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  1. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Misaki is one of my favourite masters to play because of how fun her playstyle is and how mobile they can be, they really can adapt to almost any situation
  2. Updated OP to add in my thoughts on GG1
  3. Added in GG1. Now is the time for Viks to shine! They really work well with the new strats and schemes
  4. Edited OP to add GG1
  5. Edited the OP to add in my thoughts on GG1 and what the best places for Misaki and crew are. Some real fun to be had there!
  6. I really really like the sound of Misaki in the new pools. I've been reading up and working on an update to the OP with GG1 in it probably due next week?
  7. Glad to hear it helped! Misaki already has a strong keyword, and so far it's looking like nothing changes there with GG1 which is great (and outside of Minako she's likely to dodge nerfs too)
  8. Definitely take on the feedback in the future and maybe I did write too much in some places, but there is also a lot in each section on how and why I use certain actions which need a bit of context so maybe I'm not "wasting everyone's time" as you say. It's all subjective, some people will naturally find it less useful than others
  9. Edited the original post, added a bit more of my thoughts on some specific models
  10. Hello to my fellow Thunders players! I'm primarily an Outcast player, and I have a few similar writeups to this on the Outcast forum, but Misaki has always been a character I loved so I've stuck with her in 3E as my in-road to Thunders, and written up my thoughts on the crew as a whole here. If anyone has anything to add feel free to in the comments, I know I'll be amending and updating this once the errata and GG1 come out too Keyword abilities- Charge Through- On a crew that is fairly heavily tilted towards melee combat this is really good to have. The shooters don’t have i
  11. My essentials are Aionus, Scion and the Nothing Beast every time because of the work they all put in for the crew (with Aionus and NB being ever so slightly closer to "autotake" than the Scion). I also almost never hire Obliteration minions because I can just summon them in where needed, but I haven't been using Void Hunters too much until the model is out and I would consider hiring them in the right pools. Otherwise I put my 2 other favourites in there in the Emissary and Prospector who both work nicely in the crew and I get a lot of value out of. There's a lot of talk about Hannah as
  12. Of course I missed things- edits inbound!
  13. Hi all, finished up another of my crew writeups focusing on Tara and her Obliteration keyword. Not as in-depth with specific combos as some others but I feel like it goes into enough about what they do to get a fairly good grasp on the crew and act as a diving board for anyone looking to play Tara! I've also got this hosted on my blog with pictures of my own Tara crew spread throughout here! Keyword abilities/actions- From Nothing- The crew's main ability, this lets them unbury at the start of their activation by removing Fast from any model (although you'll want it on en
  14. My standard crew geared towards Plant Explosives is this. Basic idea is Emissary sets up Mad Dog with Parker, Doc goes with them as the main offensive ball while the rest darts around and does schemes. It only has a 3SS cache but I've almost always found I've had enough in this crew with their generation. Parker Mad Dog Doc Prospector Emissary 2 Dead Outlaws 2 Bandidos I did miss that, I totally forgot about it and it's something that's huge. You're right though in that I don't use Pride and the Child, I don't have Pride painted yet and the Child I just don't think I
  15. Hi all back with another one of my crew overviews, this time for my favourite crew the Bandits of the Barrows Gang. I really do love playing Bandit and it's the keyword I've put the most time into by far (50-60 games compared to Viks next at about 10), having some close matches off top table in tournaments to knock me off podiums with solo-Parker. Keyword abilities/triggers- Life of Crime- while not on everything in the crew, it's pretty common and very useful. When a model with this activates it can remove a scheme marker within 4" (any- friend or foe) to gain Fast. Simple, effective a
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