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  1. Ten Thunders vs Neverborn Mei Feng vs. Euripides Wedge Deployment, Turf War Scheme Pool: Vendetta and Search the Ruins (Graham chose these as the two schemes to learn Euripides crew with.) Ten Thunders: Mei Feng Forgeling Metal Gamin Obsidian Statue Shadow Emissary Dawn Serpent Low River Monk Willie Vs. Neverborn: Euripides Primordial Magic Thoon 2 Cyclops 2 Gigants 2 Bultingin The board was setup to about 50% terrain with four forested areas that were severe, dense, and concealing. There
  2. Just a sanity check, the rulebook tell us: My doubt is when are those effects added to the Queue. For example: Butterfly jump reads "After resolving the enemy attack action targeting this model, this model may move 3''" Reposition (trigger) reads: "Move this model up to 3''" Both effects are resolved in the step 6 (actions) or C2F (turn). So is butterfly jump added to the queue as soon as an attack action targets the model or you wait until you reach the step 6/C2F to add it to the queue? So What do you have to resolve first, the trigger or the ability? I bel
  3. 35 ss battle between Arcanist Mei Feng and Guild Hoffman. Attacker: Arcanist Mei Feng, Kang, Forgeling, Metal Golem, Metal Gamin w/Magical Training, Arcane Effigy w/Effigy of Fate, 3ss Defender: Guild Charles Hoffman, Mechanical Attendant, Peacekeeper, Guardian, Hunter, Watcher, 4ss Deployment: Corner Strategy: Reckoning Schemes:Detonate Charges, Breakthrough (A), Assassinate, Deliver a Message (A & G), Vendetta (G, Hunter vs Metal Golem) Final Score: Guild 4 (1 on Strategy, 1 on Deliver a Message, 2 on Vendetta) Arcanists 3 (1 on Strategy, 1 o
  4. Hello Arcanists Forum dwellers! I've been away from the hobby for a couple of years and come back to find my only master is "bottom tier" (I say this like such a thing matters or even makes sense, but it still irks me that she might not be the most tournament competitive anymore). I've been scouring the forums for current discussion on her post wave 5 and in GG2018. I was hoping to stimulate some discussion on how people are using MEI nowadays or what they're bringing with her. What works, what's lackluster etc. In a flurry of excitement with limited reading I've gone and
  5. Good Afternoon Guys and Gals, This is my first time writing a tactica of sorts so apologies for any disjointedness or anything that might be missed, but hopefully this gives an overall guide. I am an experienced TT player but never picked up Mei Feng until recently as I was always told how bad she is in the UK. (don't want an argument over USA, UK or any other meta) I recently had the opportunity to play her in a couple of fun games this post is my thoughts, first let’s look at my crew Mei Feng Vapourmancy Misdirection
  6. Today I bought Mei Feng's box. Clearly, this is @Lokibri's fault, not mine What stuff really shines with her? Do you really need the other Foundry minis to make her work? Or would I be ok with the M&SU stuff I have? I already own the metal gamins and Miss Fire (yet to assemble). Do you use Sparks/prokchop/Rail golem (which I dont have)? I am not completely convinced on them to be honest. I already own a big chunk of the faction: all master boxes (but Colette), all the M&SU stuff (except for gunsmiths and union miners), the mech rider and several other in faction model
  7. Symbols of Authority - Punish The Weak - Covert Breakthrough - Take Prisoner - Hold Up Their Forces - Inescapable Trap Tonight I'll face a friend of mine with Arcanists. Pointed on Mei Feng and Brewmaster as my possible choices: what do you suggest to take with them as list? Mei is probably good with Punish The Weak and Hold Up Their Forces. Fingers could be good in Covert Breakthrough. Both the Masters (better Brewie) can isolate enemy models to score easier on Take Prisoner.
  8. Hey all, new player here. I really like the look of Mei Feng's sculpt so im looking to make her my first master. What are the models she likes to use? For killing, or schemeing, or all purpose? Any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance.
  9. Archibal's Empty the Magazine is the first one I thought of. Any other come to mind?
  10. Hi All, I'll be posting WIP and finished crews revolving the Ten Thunders faction, and hopefully get some helpful tips and tricks from the more experienced painters out there. As an introductory, and something that will be the main focus for a week or two, I'll be posting my progress for Lucas McCabe's crew, the Relic Hunters. Just primed the whole crew white, and started on the flesh base for them. Almost done Dismounted McCabe, and its mostly just the basing for him. I'm liking painting Heroic scale, much less constrained by the tiny details of 25mils.
  11. So originally thought I was going Rasputina for the campaign but was talked into "Fun" over "Destroy everything" so I'm playing Mei. I started off with Joss, Howard, and The Captain with the Patron upgrade. From here I'm looking to populate with minions/cheap enforcers. When I can get Mei (week 3) I'm hoping to add in Sparks and a Porkchop but that won't be till later. What minions do you think work well for her in the campaign knowing that her avatar skews towards minions?
  12. So one master who gets very little talk time is Mei Feng, at least Arcanists Mei. It seems to me like she would have some good tricks all around and plenty of jumping points with all the constructs we can throw around. Emisarry doesn't seem to do that much for her, but the usual M&SU suspects (Joss, Howard, Rail Golem) and the Mech Rider seem perfectly built for her. Also, the Gremlin Foundry models (Sparks and Mecha porkchop) Might benefit from the various arcanist synergies like Powered By Flame and Bleeding Edge Tech. Mei also seems the perfect master if you think you are going u
  13. Hi all, My local community has an awesome-looking event coming up in the end of February, and I've decided to go with the Ten Thunders. I originally bought Mei Feng for my Arcanists that I ended up dropping, as well as Jakob Lynch for my Neverborn. I picked up McCabe during my LGS' recent holidays sale because I'm weak. Sorted by theme, my collection consists of the following: Mei Feng Emberling Kang 3 Rail Workers Rail Golem Mechanized Porkchop 3 Metal Gamin Jakob Lynch Hungering Darkness 3 Illuminated 2 Beckoner
  14. I have read a few of the noob lists / please help sections on here but I just wanted to ask a quick question for a new player that doesn't seem mentioned a lot (or I haven't read every 'please help post'). Ramos and Mei Feng mixed crews. I am considering purchasing two crew boxes and the Arcanist variation (so hard to choose with so many models available) that I think should work would be Ramos box set and Mei Feng box set. My reason being that both benefit well from each others models - Rail workers are quite hardy and still count as a construct so would be good f
  15. Hey all, so now that we're in May I thought it was time to get going the Month of Mei (Feng)! I got in two games with Mei today (win vs Misaki 9-5, loss vs Lynch 3-9... lol) and I plan on trying to squeeze Mei into as many non-tournament games as I can this month to get more experience (and fun) in with her and I challenge you, my fellow Arcanist players, to do the same Let's get some good Arcanist Mei Feng experiences going on in this thread, because to steal a line from Blizzard, this master is a-Mei-zing and needs more love on this here forum!
  16. Yes, you read correctly. A Mei Feng summoning crew! Okay so actually it's Toshiro doing the summoning, but bear with me here. This came from a vague idea I had about making a summoning build around Toshiro, and then figuring which master it might work well with. Surprisingly, I figured that Mei Feng might work nicely, since Railworkers are good for this build, since they can drop either scrap or corpse markers, to summon Ashigaru or Komainu respectively, and she can railwalk off them. She can also use the Komainu as railwalk targets, and her totem, the Emberling, can generate scrap right
  17. What do you all like to do to handle shooting when playing with Ten Thunders, when talking about some of the nastier shooting crews that can get to their attack flips (lots of Guild, some Outcast such as Levi, others). I've had success with Mei Feng with the Wind Upgrade to double Vent and keep up with her crew bubble, as well as Smoke Grenades, but I got fairly rolled in a game versus Perdita last night (Misaki with Shang, Toshiro, Tokarage, Samurai), no Smoke and Shadows upgrade). I was thinking Smoke and Shadows, but that seems to require ol' Y carrying it so she can nimble walk the first
  18. In the 2nd ever Malifaux report on my site, Evil Steampunk-magic-using Marxist Drug-runner Mei Feng takes on a man on a horse and his big fat Edward Scissorhands best friend in a strangely inappropriate urban cowboy landscape as two newbie players struggle again to get to grips with what the hell they are up to .. There is kung-fu, there are dogs and eagles, there is a Sikh with a machine gun and there is a lawyer (sending guns and money..?). Who knows what it all means - but as long as everything gets set on fire, and there is a post-battle analysis that is built on the basic princip
  19. I'm looking to fill out some of my missing pieces from different crews. I live in Australia so please factor that into any decisions made before offering to sell models. I am willing to purchase Kaeris and Mei Feng Box Sets.
  20. I love Mie and most of her models, I just can not stand the look of the Rail Golem. In my ARCs I use the steamborg executioner but what is a good replacement for it in 10 thunders?
  21. Hi all, just finished my second big tactics article, this time on Mei. Starting off... In keeping with aggressive pose, Mei Feng is a powerhouse and anchor of her crew, which I quite enjoy, as I tend towards support commanders, so I'm very much in to the idea of a strong commander who can still run support a little. She's got a bit of an odd character because, while she's a bouncing death ball and has some useful defensive support, it's her Henchman, Kang, who brings more of the power and offensive support to the crew. Link to the main article
  22. Hi all - I'm relatively new to Malifaux, been playing once or twice a week for the past few months and loving every second of it. After an early, fun, but chaotic time with Som'er, I picked up Mei Feng, and I'm really liking her. I've been running her as Ten Thunders, with various combinations of Kang, Rail Golem, Metal Gamin, Rail Workers, and Archers. I'm contemplating where to expand from here, and in particular, whether to emphasize Arcanists or 10 Thunders - eventually I'll pick up more of both but with limited funds I'd like to make smart purchases. I had been thinking I would get th
  23. Hi folks. After playing around with various factions, I've committed to the Arcanists, and have really been enjoying playing Ramos and Mei Feng. Up till now I've mostly been using Ramos, with MF for Reckoning or to haul in Kang against Ressers, that sort of thing. But I've recently picked up Raspy and Kaeris as well, along with various models that go along with them (December Acolytes, Union Miners, a proxy Firestarter, etc.). So my question for you all is this: when do you run which arcanist master? Are there particular strategies / schemes where you've found a specific master excels, or part
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