nothing can be here"
  14. Are strategy markers impassable for all strategies or only for Turf War where is it specifically stated? If strategy markers are hight 0, cant models wall over them even if they are impassable? Even if the markers cant be walked over, can a model be placed on top of them such as via flight? Objects can't be dropped or placed overlapping impassable terrain, but can they be placed on strategy markers because they arent terrain?
  15. If a model with Mv 4 is closer than 4 inches from a scrap marker and uses Magnetism to push towards a marker, does the model stop in b2b or does it overlap the marker? If the model were 0, 1, or 2 inches away, would it push the full 4 inches and overshoot the marker?
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