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Found 15 results

  1. Do you have any favourite cinematic experiences which make you think of Malifaux? This is a long post and I've bolded the links to my reccomendations... I've just rewatched a movie I've seen three years ago and it made me think of which movies I remember when I'm reading Malifaux stories or seeing its artwork. These movies are all of quite different genres, but they all share a certain feeling of surrealism. They also share some of my favourite directors (Jean Pierre-Jenuet, Alejanro Jodorowsky and Takashi Miike) and all are visually enticing. Most of the movies aren't in English language and some are definitely not safe for work and have mature audiences ratings. The movie that looks the most and even feels like Malifaux is The City of Lost Children. I don't know if I should introduce it much since it's a cult classic. Set in a dystopian out of time steampunk world, a silent hero and a little girl (a heroine) are on a quest to save the dreaming children. This movie is even suitable for children even if it's a bit dark looking. Also another movie from the same director is a postapocalyptic movie set somewhere in the past: Delicatessen. A movie about street performer who starts living in an apartment building after he lost his monkey and some strange things start happening (I don't want to spoil much). It's also not very brutal (and it could have been considering its title) and has some adventurous scenes. Both movies have broken down buildings in them and are set in vast old urban settings, very much like Malifaux. I've just watched The Last Circus again. It's a very violent and a quite sexual flick and later in the movie it becomes quite a bit crazy and it nearly becomes a horror film. Atmosphere is set in the past and even if it's mostly set in seventies it feels out of time and reality. The movie has an artistic meld of beauty and ugliness. It also contains Penguins (lol auto-corrected c-l-o-w-n-s), so I wouldn't reccomend it to everyone... it's definitely not for children. The scenes of battle on the beginning and near the end of the movie resemble weird scenes and locations that might as well be situated somewhere in Malifaux. For the most part the story itself reminds me of a lot of background stories I've read for Malifaux. This is a weirdest one I'm mentioning and don't let the low budget looks decieve you, it's a great movie and an awesomely weird western: El Topo. It's a weird spiritual quest for excellence, undertaken by a gunslinger, which takes him on a trip through desert and he finds himself in awkward situation after he's reached his goal (again I don't want to spoil the movie too much). It's a movie about human corruption and I would reccomend it only for mature viewers... yes there is violence and weird scenes, but it has a bit of a hidden meaning in it, so it's not for people wanting action of a western or even gore. It's not trying to be smart and you'll need to relax into the movie to experience it beyond weirdness (it tries to toy with the watchers emotions). The movie seems dated but it's before its time in some aspects. This movie is a much easier watching, because it's an action/adventure set in the time of French Revolution: Brotherhood of the Wolf. It seems like a werewolf story (which it isn't), it has an indian in it, martial arts, Monica Belluci and weird cults. The secret society and its conflict reminds me of Malifaux and maybe most of Lucius because of the french costumes and deranged aristocracy. There is also a poacher society which screams Wyrd and I don't want to spoil anything. This should be a fairly popular action flick... Next two are somewhat similar because they have a colonial theme set in familiar outlandish settings of Africa and Orient. Ok, both are happening on real locations, but the stuff that happens seems outlandish and it has its own mythology. First one is The Ghost and the Darkness, set in Africa near a railroad building site where strange animal related murders have been happening. I'm mostly not a fan of Michael Douglas, but this is one of the two movies with him that I loved. Second one is The Bird People in China, set in deep wilderness of China filled with jade deposits. There are no weird bird people in the movie (I'm sorry), but that doesn't mean that the movie hasn't got its wonders. This is by far the tamest of the movies I've mentioned here, but it shows how modern civilization can change a traditional lifestyle and rewrite its mythologies in a bizzarely poetic way. Lastly I'll post a link to a short animated film on youtube called Backwater Gospel. I've seen it posted on A Wyrd Place on Facebook, so I'm reposting it here There is another cartoon I've seen as a kid, but I can't remember its name... I'll post a link to an article about it when I find it. EDIT Dead Man is one of my favourite movies, but I want to rewatch it before reccomending it for Malifaux like atmosphere. I just don't want to reccomend it just because it's a great movie and the reason I love Jim Jarmusch's style. I just remembered that I want to rewatch the movie Vidocq with Gerard Depardeiu. I can't remember much about it. I drifted away while watching it the last time. It had some intense visuals and I remember that it had some light-fantastic elements set in Victorian age, but that's it. Also a question from me: is there a more Malifauxy' movie visually/thematically similar to Gangs of New York or Moulin Rogue? I can't remember if I've seen or heard of anything similar... Sin City is not it.
  2. Law of Murphy imho is about inability to create a system which is 100% perfect or unbreakable. And quite frequently factors which start <go wrong> sequence are very stupid or simple. I tried to pay homage to many good movies and games which played with this law. I was heavily inspired this time by Hellboy and Guillermo del Toro and his new coming movie LED was placed for expiremental purposes Thank you and hope you like it
  3. Hi All I'm looking to sell the Metal Leveticus Box Set, containing 1 x Leveticus, 1 x Rusty Alice, 1 x Hollow Waif, 4 x Steampunk Abominations. The box has been opened, just to have a look, but models are unbuilt. Only reason for selling is that I'm possibly going to pick up the plastic models instead. Drop me a PM. Any offers considered. UK preferred. Pic 1 - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2eMnLnN6qfYd05wZEJFNWpzWnc Pic 2 - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2eMnLnN6qfYZ0lMSEJXa2ZEMEE
  4. Here's a Wyrmgear that I got tp paint up a little while ago. The mini really has tons of options for composition since he's made up of so many different metallic parts that could be picked out in many different formations. Here is version. And I've posted him to CMON for anyone who cares to vote.
  5. Good afternoon all, My name is Juniormonk and I'm brand spanking new to Malifaux. I'm rolling with Ramos and the Arcanists. After finding Psycosm's thread online I took a stab at making my own custom environment. I humbly present to you, Steampunk Sewers! I've only played half Malifaux twice but think I'm hooked. To be honest I could just paint and sculpt all day without playing and be completely satisfied. Thanks for checking out my thread. Please let me know what you think! cheers, Monk
  6. If you're going to cheat fate, after all, why not go all the way with a tarot deck. Use the Minor Arcana (minus the Pages) and two of the Major Arcana as your Jokers. I found this Steampunk Tarot deck at Books a Million the other day: Before opening it, I'd considered using the Fool as the Black Joker, and finding another suitable choice for the Red. But after seeing the cards, I went with Death as the Black Joker (far more appropriate, really), and Temperance as the Red. The artwork is stunning and the book with it is the size of a novel. As far as suit alignments go, for Malifaux and traditional cards (with a few mnemonic devices): Wands are Tomes are Clubs (Magic). Swords (to plowshares) are Spades are Crows. Pentacles (sometimes Coins) are Diamonds (riches) are Masks. Cups are Hearts (both overflowing) are Rams. The conversions between suits were much easier to picture thanks to the Retro Fate Deck's merged suits. Thank you once again, Xander.
  7. Steampunk. Victorian. Western. Gothic. Horror. You know what all of that describes, right? Obviously I'm talking about the Queen Mary- the world famous ocean-liner, now turned haunted hotel and historical landmark! Wait...you thought I was talking about Malifaux with those 5 words? Well guess what?!?! I am!!! Come join SoCal Malifaux at Her Royal Majesty's Steampunk Symposium, January 11th through the 13th on board the world famous Queen Mary in Long Beach California! We'll be running game demos in costume all weekend long, including the following events: Friday Night Scenario Encounters- 8PM-10:30PM Saturday 1-Day Achievement League - 1PM-6PM Plus an all-weekend open play achievement packet, that you can come in and play between the various panels, performances, and dinners that makes HRM Steampunk Symposium one of the most unique Steampunk conventions in the world! So put on a pair of goggles, break that grandfather clock for costume parts and join us on board the Queen Mary! For more details PM Ebonstar on these forums or check out HRM Steampunk Symposium at http://www.hrmsteam.com/index.php/event See you there!
  8. Just in case you want to cosplay as Ramos for Halloween or Comic-Con http://www.designbuzz.com/sculptures-steam-punk-creepy-creatures.html cool huh?
  9. Hello All, Just picked up my first crew, and chose C.Hoffman just because I liked the story behind the guy and the minis in the set. Im about to lay paint down on the minatures, but having problems choosing a paint scheme. The minatures in the set, especially the Guardian, are kinda dinged up and beaten up in battle so I was thinking of going with a rusted weathered look, but Im also thinking of doing NMM on the models as well. Also Im going to use the cobblestone bases from Dragonforge.com. Any suggestions? Ill also start posting pics once the project gets in full swing.
  10. Warning: May contain Bioshock and Bioshock 2 spoilers! Our local store, Black Knight Games is having a call-to-arms for Malifaux. Spend some cash, get some models, paint them in the time limit and get some store credit. Pretty simple. This is my progress blog for said event, it's a replica of what I will be posting on the BKG forum. I hope you like it! Call to Arms: Malifaux -- Souls of Rapture (Leveticus Crew) The Plan (June 21st, 2011): My brother roped me into doing the Call to Arms for Malifaux. When he described the game to me, the setting seemed very reminiscent of Bioshock, a video game which I have a great fondness for. I had always wanted to model some Bioshock-themed models, but never wanted to do a full "army" of them for Warhammer 40k or anything; this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do it. I began looking at various crews and set out to try and find something that would work as a Counts-As crew and a great starting place for models. I settled on Leveticus. The Steampunk Abominations and Hollow Waifs work perfectly for Splicers. After some thinking, I also thought that Leveticus himself could work well for Jack (the player character);his use of Plasmids can represent the use of Magic. After staring at Rusty Alyce for a while, I thought she was a perfect match for the proportions of a Big Sister: her hair and clothes even looked like the grown-up Eleanor Lamb. The next step was figuring out how I would make the Big Daddy models and what they would represent. Looking things over, they could easily be swapped for the Desolation Engine or Killjoys within the Outcasts, but since Leveticus can hire Constructs and Undead from outside the Outcasts (at no extra cost) they could also represent a Peacekeeper or a Guardian (which might be more thematic and representative). Likely, I will try each of them and see what works well for the crew. For the models, there was really only one choice, Brad Shier's Hard Suit: (Note: I didn't paint this, but I did order 2 of these models! They haven't arrived yet. ) For Little Sisters I had intended to buy The Stolen figures. But I neglected to write down what I wanted until I was making the order at the store, and I mistakenly bought a Candy model instead. She'll still work, but I don't like the model as much as the girl in The Stolen boxed set. Anyone want to swap Candy for her? Additionally, I picked up this set: This has a great splicer (Flesh Construct perhaps?) and a decent little sister. Though I still really want the model from The Stolen. *sigh* So that's the plan. I may do more characters in the future, if I get inspired, but this is enough for now. Update #1 (July 8th, 2011): After doing some other painting and finishing off a contest entry, I was able to start modeling some of my Rapture crew. I began by cutting of Leveticus' left hand, and using a Warhammer Ghoul's hand instead. I wanted the pose to be shooting the Electric Plasmid lightning. I also put a pistol in his hand, but on reflection, I think I might use a red wrench instead (as Leveticus does not use pistols, and the wrench seems more iconic somehow. I will probably trim down the nails a bit and thicken up his wrist. I want to put the chain tattoos on his wrists when I paint him. I am also still looking for a better head. Next I started working on the Big Sister. I started working on her scuba gear first. I found a perfectly sized round plastic piece for the helmet (from the Chimera tank Lasguns), and using a bit of plastic tube from Gale Force Nine, I made the port-hole window. I will be adding more detail to this as well. For the scuba tank I used a Dwarf steam drill from the Dwarf Miner kit; I also used a valve from that kit as well as a small manhole from the Chimera kit. Using more plastic tube, I cut rings to make the cage/basket that is attached to the tank. From here, I intend to add more plastic build out the cage. I also started adding the splint-things to her left leg. I will need to clean it up a bit, but I like the effect so far. I will mimic this on the other leg as well. I decided that I would magnetize the scuba Helmet and the original Rusty Alyce head. Rusty looks a lot like Eleanor Lamb, so I wanted the option of having her - sans helmet. Lots more details to add to both of these guys, but a good start so far. Here's a pic of the models that I will be making into splicers. I like their overall look, so I might not change too much with them. While they are not strictly identical to the splicers from the game, I like their aesthetic enough to think that they could be Rapture denizens. I will likely try to make at least one rabbit mask for one of the females, however. I also want them to have all their limbs, so I will be supplementing some of them with ghoul and zombie components. I dug out a load of bits I thought might help me with the project and I snapped a pic, because, who doesn't love pictures? (and bits!). That's all for now, thanks for reading! Update #2 (July 10th, 2011): I will let the pictures do the talking for me with this update! Update #3 (July 14th, 2011): My Hard Suits arrived yesterday along with the rest of my Malifaux order (some bases and Candy). I am really impressed with the Hard Suits. They are the perfect size for this project. The Candy should work out well for a Little Sister. I got to work on the Big Daddies right away. I will be making one Bouncer and one Rosie. For the Bouncer, I decided I wanted to bulk up the suit a bit. Next I will be putting plasticard rod around the helmet to make it look a bit more Rosie-like. The drill-arm they supply is pretty small, so I will likely use something different. I am looking at a few ideas, and will likely choose the one I like best. I will likely be magnetizing the drill attachment for weapon-swaps. I also bent his left arm, and intend to give him a very aggressive posture: the way he looks when you get too close to a Little Sister. For the Rosie, I had to remove the Hard Suit head - I used a small hack saw to get the job done. Next I put down the first layer of green stuff, trying to get the shape of the Helmet correct. Still lots of work to do. The little porthole on the helmet is not glued, just placed on there to visualize what it might look like. In contrast to my Bouncer, my Rosie will be in mid-walk holding the rivet gun in his right hand. Hopefully he will look very lumbering.
  11. Eventually this will have a whole sticky gammut of arcanists in here. For the time though, I am geeked that I finally finished my Ramos box and wanted to share it. There are some minor mods all around. Used the sewer base inserts with some gears from an old alarm clock. Ramos' Halo is from the same clock. As for the Steamborg, I'm not a big "wires and flesh" kinda guy, but i do love me some crabs. So i tried to make him way more crabby with a bit of translucent resin in the torso hole for sort of a "powered by soulstones feel." Hope you like it. Cheers!
  12. Hi. I'm wondering what should be next for my Levi crew. I really like the peacekeeper model but I'm thinking the desolation Engine is the way to go; however I don't want a SPA heavy list. I have the majority of the resurectionist grunts and the hooded rider, but I'm tossing up between the two constructs mentioned above. Anyone out there who plays levi have an answer or maybe a new suggestion for a big construct? Ta
  13. Well, it's not Malifaux, but it's steampunk! I'm working on a few Malifaux set stories, but they're coming along kinda slow. I figured I'd post this here while I work on the others. - - - - - The air of New Verona, choked with coal dust and steam vapors as always, bore also an intense and frustratingly persistent heat. The Boilermen of the city were quite unaffected by this. So as the heat baked the nighttime cityscape, two such men walked quite casually through the shadows of the arc-lamp lit streets. "Another day, another dollar. Clock in, Clock out. Eh, Gregory?" One said, avoiding the cracks in the cobbled streets. "Clock indeed. It seems to me we're very little but two tiny gears." The other said in response. "Small cogs power great things." A grunt came as a reply. For a while, the two continued in silence. "Sampson," one asked, cracking the silence, "What is that?" He pointed into the night sky. "It appears to be a large dirigible." Sampson replied, gazing at the object in question. Indeed, Gregory was correct. The massive object was a huge war Zeppelin, decorated with massive rolls of silk, and lit by colored lamps of every shade imaginable. All at once the sky above it exploded into a massive blaze of colored sparks For several minutes blast after blast spewed bright life into the dark sky. For a moment there was a short reprieve but then a glowing red glare rocketed out of the ship. Further and further it tore into the sky, until it burst into a great, flaring, message: Come one, Come all, To the ship Summer Fall! "Sampson." "Yes Gregory?" "I'd say that's an invitation." "Then let's off!" And they departed. - - - - - (Deviant Link: http://kagelong.deviantart.com/art/Steampunked-R-J-Part-One-145682524)
  14. New release from Skullcrafts: Steampunk Basing Kit :congrats:
  15. Privateer Press has released 2 new photo of a coupleo f the upcoming Character Jacks And for the rest of September, they also announced the following: Warmachine Cygnar Ol’ Rowdy Character Heavy Warjack (1 Model) Protectorate Fire of Salvation Character Heavy Warjack (1 Model) Khador Drago Character Berseker (1 Model) Cryx Cankerworm Character Bonejack (1 Model) Mercenary Anastasia di Bray Solo (1 Model) Hordes Trollblood Slag Troll Light Warbeast (1 Model) Circle Orboros Tharn Ravager White Mane (1 Model) Minion Professor Viktor Pendrake (1 Model)
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