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  1. I've always hated how the Guilty look. They seem really silly or goofy when it feels like Tormented should be serious. I think new Ronin look fine. I like the calm collected demeanor (I also liked the 2E versions, sucker for a woman with a sword), but I really dislike the new Viks. I'm so glad I have 2E versions (and I actually like the 1E punk look even more).
  2. Looks incredible and I love the stat card, that's such a nice touch
  3. Made some Outcast strategy/scheme markers (they look cool but aren't great as scheme markers because they poke up. Perfect for Symbols though). If I was more skilled painter I'd try to do the blood splatter but just yellow roses for now. And then bought some Moai statuettes for Leylines off Etsy.
  4. I don't think the Viks make sense ook. They're not durable enough to be your primary beater, but will be your most expensive one. Also you really want both to get full value, and then you're at 24 stones for just them, at which point you could just play them and bring a different master in ook. Maybe if whirlwind was super important it could work out.
  5. You can do that but it's just changing the strat and schemes to the same suit and numbers. HH is supposed to be played with GG0 rules as the GG1 rule sheet says
  6. Update, it's still not working if I log in using google authentication. Initially, none of my crews show up. I can browse to games and see complete games. However, if I refresh it gets stuck at the loading splash screen again. I've only ever used google authentication so I don't know if it affects others.
  7. Or it could be like Sandeep where he is academic but can hire elemental models
  8. I could see an argument for this resolution: you declare sword trick targeting the dove you kill the dove for the SS you spend the SS for for a mask the attack fails because there's no longer a valid target. You don't flip any cards you bury because the trigger is after resolving so it doesn't need to succeed
  9. I think any strategy + scheme pool, Freikorps is a good option (7/10 wasn't scientifically deduced just trying to represent this). That doesn't mean all their models are good. Just that they have the tools for any scenario. However, for each scenario there's a good number of crews that are 8,9,10 out of 10
  10. I believe you do get to drop an enemy scheme marker. There are other examples of doing like, like flipping a severe on Appraise
  11. I had tried doing a cache clear refresh before but yeah I had to clear cache and cookies, it's working now.
  12. Just checked and 77.0.1 for sure on one. I think the other is the same but I can't check it right now
  13. Tried on 2 different computers. Just get the loading splash page but the menu never loads. Works fine in Chrome.
  14. Brackett has a threat range of 23" and a threat range of 18" for 2 attacks. Sue has a 22" threat range. Convict Gunslinger 25" threat range and with a good mask, 2 attacks. Hans has a 24" threat range. Scouts, 19". So there's options.
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