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  1. the resources section also has links to the pdfs and print on demand wargamvault https://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux
  2. There's a subtle but important distinction here. She does get 2 actions on the 2nd activation, but there's nothing being cancelled out. Masters normally get 3 actions. Slow is -1. So a slow master gets 2 actions. If you gave Tara between her activations, that would cancel the slow and she'd get her full 3 actions.
  3. As an opponent to Brewmaster, I think I'd put fermented river monks in green. Their 2" melee, damage reduction, and chi tokens make them incredible tar pits that let you die down the opponent and do whatever you want with the rest of your crew. I would drop terror in a barrel down to yellow as crazy as that seems at first glance. This part is pure theory, but I think with the GG2 summoning rules, Som'er might want to hire Bayou Gators. His own summons can't interact with strategy markers, but he can summon criers who can obey Gators (who have good mobility and stealth). I might bump that
  4. Given the new abilities of Kirai and Sonnia, I wouldn't be surprised if Von Schill got an aura that let models attach upgrades to themselves somehow. Not saying that would happen, but giving how Kirai's summoning changed, it's not out of the question.
  5. You also should have virtually no chance to hit yourself as a stitched with the combo of lucid dream and fiendish gamble. You can just take a focused attack with a 12 or 13 sitting outside your hand waiting.
  6. I keep thinking Bayou Gators would be really good with Big Hat since you can summon Criers to obey them.
  7. Based on my memories of m2e outcasts and your description, I think you would like McCabe quite a bit. Unless you want that attrition game, in which case probably Jedza. Anya looks really fun too but I don't have any experience with her.
  8. Ooh, this would be interesting. Incorporeal and still has death touch. Maybe he has to stay wth in X in of a friendly waif or he instantly dies, like they're tethering his soul
  9. I don't think totems will change. It seems like just the master card changes. It's hard to predict since 3 10T masters got re-works in the last errata. Maybe a reverse McCabe? He starts on foot and has to find his horse.
  10. While the rules did get clunkier, it may actually make summoners better first masters. Summoning has been decreased in value a lot, so that actually means the choice of what to summon is simplified. You don't have to worry about scoring the strat, or the schemes that turn. It makes you use the models you hired for scoring. Summons are mostly there for denial now.
  11. Dual keyword Foundry/December, the Snowpiercer
  12. It doesn't, I wasn't fully thinking (I guess technically you could have it on Mei herself, but that's almost certainly not worth it).
  13. I want to see control Mei. Putting enemy models into train cars and shipping them off.
  14. Unimpeded is useful for the first model to get the scrap down. Also staggered, stunned, and stealth are just generically good. So probably not worth it *just* for the MV duels, but there's a lot more going on. Also Mei's mv duel is 14, she has a lot of sz 3 models available. A mv 5 model with stunned needs an 11 or it takes 3 damage, and then still has to deal with 3 Mei actions. It starts adding up. You could also play her crew in a semi-control fashion I think. They have a lot of move the target actions and triggers, you combine that with staggered and you can really waste enemy AP
  15. Something I could see with Ulix to get around the new summon restrictions is that he starts with piglets buried (maybe something like a newborn upgrade), and can unbury and start growing them
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