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  1. I'd also like to get on the reserve list please
  2. Is there anybody driving anywhere near Halifax or along the M62 that might have space for a +1?
  3. Fading memory only happens when Pandora uses her OWN Willpower and wins. Misery only hurts a model when it uses its OWN Willpower and loses. You got most of it right, but remember those two key sentences and you'll be able to interpret any situation correctly
  4. I've been getting intermittent "Page cannot be displayed" browser errors from this site only, for a few days now.
  5. I wish that was an option - unfortunately the not-buying-it ship has already sailed for those of us that feel misled by the purchase already, which is probably why the dissatisfaction is more acute than if Wyrd had just released a model that people didnt like.
  6. Wyrd can add my name to the "massively disappointed" column. My BF hasn't arrived yet, but as soon as it does, I think I will be attempting to sell the plastic Nekima model from it. I'm going to feel like a con man doing that and aiming to recoup $35, so I'd be surprised if Wyrd don't feel a little of that feeling themselves already. The justification of tooling costs vs expected number of units just don't hold up in the face of models like Hannah (same price, massive), Killjoy (same size, half the price), Ama No Zako (bigger, half the price) etc. All of those models are niche and not widely used by players. I'm in the camp of scale issues myself. I mean look at her stood next to Barbaros again and tell us that's intentional. A big, impressive she-demon would have attracted more players to the game. This release does the opposite and sours existing players instead. The bottom line? I won't be ordering new release stuff from Wyrd sales ever again. Not until I've seen photos of the models first. I've lost my trust that I'm going to be happy with my purchase.
  7. It depends what you mean by "timely"... New Masters and their crews are being released on a monthly basis.They might not be the specific masters you're waiting for, but there's around 14 masters still waiting for a release, and we don't know which ones will be at the front of the queue and which ones are at the back. This time next year, you can probably expect everything with current rules to have been released. This is purely how Wyrd work - they have a big rules release once a year, and then the models follow over the next 12 months. That's not to say you should wait a year before diving in. If you're a fan of Tara, Hamelin and Jack Daw, you're obviously going to be focusing in the Outcast faction. If you pick up another Outcast master to use while you wait for those masters to be released, you'll have a) learned how to play the game already and be able to use any Outcast models you already own in your Hamelin or Jack Daw crews. Von Schil and the Viktorias are both very solid crews with a lot of crossover, and the newly released Leveticus box could have some thematic overlap with Jack Daw's crew if you wanted to mix things up.
  8. This is a fantastic idea and, honestly, feels like it makes TTB more accessible to me. I could see myself organising a portal such as this if I ever get around to running a game.
  9. Oh Headhunter will definitely "punish" ranged focussed models, but only the same way that Squatters Rights punishes slow models, or Reckoning punishes squishy models. You always know your strategy before hiring your crew, so it's not a concern, unless you hire a crew full of shooty Ortegas for some reason... I'm really looking forward to trying these out.
  10. Brill - don't suppose you guys typically play at weekends? I'll try to make it over at some point if so!
  11. An alternative would be: damage -> target has fulfilled two conditions at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME (when the damage card was turned over) i.e. it has both been damaged (Black Blood) and it is now dead (Killed). Both things resolve simultaneously. -> Black Blood (Vik takes 1 damage) -> You don't remove Vik straight away (that would imply NON-simultaneous effects - a contradiction!) -> Vik gets to do her attack -> THEN move forwards (both the BB model and Vik are removed as dead) Or another alternative, applying the logic from earlier (and I'm not certain myself if this is true) of Defender Trigger -> Attacker Trigger -> Attacker Ability ->Defender Ability: damage -> target has fulfilled two conditions at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME (when the damage card was turned over) i.e. it has both been damaged (Black Blood) and it is now dead (Killed). ATTACKER ABILITY goes first -> Vik gets to do her attack -> DEFENDER ABILITY goes second -> Black Blood -> THEN move forwards (both the BB model and Vik are removed as dead) I'm afraid your obstinate refusal to admit that an alternative interpretation might *conceivably* even *exist* isn't all that helpful to this discussion, so probably for the best
  12. I have to admit this is still clear as mud to me. I'm getting the impression that the resolve order is: Defender Trigger Attacker Trigger Attacker Ability Defender Ability If that's true, it's easy to remember and work through. Is it true? Given that, where does the Heal from the Cleave action (mentioned just above in Godlyness' last post) fit in? It's not a trigger or an ability - it's part of the attack action itself.
  13. I think it's more that people are saying black blood and kill might happen simultaneously, not that the kill happens first
  14. Doncaster is my home town and I'm back there regularly, so I could well show for this... Has a Malifaux scene sprung up at The Grid now then? Last time I checked a few months ago it wasn't really being played
  15. McMourning + out-activation + Inject = 3VP on turn 1 for Plant Explosives that's not easy to prevent
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