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  1. I've got a spare Miss Guided I've been lazy about selling/trading. Pm or post what you have.
  2. I'm confident you are able to use deadly pursuit to push to a marker and score. I'm not all confident about whether you can score first and push away.
  3. Yeah I agree they're almost unplayable in Public Enemies. I think they're fine in Recover Evidence since you can't put markers on them, but Mercenary is nothing special at it. You end up going heavy versatile or ook.
  4. I've actually killed the First Mate using the Viks multiple times. One of the few situations that Dragon's Bite is useful!
  5. Nice to see some love for Barbaros in this thread. I know he was maligned a lot but I always thought he had play reading his card. I need to get him on the table.
  6. How is your opponent scoring points if they're dedicating a model to chasing a 4 stone changeling around? Also, you have obeys. The interact restriction is during activation. You can disengage, walk, end the activation, then obey the model to interact, or obey the model to disengage before it activates. On it's activation, do your interacting. Regarding necropunks, I do think they're too good, but because of how hard they are to kill more than the leap. You're probably doing min damage thanks to hard to wound so even min 3 means 3 AP to kill one, or a way too significant inves
  7. I think the ease of outflank was often overstated. You had to control 2 spots to score it, and only 1 spot to deny it.
  8. Viks got an assist in GG1. They're better at Leylines (due to pushes, not places) and arguably Symbols (since you have 2 3 ap models that can interact).
  9. Work on Euripides, he's got all the new hotness
  10. Hannah isn't "this model" if it's on another model though, is she? It's the model it's attached to.
  11. It's not as good with other models (except Taelor) but you can use the mask trigger with any friendly mercenary, and can use their guns, so Vanessa, the other Vik, any Ronin within 12", even Big Jake within 8" and you can get extra attacks. Something to keep in mind. Overall, the Viks are more like bullies now. They shred weaker models that get in their way while they zoom around the board doing scheming. You don't want to get in a slug fest with really good bruisers, tar pits, or other melee masters. You'll lose those exchanges. Personally, I think they're really fun and rewarding t
  12. there was a suggestion that she should have the exorcism trigger built in. That would be a hard counter imo. If she just had it, that would be fine but I think wouldn't move the needle on her usefulness.
  13. Got in 2 more games with @Thatguy First one was Wedge Public Enemies with Let Them Bleed, Hidden Martyrs, Runic Binding, Leave Your Mark, and Take Prisoner. New Leveticus Crew (Outcasts) Size: 50 - Pool: 8 Leader: Leveticus Totem(s): Hollow Waif Hollow Waif 2 Hires: Rusty Alyce Soldier for Hire Marlena Webster Soldier for Hire Ashes and Dust Scavenger Scavenger 2 References: Abomination Ashen Core Dust Storm I won 4-3 (3 public enemies, 1 Leave Your Mark to 2 public enemies, 1 Hidden Martyrs) He was playing Kin. I
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