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  1. They can only move Minions, so as long as you send an Enforcer+ you are still fine! In general I think Nellie denies that kind of scheme really well however, since she can control your Interacts
  2. I play a lot of Foundry, and it is pretty easy for them to score. What I have also found is that Outflank can be a great scheme to bluff. If you drop a Scheme Marker on the centerline at the edge of the board your opponent has to respond in some way. Doing so can pull them very far out of position.
  3. I knew I remembered it! Thats what I get for just searching "hazardous"
  4. So then what happens if a model is thrown into Hazardous? Does it suffer the effects or not?
  5. Apparently I misremembered, it says a model is considered to be Resolving an Action during every point of the "Resolve Actions" step, not during every part of a movement.
  6. Yes because if at any point during the move you are in the terrain you are considered to have moved through it. That's Core hazardous rules
  7. Perhaps because there are Abilities that can move Markers outside of Actions?
  8. It was something I did in GG1. It was really strong when you could use Mark Territory to give Cojo 4 Focus Turn 1. Obviously it is still good and it is a great reason to take Cojo against Ressers. He can rather reliably one-round something like Archie. This type of approach however tends to leave you a bit AP hungry; it is a powerful combo but it's kind of like a haymaker that can leave you overextended if you whiff
  9. That's true, Triggers are considered part of the Action so it would resolve an Action while in Hazardous. But we can take Magical Training to mitigate- oh wait nope. Yea SS Miners are just not good lol
  10. In Anya's case, a Pushed Marker would only trigger it's Hazardous Effect if the actual Marker came into base contact with the enemy model. If it only moves within an inch of the model there would be no hazardous damage from that movement
  11. Does this mean the attack is also controlled by the attacker
  12. After a couple of games, I think I am tentatively going to call it a buff. Pros: +++ Soulstone usage. Absolutely a game changer, Sparks has now seen Turn 5 in every game I have used him. It also makes Sparks very good at certain Schemes, like Hidden Martyrs. In fact, I have had opponent say they don't even want to bother attacking Sparks now, since he can Stone away the first attack and Scamper away from the second. ++Synergy with the Porkchop. Previously, Sparks and the Porkchop had dis-synergy which was unfortunate and sad. Since the Porkshop can't benefit from Fast twice, there was no reason to use Now Yer A Robot on it. Now however, Sparks can give the Porkchop a Fourth Action which is very powerful. Being able to set up Vent Steam early, or even just taking an extra Walk Action is very strong. Plus, Reckless damage is both prevented by Shielded, AND procs Packed With Explosives. ++Increased Versatility. The advantage that Command Construct has over Burn Out is that it is more versatile. Being able to get an extra Action on another model during Sparks' Activation can be a game changer. For example, using Command Construct to have another model Ride the Rails so that both Sparks and that model can evacuate the area before the opponent has a chance to attack either of them. It can also be used on Enemy Constructs, which is useful because previous enemy Constructs where difficult for the Foundry to handle, as they ignore Vent Steam. Plus, it is an Attack Action, so now Sparks has a use for Focus! ++Sparks no longer needs to consume Scrap for his Tactical, which means your Turn 1 has a decreased resource cost. + Sparks can turn your Living models into Constructs, so when they die you get an extra Scrap! Cons: -Increased resource cost. Command Construct require a NINE, in a crew with ZERO card draw and lots of discards. It is definitely not going to go off every Turn, maybe once or twice a game. At least it can be mitigated a little bit by spending Focus? Oh, also it has no Triggers... - Sparks can no longer give himself an extra Action. Previously, you could Burn Out Sparks for a 3rd Action, but you can't Attack yourself so you cant Command Construct on yourself. - The range of Scrapyard Mines got reduced and it is now an Aura. Most of the time, I'm throwing the enemy into the Scarp so the range reduction isn't seriously impactful. The fact that it is now an Aura is mitigated by Stone usage, as it is now acceptable for Sparks to be on or near the front lines. - - With the Focus Changes, Galvanize is not a great Trigger, particularly if you want to bring Kang. - - Command Construct is affected by Concealment, so you still have the issue where your Turn 1 can be messed up by Diesel Engine, except now you don't get your extra Action if the model you want to target is in Vent Steam. - - - The Maximum amount of health Sparks can save you in a Turn has been reduced. Previously you could Heal twice and give Shielded, for a total swing of six Health. Now that his Tactical is no longer a Bonus Action, the most HP you can swing is four, or if you Ride the Rails, only TWO. Neutral: Analyze Weakness is still a dead Action. Sparks has even more Action AND resource pressure than he did before. In my 60+ games of Foundry, I have attempted Analyze Weakness twice and succeeded zero times.
  13. Falling is not movement. The rules for Malifaux are written from a 2D perspective, which makes them a bit awkward at times. Essentially, pretend you are looking at a Vassal board. If a model is on top of destructible terrain and that terrain breaks, the model does not change location, strictly from a 2D perspective. All that happens is the SZ of the model changes.
  14. The Forgeling is quite good. Being able to pump out 2 Scrap markers a Turn is crucial on the early Turns of the game, and infinite Condition removal for a FOUR as a BONUS ACTION is godly, not to mention it turns that Condition removal into healing. Not to mention the shenanigans a significant, 2 Cost model with Ride the Rails can get up to.
  15. This was my basic list that I learned the crew (and M3E) on. I generally start with this in crew building and then swap models out. Basic Foundry (Arcanists) Size: 50 - Pool: 9 Leader: Mei Feng Totem(s): Forgeling Hires: Kang Neil Henry Soulstone Cache Rail Worker 3 Magical Training Rail Worker Metal Gamin Metal Gamin 2
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