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  1. To clarify a bit, Hazardous used to work like that in the Beta, but the wording was explicitly changed to exclude models because of Mei Feng of the Thousand Pushes. As a Mei player I'm all for reverting it The way Hazardous works for models is "You take the damage when you move or are moved." So you can't Charge them to ping the damage, but if you Lure them into the Aura they WILL take a damage. If you Trigger "Yer Comin With Me" or "Mass Hysteria" while they are in / move them into the Aura they will take a damage.
  2. Yesterday I discovered that I could add models to my opponent's Crew via the reference list during a Network game (specifically Mindless Zombies). I dont know if thats intended, but I figured I post it.
  3. To be a bit more specific, model limits only apply to YOUR crew. Its entirely possible for both crews to contain the "same" Rare 1 model, or even for masters to fight themselves (just ask the Viks)
  4. "Action Triggers are tied to specific Actions and can only be used with that Action. They are found below an Action’s effect and are subject to all game effects that affect the Action (such as Incorporeal or + flips to damage)." Hard Throw is an Action Trigger. It is therefore subject to all game effects on the Action, including positive and negative damage flips generated via the Accuracy Modifier
  5. Imo it sounds like your friend would be interested in "board warping" crews, that is, crews that spend turns changing the board into a favorable state for the rest of the game. I view it as kind of similar to "engie building," and I love it for the "puzzle box" aspect, ie: "I move this model here, which allows this model to do THIS which allows that model to do THAT" Most crews in Malifaux do this to some effect, but the crews imo that really focus on it are: Foundry (Mei Feng)- this is the crew that I play. Early turns revolve around placing Scrap Markers around the board which your models can then teleport to. I definitely dont consider them a "late game" crew, but once you get your Railways up you can pull off some crazy stuff. December (Rasputina)- creates Ice Pillars to physically block models as well as Slow them and empower their own models. Raspy can use Pillars to increase her own range. Savage (Euripides)- also uses Ice Pillars, but Savage models use them to heal and move themselves around. Euripides can teleport between them. Other big combo crews are: Family (Perdita)- which focuses on models generating out of activation Actions from other models Elite (Lucius)- which focuses on using Obey chains to draw cards and abuse Agent 46.
  6. You could score both versus any crew. But you could score full points for both versus Viktorias!
  7. I think one of the great things about Chimera is that every model can do every one of the things you've listed. Marcus does any number of things depending on the board state and objectives. Sometimes hes commanding Cojo to nuke a model, sometimes hes Planting Explosive and Scheme Markers, and sometimes Lady J murders your whole crew so he's gotta get in there and finish her off. And while hes not the best at any one of those things, hes not "ok" at them either, hes just good at doing everything. My turn one is consistently Marcus gives out 4 upgrades to not-Myranda, bonus actions, and walks. Maybe when I get more experience I will get more creative, but for now its a great way to waste an opponents activation without committing to a side of the board and the upgrades are so important. Cojo gets Horns, Vogel gets Camoflauge because my opponents like to focus him, Rattler gets Armor, Cerberus gets Wings, and the Jackalope starts with Teeth because it turn him into a great support piece. I can chuck him at the enemy and tie them up while putting out Adversary as my first activation. After that the Jackalope just gets w/e upgrade I need least, since the most important thing about it is the increase to duel total (which affects leap) and the extra life it gives. I dont know what you mean by "have all mutations attached." If you are asking if I jsut stop using Chimeramancy after turn 2, definitely not. The trigger to heal on it can be very strong, and I pass around Wings and Plating to whoever needs it
  8. where are you getting this from exactly? The best I can see is that we have 3 terms, "current duel total" "duel total" and "final duel total" Chi says "increase its DUEL TOTAL" so I could see the argument for that affecting cheating, but Press the Advantage says "reduce its final duel total" which I guess makes sense because it occurs after cheating. Railworkers an the Jackalope however say they increase their FINAL duel total, so does that affect cheating?
  9. You are joking right. Its pretty clear that the duel total we calculate is what we are supposed to use to determine who cheats. This is why we must "inform our opponent. But hey, Step C doesnt tell us to calculate our duel total or how it wants us to do it, so I guess we just cant play the game
  10. In Step B we determine "current duel total" however this process is described as "Players add their stat, the value of the flipped card, and any suits." So technically, duel modifiers and not added to the "current duel total" which is what is used to cheat fate. However, I am confident that this is an oversight.
  11. Furthermore, all Markers are considered to have a hight of 0 unless otherwise stated as found on page 28 digital.
  12. So Yan Lo's models have a mechanic where when they die they give out "Reliquary Upgrades" to a nearby friendly model. It gives the model a little buff, but its basically the soul of the killed model. Yan Lo then has an Action which transforms the carrier of the Reliquary back into the model that was killed, making your important units effectively immortal if played correctly. His Henchman, Chiyaki, has a Trigger called Split the Soul, which allows her to place Reliquaries onto a model WITHOUT the original model dying, effectively giving that permanent upgrade to any model for a 4 Masks and giving a second life to whatever model's Reliquary was used regardless of its position on the table. The restriction that it cant be placed on Yin is to prevent Chiyaki from stacking upgrades from one model onto the same model. So for example, you cant use Izamu's Reliquary to stack Armor on Izamu, or use Manos' upgrade to stack Regen on Manos
  13. I like Marcus into Reckoning because he has an insignificant totem and Myranda can be not a henchmen when she dies, so Marcus can deny reckoning points very well. I like Mei Feng for Plant Exlosives because Foundry really benefits when enemies spread out and have to spend AP interacting
  14. Thats very much not how I've seen it played, but good to know...
  15. Fyi, the Revelation trigger no longer has a range, so its even better than you think. It had to target models "within range" during Beta, but this is no longer the case. The Rider can even reactivate itself. The Rider can even reactivate itself multiple times in the same turn, provided you have enough Fate Tokens, because there is no "once per turn" restriction.
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