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  1. Better than discarding a card. Also it's not irreducible, so you can combo it with the assault shield if you want to.
  2. 2/4/5 on stat 6 with a built in trigger that can let you get up to 4 attacks per activation is not unimpressive to me. He's a better tank than anything in mercenary
  3. is it wrong to think Convict Gunslingers are fine and Gunsmiths seem busted? I'm not sure, the ease of getting fast is huge.
  4. I don't understand the inclusion of Hannah or Librarians on this list. Has anyone been complaining about them? Wokou Raiders are not good enough for the price. Dead Outlaws have no place in a Parker crew at all.
  5. What if Tara had a tactical action that let her end fast on a friendly model to take an action printed on it's card?
  6. I haven't tried with the updated trigger, but prior to this I found the Emissary, Hans, and Barbaros all worked better than many actual Mercenary models. Some models I didn't try but suspect would have worked better: Pride, Sue, Rusty Alyce.
  7. Giving out fast is at least arguably useful for Tormented. The only model he can help in Bandit is Sue. Although I suppose in both cases you could just get Student of Conflict for 1 stone less if you just want a fast machine.
  8. Might as well just drop bandit as a keyword. Can't see why you'd take one into a Parker crew.
  9. It's enemy models only. I'm not sure about a mirror match though. I would lean towards no as they activate while buried. Seems like the point is you can fast an enemy and make sure it can't activate so you can unbury. So this change wouldn't help the crew afaict
  10. True but that still requires some setup and I'm pretty sure the 2nd Vik was already an autotake for all Vik players
  11. The ability to summon 2 wretches with a 12 would probably not change this calculus. Just because you can summon 2 doesn't mean you'll want to.
  12. +1 stat for That One Counts as Mine, and she was already a better model. Also yeah obviously you want the strong melee attacks if you can get them but "be within 12"" is way easier to set up.
  13. The Viks' trigger lets any friendly mercenary take any attack and ignores friendly fire. So she just have to be within 12" now and you can add her attack.
  14. I'll have to try it, but this change seems almost too good. Vanessa was already an autotake for me, but now she's a super autotake. An interesting combo with Bishop and Challenge. You can charge in and if you can't kill the model on the last attack spend a stone to make sure it can't attack back without spending a lot of resources.
  15. His equip has been nerfed to the point where it doesn't make sense to bring him out of keyword anymore.
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