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  1. Guys, we've all said our piece about why the OTT was useful and mattered to us. That said, I don't imagine the decision will change, so maybe it's time to let it go, stop trying to chase the reasons, and deal with the reality - looking for a new place for the irreverent, meandering conversations we all enjoyed.
  2. Seems really odd to have lost it. Even when I wasn't posting, I still came here just to read it. The reason I made it to my first gencon, what got me started writing tutorials, birthplace of the iron quill, and source of many other things, all without any of the politics... Does anyone one know how to play the Last Post?
  3. Totally missed the replies on here.. Sorry about that! Been having a bit of fun with a few projects since gencon, including this little guy:
  4. It's been a while... But before this becomes a total ghost thread, I have been busily painting for privateer press' painting contest at gencon. And with it now out the way, I'm fairly pleased with walking away with a silver... I did end up with a couple of wyrd pieces too, so there may yet be some new pieces soon. I do have some fun other bits I'm doing though, including a cat nomad bust from Origen that's calling to me. I may yet get back to some crews though!
  5. That may be tricky, as I don't have the new book to get a list of all the models and their costs. But I'll see what I can arrange.
  6. Looks to me like a jumbo version of the old school amputation bone saw - that was essentially a chainsaw with a hand crank... And those patients tended to be very alive, and in asylums, undergoing quite insane surgeries to 'cure' them
  7. KR do free delivery if you spend over £55, I believe. Failing that, meeplemart used to stock some KR bags when I was in toronto so maybe ask them if they have anything?
  8. I can be bribed to carry stuff back through customs... I'm going to gencon in person
  9. I was going to stay out of this, but oh well... I should start by saying I don't have a problem with sexualisation or nudity in games. Where it's appropriate. Colette's crew are a great example of it done well. And wyrd are doing better than most when it comes to that. Then there's this piece, which feels like someone slipped for a moment. I honestly don't get why something that seems so heavily styled on a clockwork orange isn't wearing trousers that either don't quite reach the ankle or are tucked into her boots. It feels tacked on to make it more "feminine" (which I don't think is in an
  10. Mako

    TTB Vassal?

    We just all used our own physical decks to make twist decks, and the fatemaster held the communal deck. Worked pretty well across google plus
  11. There's a tutorial (not on a malifaux model) linked in the first post of my WiP thread. I haven't got time to find and repost the link, but the thread is linked off my sig so you should be able to find the tutorial pretty quickly
  12. Heh, I'd say bigger stuff would fit nicely in the writing room - poor edonil already has his hands full! Regarding the whole requirement to vote thing, when I used to enter I made a point of reading and commenting on people's stories as a matter of courtesy to my fellow writers, so it was easy to vote afterward. Back then, a lot of us tried to comment on every story. Now life can get thoroughly in the way, but really if there's time to write there's probably time to read at least one or two stories and post a little comment. Then a quick message saying "couldn't vote, but have tried to co
  13. The original test version of the quill was 3000. It was a massive amount of work to read and comment/vote on everything, so people didn't always. The tighter word count reduces that, and also provides a harder limit - staying within it is actually a bigger challenge than running on to 3000 I'd say, as you can't let yourself get sidetracked and need to keep the story tight.
  14. The bits I liked were that it was only for bragging rights and all the authors were encouraged to read, comment and vote on each other's work. It generated a little cluster that always welcomed in new writers and didn't actually have anything more than a light hearted nod towards actually being a competition. After all, who better to comment on stories than the other authors? Too many people used to enter and never bother looking at anyone else's stuff, which was fixed by the 'vote or you can't win' rule for the entrants. That was a pretty good stable setup to my mind. Sadly, I think the t
  15. Always amazes me how people on ye olde interwebbe seem to stop being able to tell the difference between opinion and fact, or between disagreeing with someone and being needlessly insulting. It's especially sickening when you meet them in person and they're all nervous and almost apologetic because they have this terrible online reputation, but go right back to being jackasses the moment they're keyboarded up...
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