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  1. I mean there's other apps out there for tournament organizing, including some free stuff, but having one that's as easy to use as the m3e app, can push out game setups to the players for use in their apps, track VP differentials etc, and even record the masters/crews players use for people to look back at after the event would be a huge. If it doesn't integrate with the m3e app to allow automatic reporting of all that extra possible data while games are played then any of the other solutions already out there would suffice. If you can do all that I'd pay a small amount (I don't run tournaments to run a profit obviously), but I feel it's something Wyrd could offer it's henchman at some point.
  2. Great stuff, this app is very useful! One request/wish for future would be to incorporate a tournament organizer either within this app or as a standalone but integrated app. Tournament app could preset game settings and attendees could each connect to the tournament through their m3e app to add crews, etc. If players don't wish to use the app during their games they would need to be able to have their scores input manually after the game. Would also appreciate an allowance made for tournaments with other scoring categories to be counted such as sportsmanship and paint scoring.
  3. Got it, thanks! It wasn't working on the mobile version of the site, though switching to desktop version worked on my phone no problem.
  4. Excellent news! I'm not sure how much influence you have on Wargame Vault, but it would be nice if they organized the cards by faction and made it possible to search by keyword. Would make getting specific groups much easier!
  5. Malifood is back! Date is set for November 12th at Connection Games & Comics. Your entry fee and 100% of all raffle ticket sales at the event will go to support our local food bank. It's always a fun event and all skill levels are welcome, even if you've never actually played before but want to learn to play. Come flip some cards for a good cause! For up-to-date info check out https://m.facebook.com/Foodhammer/
  6. Thanks for quickly addressing the issue, that's some good customer service right there.
  7. Wet Coast GT Vancouver BC July 16-17 I'll be hosting a 4-game Gaining Grounds tournament Saturday July 16, and also a henchman hardcore and enforcer brawl on Sunday July 17. For more info and to buy a ticket visit http://wetcoastgt.com/content/malifaux or if you have further questions, send me a message!
  8. If you look closely at the end of it there's a bullet, trying to portray a shot flying through the head of the wraith comic-book style. Last bullet is for the gunman to avoid a more gruesome death.
  9. Correct, that would be considered it's first attack. Do note that even if it's obey'd to attack another model, Vendetta would still be possible to complete if that model is the one that kills the target enemy by the end of the game.
  10. Cool! Oh, I just read your topic heading "Invested Animator" and Prodigy's Firestarter popped into my head. That's weird.
  11. 50ss Malifaux tournament, Sunday Nov 8 at Magic Stronghold in Vancouver, BC. Come on out and cheat fate for charity! All proceeds to the Food Bank. We've got a ton of sponsorship this year, so all kinds of prizes available in the raffle (again, all proceeds to the Food Bank). For more info and to sign up go to http://foodhammer.blogspot.ca/p/malifaux.html
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