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  1. Our only restriction is no DMH, however very rarely have we actually seen multi masters played in our tournaments. I've seen Perdita + LJ but that's about it. Overall it feels in our meta like multi masters are weaker than single models
  2. I think this is a gross exaggeration. But even at the best interpretation of it, the purpose of a 5,6, or 7 stone model IS to die. Cheap minions should not be reliably living through turns 4 and 5, the game just mechanically isnt designed for that nor is agreeable to the fluff. Absolutely everyone in Malifaux is expendable, that's kind of Mei Feng's whole character arc. Why on earth would we care about some random unnamed minion. Yes, it absolutely makes sense that the girl in an nightgown is killed in a single hit from the 15foot robotic monstrosity with a harpoon twice as big as she is.
  3. I think technically there is a way to create one way LoS. It would require a weird roof however. Models ontop of a building may ignore up to an inch of that building, other models may not. So if you had like a HT 1 Crenellation on a building and chose to call that part of the building rather than a separate wall, a Gremlin or other SZ 1 model could hide behind it, ignore it, but still remain unseen
  4. From an Arcanist perspective, something that should not be ignored is that Arcanists have ways of reliably getting double positives to the damage flip to punch through Hard to Wound. I like Marcus into Ressers because he can take Cojo, who can easily obtain a triple positive to the damage flip from Charge Through, Bonus Action Focus, and Puncture (plus Wp7). While Cojo is uniquely strong, remember that any Arcanist Construct can easily obtain a double positive from Focus and the Diesel Engine upgrade.
  5. See, Ib my experience the little guys do fine. I actually prefer a crew a 9-10 5 or 6 stone models to 6-7 9 or 10 stone models. You just have so much more you can do with the little guys, and most of the time the beaters cant stop all of them, and if they can then you misplayed somewhere. I think a big part of it is the way people look at the game. Every model is expendable. Most of the time I am fine with spending my 5ss model to take up an enemy's Activation and their Focus, thats generally a good deal for me because he's not hitting something important, not scoring points, and if I've set u
  6. There is a difference between "exactly one model" and "exactly one of the chosen models." The Maniquinn would count as BOTH of the chosen models for the purposes of the scheme.
  7. Why would it score the first point? The other model isnt alive. If Model A is counted as both model A and B and dies, then neither A nor B are alive and both A and B are dead. You would get no points for the scheme.
  8. So already he just hired some great models for the Scheme pool. The Mech Rider is fantastic at Breakthrough, Runic Binding, and Spread Them Out and Soul Stone Miner is fantastic at Claim Jump, Take Prisoner, and either Breakthrough or Spread Them Out (not both at once), so realistically with those two models alone he accomplish any of the schemes. The Mecharachnid has Precise, so it ignores all the tech that Von Schook is bringing, literally all of it (I hire it specifically to kill the Valedictorian). Its weaknesses are usually its low wound count and its lack of speed, so its seceptable
  9. Im super pumped for this even though I cant see it live. I'm hoping for a win for the Americans, but I gotta say I think that Colete list is gonna take it. That's absolutely nasty
  10. I thinl the implication is that she's just wasted some poor fool and is taunting her next opponent. The tooth is spat out from her previous fight to prepare for the next one
  11. Thats actually ok! You can reenter your vote entirely and it will update properly!
  12. Super interesting tho how 6 people ticked the box to show how many people voted, but Foundry has 7 votes
  13. Its ok guys, this was supposed to be a fun experiment to get people talking, not some super serious data collection. I also messed up making the poll, it shows each bar as a percentage of total votes, not total people voting.
  14. We haven't had activity in a while, and this is a question I think often gets overlooked in the polls here. So lets see which Keywords are the most popular to own, and which are the hardest to collect! Only select a Keyword if you are capable of fielding every model in that Keyword. Let's say you must own the full rarity of each model. So for example do not select Chimera if you only own 1 Cerberus model (it doesn't matter if your two are the same sculpt, just that you are physically able to put two on the table at the same time). No proxies obviously, unreleased models are not considered part
  15. I'm more or less and exclusive Foundry player, so ask me w/e. Things that super annoy me that havent been mentioned yet are A) Armored constructs. The crew can struggle against armor and their Hazardous doesnt affect constructs so they lose their ping damage. B) Moving me away from Scrap Markers. The crew can correct, but it takes time and effort. They have low movement so if you pull them away from Scrap it is fairly easy to trap them. The Hole in the World trigger has been used against me exactly twice and both times it lost me the game. C) As Adrian touched on, Obeys wreck
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