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  1. My standard crew geared towards Plant Explosives is this. Basic idea is Emissary sets up Mad Dog with Parker, Doc goes with them as the main offensive ball while the rest darts around and does schemes. It only has a 3SS cache but I've almost always found I've had enough in this crew with their generation. Parker Mad Dog Doc Prospector Emissary 2 Dead Outlaws 2 Bandidos I did miss that, I totally forgot about it and it's something that's huge. You're right though in that I don't use Pride and the Child, I don't have Pride painted yet and the Child I just don't think I get enough out of to be truly amazing in Bandit even though I own it and its painted.
  2. Hi all back with another one of my crew overviews, this time for my favourite crew the Bandits of the Barrows Gang. I really do love playing Bandit and it's the keyword I've put the most time into by far (50-60 games compared to Viks next at about 10), having some close matches off top table in tournaments to knock me off podiums with solo-Parker. Keyword abilities/triggers- Life of Crime- while not on everything in the crew, it's pretty common and very useful. When a model with this activates it can remove a scheme marker within 4" (any- friend or foe) to gain Fast. Simple, effective and all around just good if you have ways to get markers out easily (and with the bandits, you do) Run and Gun- quite simple, they can use projectiles on Charge actions. When the crew mostly have guns, this is great because it's AP efficient and helps them move around while still being able to shoot opponents (also to get around cover or concealment) Drop It!- the tome trigger of the crew, this forces the target to drop a scheme marker of the opponent's in base contact with themself. The trigger is useful to put Fast on your own models (because of Life of Crime) or just to mess with the placement of markers for your opponent (if you make them put a marker in a useless spot but it's within 4" of somewhere they would want a marker, that's a big win) Gunfighter- A few models in the crew have this which lets them use their guns as melee attacks with a range of 1”. It’s good to stop things from being shut down in engagement and means the models with it can keep shooting, just at what’s closest first A Fistful of Scrip- On Parker, Mad Dog and Sue, this lets them place a scheme marker in base contact with models they kill. It’s useful to set up schemes if models happen to be in the right place at the right time, but more often it will just be used to feed Fast to things. Keyword models- Parker Barrows- The master of the crew, Parker is good at pretty much everything you want him to be good at. His defensive stats are very good for a master (mainly his 14 wounds) and he has a couple of ways to regenerate Soulstones to keep him going (and the other stone users in the crew). His front of card is pretty standard given his role as the Bandit Master, with Gunfighter, A Fistful of Scrip and Run and Gun but he also brings Expert Shot to always ignore Friendly Fire which is really nice to have, and Draw Their Attention to go into his role as a shooter that supports his crew when he does it. It means when he damages an enemy model another friendly in LoS of him can discard a card to take an Interact action, meaning in interact heavy pools it can get a lot of value out of a crew that already is capable of taking a lot of actions (you can’t score Deliver a Message off it but Plant or any scheme marker is fair game). The back of his card has a lot of text- to be expected on a master- but each of his 4 actions have worthwhile uses and will see play at some point. His Six-shooters are a somewhat low stat 5 with positives, but they get +1 for each scheme marker within 3” of the target which him and his crew will force placement of, and 2/4/5 damage is respectable with his possible 17” threat range on 1AP. The triggers are also pretty good with him having Reposition on a mask to move up to 3”, and Highway Robbery as a version of Drop It! that will always trigger provided he has the tome (it’s enemy only, after resolving so he doesn’t need to actually hit). Highway Robbery then helps set up one of his tactical actions Bandit Raid, which has 10” range and needs a 6 to push another friendly model up to 6” towards a scheme marker in its LoS and then if it is a Bandit it may take a shoot action. It can’t target the same model more than once an activation but it’s a great way to not only get threat extension but also extra shots and putting models closer to scheme markers (which then means Fast). It’s amazing on Mad Dog or Gunslingers because they both have great things that work with it (blasts on Mad Dog, Onslaught on the Gunslingers) and want to be in good positions for shooting. His other tactical action is a bonus with no flips needed, simply a 4” pulse that removes all enemy scheme markers and gives you a card or soulstone for each. It’s value just because it gives you resources super quickly and it’s absolutely free- doesn’t cost you cards and doesn’t clash for any other bonus action so when you have the opportunity it will happen. The last thing to note on his card is somewhat less common to use but still good in the right situation and that is Stick Up!, which is slightly lower range but higher stat than his guns, resisted by Wp instead of Df and has a more control focus. It’s enemy only and can’t target the same model more than once, but it deals a flat 4 damage that can be reduced by 2 for each card the enemy discards (obviously they can only discard 2). The catch is if they do discard cards you draw an equal number so it’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation for the enemy, and the ram trigger is then an irresistible theft of a soulstone provided the target can use them which is both thematic, hilarious and strong. In general I find myself using the Six-shooters more often to throw out markers and deal damage but Stick Up! Is great as well on models with especially low Wp that can spend stones (Fuhatsu for example). Don’t expect Parker himself to blow away the opponent’s crew, he isn’t Perdita or Ophelia in that regard, but do expect him to multiply your force and add a ton of value to the models you do have so you can achieve a lot more. Doc Mitchell- as a totem he is free, and he's 4SS anyway, so he could be forgiven if he wasn't fantastic. But he is for that cost. He's just a cheap healer to follow around the vital pieces, and although his heal is short ranged it's at a good stat with an excellent trigger and as such he will be an important piece in your crew. If he dies? Sure, the totem died and took hits the others could've taken. He doesn't? He'll keep things going far longer than they should. He's also immune to poison which is situationally great Mad Dog Brackett- Mad Dog is hands down my favourite blaster in Outcasts. The amount of damage he can do is insanely good on his own and when you start adding in what Bandits can do to tune him up that becomes incredibly scary. While he is low range for the crew, Run and Gun helps extend that to 13” threat range off a single AP, and he can not only ignore Cover himself but he can extend it to the entire crew through Blown Apart markers which comes in handy often. His own damage track is very good, and with valuable triggers on every suit (his crow to ignore armour is built in, which is often helpful) he will always be doing something of value. He has great synergies with Parker and the Emissary which I will put in their respective sections, and in general I would never play a Bandit crew without Mad Dog Benny Wolcomb- Honestly? Don't. Benny requires you to jump through a lot of hoops to get him going in a way that is useful to a Bandit crew, and although he is a second henchman that isn't actually great in a lot of situations. Play him in Hamelin (and even there he's a maybe take) but he's not worth it in Parker Sue- Being entirely honest Sue is a model I have grappled with on a few occasions because I know that he is good and I see the great value there, but when I put him on the table he is never quite as hot as he seems. His gun is great especially with Critical Strike built in, Walk the Line is great value to set up scoring where it needs to happen (or just to trigger Life of Crime on something else) and both of his bonus actions are very useful. The Man in Black turning off triggers entirely is probably the better of the 2 in most cases (Ring of Fire has the potential to hurt your own models while MiB is just hard enemy control) and his front of card is fairly typical for a more expensive Bandit, although he lacks Life of Crime and instead has Grit (Hurt) to draw cards when activating below half health and Hard to Kill to keep him going longer. In general he’s good, but it’s more difficult to get value out of him compared to a lot of the similarly costed models in keyword or versatile with him not having Life of Crime. Convict Gunslingers- Gunslingers are a very un-subtle model as can be expected from the name. They’re all about shooting as much as possible whenever possible and they’re good at it. Bullet Proof stops them from being damaged as much by enemy guns, and Quick Draw means if they win a duel on a mask against projectile attacks they can hit back at 2/4/5 with a negative. They have fairly standard abilities for Bandit otherwise (Life of Crime, Gunfighter and Run and Gun) and only 2 actions on the back of the card. Their attack is decent at stat 5 with positives resisted by Df, 2/4/5 damage is respectable but the triggers are where it gets strong. Onslaught on a mask, Slow on a crow and Drop It! is a great spread to have on a model that wants to be shooting as much as possible. Chain Gang is useful because it is a move for friendlies that needs no flips and can get things out of engagement (mainly Mad Dog and Bandidos) or just to get 3” further up the table early game. Wokou Raiders- A shared keyword model with Misaki, Wokou Raiders are a bit odd in how they work but they’re very good nonetheless. They’re a melee model with a little bit of shooting, working as a tarpit and damage dealer that still has the classic Bandit scheme marker removal you’d expect. They borrow Charge Through from Last Blossom, getting positive flips to melee damage flips on Charges which goes well with their damage track (2/4/5) and positives to attack built in with some great triggers. Drop It! is typical as a Bandit, Critical Strike is good for the extra damage should you get rams and Coordinated Attack is better in Last Blossom than Bandit given the melee preference over Bandit’s gun focus, but always good when it’s relevant. Defence 5 is pretty average for something of their cost, willpower 6 being good, but Combat Finesse and the fact opponents can never cheat melee attacks against them is a very big boost to their effectiveness. Bullet Proof is something they share with Gunslingers and Oiran giving them a little edge against guns as well, while they have Life of Crime to gain Fast when they activate. This synergises well with their Ever-Changing Wind which lets them move (not push) 3” when an enemy scheme marker is placed within aura 6, meaning you’ll easily be able to get in 4” to remove that marker when they activate. A New Horizon lets them place scheme markers around as a bonus action for a 4 of tomes, moving the marker 6” of its current location when the action is declared which can not only counter an opponent but also benefit Bandits if you’re spreading around Fast. Dead Outlaws- A very similar model to Bandidos below just with slightly different stats and replacing Life of Crime with Torment from Jack Daw’s crew, which they are also in-keyword. Df4 is pretty low but they have 7 wounds and Hard to Wound to compensate, they have Gunfighter so they aren’t stuck with being engaged, and they have 2 abilities on the front of card that work better with Tormented than Bandit. Cursed Bullets means they ignore Friendly Fire when Tormented models are involved, both friendly and enemy, while Torment lets them draw cards at the end of their activation if they damage enemies with upgrades attached. It works in Bandit if opponents happen to have them but is far easier in Tormented given how that crew throws out negative upgrades onto their opponents. Their Collier Revolver is the same as most of the crew and is ok, but their triggers are far more debilitating than the rest of the crew. On a mask they give out Staggered (which plays into Jack Daw more but is still good) and on a crow they give Slow or gain +1 damage if the target is already Slow which is really good. Their other attack is At Gunpoint which at stat 6 resist Wp is a decent attack but the effects are easy to negate. It works like an obey, but the opponent has to be within 3” of one of their scheme markers and can simply discard a random card to stop them from taking the action. The triggers on it give Staggered on a mask or a built-in trigger for +1 damage when resolving the action. Outlaws themselves cannot eat markers for Fast as they lack Life of Crime, but with Covetous Cravings as a tactical action they can hand it out on a 5 provided the target is in 6” and LoS of a scheme marker which is good for spreading fast but even better at being super long ranged and non-linear scheme marker removal. Their bonus action is a 6” aura that lets them push another Tormented model in LoS 3” towards a dropped scheme marker whenever a scheme marker is dropped within range. It’s a good way to keep things moving in Tormented but will only ever happen in Bandit if you’re hiring OOK or more than one Dead Outlaw. Bandidos- The cheapest Bandit model outside of Doc, Bandidos are primarily scheming pieces that can also do a lot while shooting. They’re not fantastic and they lack the positive flips most of the crew have, but they are still valuable enough for their points. Their biggest weakness is getting engaged, because their Knife is very average, and they will usually fold should they be in combat with something that wants to be there. 5s all around for stats is decent enough, Run and Gun is well worth it on them (if you’re planning on walking to a position to place a marker, you may as well charge to shoot if you can), their mask trigger is great to push 3” after succeeding and they have a couple of really good front of card abilities. Quick Getaway is a mask trigger on defence that lets them push 5” after resolving an attack, so every time they resist on Df and get a mask they’re moving, and Trigger Finger is even better albeit once per turn. When an enemy drops a scheme marker within aura 8 of them (so when you use Drop It!) they can take a projectile action against the model that dropped it. This combined with Life of Crime means the crew can put out tons of shooting outside of normal AP limits which is great value to have. The last thing to mention is like Dead Outlaws they have At Gunpoint but it’s at a lower stat and thus not reliable at all for the setup. They aren’t really tanky but they can move around well enough to score points so I rate them, and I get value out of using them in marker schemes. Bayou Smugglers- Like Benny this is another dual-keyword model that doesn't really do much to add to Parker's skillset. It's a predominately anti-scheme based model but that's done by literally everything in-keyword, and as a melee model Wokou Raiders have a better toolkit for the most part. Attuned is really nice and their card cycle is good, but I would consider these more in Bayou crews as a Versatile model, or Outcast Zipp crews. OOK/Versatile models- Hodgepodge Emissary- My favourite Versatile choice for Parker, the Emissary does a lot to support the crew in relevant ways. It has a 6 inch range heal that only needs a 6 to go off and can attach the excellent Trinket upgrades at the same time, a bonus action to put up an aura of soulstone generation when models die, and the better bonus action to push a model 3” and then drop a scheme marker. This action needs no flips, and in Bandit where it triggers Life of Crime is essentially pushing a model 3 and giving it fast for no investment at all. Combine that with 3 inch auras for passive heals on models’ activations and increasing their Mv by 1 for that activation (which is great for charges), plus it having Manipulative and Hard to Kill it is well worth the 10SS investment in Parker crews for a lot of pools. Trinket upgrades- Memento- Gives Companion, it’s excellent on Mad Dog. Use Parker to set up a 3AP killing spree, Bandit Raid him into range and then immediately go and slaughter. Pretty Floral Bonnet- Don’t Mind Me lets any model you choose be able to Interact far easier which helps Bandit crews do what they do best. It’s useful in a lot of cases and where it goes (and when) depends entirely on board state, but it’s worth doing Vitality Potion- Regen +1 should go on one of the more important models in the crew. Whether that’s Parker, Mad Dog (if he doesn’t get Companion), Wokou, Sue or Gunslingers is up to you but any are good choices. Parker I think is the best because it keeps him tarpitting and you’ll be healing him more often anyway. Hodgepodge Effigy- Same sort of role as the Emissary with its support healing and soulstone generation, but for 4SS. It’s more fragile but for 4SS still remarkably tanky, although it doesn’t have good damage (nor should it as a support model) and doesn’t have a lot of the more useful tricks of the Emissary (trinkets, A Weary Road, its auras) Prospector-He just fits nicely with the scheme shenanigans and soulstone generation in Parker’s crew. For 6SS he’s a great addition because he slots in perfectly with the schemes Parker tends to go for (and their denial too) Midnight Stalker- He’s a reliable melee model with Leap, easy access to Fast and can give out Adversary Bandit (absolutely lethal if it goes off). His best use is for countering and promptly murdering scheme runners, but he’s really great value in Outflank or Breakthrough as well because it plays into his entire schtick Ashes and Dust- I’d only take Ashes into Reckoning, but that’s because he is seriously cooked there. The difficulty in killing him while you take damage back is something the opponent has to consider, and then you just smack them down with his easy access to min 4 damage. He’s a perfect Reckoning model and even just a good melee beater in general, but I would only maybe consider him OOK for Turf War, and even then I would probably just take something in-keyword or Versatile (Wokou or the Stalker) Upgrades- Servant of Dark Powers- It’s a good upgrade and really nice on Mad Dog for the threat extension and healing, but where it shines is on Wokou Raiders. They’re already quick and fairly tanky, adding Terrifying and healing to them makes them a real pain to remove and is well worth the cost. Soldier for Hire- Its basically 2SS for Hard to Kill and a situational card draw. This Will Fetch A High Price will rarely if ever happen in Bandit given their other ways to remove scheme markers (and gain soulstones) and Bounty Hunter will give some nice card draw, but Wanted Criminal gives better card draw in Parker. Skip Wanted Criminal- This upgrade has its best synergies in Parker, but even here I don’t think it’s amazing. It enables Trigger Finger to be even better, giving you cards to cheat or get triggers, and Drop It! will mean the card draw triggers often. Expert Thief isn’t fantastic, but Swagger on any minion in the crew is worth having as well. In general, I wouldn’t take it, but it does have its uses in Parker far more than any other crew. Deployments- Standard- The basic one, it's neither good or bad. You'll be able to start charge shooting bottom of turn 1 with some setup which is nice, and you have the spread to split things up and dedicate resources to where they need to go. Wedge- A more annoying Standard. I like to run things up the flanks which is far harder in Wedge and although the middle is further up the table it tends to bottleneck the crew early on which can be a death sentence on certain terrain setups Flank- wide deployment and plenty of movement potential. Bandit likes this as a keyword because they can manoeuvre around and get into annoying positions to score Corner- Like Flank but smaller deployment on the wings, it's not as great IMO but it still works- especially if you go for a deathball Strategies- Reckoning- Doable, but not the best in-faction at it. His amount of guns helps a lot, as he can shoot things off the table before they can reach him and charge backwards to keep the crew safer. Going top-heavy with a lot of the expensive models is well worth doing, I like hiring in Ashes and Dust as a melee beater as well because he is nigh on impossible to actually kill. Plant Explosives- Bandit's best strat IMO, because they have the movement and interact potential to spread all over the table and do whatever they want to. I tend to take more minions here than other strats because of numbers spread, but it can be done with almost any Parker list relatively easily. Make use of Draw Their Attention and have Parker and Mad Dog as damage dealing diversions while the rest of the crew can sneak around. Corrupted Idols- Not fantastic. They can do it but not well and it relies on a lot of things falling into place for them to excel at it. This is easily the worst strategy for Bandit as a keyword, and there are flat out better options in-faction, but they can manage well enough. Turf War- Decent take here, they can move up and deal damage quickly enough to threaten the opponent's markers fairly easily. Not quite Viks level IMO, but the same style of play and they're well suited towards it. Schemes- Detonate Charges- This one I'm not a huge fan of taking, but hot damn Parker is such a ridiculously good counter to it. Hold him till later in the turn, waddle over into the markers and they disappear, giving you cards/soulstones and the opponent nothing. That said, an opponent who knows what Bandits do will never choose it against you because of this. Breakthrough- You've got mobility and you've got scheme marker placement. This is one you can do, but as always I only recommend it in Flank because of greater spread and more potential to flank. Harness the Ley Line- Easy to score, easy to deny. Parker makes this even more apparent and it is for this reason I love Bandit into this scheme because you can play hard denial and still come out on top in terms of actual scoring. Search the Ruins- My favourite for Parker alongside Ley Line, for the same reasons. You can zip around the backfield and chuck markers around while you charge and it's just thematically fun while being a good choice for the crew. Dig Their Graves- I'm not a huge fan, mainly because the second point is silly to score, but the first point isn't all that hard. Take it if you want to, it's not impossible to score 2VP from but it isn't something I personally like taking even when the first point is fairly easy. Hold Up Their Forces- Decent because of Bandidos and Dead Outlaws, but those options aren't hard to take out should they be focused on. I wouldn't take it because both points are telegraphed and not entirely easy to do, but it's an option. Take Prisoner- Bandits don't really want to be right up in combat so this one isn't fantastic, but it's still doable. Wokou Raiders are the choice pick here because they have staying power in melee more than the rest Power Ritual- Another one that can be done pretty easily by Bandits, but it's significantly easier in Flank or Corner and Tara is just as good if not better. Outflank- With the tankier options or even just a couple of cheap minions, this is pretty good for Bandit crews. It's obvious but it's not massively easy to deny at least the first point, and the second one is no harder Assassinate- One of the 14 wound masters with good access to healing and soulstone generation, Parker is a difficult one to get Assassinate. His crew have enough high-powered shooting to get it themselves, and with their reach it's hard to escape the 2nd point, so it's not a bad take. He doesn't do so well here into Leveticus, but who outside of Ten Thunders does? Deliver a Message- First point easy, 2nd point not so much- but Bandit counters the 2nd point hard. That’s worth keeping in mind here because it could mean the difference between a win and a draw. Not as easy to get the second point as in some other Outcast crews, but it’s still a doable scheme Claim Jump- With some of the tankier models in the crew it’s possible, but it’s far more situational and difficult than Outflank is and you’ll be fighting hard for it. The second point is almost as easy as the first with healing access, but that reflects how difficult it is relative to a lot of other Reveal schemes (and Outflank is easier in both cases with Bandits) Vendetta- With the changes to it, Mad Dog does this like an absolute champ (Sue and Gunslingers are good options too). Anything 9 stones or above is going to get blown away for the first point quite, and the second point is a little bit harder but still easily doable with the Bandit tricks. In general I love the Bandit crew, and they're by far my favourite thing to play in 3E. They're solid generalists and can achieve any scheme with some degree of confidence, but they're by no means the best option at any of them really. Once someone knows the ins and outs of the crew though they're definitely a crew you can play with great certainty in getting at least half your points and they play a very good denial game at the same time.
  3. I didn't mention the Stalker because I don't think he's that good in Mercenary. He's another high cost, fast melee model and that's not exactly a niche that needs filling in keyword so I don't tend to spring for him when I can get Hans or Barbaros who do things I have more use for. Edited for clarity (and added Claim Jump which I missed)
  4. Hi all! Been putting in a lot of time into different crews both playing and theory, and I've decided to start writing up the crews I'm playing the most at the time. Here is the first one, the Mercenary crew which I feel has been a keyword that gets less talk in 3E although they have some great power plays. Keyword abilities- Battle Tempo- the main keyword ability, simple push of 2 inches every start phase. It lets an already fast crew move even faster, and really helps put pressure on for both scheming and combat early Into the Fray- on Vanessa and the Viks, lets them heal 2 the first time they kill a model each turn. This is the first in a few ways I believe the Viks themselves are deceptively hard to kill, as they get free healing for doing what they're best at. Keyword models- Viks- obviously both very quick, very killy models but they run the risk of dying quickly if something puts an effort into it. This is where all the healing I've mentioned elsewhere comes into it, because if they get left on low wounds with an opportunity to heal, they'll come back from it reliably enough. Their movement together is exceptional, being able to chain activate helps take out chunks of an enemy crew, the melee is amazing and they play very well as a duo. The big weakness is they struggle vs armour or anything that reduces damage (although this tends to be where Leveticus comes to play, or even just Taelor) Vanessa- the first keyword model I've been adding in every list. Another source of healing and Into the Fray, plus she’s a primarily ranged model in a mostly melee crew so she adds another element to their game plan. Tempo helps put her on the centre for the bonuses (at which point she is insanely good) but she isnt exactly tanky so like most things in the crew, be careful. Big Jake- cheap, valuable for 5 stones. He’s a good scheming model with DMM even though he isnt the fastest, and his late game summon can get some clutch plays off (Deliver a Message being the big one but also Take Prisoner) Ronin- hands down one of if not the best scheme runner in Outcasts. They're not cheap at 6ss, but they're damn quick with good stats, and their attacks are both good (especially built in armour which fills a niche in keyword). They’re also not exactly easy to kill for their cost which is a big factor in their versatility and usefulness. The option of killing themselves to supply cards or soulstones is also great, but something that will usually only factor in late game once they've already scored you VP (although it can swing the game in later turns) Desperate Mercenaries- they're cheap and ok at shooting, but with their victim stats they have to have babysitters to work without immediately dying. They have uses, but most of the time I'd rather grab a Student for the same cost, or spring a bit extra for Big Jake or a Ronin Student of Conflict- cheap, fast and significant. Counter scheming in a couple of different ways (one of which gives Fast on a 6 from possible 12" away), pulls things around as a bonus and it can potentially ignore armour not that she wants to be attacking The 9 stone niche- This spot is both Taelor and Bishop, and I feel like both are super dependent on the opponent. Outcasts in general have a lot of strong 8-10 cost models but they are all somewhat situational in when they get taken IMO Bishop- Another native 3AP model is fantastic, and everything else on his front of card is well worth 9 stones. Chain Gang is extra movement which is not needed, but welcome nonetheless. Challenge isn’t always amazing, but in a crew like the Viks it can take the heat off of other models or just plain drain an opponent’s hand. It also has 2 amazing triggers for Bishop, is a high stat and combos well with him hitting Cage Fighter to hurt opponents if they do attempt to hit him. His melee attack isn’t fantastic for a 9 stone model, but you pay for the versatility it brings rather than raw power. Adaptive gives him whatever suit he needs for that activation and honestly, I find myself taking Critical Strike less than I would expect because built in Delay is just as good. Staggered+Slow is hugely debilitating to an opponent and between those and Cage Fighter you will almost guarantee that Bishop can lock down enemies when he needs to Taelor- Both the henchman and power hitter of the crew, Taelor has a definite role but it isn’t all the time. She is amazing against crews that have Terrifying, Manipulative or summons (a lot, but consider Ruthless for anti-Dreamer or WTM anti-Kirai here), has a large threat range (9” threat is up there with A&D for reach) and is tough to kill. Shrug Off is good when it comes into play, and she has no other bonus so it isn’t like she’s losing out in doing it. Bring It is a good way to draw in potential weak links to an enemy crew, especially support pieces which tend to be low damage and thus won’t have as much of a negative effect on her before it gets killed in return. Her hammer though is her big appeal, with a great damage track at stat 7 and ignoring Shielded she puts out tons of hurt where needed. The triggers, particularly the ram ones, are amazing, and she is definitely a consistently good 9SS beater model. OOK/Versatile models- I'll start this by saying I don't think that many options here are fantastic because they can't reliably keep up early game, so their impact is lessened, and that must be kept in mind. The ones I do list all have value for what they provide in the crew but aren’t necessarily always takes Prospector- always good. Feeds stones to the crew which is essential and gives a lot of valuable counter scheming where needed. Hans- this is purely to counter the heavy ranged and shockwave matchups, where I've personally found Viks struggle a bit more. He's reliable shooting with decent damage and a good range, that's about all he needs to be Barbaros- someone I've personally grappled with a bit regarding his value in the crew, he’s another one of the 9ers but gives a bit of a different niche to either of the others. His ability to drain down enemies while tanking their attacks is second to none in Outcasts, and he has a definite role in taking the heat off the squishier models in the crew while dishing out damage. The combo of Bring It, Challenge and Cage Fighter puts him between Taelor and Bishop in those regards, lacking the finesse of either of them but making up for it in being simple to use and reliable. My only issue is in him keeping up with no Battle Tempo, and he really does need to be in the thick of it alongside the rest to do work. Upgrades- Servant of Dark Powers- must have for the Viks. Puts them very far up the table and lets them heal 4 on their first kill a turn (half their wounds is great). Mainly take it for Herald though because they hurt against massed guns that they can’t engage quickly Wanted Criminal- Swagger is fantastic on any minion, and Expert Thief is useful in such a stone-hungry crew, but Protection Money is pretty much only a Bandit-relevant ability (because you don't want to buy an upgrade on the off chance someone has taken marker schemes) Soldier for Hire- Decent for giving Hard to Kill to the Viks or Bishop, but otherwise not amazing. The other abilities will be rarely used (This Will Fetch A High Price- which Prospectors already have if you must have it) or not worth the cost and packing on redundant abilities (Bounty Hunter- great on Ronin but not worth 2SS when the other abilities aren’t useful) Deployments- Standard- Consider this deployment 10 inches up the table with a Mercenary crew, because that’s effectively your deployment. Easy to engage, but not as beneficial to the Viks as certain others with their ideal scheme set. In any case it isn’t a huge disadvantage but not a big advantage either. Wedge- Good for a spearhead Viks list going elite-heavy, but not good at all against other heavy melee damage crews where you can’t decide engagement as easy. Corner- Not bad but not fantastic. Against gun-heavy crews it isn’t good because it tends to mean more AP spent to engage, but otherwise they have the same advantages as in Flank. Flank- Their best deployment. Long centre line gives great flanking potential for offence and marker schemes, while they’re further up the table natively than in Corner so can challenge positioning early on. Strategies- Plant Explosives- Not a bad strategy for them, but not fantastic (done better in Outcasts, but not by many). They’re quick and can spread out easily, plus they’ve got the damage to punch out enemy bomb runners before they can drop theirs. Ronin should absolutely have bombs here, probably also the Viks themselves too. Reckoning- With their damage it’s easily doable, but at the same time they’re fragile and can give away unnecessary VP if you aren’t careful. I would leave Taelor at home here most of the time as despite her being a big damage piece, she’s another source of extra Reckoning Points to the opponent. Her big use is if the opponent declares a summoner, where Taelor has huge value and can destroy things almost as soon as they appear. Enforcer-heavy crews with Vanessa, Bishop and Hans/Stalker are great here as well because they’re elite and high damage while still staying low on Reckoning Points so as to give away less to your opponent. All in all, Viks are somewhat middling in terms of Outcasts as a whole here, as they are nowhere near the effectiveness of Leveticus or Von Schill (even Parker can dictate engagement from a long way away with his shooting). Corner is where they really shine here, because of their speed over the others. Corrupted Idols- Not fantastic for Viks, they’re probably one of the worse Outcasts here (I’d go for Tara, Leveticus or Von Schill myself). They’re too fragile to justify taking them here because they need to be taking damage to push the idols is my main issue, while other crews can get the healing (or summoning) they need to keep on top Turf War- This one is where I feel Viks do best. They have the mobility and aggression to put pressure on an opponent early and can relocate easily to get to their own markers (Battle Tempo to put models on your 2 markers before the game starts in Standard or Wedge). Fragile crew means the potential is there to have your markers flipped back, but they should be threatening an opponent’s zone anyway so it’s less of an issue. Schemes- Detonate Charges- With Ronin and Big Jake it’s not a bad scheme to take if you have a plan for it, but it tends to be more effort than it’s worth and other schemes are easier to guarantee VP without having to jump through hoops. Breakthrough- With the speed and ease of disengaging in Mercenary this one is actually pretty good to take depending on deployment. In Standard or Wedge I would definitely consider it more often than most schemes, same with Flank, but it’s too unreliable in Corner with the distance to cover. Harness the Ley Line- Not a bad option, it’s not too hard to score but it’s easily telegraphed Search the Ruins- Got a slight nerf from GG0 but it’s still definitely playable and Viks can do it well. Their inherent speed lets them get to the opponent’s table half early and start threatening to score Dig Their Graves- 1st point is dead easy with Jake, 2nd not so much. Dig is a hard scheme to get both points for, and it’s doable with Viks, but isn’t reliable enough that I would take it often. Hold Up Their Forces- Not bad if you’re taking the cheapest models in keyword. Otherwise (most of the time) it’s not fantastic because of how much easier it is to score against you, which plays into Viks wanting to kill off the cheaper models early Take Prisoner- Really great take for Viks. Even though they like to straight up murder things, being engaged is what they do and they can easily dictate engagement through their movement so they can make sure Take Prisoner is really hard to counter against them. It is also easy for an opponent to get 2VP with how they like to be in combat. Power Ritual- Like any other time I would see this in the pool, only on Corner or Flank. But with that said, Viks do it pretty easy and are more reliable at it than most. Outflank- Pretty good, the elite options can stay around long enough to get VP for it. Better on Flank or Corner than Wedge or Standard, but always doable. I find teams of 2 (usually Ronin/Big Jake and Ronin/one of the 9ers) to be more than enough to guarantee this will be scored for 2 Assassinate- Not a great scheme to play Viks into because they are still squishy, but this combined with their healing means the opponent has to get through a lot more than they would expect to in scoring both points. They themselves can score it really easily too depending on matchup so consider it, but keep in mind there are better choices than Viks at this (Von Schill and Leveticus) Deliver A Message- Another one where you can easily score at least 1 (because of Big Jake semi-reliably 2) but in return you’re giving up easy VP having 2 Masters base. Be careful here is all I’ll say Claim Jump- Not great honestly, I find Viks as a crew want to be moving around the flanks more and needing models unengaged in the centre isn't that easy to do in the crew. The fragility of most models means they won't survive long enough to score both VP, and the first one will be difficult to score as well. Vendetta- With the amount of good damage options at higher cost in Mercenary, this is well worth taking. With the GG0 change to the scheme it becomes even better now that Bishop/Taelor will be able to hunt 9SS models for it, but Ronin are also great choices for it. Overall, the Mercenary crew have places where they are well worth taking, but at the same time they are usually playing to reach small differentials rather than have guaranteed blowouts like in 2E. They’re a fast crew that can easily react to board state, but they suffer against heavy terrain crews or gunlines because it plays into their inherent weaknesses.
  5. I really, really agree. Against pretty much anything but Wong you can armour up pretty reliably, and against Wong you usually still have Freikorps Armour to negate his blasts. With the rest, Lazarus can do a great job at clearing out Bayou Gremlins, potentially neutering So'mer, VS gives the Freikorps +2 willpower which is great vs Zoraida, and the amount of heals the crew can get is great at minimising the insane damage spikes. Von Schill is my usual Gremlin drop, purely because he can take on a good deal of their best stuff and come out on top Otherwise I'm a fan of Viks/Schill into Ressers, Arcanists and Neverborn and Tara/Schill into Guild. Thunders and Outcasts I find more pool dependent, and in marker heavy pools I almost always bring Parker instead of the others (with Tara as a secondary). Hamelin is good, but he bores me to death so I rarely play him, I don't own Levi, and I can't really make Jack click like I can with the others
  6. Is the swag for entering both days? I'm interested in playing the Friday, but can't do the Saturday cause I'm TOing for Batman Miniatures. I can just pay as normal for the one day and play right? Had a blast last year and I'd love to take part again
  7. I would be really, really, REALLY happy to see mounted bandits in some form, especially because they were mentioned in Parker's story
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