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  1. Oh yea, I don't think I would concede if I had to play Foundry into Albus, but its definitely not a good matchup
  2. you say that, but min damage 3 and black blood do a lot. Im not sure Mei can beat Nekima in a fight, seeing as how combo masters fare the worst vs black blood
  3. I like it as a an extra way to gamble. You either dont relent and hope to avoid all dmg, or you relent and take min dmg (probably)
  4. Aside from lot of the obvious stuff, like Wildfire needing schemers, the molemen, the hoarcat, etc, I feel like Kang needs something? Idk what, but I feel like his identity isn't clear. He's a relatively squishy beater / tank / support piece / buffer, but he doesn't particularly excel at any of them. I feel like he needs something to give him a concrete identity And tbh idc which direction he goes in. Everything he does is rly cool, I just wish he was good at one of them
  5. The Gamin just hit the gym to settle the score
  6. There's a topic in TT rn about how Foundry's scrap gets countered into Ressers And they can hire Anna for Gravity Well
  7. Albus has a trigger on his 10" attack to turn all corpse and scrap markers within pulse 2 of his target into scheme markers, and a bonus action to turn target scrap or corpse into scheme. So he can do it up to 4 times per turn Anna (6" target) the Valdictorian (4" pulse) and undergraduates (6" target) can also all do it, so it seems like a pretty bad matchup
  8. That's what I originally thought, but on a close inspection it is clear that this only applies to UNBLOCKED sight lines, the problem occurs when a model uses blocked sight lines by ignoring the blocking terrain. The sight lines are BLOCKED, the higher model can ignore the terrain ON ITS ACTIVATION, the lower model cannot ignore the terrain, so it does not have LOS to the higher model.
  9. Does this create a situation where on the top model's activation it can see and shoot a lower model, but the lower model cant retaliate on its activation?
  10. I'd imagine the RSR with Armor Plating to be good, then then again the model is being balanced around Marcas' upgrades, and even then you would be discouraged from using its mobility, soooo
  11. Im not entirely sure thats relevant. If you think these markers are too strong or should be destructable (I think so) this is something to bring up in there threads.
  12. I mean, not really. You dont build slow crews for Corner deployment, you don't build schemey crews for Reckoning, and you dont just build killy crews if none of the schemes require killing. Thats just part of the game. And you declare masters at the same time, but then you hire crews. You can always hire one or two models OOK to shore up weaknesses. Every faction has a Rider, so they all have access to mobility. If your opponent declared a marker heavy crew, spend an extra SS for a Demolotion model
  13. But what about the may? If a model in Shadow were trying to shoot one on top of the building, could it refuse to ignore the terrain so the model in shadow cant see it?
  14. If you need rly need schemes done, you can always take Mech Rider, but on the flip side thats a lot of stone that dont interact (ha) with Wilfefire's primary mechanics
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