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  1. Hello all, I have been trying to wrack my brain with this one. I have been running Kaeris with GG2 and I keep running into the same dilemma. I’d like to use a Firebranded in my crew, but I don’t see a spot for them nor much use for them. Any suggestions as to when to put in the Firebranded and what role they would play? Thanks
  2. Hi all. Can you give me some tips how to play Kaeris? I have a core box, Iggy, Carlos and burning bridges. Thanks.
  3. Here is a picture of my Kaeris. Enjoy.
  4. Hi all, I have a couple of tough games coming up this weekend. One against McMourning, one against McCabe and another against Seamus. Any advice on how to combat these crews would be greatly appreciated. They are all 50 SS games and model selection is not going to be a problem, as I have all of the Wildfire keyword and all the Arcanist versatile models. Thanks for helping out.
  5. hello everyone, In first time sorry for my bad english. I Will participate In my first tournament soon and i only played one other part yet so i Will need all the help i can find to my kaeris crew. the tournament's rule is : 40 SS => 25 SS for all the tournament and 15 SS at the beginning of each game. I only had the wildfire keyword, no versatile. for my 25 SS base crew I thought of : - kaeris - eternal flame - Carlos Vasquez - fire elemental + soulstone cache upgrade - keep the 5 SS for the game with that i think i have a strong base with lot of move. but i don't know how to spend the 15 SS so if you can give me some tips i Will be really thankfull (if you can explain why take this model rather than another for a specific scheme it will be the best) i hope my english and my questions are understandable enough. thank for your help and have a Nice day :D
  6. Hi I was so lucky to win a gift card to a figure shop. so finally able to afford a way into malifaux! I have been thinking on starting a kaeris crew, my first crew for malifaux yay! However after the kaeris box, I am unsure about what to get in addition to her the models in her box. Carlos, gunsmith and so look interesting. However would a second crew box be a better buy of some kind? like Ironsides or Mai? Want to try out a burning game somehow Thanks for all the help Best regards Benjamin
  7. The Firestarter attack model with 1 wd, declare Never Enought trigger and kill target with attack. Will the trigger work before remove target model or it will fail? Never Enought: After succeeding, flip a card for each model within 4 of the target ... model with the lowest card suffer 2 damage and gains the Burning +1 ...
  8. Retribution In Flames: Friendly Minion models within 6 which deal damage to enemy with an Attack Action may suffer 1 damage to give the enemy the Burning +1 Condition. How it work if minion (like fire gamin or Willie) deal damage to multiple enemy with blast?
  9. The Kaeris upgrade with grab and drop attack states if successful you place the enemy within 5" and Kaeris within 2" of the enemy. Is the measuring from this done top down or does it take into account height? In other words can you use grab and drop to drop your target on a building which is say height 5? Big rulebook states a place is not movement. But is this legal? measuring top down you could place Kaeris 2" from the enemy but if you don't take account vertical height you could break engagement by putting the model on a tall building. Allowed or not? Cheers!
  10. Hey guys, So I expanded into Arcanists recently and I am trying to figure out paint schemes for my masters. I have Ironsides, Kaeris, and Sandeep. However the stock art for the three of them, I am not the biggest fan of them as I play guild and like having red as my guild color. I have done some google image searches and not found a whole lot and was wondering if people here could post some pictures for inspiration. Thanks
  11. Hey all, so my LGS had a Malifaux tournament this weekend and I'm fairly happy with how I did overall so thought I'd share it with all of you! It wasn't the largest event, only 8 players, but we had a good mix of regular players and some people I hadn't seen before come out for it as well. The tournament had one of every non-10T faction show up, and two Gremlins and Neverborn player (I was the only Arcanist). ----- Round one was Extraction with Standard Deployment. I had only played against the Neverborn player once before at a previous tournament so I was going in not knowing what to expect for a drop. I decided to play it safe and did an Academic Sandeep killcrew: Sandeep - Arcane Reservoir, To Behold Another World, Unaligned Sage Valedictorian - Imbued Energies, Warding Runes Shastar Vidiya Guard - Well Rehearsed 3x Oxfordian Mages - Blood, Doom, Nemesis Wards, 3x Temporary Shielding Arcane Effigy Wind Gamin Schemes: Leave Your Mark, Frame For Murder (Valedictorian) My opponent decided to play a Pandora crew. Surprisingly I don't have very much experience with Pandora, so all I really knew going in was she was going to wreck me with Wp duels. His crew was: Pandora - Voices, Fears Given Forms, On Wings Of Darkness Nekima - Thousand Faces Doppleganger - Thousand Faces Lilitu Mr. Graves Waldgeist Primordial Magic Schemes: Hunting Party, Frame For Murder (Mr. Graves) The game went pretty well overall, ending 7-4 for the Arcanists. Pandora was played extremely aggressively, getting all of my mages down to 1-2 wounds each and killing my Effigy quickly to get rid of my condition removal, but in return I got Pandora down to 2 wounds and only 2 stones left by the end of turn 1. The rest of the game Pandora just beat on my crew and Paralyzed Sandeep twice before I managed to take her out. The game ended with both of our masters dying, Pandora killed Valedictorian and I didn't kill Mr. Graves. MVP for the Arcanists was definitely the Shastar Vidiya Guard, between getting Focused every turn for tossing a trash card, doing good damage to the enemy crew, and pushing friendly models out of Nekima and Pandora's auras, he was always helping out. I'm learning more and more that the SVG is just an awesome model, I need to use it more. Hilariously, the Primordial Magic went after one of my summoned Wind Gamin and nearly killed it! My opponent said it was the first time he had seen the Primordial Magic not only hit something but do decent damage to it too. A fun game overall. ----- Round two was Guard the Stash with Flank deployment. It was against my regular Gremlins player and the scheme pool was highly interact based. I figured that he would drop Zipp and built a Kaeris crew to do schemes around Zipp's shenanigans: Kaeris - Blinding Flame, Grab & Drop Carlos Vasquez - Practiced Productions, Stunt Double Arcane Emissary - Flaming Conflux Arcane Effigy 2x Fire Gamin 2x Large Arachnids Schemes: Accusation!, Claim Jump However, my opponent had other plans and surprised me with a Som'er crew: Som'er Teeth - Dirty Cheater, Liquid Bravery, Family Tree Fingers - Stilts Sami LaCroix - Encouragement Gracie Slop Hauler 2x Bayou Gremlins 2x Skeeters Schemes: Tail 'Em, Recover Evidence This game went less well for me, 6-9 Arcanists. My crew just wasn't really built to deal with what my opponent could put out (although my two Fire Gamin did a good job of keeping the # of Bayou Gremlins down) and we both ended the game with only our Masters and 1-2 models each. My MVP ended up being the Arcane Emissary, who killed 3 models on his own including Sami and held down one of the Stash Markers all game. Both Masters lived (though Somer was down to 3 wounds on the last turn). None of the schemes in the pool were good ones to go against Fingers with, but Claim Jump ended up being an especially bad pick for me as my opponent almost always outnumbered me and was able to get models near my Scheme Markers after I'd finished activating (not to mention Fingers doing his thing). A hard game overall, but an interesting one. ----- Round three was Reconnoiter with Close deployment. I was against a Gremlins player I'd never played before so I had no idea what I was in for, and since I wasn't in the top table anymore I decided to have a bit of fun. Very much not the ideal list, but I went with: Ironsides - Challenge the Crowd, Frontline Leadership, Seize the Day The Captain - Patron's Blessing Angelica - Practiced Productions Arcane Emissary - Ironclad Conflux Arcane Effigy Soulstone Miner Union Miner Schemes: Leave Your Mark, Dig Their Graves My opponent surprised me by also having a pretty wild list: Wong - Three Demon Bag, Ooh Glowy Bert Trixibelle Survivor Taxidermist Iron Skeeter 2x Lightning Bugs Lovely Assistant Schemes: Leave Your Mark, Hunting Party This game ended up being a 5-5 draw, and that was primarily due to my MVP absolutely being Ironsides. Turn 1, even after being Gremlin Lure'd away 8" made it into combat with the Survivor, a Lightning Bug, and the Lovely Assistant with Come Get Some up. Turn 2 she killed all but the Survivor (who was at 2 wounds from a counterpunch), got Gremlin Lure'd away again and spent the rest of the game on support trying to pull his models onto the center lines and moving to deny Leave Your Mark on the last turn. Both Masters survived, but both at 2 wounds. I goofed up a bit and forgot to put my Soulstone Miner out at the end of turn 1 so it didn't see the board until turn 3, although it did kill the second Lightning Bug and survived a Bacon Bomb when it got there, so there's that. An especially wild moment was a Glowy Bert managing to kill the Emissary in 2 shots (after it had also been Gremlin Lure'd 10" back turn 1), which was a bit awkward for me lol. Definitely a fun game, though my list could absolutely have been improved! ----- So at the end of the day I ended up with a WLD of 1/1/1, total VP earned of 18, and a VP differential of 0, getting 4th place and the most perfectly average of all scores It was very fun overall and it was nice to see some players I hadn't met before come out for it as well. My regular Gremlins opponent who beat me in round 2 ended up winning the tournament, which always makes me feel less bad about a loss, lol. I hope you've enjoyed this take on my tournament games!
  12. I'm building and painting a Kaeris crew. I've got the Firestarter as my henchman and he's great but I am looking at more henchmen options. I want the Captain to be amazing with Kaeris because the model is so cool, but I think he's far too many points with only 9 wounds to really benefit Kaeris. What do people think? When would you take him, why and for what schemes and strats? Joss. Any thoughts on using him with Kaeris and again for what schemes? What about henchman hardcore? Joss or Captain? I'm trying to decide between the two while I wait for Carlos to come out who I believe is totally made for Kaeris!! Thanks
  13. Hi folks, After a long hiatus, "Play It Like Beatdown", my blog about playing Malifaux badly, returns! In the olden days it was pretty much all about playing Marcus, but recently I've mixed things up a bit and started using Kaeris, plus I've got Sandeep on the way too. So if you want something to read which is certainly not going to make you the world Malifaux champion, why not stop by? https://playitlikebeatdown.wordpress.com/ Enjoy Dave/sssk
  14. If Kaeris uses Accelerant on Nix which of these two sequences are correct? Sequence A 1. Kaeris successfully uses Accelerant with Nix in range with Burning. 2. Nix chooses to gain Paralyzed instead of 2 damage. (Choice on the Accelerant Action) 3. Nix chooses to not take the Paralyzed condition (Choice on the Nihilism Ability) Net effect Nix takes 0 damage and is NOT Paralyzed. Nix makes this choice for the Accelerant Action. Then his Nihilism kicks in just like armor would if he had chosen to take the 2 damage. Sequence B 1. Kaeris successfully uses Accelerant with Nix in range with Burning. 2. Nix chooses to gain Paralyzed instead of 2 damage. (Choice for the Accelerant Action and the Nihilism Ability) Net effect Nix takes 0 damage and IS Paralyzed. The argument for this sequence is both Talents say Nix must choose since he made the choice to gain Paralyzed he has made his choice and does not get to choose again. I think Sequence A is correct, but can see some support for B. Also I know some will argue that Nix if Nix does not gain Paralyzed he has not satisfied that option so it is not a valid choice. My question is not about that, I'm strictly curious about the timing. thanks
  15. My first Malifaux battle report. Like in the title: Lilith vs Kaeris. 50SS Full report on my blog. Take a look at free time:) https://gameoftravel.com/2016/05/23/battle-report-malifaux-neverborn-lilith-vs-arcanists-kaeris/
  16. Battle report between friends on 1/24. His comments are in red. We both wanted to practice some new/old masters and just get some games in as we had done one game in two months together. We flipped, Close Deploy. We've both never done this before. I'm thinking Molly. We flip for schemes and strats Squatters Rights Breakthrough Protect Territory Plant Explosives Entourage Line in the Sand I decide against Molly last second. Despite that she would have an easier time here, I feared only bringing a couple models to squatters rights, and I was also expecting Marcus/Mei Feng, and they frighten Molly. So I went McMourning with Breakthrough revealed and Plant Explosives. He had Entourage and Breakthrough revealed. McM - 7ss cache -Plastic Surgery -Moonlighting -Decaying Aura Zombie dog Sebastian -Those are not Ours! Testing this one out. It's at least nice for pitching mid crows to get a free dog out of it, or worst case, eat a near dead model for a SS and a card -Transfusion Rafkin -Transfusion Guild Autopsy Guild Autospy (I would have gone 2x Flesh Construct, but with close deploy, their 12" range is just gravy) Flesh Construct Belle Nurse I wanted to use a high cache to save MCM/Sebby, and if I needed a better hand to pull off Transfusions/Expunges. I have alot of issues running McM except against newbies, so I figured it would work out. This was my 3rd time playing Kaeris, and I’m still learning the ins and outs of building a crew with her. If I remember right, my final crew list was: 5SS Cache Kaeris +Arcane Reservoir +Grab & Drop +Blinding Flame (The triggers for this one actually never came up: I was a bit disappointed in it) Malifaux Child The Firestarter +Warding Runes (My opponent is quite well known for taking belles in each of his lists, so this was a tech choice) Mech Rider +Imbued Energies Gunsmith Fire Gamin Rail Worker x2 My thinking was to use the rail workers to tie up his front line while my fast moving models & fliers took squat markers, while also providing ranged support. I really should have taken some condition removal in this list, as I know Rezzers fond of slow, paralyze, poison, and all that jazz. The terrain had about equal cover on both sides, but the river cutting through most of the middle was hazardous terrain and severe terrain for moving through. There was a house on one side that you could see in and out of with a second story, but that side had less actual cover than the other. It was also easier to get at some of the markers, so I decided the house would be ideal for Sebby to hide in and the easy markers would be ideal for an early rush and then just try to tarpit to keep the points. I lost the flip to deploy, so he made me choose. I made him take the River with a little less cover. I took the side with the house per above. I deployed like this: *!* is a marker bridge bridge RHINO HEAD OPEN SPACE OUT HERE River criss crossing with markers around it Rhino head 3" blocking b*!*dge *!* !*!bridge !*! HEADDDDDDDDD !*! 1" hardcover Houseeeee r H Sebby H ve Houseeeee 2"Co McM Totem Fleshie Belle Rafkin 2" sniper nest 2" Guild Autopsy 2" Nurse 2" Guild Autopsy 2" This isnt a great outline but it works. He deployed to counter mine. On my left was a Gunsmith, the Mech Rider, and a Rail Worker. Down the center, through that path he had Kaeris, the fire gamin, firestarter, and the malifaux child making sure i couldnt just walk up and claim the MiddleLeft and Middle markers, despite them being a tad bit easier to get at. A final rail worker was off to the right behind the head as well. I thought that by threatening my Right flank with the Mech Rider & Gunsmith, that I would scare Sebastian & MCM off that flank and down the middle. The rest of my crew was more centrally positioned, since Kaeris & Firestarter could quickly respond to any shenanigans. Turn 1: I played conservatively not knowing what to expect from Kaeris. Sebastian soulstones for the crow for his anti-shooty aura, since kaeris has so much shooting and he can catch the belle, fleshie, totem, nurse, and mcm with it. He walks down to the bottom of the house so he can see out both sides (but not too far out both sides) and tranfuses poison from the flesh construct to McM. The rail worker double walks up to the left marker. Guild autopsy walks up behind the 1" hard cover since she would be at a negative flip to walk and see the rail worker. Kaeris has a few things in the back line activate and pass out burning, then activates her and draw some cards, walks over and shoots my autopsy dead. Rafkin double walks next to the marker near the rhino head. Belle walks and drags the Rail worker into the water, causing it some hurt due to severe terrain. Nurse charges the flesh construct and throws 8 poison on it. Fleshie walks up near the middle marker. Fire gamin shoots and puts some hurt on it. Mech rider walks up, as does the gunsmith, and tries to shoot the flesh construct and belle to no avail. To end the turn, McM got a free push, threw some poison on the rail worker, then expunged it, granting me a flesh construct in return. The construct walked up next to the middleleft marker. The Autopsy on my left was quite a nice target. Once it dropped, I saw that the left flank was quite weak, so I started moving stuff up there. I also figured that the center was a bit of a death trap, since he could converge on the central bridge just as easily as I could. In hindsight, I committed too much stuff to the left flank, and should have either spread out more, or pulled my right flank back. You’ll see the consequences of that on Turn 2. Belles yanking stuff around is a pain, even more so when hazardous terrain is involved. End of turn 1, a Railworker died, Flesh Construct was summoned, and a Guild Autopsy was killed overall. Turn 2: Flesh Constructs claim markers and plant scheme markers on the centerline (within 6" of his deploy). Mech Rider runs up, claims the left marker, summons a fire gamin, shoots and hits McM, I spend a SS to prevent 2/4 damage, trigger to plant a scheem behind him. Gunsmith shoots my belle and hits it for 6 damage. Rafkin walks over and plants a marker just outside of the Rail workers range, and throws poison on Kaeris. Firestarter and malifaux child put some wounds on it, as does the rail worker. With the belle, I just remember I was gonna lure Rafkin out, but I didnt want my opponent to just remove the Explosives marker. I think she tried to lure the gunsmith twice and got it into the water on the second lure, dealing a few points of damage off a red joker! The nurse gives the zombie chihuahua +2 walk off a mask trigger and walks toward the marker. Kaeris deals 3 damage to the autopsy with no poison on it, and gives it Burning 2, so it's as good as dead. Sebastian walks up within 6" of the Mech Rider and transfuses poison from McM onto the rider. McM charges the gamin and two shots it, healing a few points. He then throws some poison on the Mech Rider, and Expunges it, reducing it to 2 wounds. Zombie dog ends the turn by walking up to the gunsmith, who is now near MiddleLeft marker, and gives it poison 2. I had a bit of a brain fart, and completely forgot that Plant Explosives was a thing, and that it doesn’t benefit from being revealed. When he declared that 1 scheme was unrevealed, I should have figured that’s what was coming up. I didn’t react to it at all, and gave him an easy 3 points. I also got too greedy with the Mech Rider, and should have held it back further. I wanted to lay a claim & scheme marker early to force a response, but it dropped insanely quickly, to nobody’s surprise but my own. It’s a setback, but at this point, I’m still fairly confident that I can get full points, and I just need to try denying points right now. Reactivate happens due to my opponent having no cards in hand. Hell, neither did I! autopsy does nothing of note, flesh construct from the rail worker engages the gunsmith, the other moves to the right flank to tie things up there. End of turn, Autopsy and Mech Rider fall. My right flank is weak, with just a belle and Rafkin, and his left flank has completely fallen save for an engaged Gunsmith. I flip Plant Explosives, as Firestarter, RailWorker, and Kaeris were all within 3" of Rafkin's Marker. 4-1 Turn 3: This turn I was able to get swipes in at the gunsmith, and move the flesh construct over to the right flank. Firestarter jumps over the rhino head and shoots the belle dead and flips a marker. Rafkin gets murdered by an early kaeris activation, so my right flank is suddenly exposed, save for the single construct. left flank: sebastian flips a marker, moves poison from the construct to the gunsmith, and plants a scheme marker. gunsmith murders the dog and hits the construct lightly. Nurse walks over and paralyzes the firestarter with a 13 of crows. my opponent isnt impressed, but thinks it was a hilarious play. Mcmourning runs through the severe terrain taking 2 damage (prevents two of a soulstone) and murders the gunsmith off a charge, healing back to full I believe. I pushed the flesh construct south a bit to plant a marker (mistake, forgot I needed to be at least on the line for breakthrough), and threw some poison on it to heal it when it triggers EOT. Good play all around on this turn, I think. I was personally very confident in sending the Firestarter up to deal with the belle, but the cheated 13 for the Nurse’s paralyze really set me back. Take condition removal, kids! 5-2 Turn 4: This turn my opponent came back from his losses last turn. Despite firestarter being paralyzed, my entire right flank was gone save for the flesh construct. Kaeris disengaged from it with Drag and Drop and hopped up to where I deployed my guild autopsies, planted his third breakthrough marker (so i couldnt remove the one on my left flank and prevent him from scoring), and she was in range for Entourage. So he had those points secured! Rail worker and the fleshie on the right flank slapped each other a bit but neither fell. Sebastian summons a canine remains, walks. It walks a bit. I think I had both my breakthrough markers at this point so the Flesh Construct on the left flank just walks to the right flank and flips his marker that firestarter flipped earlier. McMourning charges firestarter. Due to some cheating and damage prevention, he lives. I 0 to make the second flesh construct in the center move next to the Firestarter. After ending the turn here, I notice that my remaining Rail Worker isn’t covering the left-of-center squat marker. I knew, at this point, my priority was to either cover both of my markers, or to flip another marker so he couldn’t deny me points. I’m not sure if I could have won it, but damn it, I was going to do my best to tie. 6-3 Turn 5: I had a nuts hand from last turn I didnt expend as I didnt need to expunge anything. You actually went first this turn: on initiative flips, you flipped a 6, while I flipped lower. I used my last stone to re-flip, and got a 1. Firestarter attempts to disengage. He tries the first time, I cheated in some 13's for McMourning. After 2 AP wasted trying to do so, my opponent conceded, as I had flipped 4/5 markers for the strat at this point, and he only had a rail worker, the child, the fire gamin (too far away at this point), and Kaeris left and Kaeris couldnt move too far away from the Entourage point. 10-9 was the final total. I scored all 3 for Breakthrough and Plant, plus I had 2 markers during turns 2-5. He scored 3 from Breakthrough, 3 from Entourage, and 3 from the Strat for turns 2-4. In hindsight, I think surrounding Rafkin's marker with my unrevealed scheme wasnt the best play, as I love taking Plant Explosives, especially with McM with his 0 to walk a thing into combat and drop markers. I hoped to at least bait some points with it, like 1-2, but it ended up netting me more. I think he was also a bit too aggressive with the rider on the left flank. While he should have let it fall, running the rider up so far wasnt the best move. Same with the rail worker. Given I was playing McM, you should make me come to you, but not expose yourself unless you can counterattack and hurt me more than I hurt you. Also in hindsight, I should read cover rules better so my autospies would have deployed better for turn 1 shots without overexposing them. My opponent and I both corrected each other often on plays and rules, which is always a bonus for friendly games. I also had a takeback or two on flesh construct plays and took a while to decide on actions. McMourning is one of those masters I play slowly due to how squishy his list is, and having to be sure of every move I make. I appreciate my opponent's patience with my decisions. But overall it was a very close game the whole time. I ended the game with just MCM, Sebby, Flesh Construct x2, and Nurse on the table. He ended with just Kaeris, one last railworker, the child, a lone fire gamin in the back, and firestarter.
  17. OK - much delayed, not particularly extensive, and missing photos from one game... but here is my Rebels & Rioters report
  18. While watching me peruse and purchase my collection my ladyfriend got curious and peaked around herself. She quickly fell for Kaeris' wings and the badass women of Malifaux (though echoes the common complaint of wishing they would dress and pose more practically). As a gift I snagged her the Kaeris starter and a box of Hoarcats (because she loves cats). She liked the look and had fun with little sample play sessions, so joined me in making Black Friday purchases. Her choices are primarily based on aesthetics, so aren't traditional. Her collection looks like this: Kaeris Firestarter Eternal Flame 3 Fire Gamin 3 Hoarcats Sabertooth Cerberus 2 Gunsmiths Mechanical Rider Female Firestarter Now, that we are nearly done building our new toys and prepping to play full games she is worried that she will never win. She knows her model choices aren't best-fits and is intimidated by my available options. Thus we get to the part where we need assistance. I ask that you provide input on the following questions: What strat/scheme pools can she do well with? What cool tactics/combos can she pull off with her current collection? Where should she look for future synergies? In our browsing she already has her eyes on the following models (so tactics for them would also be good), but suggestions that fall within the aesthetic she currently has would also be very welcome: December Acolytes Silent Ones Razorspine Rattler Scorpius Also, if it helps in coming up with answers, I currently own: Dreamer, Collodi, Pandora, Lynch, and most of their relevant extras. Thanks everyone! I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
  19. Hey! Does anybody knows which books give a little bit of fluff about Kaeris? I need to know more about her before buying the crew. I already own the malifaux 2E book, Crossroads, Shifting Loyalties and downloaded all Wyrd Chronicles, but in all of them I just read the story of her as a child earthside. Haven't finished all the books yet and may have missed something, but anyway, I'd love some help on the matter. Greetings.
  20. Hi there my WIP Burning Relevations Crew Starting with Kaeris: Bases ready for the models:
  21. So I got my Easter special Kaeris & decided that while I really like the wings, I'm not that big of a fan of the rest (although that won't stop me getting another if the opportunity arises!). So I decided to put the wings on the old model (my feelings are basically the opposite here!). The result was a match made in heaven! I think she really looks like an angel (or a butterfly!) here with nice symetry between the wings, arms & cloak. What do you think?
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