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  1. So wait a minute, does this mean that even if friendly models can draw range and LoS to a buried Beebe, and Beebe can draw range and LoS to them while buried, that Beebe can't be affected by their Auras nor Targetted by their abilities? I have been playing that very wrong then, and it is a very significant nerf to the model. It also seems, unintentional? What would be the point of drawing LoS to Beebe be then?
  2. We usually each have our own markers and we swap neutral ones out for our personal ones. If we both claim a marker, we stack them on top of each other. Or we do something like place one of our scheme markers under the Leyline
  3. I mean it is really not that big of a deal. Strat markers have needed 3 unique versions since the start of the game, and Leylines actually requires four unique strat markers!
  4. I think you can still declare the Actions if they gave you some benefit, like Swagger, but the model would not be able to move from them
  5. I dont see why you would ever play Raspy 1 anymore. This doesnt seem like a Title, it seems like what Raspy should have been in M3E
  6. I don't see why. You won't fall while in base contact with the terrain, so you can stay in base contact with it for 1", then break base contact by moving horizontal and then fall mid walk.
  7. It is also important to note that concealment is ignored if any ONE of those sight lines are an inch or less. So if Sovereign drew LoS through 2" of the forest from his right edge, but only through 1" of the forest on his left, he would not suffer concealment
  8. Just want to add to this that you don't have to climb down terrain, you can choose to fall and take falling damage in order to save movement. The calculation for falling damage is the HT you fell (in Inches) / 2 and rounded down (which is unique because in general Malifaux rounds up) Therefore, when climbing over a HT 2 fence, your model has three options 1. Climb up and Climb down, which would cost 4" of movement 2. Climb up and fall down, which would cost 2" of movement but you would suffer 1 damage 3. Climb up and climb 1" down, before falling an inch, which would cost 3" of movement but you would take no damage (because 1/2 = 0.5, which is rounded down to 0)
  9. Ok, because it says "additional damage" I think I agree
  10. So Burning and Poison definitely stack their damages, because the target suffers +1 damage for every 3 stacks, "During the end phase this model suffers 1 damage, plus 1 damage for every 3 points of Burning beyond the first" Youko is not a "+2"
  11. So to clarify, the extra damage from reducing Distracted on Youko's mele attack would NOT ignore Armor correct? It is not a +2, so it is treated as an additional ping of damage like Smoulder, nor does the Action say "damage from this Action ignores Armor."
  12. see, if that were the case I would have expected it to be Concealing, because it doesn't physically impede bullets. I think that the Decoys are probably just non-mechanical, Mannequins woodwork in the shape of a Human that Colette uses magic to make appear real.
  13. I think I am more likely to hire an Elite list with this Mei because I can summon in my Gamin. I don't really need to dedicate resources towards Mei which means I can spend my cards on other models. Ironically, I believe this as well as the Shielded, encourages me to hire Willie and Neil more than Mei 1. I can save my 7s for Willie now, and Shielded means that Reckless on Neil is free. Plus, using Impromptu Invention for Injured +2 is going to be VERY strong with Neil Henry. I actually think that Kang is equally powerful in both Titles of Mei and I will continue to take him more often than not. In Mei 1, Kang is a support model. However, Mei 2 can give Kang Fast and Focused, and oh my is that going to make Kang a very serious threat, especially since with no Jack Hammer kick there isn't any competition for Severe Rams in the crew so Kang is going to hit double Crit Strike more often. Sadly, I think Blinded by Iron is still pretty bad and I wish it got some support
  14. See, if I know my opponent is going to discard my hand anyway, I wouldnt bother stoning for cards. Against something like Youko, you just kind of need to accept that you wont have a hand and need to play accordingly, by either hiring Card Draw, or hiring models that dont really need cards to function properly. Something with a lot of moderate tn's (6+) would be pretty unreliable into Youko, whereas something with Vent Steam which doesnt even require a flip, would remain just as reliable as always
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