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  1. Panda! How have you been?

  2. Thoroughly enjoying your kickstarter blogs, having backed at least half of the projects mentioned. Wish I hadn't seen them untill you'd finished so i could read them all in one go! Oh well, back to work for abit. Keep up the good work!

  3. So what's your "religious angle", if you don't mind me asking? My flatmates are both quite active Christians, but they're very liberal and tend not to talk about they're actual views. As for Masters, I'm moving back home to Scotland next week as my tenancy on my current flat has run out. Since I currently don't have another flat lined up or have any funding, I'm going to have to get used to the prospect of waiting till January to officially start the "course" (MPhil isn't a taught course). Even so I've technically already started my research and just keep finding more and more interesting avenues from all kinds of places and people. I suppose my goal is similar to yours, in that I will likely become an analogue gaming apologist, since my hope is to expand the industry through information and better communication... with only a little bit of manipulation ;)

  4. lol, agreed on the industry. All three of those are goals, honestly. Trying to improve on my knowledge, experience in the field, and with the goal of either becoming a teaching pastor, professor or an apologist. How's the progress going on the Masters program?

  5. Fun. So what's the purpose of your study? What's the potential goal you're hoping to achieve, whether it be in knowledge, experience or work? I felt pretty disappointed in myself after almost shouting at my screen "get the ugly gamer out of the way and put the chick up front!" I've clearly been looking too much into marketing. That said, this industry needs all the help it can get =P

  6. Theology Survey I, and Intro to Church Ministries. At the moment, reading through my Theology textbook. Got another thirty pages to read.

  7. What's your class? Not got much time for reading, need to do more writing.

  8. I'm not bad. Tired, working through my class material. Not a whole lot left to read, but still...reading, lol.

  9. Not bad, yourself? Haven't had much progress on my Masters yet (still to email Wyrd), but I'm currently writing a very long blog post (will likely split it up) on analogue gaming Kickstarters like Reaper Miniatures and EBO. Reaper's one was amazing, didn't pledge, but the stats on it are fascinating (to me at least =P). At one point it had beaten Double Fine Adventure (3rd highest Kickstarter of all time, now 4th) with a 5th of the no. of backers, who had also made 4x the no. of comments. I also read Nathan Caroland's story on the Writing Matters forum; been planning to give my brand of constructive criticism (still need to get round to your stuff) =] Now it's almost 1.00 in the morning and I'm battling my way through Joey Berry's ETC Gorzow 2012 documentary. This all passes for work as far as my Masters is concerned =D

  10. PPPPAAAANNNNNDDDDDAAAA! Hey, how's it going? *grin*

  11. Yeah...there are many things about writing I learned from Abnett. And then there are things where it's not a great idea... On the other hand, would highly recommend tracking down Thorn and Talon, it's a set of two Eisenhorn and one Ravenor short stories. Sounds like an interesting Masters program, actually! Hopefully that works out!

  12. Was planning on getting the book, would have been exactly $100, but postage was $40, and I didn't get Archers since they come out before most of the other stuff. That said, my order still came to $134, so I didn't really save much money =P My masters is on the analogue gaming industry and I want Wyrd to support me by means of recommendation, as support from a business is a real boost when it comes to finding funding (that and I'm going to do a case study on them). Ravenor (and the short stories) was good (really liked Orfeo and Molotch), but I find that Abnett does two things I don't like: everything is the worst/scariest/painful, etc thing EVER and anti-climaxes. Looking forward to Pariah though, loved Bequin in Eisenhorn.

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