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  1. decker_cky

    Crew box that synergizes with Kaeris?

    Colette is probably the best one, for cassandra and the performers (when using Kaeris, scheme marker synergy is generally bigger than burning synergy). My kaeris crews almost always have at least one performer and cassandra. Ironsides is a close second. I'm a big fan of the captain. He's amazing for all crews, but I find kaeris crews really love the extra mobility. He also has some burning synergy. Oxfordian mages are great too now, and have burning synergy. Ramos box is a safe and surely useful buy - everything in the set is amazing, and does well in a kaeris crew, I just don't think it does anything too special for Kaeris.
  2. decker_cky

    Oxfordian Mages

    Regenerating firestarter abusing reckless is great too. But yeah, Joss + mages in roughly midfield positions gives Mei a nice railpoint to plan around. Same with Captain in most any list - he's a nice second line assault option that can provide a huge amount of mobility to your lists to complete schemes. He makes mages better, and they make him better. He also has some burning synergy, meaning Kaeris and Mei like him.
  3. decker_cky

    Oxfordian Mages

    Yeah, no reason Mei, Ramos and Kaeris shouldn't rely heavily on mages. M&SU and burning are synergies that the mages play too, and everyone loves some pushing. They're great at boosting some of the henchmen those masters like keeping around (captain, joss, and firestarter are standouts depending on the crew). Marcus too, to be honest, since he only really needs a few beasts and can otherwise bring all the synergy he needs. But Marcus players will tend towards beasts.
  4. decker_cky

    Oxfordian Mages

    Sounds like a fun game of "mash everything together in the middle". Can we talk about Malifaux now?
  5. decker_cky

    Oxfordian Mages

    When paying 3SS for a mage, you can still get amazing value using it our of its normal role. For example, run the blood mage as a flexible supporting melee model. The mages are actually really good support/disruption pieces with all the pushes they can cause, so are underrated in their scheming ability.
  6. decker_cky

    Oxfordian Mages

    I think that the days of considering 2 mages is over. Lots of reasons to consider a single mage, but after you buy the second mage, it's only 3 SS for the third, and it's tough to find that kind of value in Malifaux for 3SS.
  7. decker_cky

    September FAQ & Errata

    For austringers? It's no too hard to make sure you're behind some Ht3 blocking terrain.
  8. decker_cky

    Unboxing Malifaux - 'The Scorpius'

    Looks great - better than I was expecting. Only thing is I keep looking at the picture and wondering "why replace its claws with needles?"
  9. decker_cky

    First round of Divergent Paths up

    As long as he ends up a beast....Marcus players won't be complaining too much.
  10. decker_cky

    First round of Divergent Paths up

    Self-Righteous Man for arcanists! Order of the Chimera needs a third named model.
  11. decker_cky

    M2e Kaeris

    I run a similar list, plus Cassandra almost always (good on her own, drops some extra scheme markers that don't require burning, brings practiced production to put markers where the arachnids need them, and gets good use out of the performers Ca actions). I find I usually set up burning turns 1 and 2 (set up markers for arachnids to get them dangerous when I need them), but once they get stuck in, the spiders produce enough scrap that I'm not too worried about the scheme markers too much (unless they're needed for performer, or to score me points).
  12. decker_cky

    Ramos, am I doing it wrong?

    Unless you're facing ressers, it's not too hard to cause severe damage due to focus (which was used in the example). Win the duel by at least 1, don't flip black joker, and cheat in a severe card. While he has other things he'd rather do with his AP, considering only melee effectiveness, against something hard to wound Ramos is better off focusing twice to cause get severe damage rather than plinking away 1 damage per attack (use magnetism to get within 1" range if you don't start in it). Ideally, Ramos sits back boosting his crew, raising spiders, and zapping stuff with electrical fire. If things go wrong and your opponent closes in on him, his clockwork fist can turn out to be a nasty surprise and a pretty good get out of jail free card.
  13. decker_cky

    Guild Hounds, viability outside of McCabe?

    Targeting your own Guild Hounds with attacks is positively correlated with later playing Seamus...
  14. decker_cky

    Carlos Vasquez

    Not sure the captain actually does anything for that list, since his wind markers aren't blocking.
  15. decker_cky

    Release question

    Not sure the intent, but at my (Canadian) LGS, the models usually arrive in the first week of the month after their release.