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  1. Which is stupid. If you want an RPG, Through the Breach is thataway. Fluff shouldnt drive the game, particularly since individual games don't match fluff. I mean, how are you still using any of the models I killed in my games? Because fluff uber alles makes soooo much sense in a shared game where you personally may kill the same unique model over and over in an individual tournament. This reeks of 90's RPG design where mediocre writers insisted on railroading their meta story down your throat. Again, if the DMH models are balanced, they should be allowed by default. Moreover, don't cut off support for those themes and keywords for future development. Otherwise, yes, you did invalidate 3/4 of my masters.
  2. If it's not a big deal, then you shouldnt be opposed to the reverse situation, where DMH are allowed by default and only banned in RP oriented events.
  3. If you don't mind MY bluntness, it's a stupid fluff injection brought about by a small group of fans intent on cramming THEIR story in. The far better alternative would be to NOT invalidate 3 of my 4 Neverborn masters, and keep the little RP tea party in special events only. If the game can handle the same unique models on both sides of the table, it can handle a battle featuring allegedly dead/imprisoned/missing masters. It's not a RPG anyways. Not only are the DMH masters less balanced, they also won't be receiving any future development. Pretty crappy for losing a small online popularity contest run in an echo chamber. Hopefully they ruin your collection or favorite master next.
  4. It takes a hell of a lot less time and effort to open a pack and sleeve a card than get a figure on the tabletop. Mini rotations would kill 3rd edition.
  5. Really displeased with this. I went from four Neverborn masters to now one. Assuming you don't decide to have a little RP tea party and vote to kill that one too. Keep your meta-plot in the stories. It shouldn't invalidate my past purchases and the countless hours I spend assembling and painting models for use, not to mention ensuring that their crews get no future support. If the DMH masters are balanced for tournament use, have them only be excluded from a select few story events. As it stands you have unique characters fighting each other, characters who get killed off in battles reappearing in the next tournament round, etc. This isn't an RPG, and moreover, you HAVE an RPG for this sort of thing.
  6. Regular Hannah is so much worse. Softer detail, no censor, meh pose, poor leg design on the mech, etc. http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/102884-updated-unboxing-hannah-friekorps-archivist-through-the-breach-version/ Whats annoying is that I actually backed TTB, but due to the awkward rewards tiers, I was forced to pick between her, or a hardback rules book (or pay $100 extra and get both and a bunch of stuff I didnt need). She should have been an add on. It would have been nice to at least let backers buy one later, given how long we waited (and I still never received all my pledge).
  7. Scotia Grendel makes some small metal ones that would work. http://www.scotiagrendel.com/Products/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=43&products_id=256 http://www.scotiagrendel.com/Products/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=43&products_id=257
  8. I'm also not a fan of the dorky tadpole. The one eating the illuminated looks pretty great, shame the same level of care wasn't used on what is the crew's centerpiece. For those looking for something a little more grisly, Euynome works well with what the HD actually does, locking its victims in a cycle of addiction. I thought about replacing the claws with syringes, but it might be a little too on the nose. Reaper's Gravewailer also has potential, depending on size. If smaller, its probably ending up as my second Insidious Madness.
  9. What's annoying was you couldn't even add her during the campaign. I backed for the hardbacks (which I STILL havent received), and the only way to get here was to throw in an extra hundred bucks for some junk I didn't need/want. I'm really hoping these become available somehow. Normal Hannah isnt doing it for me.
  10. Wyrd can say its skin all they want, and I'll file it away in the same category as "Greedo always shot first, you just didn't notice because of.... uhh... cropping". My guess is someone painted the towel "flesh" colored for the card/book and they rolled with it and made it cannon. The original mini's art had it clearly as a towel (and its looks to be separate from her on the new one too), To me, it looks silly as skin, since its the wrong size, shape, and really makes no sense of what she's doing with it. When I give advice, I try and keep it within the person's skill level to something relatively easily achievable. A baby step up if you will. So I'm not going to say "hey, that cloak is a pretty flat area, why don't you do some free hand on it" when they're struggling with basic shading.
  11. If you have an airbrush you could use something like Spaz Stix mirror chrome paint. Back with black and its reflective.
  12. The thing is, models like that look good on the table in play because you can actually see detail and facial features. CAD truescales mostly look good when blown up to 10 times their size on a computer monitor or held 4 inches in front of your face.
  13. And how. Pretty much all the masters are worse in plastic. Wyrd's sculptors stopped exaggerating facial features (or not enough to account for plastic shrinkage), so you end up with the same copy-paste faces across the line. Look at the multiplart sprue's. Everyone has the same boring flat affect facial expression with a nonexistant nose and a slit for a mouth. Hair/fur and lots of cloth detail on plastic is particularly soft due to weak undercuts. Plastic is far better to assemble, aside from the lightweight material leading to some poor design choices that wouldnt have been made in metal or with a real sculpt vs CAD render (Hanging trees ropes which are broken before you take them off the sprue). And it takes paints better, provided you only use glazes to account for the soft detail. Its great for grunts and big things, but for medium masters or henchmen, the detail on the best metal sculpts beat the pants off the best plastics. Better still would be resin, but that ship has sailed. At least I managed to snag most of the metal line so I can pick and choose which sculpts end up being better.
  14. I really want to get a crew of a bunch of desperate mercenaries and pigs lead by Old Major. Just how down on their luck are those guys to follow a pig? And how did they negotiate their pay?
  15. Eh, you effectively are in the extra % from buying direct at retail vs. another online store. Which is totally fine. Extra money goes to fund such sculpts/molds/etc. Its not like Games Workshop which gets more from direct sales and offers such tantalizing rewards such as... a slightly different holiday shipping box!
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