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  1. Hey guys It's been some time since I ran an event so it's time to get back into it. LVL UP, Bournemouth and I are going to be running an escalation league starting on the 7th of March with 5 rounds lasting a total of 10 weeks. Each round will last 2 weeks and every 2 weeks will see an escalation in the size of the games being run. The idea is to encourage new players to join in and have some fun and of course to get the more experienced players in to have a laugh as well. The event will run as follows: Round 1 : 30ss Round 2 : 35ss Round 3 : 40ss Round 4 : 45ss Round 5 : 50ss The league will be a fixed faction event throughout so pick your faction wisely as you'll be stuck with them for the duration. Important Info Entry for the league will be £10 (This covers entry to use the stores bunker for the duration of the league) Start Date = 7th March 2016 End Date = 9th May 2016 5 Rounds at 2 weeks per round, each round you can only score 1 ranked game but of course feel free to play more! Prizes: 1st Place = £15 Voucher, 2nd Place = £10 Voucher & 3rd Place = £5 Voucher. If you are interested please contact the store who can be found on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/lvlupgaminguk/) or leave a message here and we'll be happy to help out.
  2. The only Master for Arcanists I don't own.. tempting... very tempting!
  3. I see where you're coming from Mythic, I really do. However a lot of people who have expressed their view here feel the "explanation" given is just a bit of a wash out and not really an explanation at all, it's more of a "cause we said so and that's that" which in my opinion is pretty poor customer service. We are all reasonable people and are willing to accept what has happened but we can't because we haven't got a clue why it's happened other than some half assed justification for taking away a much beloved part of this forum. True it's a wargaming forum and true it's not necessary to have an OTT here but given the reactions to it's closure surely something needs to be done or said? As for using a restaurant purely for it's bathroom evidently you've never been on a long journey and had to pop into a local pub just to use the toilet. Well, you guys know how I feel on this topic. I wont be here again to express my feelings on the matter, I've made them pretty clear.
  4. Many of us built great friendships in the OTT and closing it down won't stop that. We will find other means to communicate and stay in touch with each other and should any wish to join us we will be happy to help out. It's just frustrating that we can't do it here where we can also discuss other topics on other threads with fellow Malifaux players. The lack of contact from Wyrd on this matter is incredibly disheartening and has shaken my faith in the company. Many of us affected by this are Henchmen and we actively spend our free time to promote your products and whilst we are rewarded for the effort we put in the least you guys could do is give us a reasonable explanation. Sorry Wyrd but I felt it had to be said. Mod me, ban me, delete this post. I don't really care anymore. All we want is answers, it's not a massive ask.
  5. Try and score Assassinate on him. I dare you!
  6. I really hope Wyrd do give us answers or at least some reasonable explanation why they felt the need to close the OTT down. It's obvious that it built a sense of community here on the forums, to be more specific an international sense of community which is a rare thing these days. It'll be a crying shame if we have to go else were to keep in touch with the friends we've made here.
  7. If that doesn't work then Wyrd official have no soul *nods confidently*
  8. I completely agree with you CJ. I was moderated once or twice for things I'd said or derailment of threads and for us that often acted a little silly or cracked the odd light hearted joke on somewhat serious threads the OTT was a little sanctuary for us to do our thing without being disruptive to the rest of the community, we could discuss almost anything and often even though our topics became heated it was never malicious or derogatory. If a problem arose we'd discuss it privately, apologize if necessary and all would be well again. I could accept that the OTT has been closed if we clearly understood why but I don't feel that a justifiable explanation has been given for the reasons why. The thread has run it's course and the forum no longer needs a random chat line doesn't really give us any answers. The explanation given basically felt like "Nathan doesn't want it here anymore so it's going" and that's not meant to be a pop at any of the Wyrd staff at all. I love Wyrd and their products and I love that the staff themselves get involved with us on the forums but I don't really understand what the primary issue of it was and obviously I'm not the only one. I would be greatly appreciate it if Aaron or Nathan or any of the staff / mods could perhaps shed some light on the reasons why they feel there is no longer a need for such a thread on the forums.
  9. You have really nailed it here which was I was trying to say as well but I'm not a wordsmith such as yourself. I do agree though. I am still dumbstruck as to why the discussion for example on the Night Terror was "officially ended". I don't quite understand that the Soapbox thread was opened and lead to Ausplosions getting banned, for what seems like a total ban, I believe I managed to read the posts he made as they were deleted and then he was gone and none of them very that bad to my eyes that it deserved that. Not sure what Godlyness did but that seems like a rough deal too, guy has won all the major tournaments but not allowed on the forums to share his thoughts seems like a pretty big loss to me. Off-topic getting closed makes the least sense to me as I don't believe that was hurting anyone, you didn't have to go there and it was completely separate part of the forum. Also the mod hat posts haven't made much sense to me, they have been posted in threads that have no issues whatsoever. Which usually downright kills the discussion because people are afraid to post there after that. I don't quite agree with this anymore, I might have before agreed with this but seeing as to how many monday preview threads got closed, Nekima threads have gotten closed, the discussion on Night Terror thread was officially ended, the statements made in the Guilty as charged unboxing. A lot of the not overwhelmingly positive and topics that can be negative in tone in the form of feedback and critique have been pretty much shutdown. But no-one comes in when the super ridiculous "I'm gonna marry this render" etc comments starts pouring and say "okay enough of this feedback, we are closing this now" it's when people critique and voice their opinions in a negative way that gets the topics closed. And it's not in my recollection (I can be wrong here) always the fact that the forum users somehow get offended by these statements and start defending wyrd with name calling and subtle hints about the stupidity etc of the critiquing party. Sometimes they just get closed due to "enough of this" which to me doesn't seem quite fair. Well put sirs! I tip my fancy ass hat to you both.
  10. "You can take away our thread, but you will never take away our stoogeness!" huh? You know it! We will not be stopped!
  11. It is a sad day for us. I really got to know a lot of members from the forums there. We could hash out any and all topics of discussion without disrupting other threads and given the international community involved we could all be a part of it. By the time I've done half a days work the Americans are only just getting out of bed. The Chat room just wont work for us considering the primary users of the old OTT were Europeans and Americans. Same times Wyrd... I don't think it was necessary to close down the OTT. Still... it is what it is. We will find other ways to Stooge it up, just you wait and see!
  12. Random bullshit and madness with a dash of insanity. All is still well here in my absence... Carry on! Sorry I've not been on much recently guys, been pretty busy with the Mrs, Work and Henching and a bajillion other systems now. I trust you are all well, except for Phototoxin, I know he's well, he smashed a Nico noob with Lynch on Saturday. A man after my own heart!
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