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  1. In the Beta the Action specified "within range" (which would exclude the Rider remember) but was changed to allow it to be global
  2. Considering I am an Arcanist Player, no. I probably would in Neverborn tho Oh! And Vogel is definitely a Drain. His Shapechange takes a card, so on turns you want to use that (which is often) he drains cards. That said, in niche circumstances he is a producer, since as Vogel is can draw cards from File Papers and a Surge trigger (very unreliable). That said I put Vogel in most of my lists and think he's awesome (but I am biased he's probably my favorite model in the game). He brings a LOT of unique things to the Keyword. Off the top of my head: 1. Shielded (impassioned defense is such
  3. I've had similar thoughts and that can definitely be a tactic to take, but I find the power of a Chimera keyword is in the casual way they disregard Engagement, or are able to react to game changes instantly. Since you cant move Versatile model models, I can feel a bit frustrated with them. For me, you need to be very aware of what your producers and consumers are in a Chimera crew. Your true Beasts often take cards from your hand, while the Living models draw you cards. So I like taking Initiates to generate resources for me and get a solid Activation while supporting my other models and rema
  4. Well its not exactly wasting those first few activations right. Most models no matter their cost Walk and Concentrate Turn 1 anyway. Riders actually are more efficient Turn 1 than most since they typically Ride With Me a model up the board, then Walk, then Concentrate. So its Turn 1 is far from wasted. Turn 2 is absolutely the weakest Turn for Rider's no disagreement here, although this is both true of all the Rider's and even still the Dead Rider serves as a fantastic deterrent, since if you cross the centerline the Dead Rider can still output significant damage with its Mele attack while sta
  5. well actually the Rider can see the 3 closest models to its theoretical positions. I just picked the first listed map and placed my models, considering terrain, the distance they would need to be to not have 3 people within the aura at one time. I didnt ignore the terrain on that map, so the Rider's range was illegally ignoring the buildings. Walking twice and doing 6 (conservative) damage is in fact very close to game breaking for me, because of the sheer range of the ability. Doing 6 damage to targets around 18" away is absolutely massive, especially considering it was very likely your last
  6. No offense, but you guys keep changing the numbers and exaggerating things. I agree, if you can hit 5 models with it at once you've made a significant mistake. But my point is that you dont need to hit FIVE models for the ability to be VERY good. Shockwaves and Pulses become efficient when they hit 2+ models at once. If the Rider can get 3 models in its pulse for example, its expected damage output is somewhere around 9-12 damage (because on a straight flip you are more likely to hit moderate and severe than weak). 9-12 damage from an irresistible, single Bonus Action is VERY good. Due to the
  7. 12 damage from an irresistable bonus action is what I would call quite a lot of damage. The analogy to Teddy doesnt quite pay off firstly because it is an opposed duel rather than a simple duel, and secondly stacking focus on a model is quite difficult. Your analogy requires Teddy to have been preset up with 3 AP worth of set up (3 Focus) and be in position to use 2 Actions attacking, where the Rider only requires waiting until turn 3 and a single bonus action worth of set up. I also dont think its fair to assume the player is consistently having to cheat for damage on the Rider, because a str
  8. I think placing the blame on people who "clump up" is a bit disingenuous. The area this ability affects is massive. Its a circle with about a 14" diameter, or about 12% of the entire board. Considering that diameter is larger than the vast majority of models are capable of moving in a single Activation, and its very easy to hit 3 models with it at a time, esspecially considering most models wants to be in the general vicinity of other models because of the range of beneficial Actions or Abilities. Trying to position 8 models on your half of the board with only having 2 be withing 14" of eachot
  9. Ahh but see now with the cost of the upgrade and the stones you are spending you need to compare that cost to THREE necropunks. Or so I was told.
  10. I find this hilarious because people kept saying the Mech Rider was terrible, and when I defended it I was told by Ressers that the Mech Rider was worse than 2 Necropunks for 1 SS more
  11. What about some kind of auction mechanic? Limit it to non-master, then have one player draw a model's card and look at it secretly. Then they tell their opponent the Keyword of the model, and put a bid in soulstones on it. The opponent has the option to outbid the player, or allow them to have the card at the price they listed. Whatever you paid for the card is how much is costs you to hire that model into your crew (but its Cost is still its Cost for schemes and strats)
  12. A quick addendum, Markers unless otherwise specified count as Sz 0 by default (in default Marker rules). When drawing LoS to or from a Marker, treat it as a model. So a model on a box could not pick up or drop a Scheme Marker (Sz 0), however if it were directly on the edge of that box (or overhanging a bit depending on your interpretation of the Falling rules) it could be in base contact with a Sz 5 Ice Pillar Marker. As for the model standing on the bridge, Scoffer does a good breakdown, but the rules work that way because Malifaux is a 3D game pretending it is 2D. All Sight Lines are dr
  13. A model with a non-stackable condition cannot gain another instance of it. This is clarified under "This Or That Choices," "Some effects within the game provide a model with a choice, such as “discard a card or gain Stunned.” In cases such as this, the model making the choice may choose either option, provided they have the capability to resolve that option. In the case above, if the model had no cards in its Control Hand, it could not choose to discard a card; if the model already had the Stunned Condition (or could not gain it for some reason), it could not choose to gain Stunned. If a m
  14. So then we are in agreement! Hamelin in an Activation is only able to do around 6 damage to a Master early on, whereas the masters I named are capable of forcing Hamelin to use his Demise ability, meaning they have done at least 14 damage in the same amount of time: ie OVER TWICE AS MUCH. So we agree that the other masters are better damage dealers than Hamelin with less time and resources.
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