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  1. Okay, so, I've been away for a while, and I may be missing something important that's already been discussed, but I have a few questions about hiring. First, double-checking: cross-faction options built in to keywords now, right, so for instance when Marcus declares his faction as Neverborn, his Chimera buddies get to come along, correct? Second, assuming this is true, is there a mechanical reason why thematic models have been removed from masters' options? Like, I'm not talking about Leveticus's crazy construct/undead thing (though, in comparison with Marcus, it seems odd that he wouldn't have access to a similarly toned-down in-faction "versatile"), nor am I talking about which faction a dual faction master can be taken in or the removal of the old mercenary structure: I understand that some themes were just hugely broad. I'm talking about things like (again) Leveticus's ability to take Horsemen. (I honestly have no stake in him, I just liked the theme and am familiar with his options.) If these are primarily thematic/narrative limitations, is there some reason that, along with Dead Man's Hand, these options don't exist as a non-tournament "legacy" option? Similarly, Barbaros's faction change stuck out at me as an odd mechanical decision, since he's explicitly unable to be fielded by the faction that he would have been bought for. (Most of the others weren't too bad; silurids the least surprising, since they're so heavily themed around Zoraida, who's been pushed further and further into Bayou theme.) Basically, as someone who has limited time and doesn't devote all my resources to one system, I've got a modest Malifaux collection that I'd built largely around thematic crews. I was pretty surprised that some of the old options completely within a theme don't exist anymore, regarding anyone who similarly didn't sprawl their collection across several factions. It seems at odds with most of the ideas about reducing sprawl and increasing coherent crews, to reject previous crew themes. (Complete transparency, with Tara as one of few crews I ran heavily in 2e, which I picked up when 2e came out, and with multiple ways of getting them in your crew, thematic elements to why they were there, and a lot of mechanics built around them, it was a big surprise to see those gone.)
  2. So... life's meant I haven't been very active in gaming, recently. Thanks, luscious. That Kirin model was definitely pushing outside my comfort zone; glad it worked. Returning from said silence, though, I just got through painting up the TTB version of Hannah, and am pretty happy with her (notes):
  3. Yeah, I'm happy with how the coat came out, but, if I did it again, I think I'd do what you're talking about and go with a way simpler version, it wasn't really worth the effort of that much detail...
  4. Thanks! The hat was probably the hardest part: if you can find a good piece to replace that instead, I'd recommend the extra leg work and cost over fiddling around with it (because his hat is incredibly tall and has pretty specific curves.
  5. Thanks! Next up, I messed around with the giant Death Marshal, for my Kingdom Death collection, since their models are often kind of static. (notes 'n' more pics)
  6. Pretty darn happy with how my McCabe variant came out (notes, and WIP pics)
  7. Thanks! Yeah, it's KD, which has a lot of the same influences as Dark Souls. They've got pretty similar aesthetics, though KD has way larger and more detailed guys.
  8. Not Malifaux, today: I normally only post Wyrd guys here, but I'm proud enough about my Dragon King that I felt like sharing the big guy (the small mini there is 35mm on a 30mm base). Notes and larger pics on my blog
  9. Had a lot of fun with some source lighting (notes, and pics of some revisions here)
  10. Thanks! Yeah, I've found that I really do prefer to work in a slightly more gestural style, and a lot of that comes from my background in illustration.
  11. I disagree. I think that offensive bury is still best against specific targets. When you're offensively burying, you're generally spending resources that could be spent attacking instead attempting to bury, so generally not causing damage. Also, copying actions, while it can be valuable, is more resource-intensive than doing the action with the model that actually possesses it. This all speaks to it being inefficient. I find it better to either surgically try to remove problem models, knowing you have the cards to do it (or make them fight hard to stop you) or use Glimpse like a weaker version of Horror duels to drain their hand. Having an expensive, small crew like the above probably means you're not forcing a high duel count, so would be on your back foot with your chosen strategy.
  12. Thanks. I'll definitely need to look at those new minions, and the adze does look like a nice addition. Roten does sound strong, I don't know how valuable she'll be in a crew that doesn't lean heavily on undead, but worth checking out. The Obsidian statue does sound pretty solid with Mei, and wow, that Charmer sounds like it would allow her to turtle up even more...
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