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  1. Holy rhinoceros nipples!!! If I thought I even had a CHANCE of pulling this off, I would absolutely love to make and paint this Perdita crew: http://www.malifauxmusings.com/2017/10/dia-de-los-malifauxs.html That's un-effing-believable...!
  2. I'm absolutely stoked to be in on this! In the past few months, I've been painting most of the Wildfire keyword for a Kaeris crew, but since they're all at least half-painted (and a few nifty scheme markers made), I figured it'd be a bit of a cheat to just use half-painted models each month to make things a breeze. Even though I have a few Latigo models painted for 2nd Ed., I decided to start over with Perdita's Family and paint them all from scratch again. Plus, I'll hopefully get in some time for some scenery and/or cool homemade markers. So, without further ado, for January, I pledge the Maestra of the Ortega family, Perdita herself! 15 pts. A little overkill for Henchman, but that's okay. 😁 I think I'll have plenty of motivation for these, especially because my gf looks a bit like Perdita and I'm in the midst of becoming fluent in Spanish. 🤣
  3. Yeah, I think the Buyback and Terrain revisions are perfect! Full speed ahead!
  4. And so... after a rather extensive hiatus and Real Life(tm) intervening, I have climbed back onto the proverbial Malifaux horse. I have FINALLY finished painting my Pandora Crew, though these images aren't *quite* the finished product (I"m using new paints now, and some of the browns for the flooring didn't match up too well). But here the are, regardless: Pandora Poltergeist Candy Baby Kade Teddy Sorrow Full Crew, family shot
  5. With much trepidation, @Caedrus, I'm in! I'll start at Henchmen level, and see if I can handle that. I DO want to try and start and finish every model(s) in the same month, though I may have to cheat from time to time and pull out one that's not quite finished yet and tidy them up. Depends on my RL schedule. Background... I have been painting for almost 40 years (since I was a wee lad... I'm not THAT old yet!), off and on. Funny how I worked for 10 years at GW in the US and did less painting while I worked there... I was the US White Dwarf Studio Photographer from 2000-2006, so if you have US White Dwarfs from that era, all the North American GTs and Golden Demon photos were my work. Worked on the General's Compendium in that timeframe, too. That was a fun project! I only mention all this because over the years, I have met and befriended a lot of world-renown miniature painters at all the GD Painting Competitions, and have often asked them for a bit of advice from time to time. Their work still amazes me to this day. I'm nowhere NEAR their standard, but I've had the opportunity to pick their brains when I've hit a brick wall on occasion. Like I mentioned, I've been painting models for nigh on four decades, so one would THINK I would be better than I am... I paint VERRRYYYY slowly, and I'm very much a perfectionist with my own work. At times I even step away from painting for a few months. I've been painting rather consistently for the past 6 months, though, so I think I'm ready to handle this. Plus, I'm super-jazzed about M3E finally releasing, as I love the game, even though I've only played a few games of 2E and just recently my first with M3E (and got pasted). I am TERRIBLE at rolling dice (my gaming record speaks for itself...), and I have maybe 2 strategic bones in my entire body (possibly one of the inner ear bones and a metatarsal). I got into the gaming aspect because of the painting, so the artisitc part is truly my first love. Flipping cards, I thought, would negate my unlucky dice rolling. Turns out, not so much. If I can flip the Black Joker or a card under 4, you can bet your bultungin it's gonna happen. But I have a blast playing, regardless, so it's always fun. I LOVE the background fluff, the ambiance of the game, and the fantastic sculpts. Nothing like them I have ever seen. And, like others have said, this Challenge would get me to paint (and finish!) models in a more timely manner! Let's do this!!
  6. COOL!!!! Thanks so much for the explanation!
  7. Something I saw as odd... The Fire Golem can use Flame Tornado with a range of 8". The effects are applied, and then the marker is removed. So then why does it have a Mv value of 13? Also, the Fire Golem's Flame Tornado is Shockwave (2). I am assuming that it is 2 Shockwave markers, touching each other in the controlling player's preferred configuration?
  8. Oh my god, that's awesome! Got it! Thanks so much, Van!!! Not sure how that store didn't come up in any of my searches... 😕But at least he's on the way! Thanks again!
  9. Muchas gracias! If it were in stock, that would be even better... 🤣But at least it's good to see that some places still advertise it! Thanks!
  10. Thanks, Bert! But is he only 2E, because I can't even find him on the Wyrd website.
  11. I'd love to use these strategies but I can't find a Carlos model anywhere. Is he in a core box somewhere, or is he in his own box?
  12. So... I can't find the model of Carlos Vasquez anywhere... Maybe I'm just out of the loop. Is he even released yet?
  13. Hey, folks, Missing the left arm of the M3E Firestarter model. If anyone happens to have one, that would be lovely! Or, alternatively, I will be more than happy to buy the sprue section of the complete collection of Firestarter bits. Any help? Thanks!
  14. Hey. folks, Is there still a Henchman running events in the Baltimore, MD, area? Depending on the day, I might be able to attend weekly events on a semi-regular basis...
  15. To show a model in a photo THAT BIG always shows its faults... But your model really defies that! It's beautifully done, even on a micro level! I can only think that seeing it in person would be mind-blowing. VERY well done!! What area of Spain are you in? I might know some people...
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