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  1. I havent used any of her Bayou models yet, but I've had a lot of success with her core box, metal gamin, and Neil Henry. I've actually tried several out of keyword models and been underwhelmed, but maybe I just need practice with them. You need some kind of Walking Forge models, the Porkchop is good, but I like the metal gamin (even over the metal golem) because they are crappy models that want to activate first in a turn (to give shielded) so I can save important activations for late in the turn. They are also great fodder for eating enemy AP (armor 2, shielded, can be healed), and idc if they die because they give a lot of scrap. If they do live they make good scheme runners. If you could only buy a single box though, definitely pick up Neil Henry. Dude is an absolute monster. He picks one model a turn and just removes them from the board. No one else can really match that. And hus M2E box goes for as little as $5. You gotta be careful tho, hes not a construct so he cant be healed and you want to be going reckless every turn so you only have 3 wounds to spare. If I take Neil, he always gets SoulStone Cache and I keep at least 7 stones.
  2. DOnt forget dropping them into base contact with a scrap so that Willie can Set Charge for 2 more explosion damage
  3. Crates I think are fantastic this edition because they are a terrain piece you have direct control over. They can block charge lanes early, but dont cost too much to climb over, and you can decide to spend a cheap model's ap to create a charge lane for a more expensive model. But if you do so, you gotta be careful about giving your opponent a lane. Overall, I think crates are the mvp terrain this edition
  4. see to me, thats not a lot of terrain. You have a good amount of large, blocking terrain (which is important), but I see almost no scatter terrain. When I play I set up the board like that, then we sprinkle some crates (height 1 destructible) and trees (height 3) until it looks like the top of a muffin
  5. Normally Incorporeal reduces damage from an Attack Action, but not from every Attack Action. For example, an Attack that deals irreducible damage is not reduced by Incorporeal. Even tho it is still an Attack Action, the specific rule overrides the general rule for Incorporeal. Note, that irreducible damage does not say "this action is not an attack action," but rather it is a special qualification of the damage itself. Similarly, the damage from Scorch the Soul has a special qualification for its damage: it comes from the burning condition and not from the attack action.
  6. Thanks for your responses! You've been a big help. I've only played 5 games, but for me my core list looks like Mei Feng + Magical Training 2ss Forgeling 0ss Kang 9ss 2 Metal Gamin 10ss 1 Railworker + Magical Training 7 ss I have also found a lot of success with Neil, like a lot of success, and I need to try out the Mech Rider and Willie more but im a little underwhelmed. The second half of my list is usually Neil + SS Cache 10 ss Railworker 5ss 7 ss in reserve IMO Kang is super important for this crew to function. He's been putting in mega work in my games, even if he discards 4 cards every time he activates. Neil as well is a monster, and the SS Cache combined with 7 ss and Hard to Wound make him extremely tanky
  7. I think his counter argument would be that the reason they dont stack is because they are the same effect. If they were different effects than each instance would affect the model
  8. I had a significant amount of questions come up in a game yesterday, mostly concerning Incorporeal models. Incorporeal states: "Reduce all damage this model suffers from Attack Actions by 1, to a minimum of 0. This model ignores Terrain while moving and is unaffected by Hazardous Terrain. This model can move through other models and vice versa." Mei Feng's bonus action states: "Remove any number of Scrap Markers within 2" of target friendly model. Push the target up to 1", plus up to 3" per removed Scarp Marker. If this Push is interrupted by an enemy model, the enemy model must pass on a TN 14 Mv duel or suffer damage equal to the target's Sz." 1-a. Because Incorporeal says this model CAN model through other models and vice versa, can I choose to not treat the enemy as incorporeal and "bump" into it, or do I have to push all the way through it? (note, I know that the push is an "up to" push, but if Mei pushes up to base contact, then the enemy model is definitely not interrupting the push, so it would not take the Mv duel) 1-b. If I can choose to bump an incorporeal model and not move through the incorporeal model, does this count as the push being interrupted by the enemy model, or by Mei Feng? My opponent argues that even if I could bump into an incorporeal model, because I chose to treat the model as impassible, the enemy model is technically not interrupting the push, my decision is interrupting the push, and therefore the enemy model would not take the Mv duel. 2. We both agree that you cannot end a move inside a model, so if Mei Feng were in base contact with an incorporeal model and attempted to push 1" towards it, would this count as a) the incorporeal model interrupting the push b) being unable to complete the action so the action just fails without pushing 3. Assuming the action does not just fail, If Mei Feng were in base contact with an enemy model, can she attempt to bonus action push towards them and have them interrupt the push? I know on pg. 14 of my digital copy of the rules, it states "Any time something changes location or is affected by a movement effect, it is considered to have moved (even if it moved 0"), but my opponents says that since you cant get any closer to a model that you are in base contact with, you cannot push towards them, and since you cant push towards them you cant make them interrupt the push and take the Mv duel. My other questions refer to LoS to Scrap Markers. So most of the abilities the Foundry have to interact with Scarp Markers are like Mei's Bonus, action, "Remove any number of Scarp Markers within X"" We both agree this notation means that the action does not require LoS to the Scarp Marker, however: 1-a. If a 40mm model is completely covering a Scrap Marker, can it still be removed via an ability like Freight Train, "Remove any number of Scrap Markers within X""? 1-b. If a Foundry model is in base contact with a 40mm model completely covering a Scrap Marker, can it still Ride the Rails using that Scrap Marker? Note, I know that you could not PLACE in base contact with that marker, but since the Foundry model is still within 1" of the Scarp Marker, could it RTR FROM that Marker to another, or does the Marker count as not in play while it is covered? 2. If a model Rides the Rails to a Scarp Marker it ends in base contact with Marker. Is it possible for a 40mm model to completely cover a Scrap Marker that another model is in base contact with, or would the Foundry model have LoS to the Scarp marker if it is in base contact with it, even though the rest of the Marker is completely covered? Sorry for the barrage of questions!
  9. My digital copy of the Rulebook has a description of Chain Activation on page 21 (the page with Activation Phase at the top and a picture of a terror tot I think). The page states, "Some effects can cause models to Activate after another model. If a model would Activate this way, immediately go back to the start of Step C. Players may not Activate more than two models in a row this way, unless they are Activated by the same effect." So he claims because the name of the Ability is the same (both models have Companion or both models have Accomplice) it is the same effect, so the maximum chain activation of two in a row does not apply.
  10. In a similar vein, would that rule apply to Companion or Accomplice? My opponent claims that if the ability has the same name then it is the same effect, even if it is on different cards. So for example, a model could Companion, then another model could Companion, then another model could companion, etc, or a model could Accomplice a model, who then Accomplices a model, who then Accomplices a model, etc, so long as you had the cards to discard, but you could not Companion a model then Accomplice with that model. I thought the rule was designed to stop that from happening and instead referred to pulse effects, like the old Mech Rider's utlimate, or Kirai's M2E ability where every Spirit in 6" could take an action.
  11. Ah. Well. My b. That would have changed the course of the game somewhat
  12. Idk, i took down Chompy early but it took most of my hand. Then my opponent summomed him back the next turn with a single 10. It feels like it was a waste
  13. Oh sorry, my opponent said it was a chain activation. My b.
  14. Can the ability the Family has to chain activate be taken multiple times in a row? The rule books says chain activations can only occur once in a row, unless it is from the dame effect. Does this count as the same effect since the action has the same name, or because it occurs at different times from different models do they count as separate effects?
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