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  1. How does deadly pursuit interact with claiming a Leyline? A) Pursuit happens before, so you can Push up to the Marker and then Claim it B) Pursuit happens after, so you can Claim the Marker and then Push away C) Both effects happen during the Resolve End Turn Effects Step so Simultaneous Effects applies and the Controller gets to choose which resolves first. I personally think it is C, since claiming a Marker happens "At the end of each Turn," but before scoring the from the strategy, placing Claiming the Marker squarely within the "Resolve End Turn Effects" step.
  2. Playing EVS is I think the most fun I've had in Malifaux. The card cycling shenanigans, synergies, and just lateral thinking you put into the crew is so much fun.
  3. 1 Harpooner will be in each box. That way Apex has to buy 2 EVS boxes!
  4. They have conditional ranged min 3 which is good, however I do think its too unreliable for that to make them worth 7 ss
  5. Oh no I completely agree. I didnt say they were good, just that they were cool!
  6. I think Acolytes are cool and like using them, but I think that Analyze Weakness is kind of a dead Action this edition. 1. Its often tough to get off, since it's usually stat 5. So you opponent spends their high cards to avoid it if it matters, but dont bother if it doesnt 2. It's only range 10. That is within Walk-Charge range of most models. 3. You need to activate the model early in order for it to be worthwhile. This both throws off your Activation order, and leaves your models Activated near enemy models who can just kill it. Wouldn't it be better to just kill something e
  7. But he measures LoS from Calypso. So Calypso would be attacking himself no?
  8. I dont believe Bebe can use his Welder on Calypso when inside it, since it is an attack action and cant target itself
  9. The movement, the Upgrades (which are super strong because they are balanced around being put out when models die) as well as being an effect that discards 2 cards in order to draw 4.
  10. The double Chiyaki activation is VERY strong, probably broken. I havent seen it yet but I imagine double Toshiro is not as effective, because 1. Toshiro is harder to kill 2. It takes higher cards and and uses stones 3. You draw less cards from it 4. Toshiro and Ashugaru are slow models, so summoning them in your deployment zone means it takes awhile for them to affect the battlefield.
  11. The Hopeful Prospects can replace themselves with a "Minion that shares a Keyword with this crew's leader." If Nagatorro is your leader, can the Prospects replace themselves with Botanists? If Versatile counts as a Keyword for that purpose, and since the Ability doesnt mention Faction, can the Prospect replace itself with any Versatile Minion in the game?
  12. could you explain how 2 ashigaru are summoned per turn? And also I think the better fix for Ikyrio would be "If this model was hired at the start of the game" so it doesnt impact Leader Kirai, and you can still do the summon shenangians if you want, but its a 7ss upgrade
  13. I think crews that focus on heavy summoning typically lack in other areas, most commonly cards. I am unfamiliar with double ashigaru, but as far as the other combinations you have named are unique because they are exceptional at card drawing. Perhaps the problem is not "Summoning 10ss a turn" but "summoning 10ss a turn while also having constant card advantage"
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