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  1. touchdown

    Waldo's Weekly - Serving Up Summons

    In addition to what everyone else is saying, if they really want a model to be able to spend more than 1 AP summoning, they could give it 2 different summon actions. So I don't think design space is limited.
  2. touchdown

    Marcus at the crossroads

    @adran I'm gonna be honest, I have no idea what you should have done . I think it would mostly depend on positioning.
  3. touchdown

    Waldo's Weekly - Serving Up Summons

    This might be lame, but I just want to see as many stat cards as possible in the previews.
  4. touchdown

    Marcus at the crossroads

    This wouldn't have mattered. The scion's ability is targeted by any enemy action and it makes it fail.
  5. touchdown

    Need Help Suggesting a Crew

    I would not recommend the Viks if tankiness is desired. Sticking with Gremlins, I would suggest getting Som'er who can play a brutal offensive game. He works really well with some of Ophelia's crew, Francois and Raphael. My main Gremlin opponent doesn't have any pigs, but i think you can have him effectively lead a pig crew as well. Seamus or McMourning would be good options in ressers. A Von Schill Freikorps crew sounds like it would match the play style you're looking for, but keep in mind he might be the worst Outcast master.
  6. touchdown

    Black Friday sales wishlists

    If you spent $100 on the Easter sale last year you got Alt Lazarus.
  7. touchdown

    Waldo's Weekly - Carrion My Wayward Son

    Assuming Zoraida has the same ability, the effigy is not a living model.
  8. touchdown

    The Viks

    Sorry I haven't replied in so long. Just going to confirm what others said about Big Jake and Johan, both are good models. I'll note Big Jake does count double for Ours too. Personally, I kind of think Vanessa's heal is a trap. The librarian has a better heal and is a stone cheaper. To me Vanessa is ranged support, command construct and once in a while taking advantage of the Vik's buffs (melee expert and +2 damage and she can be pretty effective with that sword). Also I was thinking about the Convict Gunslingers. It's not my style but having identical models does make playing the game easier. Less things to worry about. So I can see the appeal more.
  9. touchdown

    Waldo's Weekly - M3E Core Rules

    Will certain models like Hannah still increase handc size or is this a hard limit?
  10. touchdown

    The Viks

    I'm not a fan of Convict Gunslingers on a thematic or synergistic level. Slow models that are only good at killing single models. You already have the Viks for removing models. Also, if you're going to get Vanessa, I strongly recommend a solid construct to go along with her. I've had wonderful success with Lazarus. I think Marlena Webster would work out great too, but haven't had a chance to try her yet. I'm not sure how thematic any of them are but he Effigy, Emissary, and Sue are all great matches with the Viks. I mean Sue is a great match with virtually any master. Just all round great model. I usually end up pairing my Viks with a lot of Freikorps. Trappers, librarians, and engineers (haven't actually tried these in game yet) are all good useful models with synergy with the Viks. @Regelridderen You said a small crew. What are you thinking, like number of stones?
  11. touchdown

    Where can one buy a Freikorps trapper?

    I disagree Hans is strictly better than the Trapper. From the Shadows and the mobility of the Trapper can come in really handy depending on opponent/schemes/terrain. As for whether you want a sniper at all, I find it's situational. Depends on your master and crew, the schemes and strategy and what terrain features are on the board.
  12. touchdown

    Thoughts about M3E

    I'm really curious to see what Parker's abilities look like in M3E. If he can still cycle Stick Up to move and do pushes, and comes with Doc Mitchel (the best healer in Outcasts), he'd be a hell of a combo with the Viks. (I think it's safe to assume the Viks will still be hell close combat)
  13. touchdown

    Thoughts about M3E

    The new charge rules don't mention moving towards the target. So conceivably, with Run and Gun you could charge away from the target while still taking a shot. I think that would be pretty powerful.
  14. touchdown

    Where can one buy a Freikorps trapper?

    Trappers were a great unit at 6 stones, and still a good one at 7. From the Shadows is just fantastic. That combined with the built in reposition on shooting means if you can deploy within 6" of anything you want to target you should be able to interact with it on turn 2 and that's firing twice. Also, don't forget that 14" becomes 28" when focused. They're also surprisingly survivable.
  15. touchdown

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Not quite, we know there are at least a few other uses for pass tokens besides passing. "[Perdita's] thematic crew possesses the Bravado ability, which allows them to discard their Pass Tokens to become Focused, effectively allowing them to sacrifice activation control for pure damage." If you let 5 models each kill a model, I'd say you're really bad at the game. In the current game, you still need models to spend their turns giving pushes/obeys to get the big models into position.