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February - April Releases?


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Depends, look at the Ramos box. It's not beyond the realms we'd get it in there. Six gremlin size models is small for a crew box right now.

I think it would be odd for every single model for a master to be in his box set. We shal see but im not drinking the shine on this happening

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I am guessing it will be master, henchman, totem and 3 shinobi. I doubt we will get an enforcer in the box as well.

We got a large enforcer in the box last time there was a Golem, so there's precedent...

6 tiny Gremlins isn't going to make up a standard sized crew box either. Look at Pandora - 7 models, 3 of which are large(ish) and one of which is massive. There'll be tons of room on the sprue to fit ol' Whisky.

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Awesome, Fuhatsu's price dropped. He was originally listed at $40, which was the price of a whole crew and just too much IMO. I'm also pleasantly surprised at the low price on the dawn serpent.

I'm hoping the hoarcat pride is 3 units, not 3 cats for one base. If so, that means gupps will hopefully follow a similar trend. Which makes the spawn mother much more affordable to play.

Still no Zoraida. Guess she's batting cleanup. Is there anything still missing from Wave 1 after these releases?

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Just as a quick point, let's not start assuming these are definitive, accurate dates and prices. They could be right, but they could also be wrong. March and April seem pretty release heavy in this compared to the preceding few months, for example.

Wouldn't want to see people take this as gospel and be disappointed/annoyed if this wasn't the same as the actual planned release! (Not that I'd mind if it was, i want some of them too...)

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I'd rather have them fill in missing minions/non-master-boxes first, tbh. I can understand the "anger" (if it goes so far...) about missing out on "your master" for so long, but having 20 different masters plus 2-3 minions/enforcer and totems per faction (I'm exaggerating a little bit of course - but not by all that much) is just as annoying.

There are very few non-crew boxes available atm that don't feature the contents of a master's box, a repackage if you will. I'm still missing Canine Remains (more than one...), Crooked Men, Zombies (!), Necropunks, Hangeds... there are more and I have no idea how long this could take, it's not like Ressers (for instance) are the only faction out there. And then there's the next wave already waiting.

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I didn't see a set for Von Schill either.

Tara isn't covered either, in the masters department.

In order, things that are missing in plastic, after that list, not including packs that will be made of the same contents (for instance, Friekorpsmann will probably get a box but I didn't list it b/c it's presumably with VS):

Governor's Proxy




Graveyard Spirit

Canine Remains (the assumption being that there'll definitely be more than one sculpt released)

Crooked Man

Mindless Zombie


The Hanged

Essence of Power

Electric Creation

Zoraida Crew

Primordial Magic


Von Schill Crew*

Tara Crew*

Malifaux Child

Desperate Merc


Hog Whisperer



Slop Hauler

War Pig

*The only sets with models that don't have earlier equivalents. If counting NE Tara Crew and KS Hannah, the Steamtrunk is the only model that won't have seen some form.

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...well now. o_O

EDIT: Here's the link. February stretches over to page 2.


the vendor I pre ordered my rulebook from had a similar page..... estimated dates ( in the case of the rulebook 26th Oct) are by their very nature.... estimated.... and subject to occasional (major) slippage....... try not to nerd-gasm to soon over your gremlins arrival...... :Stuck_Puppet:


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