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  1. So since this post has gotten a bit of attention (and it seems you are as bored as me) here's the next question: What do you do when you want to cut decks, but your opponent does not? You've extended your deck out, and said, "Wanna cut?" but your opponent responds with, "Nah, lets not do that." Do you: A) Insist we cut decks, and get hit with the dreaded, "What? You dont trust me?" B) Concede and agree not to cut decks.
  2. Hi guys! I created this thread for people (mostly me) to post questions about awkward situations in Malifaux to ask what people think about them and pool collective solutions. Here are two I've been thinking about recently to get things started: 1. Fast Play: what do you guys do when your opponent plays super fast, not just in the sense that you are being rushed, but when they try to skip your opportunities to do things. For example, Scamper / Butterfly Jump. What do you do when your opponent goes, "Ok, first attack. Ok 2nd attack," "Wait, I didnt get to Butterfly Jump" "Well you missed your chance I already flipped the card." A similar thing can happen with resources, like Soulstones, or Focus, or even Tokens, "Ok, I'm gonna attack you" Opponent flips card "Wait, I'm deciding whether I want to use focus" "Oh sure, decide after you've seen my card" To try and prevent this I usually tell people who have their hand on their deck that I need time to decide whether I'm going to spend that resource, "I'm going to attack but I want some time to decide whether to spend Focus." I still don't know what to do about the Scamper thing, other than just insist that I should be able to do it. 2. Open Ended Questions: How do you guys feel about questions phrased like, "Is there any way you can do X?" To me, it feels like, "Just tell me what you are going to do next so I can do something about it." For example," "Is there any way you can reach and flip that Turf War marker this turn?" "Yes" "How? Its an open information game you have to tell me" "Well I'm going to use this model to push this other model, who's going to attack my other model at range with a trigger to place into base contact with him, then Interact" "Ok cool, now that I know that I'm going to move a model over here so that if you place here you will be engaged with it and can't Interact"
  3. Yea, pulsing out focus is how Kang is action efficent, for the cost of a card turn one you generate the equivalent of around 5 AP. Another good way to think about Kang is what that Focus allows you to kill or what rules it breaks. So if pulsing focus onto 2 Railworkers results in you killing an 8ss enforcer, you can thank Kang for that. Dont forget that Mei Feng is a blaster in a Focus stacking crew. Because she has Breath of Fire Focus is disproportionately effective on her, especially because of Press the Advtantage making it super important to win the inital flip. Finally, this is a faction with Deisel Engine. I already think the Foundry are uniquely suited to fighting Ressers, but stacking Focus with Deisel Engine is a great way to get around HtW. In this way, the Metal Golem gets a double positive to its attack and a double positive to its damage flip, on a model with a 3/4/6 damage track...
  4. I take Kang just about every game. He's default for me, and if I want to bring > 10ss OOK, thats when I consider dropping Kang. The Focus pulse is sooo important for this crew imo, because it allows the crew to RtR once per turn with no drop is average DPS. Everyone in the Crew (Except the Golem, Gamin and Kang himself) has a 2/4/5 dmg track. This means one Focused attack will do about as much as two unFocused attacks, and since if you RtR every turn you only get one action, it means that Focus is really important. In addition, Kang has no Armor, but does have HtW and can heal himself. This is important because it gives the Keyword a variety of defensive tech. Everyone knows Foundry is an Armored crew, so I expect to see some form of Anti-Armor. But Kang doesn't rely on Armor to stay alive, he uses his high Wound count, Stones, and HtW. This means you can throw him at your opponents anti-armor models, or even something like Leveticus, and just tie them up. One other trick you can do with Kang, is to remember that Blinded By Iron also pushes you into Base Contact with the Target. So even though Kang only has a 5" threat range with his charge, he can shoot something 6" away, land Blinded by Iron for the Stun, and then Push 6" to get his 2nd hit off. I will say that outside of Turn one Focus, and taking hits for the crew Kang doesn't really do too much. He's not got great action efficiency for himself, but he does have the potential to have a 4/5/7 dmg track which can be great for punching through Armor, Incorporeal, HtW, or Stones, it just also makes me sad he cant give himself Focus (which I get). A lot of the time I'll take Claim Jump on Kang, because hes tough to kill, can heal himself above 50% easily, with RtR its tough to stop him from getting into the center, and tough to pin him down to kill him after the scheme is revealed, and in addition, he has the Knock Aside trigger, so he can Railwalk into the center, stone for a Mask, and Knock an enemy 4" away to score the point. One cool thing about the Foundry is that they have a gradient of Size. The Gremlins are Sz 1, the Humans Sz 2, the Porkchop Sz 3, and the Golem Sz 4. Using this, I've been able to Pulse out 7 Focus turn 1, which is some crazy efficiency. It gives your crew serious threat, even from the 5ss minions, and allows Mei Feng to get a good Alpha Strike off Turn 1 or 2, especially if you get some Galvanize triggers off with Sparks.
  5. I tend to go entitely in keyword or around 50% versatile. There is no middle ground for me because Kang exists. So either I stay in keyword to take advantage of Kang, or if I'm not taking Kang for w/e reason I go Rider + Effigy w/ upgrade
  6. Mei doesnt share models with many other masters unfortunately. The Metal Gamin and Metal Golem are shared with Sansdeep, but thats about it. Otherwise, you are looking for tech picks or common versatile models. For example, Willie is a good model to own because hes the model in Arcanists with Blow It To Hell. Similarly, Joss can be a good OOK pick for irreducible damage and ruthless. Plus, the ToolKit and Medical Automaton are Augmented, both of which can see use in the Foundry. Hoffman can be a good, if expensive, second master because most of Mei's crew are constructs (but he kind of fills the same role as Sparks). I dont think the Captain is a great pick in Foundry for 2 reasons. Firstly, he brings Anti-shooting, but the Foundry are already pretty good at Anti-shooting. They are fast enough to get into Mele, can teleport through walls so can hide out of LoS, and they already create their own Concealing terrain so Wind Wall kind of hurts you more than helps. Secondly, hes gonna get left in the dust. He's got average movement and no real range, so its going to be tough for him to have a meaningful impact on the game. In reality, a great thing about Mei is that she can make a strong second master. This is because shes fairly self sufficent, with a cheap but powerful totem. The two of them can take a flank by themselves with enough scrap to be mobile. This is useful if your opponent wasnt expecting to deal with Hazardous terrain (a good example of this is the 3rd Floor Wars broadcast of Hoffman vs Lucius, even if they did get the ruling for Hazardoud Auras incorrect) or if you want to try a Burning synergy with Kaeris, or to simply out muscle whatever scheme runner your opponent was trying to send your way. Things like Manos or Cerberus are usually strong scheme runners, because they can easily kill cheaper schemers and still have the AP to scheme. These are the kind of models you want to put Mei on a Flank against, because she can threaten them while staying relatively safe. You would basically just be out bidding them in schemer price.
  7. I think that of everyone who plays Malifaux, Wyrd has the most information. To suggest that changes were made on a whim because of a few people "crying" or personal vendettas I think is pure speculation. Don't forget that they have all the data from games played on the app now (if people have turned on that feature)
  8. I disagree that "more actions is more good" is the only way for expensive models to be valuable. Sometimes a particular combination of abilities, or assurance of action (leap is better on a model that can stone for a mask than one that cant), or a unique ability. The Arcane Emissary doesn't fit that mold (Shove Aside is unreliable because you can't guarantee the suit). What makes the Arcane Emissary valuable is the Negation Aura on a model that is hard to remove as well as a 2" Engagement range. The Arcane Emissary isn't valuable because he get free actions, but because he's really good at draining resources from opponents. A lot of the Emissaries are like this, they dont get extra actions but they get unique actions. Aside from Emissaries, 10 cost models without extra actions that are considered good include: Arik, Killjoy, and Joss. Imo the value of a 2" range is undervalued.
  9. Here's a more interesting question tho, can you declare a trigger, fail to succeed, but still push from Constant Motion? Constant Motion procs whenever you declare a trigger, and you declare triggers before checking for success. However, the March FAQ 1-4 clarifies that even though you can declare a trigger with a cost even if you cant pay the cost, if you dont pay the cost the triggers effects and effects that occur as a result of declaring trigger, are ignored. This clearly indicates that you cannot declare Blinded by Iron when there are no scheme markers and use Constant Motion. But say you flip a total of 8while your opponent flips a 10. Could you use Press the Advantage to reduce your total to 6, declare Jackhammer Kick, fail the attack so the trigger doesnt happen, but still push 2" from Constant Motion because you declared a trigger?
  10. Does that FAQ apply here? The FAQ says that Another refers to, "not the model from which this text is written," but the text for moving the Lodestone is from a model, its from a Strategy
  11. I think Foundry is going to be good this GG. They have 2 Reckless models, which is great for both Leylines and Recover Evidence. Obviously its going to be hard to stop them from scoring Symbols. Lots of people look at the "can't place" clause and assume that means Foundry is weak at the scheme because it hinders RtR a little bit. I think people are underestimating the Foundry's ability to Push themselves, and the speed of a Mv 6 model with Reckless, but we'll see. I do think they are going to struggle with the new schemes because they are pretty bad at interacting, but Research Mission is a cake walk for Foundry.
  12. See, I dont think that would be an issue so long as they retain the ability to attach their own upgrades. Nerf em, make em 5ss, and let them keep Aspects of the Wild, and suddenly they become cheap AP you can use to scheme independantly (which may help Molemen out) and can benefit the crew by allowing Marcus to focus his attention on the other more expensive Beasts. I will say a 6 cost model with 7 wounds and Stampede is kind of interesting, maybe there's a niche for them there?
  13. For what they are rn Order Initiates should be 5 stones. Making them 5 stones, even if that comes with a nerf or rework would help Marcus out a ton. Maybe part of the issue is that they have good abilities, but they work contrary to each other. They deploy with an Upgrade which means Marcus doesnt have to spend AP on them, but to use Chimera Strike Marcus needs to spend AP on them. Their ability to change upgrades means they want to run independant from Marcus, but in order to get card draw they need to be near Marcus. They can move their AP to other Beasts, but if they have the Upgrades, then they are the model you want to move AP to.
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