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  1. Gotta get some landmines out too lol. I wonder if that's intentional? Thinking about the cards more, the new ones seem like a more forgiving style. Harder to kill, resource generation, multiple ways to get out of engagement or drop scheme markers, bonus actions that are more universally applicable, potential min 5 damage. The old Viks seem a lot more mentally challenging to play. So maybe the new model is to help boost their playstyle to compensate.
  2. Kenshiro seems AMAZING. Holy cow I'm so excited for that model. 2 Bayou 2 cards per turn with no range or LOS? Don't mind if I do. Fleet of foot letting you do curved charges? Hell yeah. I'm not sure what to think about the new Viks, I'll need to see them in action. I'm glad they essential brought back their avatar form though. That's neat. I hope they let you use it as an official proxy.
  3. 13 wounds is also above average for a master
  4. are the suits in the attacks just for studied opponent?
  5. If Big Jake died, wouldn't he just come back anyway?
  6. What about a Leader only ability for Molly that lets forgotten minions not discard a card if your hand is empty?
  7. I certainly see the appeal, but it sounds pretty similar to how she already plays. You could play Molly 1 and discard and draw back up, or Molly 2 and draw as you discard. Unless the Forgotten models get better, aren't you still better off playing Molly 1 with non-keyword models?
  8. I'm looking at them from an Outcast perspective but the riflemen with Yannick seem really good. They draw a card every turn and you can easily get a stat 7 shot off. Plus ranged stun, and ranged coordinated attack seem really good. Also hard to kill means they're going to be very annoying to remove.
  9. Wave 5 in m2e also had one Vik can start buried and the other Vik can take an action to unbury her.
  10. Since alt-Asami is not a summoner, I'm assume pretty high odds another master's alt is a summoner.
  11. There's also Dust Devil markers. I think the only other 40mm with Piano markers. I also think the only marker type only referred to on a single card
  12. Insignificant models are ignored for strategies. So when the strategy says you may move the lodestone to a friendly model, that does not include insignificant models because they're being ignored.
  13. Do I have this interaction right? If you have Ama and Kamaitachi in your crew. You have a dust devil marker and Ama's hazardous aura up near by an enemy model. Asami makes a rift marker, and then hits the enemy with the Unstable Rift trigger. You do damage flip, then 1 damage from moving the rift marker onto the enemy and then you place the enemy so that it's touching all 3 sources of hazardous, doing a total of 6 damage on weak (10 on severe)?
  14. The Onward! action with Rocket Man trigger felt like the obvious halfway point to me, but they decided against that.
  15. I only have the one game and my opponent wasn't playing a condition crew so that change didn't affect me. I didn't use A&D either, I was trying to see how the direct changes worked out. Necropunks are still tougher than Scavengers and cheaper so I think bringing 1 is conditionally worth it.
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