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  1. I love this idea! I'm assuming dual faction masters and models will appear in both of their faction books, am I right?
  2. THIS, please! I'm Spanish, and a lot of my game mates don't speak English. It saddens me that the rulebook is available in Spanish but only the Wave 1 stat cards are (and only in the book). With this app in my language, a lot of people that are interested in the game could play. I think it's difficult, but even if we had to pay extra for the language pack, I think we would do it gladly. PS: I've already downloaded the app and purchased the cards. Great work!
  3. Great changes! I'm super excited! @Aaron One minor thing... Any chances that Captain Dashel "Ready! Aim!" change to affect Austringers too? The clause feels very fiddly and unnecesary after the Austringerss cuddles...
  4. It was posted a few days ago in the AWP facebook group: http://www.subirimagenes.com/imagedata.php?url=http://s2.subirimagenes.com/otros/9431190forgotten.jpg
  5. BEST APP EVER! I've just discovered this and it's almost perfect! It would be perfect without a doubt if it included the card rules (and I'd gladly pay for it), but a man can dream...
  6. I want the Crossroads pdf too (and I do own the paper version), but I'd rather see an updated pdf version of the first M2E rulebook first (with the corrected errata)...
  7. Curropepe

    Digital Books

    Bought! :)   Nathan, will the PDF be eventually updated with the errata? It would be perfect!
  8. And Yan Lo can attach Ascendant Upgrades (is that right?).
  9. I suppose Union Miners will go in Kaeris Crew Box, and the Mages in Ironsides'.
  10. You can already see The Captain in the last page of the Gaining Grounds file, as I said before
  11. She is great! Btw, look in the new Gaining Grounds file for an Ironside's friend
  12. How much new art can you find in the new site (and files)? My list: Zoraida Crew Leveticus Crew Von Schill Crew The Captain Canine Remains Flesh Construct w/ Victim ... EDIT: Abuela Ortega!!!
  13. IIRC, according to the M2E rulebook, Avatars, when they manifest, stay that way until the end of the encounter, just like in first edition. Am I wrong? :S
  14. I should have read this thread before ordering from Wayland (just two days ago). I hope my order arrives soon...
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