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  1. Right, but Transfer Power doesnt need to target itself. So it would need to be the last activation in the turn, or on a model far away from the bubble. Otherwise, another Augmented model can push the already activated model away
  2. I would like to volunteer the Augmented's bonus action, Power Transfer, for Errata: Discard a Power Token. Friendly Construct only. Target gains a Power Token. Push the target up to 2". I would simply like to change Friendly Construct Only -> Other Friendly Construct Only. As it is written now, all the Augmented models (after a turn 1 where Hoff activates to pulse out Power Tokens) only ever use their bonus actions on themselves. And, this is a bonus action without cost. There are no cards flipped, and you discard then gain a power token so the net change is 0. Every Augmented model just gets a free 2" push during their activation, which is bonkers because it actually makes them into a very fast crew, it means they never have to disengage, it means you can never tie up any Augmented model in engagement, and it means you cant score Hold up, Take Prisoner, or Dig against them (which may or may not be an issue) The people in my meta cant help but see this as an oversight, and that it was meant for a model to be moving another model and moving a power token
  3. Crud you are right, my b. so then you'd need the tome on turns 2 and 4 not 3 and 5.
  4. Turn 1: You interact, push, interact Turn 2: Interact, push, interact Turn 3: Walk, Interact, Revel, Push, Interact, walk Turn 4: Interact, Walk, Revel, Interact, Push, Interact Turn 5: Walk, Interact, Revel, Walk, interact, try to Revel. So you get 14 confirmed interacts, up to 16 if you get Revel on the 5th turn or 3rd turn, and this only requires the tomes you generate naturally from Chasing Fate, plus 2 extra tomes on turns 3 or 5. Cheating tomes in turns 1 and 2 doesnt actually increase the number of interacts you get, just where you can place them. So all you really need for 16 interacts in 2 tomes on turns 3 and 5, which I agree is less reliable than the Necropunks, but only barely in a perfect world. And again, its unlike that you are going to want to place scheme markers on turn 1 (unless you play Foundry like me, or like to bluff also like me) and even less likely that you are going to actually need 16 individual scheme markers. In effect, I think the difference between 14 and 16 is kind of irrelevant. What isnt irrelevant is where you can place those markers, cuz for the Necropunks every scheme marker needs to be 4" apart whereas the Mech Rider can place a scheme marker right next to another scheme marker when she Revels.
  5. I think we are largely in aggreement except for specific details about Mech Rider. They probably dont mean much, but I feel compelled to explain my thoughts anyway if thats ok. 1. You dont nees 5, 6+ of tomes because you can spend Fate Tokens to get tomes. On turns 3, 4, and 5 you spend 5 fate tokens to get 5 tomes, so all you need is any 6+ on those turns for the first bonus action scheme. (The timing is that you discard Tokens When Declaring Triggers, which happens before you Determine Outcome). Turn 2 is the turn you really need a 6T in hand. For the second scheme marker you def need another 6T, but you dont need to take the bonus action to drop a scheme marker, the Mech Rider can interact-Ride with Me- interact if you like for the exact same cost as a Necropunk's leap: any 6+. So in reality on turns 3,4,5 the Mech Rider has the exact same card cost as 2 Necropunks: any 2 6+'s 2. But in all likely hood, none of these models will be in a position to drop a scheme marker on turn 1, maybe not even on turn 2. The Mech Rider has more mobility* (barring cluttered terrain) than a Necropunk so it can get to where it needs to drop markers faster, but the trade off is that it can only be in one place on the board at a time so 2 Necropunks is probably better at scoring Outflank and possibly Power Ritual. 3. I agree that when people talk about scheme running, they generally mean "running somewhere, then dropping a scheme marker." I argue that M3E specifically does a pretty ok job of complicating that with schemes like Deliver a Message, Take Prisoner, Hold Up Their Forces, Detonate the Charges, and Dig Their Graves and that its useful to begin expanding what it means to be a "scheme runner". I disagree that its too difficult to talk about comparing other aspects of models, in fact I think "mobility" in Malifaux is one of the vaguest stats a model has. In fact, we are already comparing other aspects of the Rider and the Necropunks. Which brings me to: 4. This is exactly my point. The Necropunk can try to score Dig, but its not very efficient at it and in all likelyhood cannot score it alone. Im not even sure 2 Necropunks could kill a significant model before it moves away or gets help. I think in Malifaux a lot of the expensive scheme runnees people feel "Meh" about are hyrbrid "runners" with unique comibations to help them accomplish specific schemes. The Rider has kill potential and scheme potential, as well as the potential to stack scheme markers in the same spot which makes it better at Dig, Leyline, and Detonate than 2 Necropunks, but 2 Necropunks are probably better at scoring Outflank and definately better at scoring Hold Up.
  6. Dont forget that on turns 3,4, and 5 the Mech Rider is going to reactivate a model, which may or may not be itself. This brings its scheme marker potential to a whopping 16 per game, equal to the Necropunks if all models are left alone. Now, im am unlikely to need 16 scheme markers in a game (though recently I've been using the excess markers to bluff with great effect. Being able to spend the first two turns bluffing one scheme while still having plenty of actions left to complete my real schemes 3,4, and 5 thanks to reactivate is immemsely strong) but as you say its also about what the model brings when its not scheme. You pay the premium for the Mech Rider, because unlike Necropunks, she has the ability to score 1, or both schemes by herself while still impacting the rest of the board with shooting or reactivate. Unless my opponent brings strong anti runner tech, I have one model (Rider) doing schemes and 6-7 models doing the strat, or counter scheming, or killing. Being able to divide labor like this is very powerful. Its also important to note how some schemes are a blend of muliple actions other than simply walk-interact. Treating all scheme runners as walk-interact bots does the special blend scheme "runners" a disservice. For example Dig Their Graves is a scheme that is a blend of killing-scheming. You need to be able to place a marker need an enemy, possibly while engaged, then still need to have enough ap to kill the model before it walks away. Necropunks cant do that, but the Mech Rider is uniqued situated, being able to bonus action place a scheme marker under an enemy at range or while engaged and still have 2 (or 4 with reactivate) actions left to kill that model is crazy good. (bonus points if you bought Diesel Engine for positives to dmg when she charges)
  7. The Mechanical Rider would like to respectfully disagree
  8. As a follow up question, can you both spend a ss to add a to the damage flip and to reduce incoming damage? And to answer the main question I believe you can only spend one ss in that scenario in the same way Augmented models can only spend one power token
  9. In my experience, the miner and swarm arent as prevalent as is claimed. No one in my meta (3 arcanist players) has even used either model so far, and while there were 3 people at NOVA to run the full versatile list (which is a lot definately) only 1 of them placed well. I think the issue is being exaggerated
  10. As a follow up, most of what the Foundry does with Scrap is pretty specifically worded to not need LoS (Magnetisn being the big exception). For example, Mei's bonus action, Freight Train, "Remove any number of Scrap Markers within 2" of target friendly model" And the Blinded by Iron trigger, "Remove a Scrap Marker within 2" of this model" So if your enemy thinks hes being clever by standing on a scrap marker, you can rip it from underneath him and wack him with it
  11. Ten Thunders. Not only are Tanuki in every list, but no matter what master your opponent declares you need to bring anti-shooting because he can surprise you with Fuhatsu (stat 6+ w/ rapid fire, 12" range) and Samurai (minions btw, armor 2, stat 5+ with a 12" range, concentrate as a bonus action). You also just cant bring enforcers into thunders because the Lone Swordsman is so common (armor, HtK, Adaptive -> crit strike, ruthless, double possitive on attacks and damage that gives you soulstones if you kill the target. Archie is this edition's Howard Langston, and hes not even versitile. Oh and dont forget 2nd masters. Seamus and Zoraida are as close to auto-take as a 16 stone model can get in their respective factions Strong versitile options seems to be a feature of M3E.
  12. Perhaps a good compromise would be to create a new Upgrade? Like for an extra 2 stones the Emissary gains the Keyword of the Leader of the Crew. So you have the option to take the Effigy and grow it, or the Emissary and Adapt it?
  13. Keep in mind the concentrate to heal is only for that specific Mage or Elementals, which are unlikely to be in a Marcus crew
  14. Things like Brewmaster, or Yan Lo, or Shen Long, or Dreamer
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