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    Where can one buy a Freikorps trapper?

    I disagree Hans is strictly better than the Trapper. From the Shadows and the mobility of the Trapper can come in really handy depending on opponent/schemes/terrain. As for whether you want a sniper at all, I find it's situational. Depends on your master and crew, the schemes and strategy and what terrain features are on the board.
  2. touchdown

    Thoughts about M3E

    I'm really curious to see what Parker's abilities look like in M3E. If he can still cycle Stick Up to move and do pushes, and comes with Doc Mitchel (the best healer in Outcasts), he'd be a hell of a combo with the Viks. (I think it's safe to assume the Viks will still be hell close combat)
  3. touchdown

    Thoughts about M3E

    The new charge rules don't mention moving towards the target. So conceivably, with Run and Gun you could charge away from the target while still taking a shot. I think that would be pretty powerful.
  4. touchdown

    Where can one buy a Freikorps trapper?

    Trappers were a great unit at 6 stones, and still a good one at 7. From the Shadows is just fantastic. That combined with the built in reposition on shooting means if you can deploy within 6" of anything you want to target you should be able to interact with it on turn 2 and that's firing twice. Also, don't forget that 14" becomes 28" when focused. They're also surprisingly survivable.
  5. touchdown

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Not quite, we know there are at least a few other uses for pass tokens besides passing. "[Perdita's] thematic crew possesses the Bravado ability, which allows them to discard their Pass Tokens to become Focused, effectively allowing them to sacrifice activation control for pure damage." If you let 5 models each kill a model, I'd say you're really bad at the game. In the current game, you still need models to spend their turns giving pushes/obeys to get the big models into position.
  6. touchdown

    Parker playable?

    I tried Parker for the first time yesterday. First, he is really fun to play with. Getting all those soul stones, and the pushes may be expensive, but they let me get a great first turn strike with Mad Dog, move some ranged units out of engagement and Johan into engagement. On the downside, he's really complicated and I had trouble keeping track of everything he could do (not to mention making good decisions), but hopefully that will come with experience. The biggest problem was that I played against Zipp. His no zero actions without discarding was devastating and the first mate jumping around eating my scheme markers really messed me up too. I'm pretty sure he's viable, but you have to know what you're doing better than me.