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  1. Happy Birthday! Here's to 15 more years
  2. Archeological dig also gets you a scrap marker. Edit: if you're not using scheme markers for VP, you could actually combo the 2. False claim to get 1 scheme and 1 scrap, then archeological dig the scheme marker for another scrap. In the end phase, have no scheme markers to remove.
  3. I was wanting to get some tachikoma figures (from Ghost in the Shell) as metal gamin but it's impossible to find any at a reasonable cost or the right size
  4. It can be very hard to tell what an AP is sometimes. Like Montresor I think is a strong model but mostly for his aura that prevents staggered from ending combined with how hard he is to kill. How do you quantify that with AP?
  5. The smoke terrain looks like it would have to be impassible just given it's shape and how far it sticks up. I think if you really want concealing and dense terrain you have to just use flat pieces and just imagine the 3rd dimension. Also there's nothing stopping foliage from being concealing and dense but not severe. Imagine an orchard, you can't see through it but it's easy enough to walk though.
  6. Wouldn't the generic more specific overrides more general rule apply and trailblazer lets you ignore the during activation restriction?
  7. I've thought about this a lot but haven't tried it yet. Another interesting idea is put it on Taelor and have her Bring it On one of the Viks.
  8. That might be all that's needed. As long as there is counter play. Plus Wyrd could release more models with anti-summon upgrade tech (or anti-upgrade tech like Tormented have)
  9. You do not need LOS. If you did, it would either specify within range and LOS or it would have used an aura or pulse symbol. It's actually kind of weird the action has a range. It doesn't target anything so it could just as easily have had no range and then said place within 12" and 1" of blocking terrain.
  10. I feel like both options 1 and 4. Buster sword from Final Fantasy 7 sized sword that's just extremely dull and works as a bludgeoning weapon.
  11. You're not allowed to declare a charge while engaged at all (unless you have diving charge). So even if you had an ability that let you leave engagement (like agile) you can't charge.
  12. I disagree with this. This is the easiest first order counter to alpha strike crews. With plenty of crews it still makes sense to try to alpha and with others you end up with a cat and mouse of positioning, which is where the game gets fun and interesting to me.
  13. I know it's not for everyone but the humor of the chad vs virgin meme comes from the claims being so exaggerated they have little connection to the actual reality.
  14. It's certainly fixed for adding models but the background is still inverted on the add upgrade screen.
  15. Lets take a normal turn 2 game situation. Youko has to walk once then can Blackmail twice. First she hits you with Backroom Dealings and forces 2 card discard. Now you have 3 cards in hand. They're probably quite dear to you, so you will not discard them for Blackmail. What does Youko get? 4 (!) pass tokens, which means total activation control, and some spares for leverage if you want, and 2 actions where your beaters probably charge backwards out of position and hit your own models. If you're taking models with no potentially dangerous bonus actions, isn't that already a form of control
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