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  1. I may have played 2e wrong. I thought if they were different abilities you could chain them. Like accomplice one model then companion another.
  2. I never played 1 or 1.5. 2 was bad enough with some of the combos lol
  3. You get both pushes and I believe you get to choose the order they happen. So if you need 2" to get around terrain before the big 6" push or vice versa you get to do it how you want.
  4. @Plaag I'm curious. Do you declare Colette into Outcasts? Or is the risk of some Obliteration models too good at shutting down her bury defense? 2nd question, if your opponent declares Leveticus, he counters a lot of what you do with armor and stones, how do you handle that?
  5. Watched the Plaag-Kharnage game and here's my scouting report. Plaag is a machine at soulstone use. He started with 2 and used 2 almost every round and always correctly. Don't let his low starting cache fool you. All his models are really hard to kill. Either just tanks or hidden (Colette with buries, Silent one far away behind an ice pillar). Between his expert use of stones and the silent one, and they're own innate toughness: you need to really focus to take models down. Don't waste AP attacking that doesn't ultimately lead to killing (or do useful triggers/conditions). He'll
  6. 2nd edition was notorious for chain activation and it was no fun to watch 3 or even 4 models activate in a row and just remove yours
  7. the wording is after resolving an attack targeting a model 8" away. So if you targeted beyond 8" even if the resolution ended close than 8", I don't think you can do it.
  8. I don't believe there is anything from stopping you from treating a guilty as enemy and friendly simultaneously. It does feel like this wasn't quite intended but Guilty as Charged doesn't say to stop treating it as friendly.
  9. Put her head back on, and then sculpt a little trick or treat bucket like a pumpkin or cauldron
  10. Big Jake is incredible for certain schemes with his re-summoning on turn 5 and don't mind me. Consult the Ancestors is a huge value. You can just let it fail and you got a 5 or less out of your deck and into your discard pile. But yeah Ronin are one of the best 6 stones models in the game imo. I can't find any use for Desperate Mercs. Never take them. I take the Emissary quite often. Mercenary is great at being in a place, not as great at getting scheme markers down. The Emissary helps with that. His healing and movement auras are both great. Ranged attack that gives slow is hug
  11. That ended up looking really good. Do you do anything to add some weight so it's not so easy to nudge around when playing? I'm a bit clumsy so that's always a concern of mine
  12. I've always interpreted it to mean range* of the shockwave. By which I mean how far from the marker the shockwave extends, not the range in which you can place the shockwave. Shockwaves are listed as Shockwave 1, Shockwave 3 etc. That's the value. What effect it has is separate.
  13. Having a attack is not a requirement for charging. You can still the declare the action and take the push, but you won't be able to generate an attack from the charge. Some models have the run and gun ability that lets them generate attacks from a charge as an example of other models doing that.
  14. First time I've really looked at Ama No Zako's card. I can't figure out why Miasma of Boils and Flies is so expensive to do. Still Outcasts is a faction almost totally lacking in flight (although there is a fair amount of incorporeal, and pseudo-incorporeal [ghost of malifaux, savage winds), that combine with a bonus interact and min 3 damage. I could see him getting some play as a flanker. I don't see any obvious synergies though. He seems like more of a independent operator.
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