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Found 34 results

  1. Hi everyone, I was looking to use Oath Keeper on my crew and also with Viktorias for the letal combo at turn 1, then i got this doubt about the Oath Keeper. Following Oath Keeper, Desperation: This model may discard a this Upgrade at the start of its Activation to gain the Fast Condition. Then follwing the Rule Book: FAST: A model with the Fast Condition generates 1 additional general AP when it Activates. The Fast Condition is removed at then end of a model´s Activation (not during the End Step). This means that a model that gain the Fast Condition during its Activation will gain no benefit. Fast and Slow cancel each other, remove both from the model if both are present at the same time. So, what i understand here is that if you discard Oath Keeper for Desperation and gain Fast Condition, you gain 1 AP for your Next Activation and not during the activation where you "would like" to gain 1 AP to use 3 AP instantly. So, if you want to have 3 AP you need to discard Oath Keeper one turn before to use it on your next turn or, Spend it on your activation to use it on your Next Activation. In that case, you wouldnt be able to activate Student of Conflict in Turn 1, move then Sisters in Spirit on Viktoria of Ashes, then enemy activates, then Viktoria of Ashes activates, Sisters in Spirit(Upgrade) on Viktoria of Blood, then move, then Sisters in Spirit again on Viktoria of Blood, then Synchronized Slaying(Upgrade)-Accomplice on Viktorias of Blood, then activate Viktoria ofblood because of Accomplice, Discard Oath Keeper for Desperation and get +1 AP, move and then charge. Am i wrong? My question is more about Oath Keeper and Fast condition then about Viktorias combo. Cause i use Oath Keeper in other crews and im not sure at all in which of both ways work. Thank You in Advance, Cheers
  2. Hey there! I just wanted to share my painting progression with you guys. I am happy for any critique you might have as I always try to improve as a painter - though I won't go back and work on old paintjobs again most likely as I am preparing for the UK Nationals and need to paint a lot of stuff till then. Here is what I did this year so far:
  3. Hello fellow masters I hope your having a good day. I’m thinking about joining the ressers or going deeper into the outcasts. I like Kirai and Viktoria’s story but I don’t know how each plays or if either is decent for competive play. So I’m looking for a little input about each before making a solid choice. I have the Tara box and a few singles to support her but nothing in ressers. I’m looking to expand to different play styles.
  4. Here’s a tournament report for the 3-round tournament held at Titan Games and Hobbies in Lutherville-Timonium on 9/16/2017. For this tournament, schemes and strategies had been made public a week or so in advance. I opted to play the following list in all 3 rounds: Viktoria of Ashes + 3 SS Sisters in Fury Sisters in Spirit Oathkeeper Malifaux Child Viktoria of Blood Mark of Shez’uul The Soaring Dragon Scion of the Void Oathkeeper Nothing Beast Void Shield 5x Void Wretches The list has been discussed on some podcasts, and so I figured I’d give it a go. 10 activations is a good number to go for, especially when you can bomb in the Nothing Beast and/or Vik of Blood. EDIT: Photo album for all 3 games here: https://imgur.com/a/IBNWO Game 1 Deployment: Standard Strategy: Extraction Schemes: Claim Jump, Dig their Graves, Leave Your Mark, Covert Breakthrough, Recover Evidence My opponent declared Guild, and his crew was: Lucius + 4 SS Surprisingly Loyal Scribe Captain Dashel Arrest Him Mr. Graves A Debt to the Guild Master Queeg A Debt to the Guild Guild Pathfinder 3x Guild Rifleman Scheme Selection & Gameplan: Seeing a gunline that wants to ball up around Dashel, I realized I wanted to get stuck in with my opponent as soon as possible. I went with Claim Jump and planned to run two Wretches on the far edges of the center line, hoping that terrain/ the fight for the Extraction marker would leave them alone to drop scheme markers all game (spoiler: it worked). I settled on Covert Breakthrough for my second scheme, because I felt comfortable in my ability to kill enough of his crew to be able to drop a few markers in his side of the board on turns 4 and 5. My opponent ended up picking Claim Jump and Dig Their Graves. Deployment: He won the cut, and made me deploy first. I spread out along my board edge. He favored the area directly in front of the Extraction marker, where he had many lines of fire. He used From the Shadows to place the Pathfinder in prime trap-placing territory. Turn 1: The turn began uneventfully, with me durdling up a Wretch and failing to slow the Pathfinder. He focuses a Rifleman, and walks him up. I recognize that he’s going to be doing this with all of his Riflemen, and we trade Wretch and Rifleman activations - him focusing, me moving up wretches into various positions. Finally, he has Daschel move up to just behind the Riflemen. I have my last Wretch attack the Nothing Beast, and cheat to fail the Glimpse the Void trigger and bury him. Graves shows Queeg the door, and walks to be in position to threaten the center. At this point, I activate the Scion, burn Oathkeeper for Fast, and triple-walk her to just over the centerline and bring out the Nothing Beast, engaging all of his Riflemen, his Pathfinder and Dashel. He realizes his misplay, and has his trapper make a trap and manages to disengage from the Nothing Beast. I have the Child go, and he successfully casts Sisters in Fury, and moves up. He activates Queeg, and pings the Pathfinder to get into melee range of the Nothing Beast, and proceeds to whip the Beast and give him slow. I soulstone to prevent the damage from his second attack, because he got the push trigger. I activate Vik of Ashes, burn Oathkeeper, and drag Vik of Blood up the board to be in position to charge the cluster of Riflemen. He responds by activating Lucius, who uses Guild Intelligence, followed by a trio of walk actions into Commanding Presences. By this point, his hand was about empty, and he managed to Paralyze two of his Riflemen and get Queeg to attack the Nothing Beast a third time, but I soulstoned the damage away. Vik of Blood next charged into the Riflemen. When the dust settled, she had killed Dashel, two Riflemen, the Trap, and put some wounds on Queeg. His last activation this turn was the Scribe running to catch up to Lucius. The Nothing Beast activated, ate the last Rifleman, and put more wounds on Queeg. Score: 0-0 Turn 2: We draw up for the next turn, and he stones for more cards. I win the initiative flip, and activate the Nothing Beast who puts up Voided, walks to engage Graves and the Pathfinder, and fails to wound Queeg due to soulstone prevention. Graves shows the Nothing Beast the door, and proceeds to then show him a few Fenceposts. Nothing Beast hits back (thanks to Voided), and gets covered in Black Blood for his troubles. Vik of Blood activates, kills Queeg, and charges Lucius for some more damage. Lucius goes, and through a pair of What are Lackey’s For? Manages to swap with Graves, then swap the Pathfinder out of engagement with the Nothing Beast. Then he walks and commands Graves to punch Vik of Blood. The Malifaux Child tried to heal Viktoria, but at this point I didn’t have the suit in hand. The Pathfinder failed to make a trap, and shot at the Scion who Ran Away Home. Vik of Ashes charged the Pathfinder, but failed to kill him due to the Black Joker on the second attack. She did manage to end within 6” of Blood, and used her last ap to Sisters in Spirit her away from Graves. The Scribe tried to see if Viktoria had an Appointment, but failed. At this point, he was out of activations. My Wretches schemed for Claim Jump, moved to the Extraction Marker, and one popped out the Scion. She killed the Scribe. At the end of the turn, I score Claim Jump and we both score the strategy. Since I had more models near the marker, I move it ever-so-slightly further away. Score: 2-1 Turn 3: He stones for cards, and he wins the Initiative Flip. He activates Lucius, and swaps with Graves, then has Graves hit Vik of Ashes with a Fencepost. He Issues Command on the Pathfinder to get out of dodge. I activate the Vik of Blood, walk up, kills the Pathfinder, and buries thanks to the Soaring Dragon upgrade. Graves attacks Vik of Ashes with the Fencepost but fails to kill her. She responds by walking out of Black Blood range and killing him. At this point, he only has Lucius left, and he can’t stop me from scoring any of my points. Final Score: 10-1
  5. Alright, been a while. Our group can only get together so often unfortunately. Also, unfortunately due to a phone breaking soon after the game, no photos from it survived, but hopefully it’s still enjoyable to read. Bonus points if you can catch the Johnny Cash references. The guild player is relatively new and the Outcast player is more experienced, but this is their first real game with Outcasts. Corner Deployment Strategy: Headhunter Guild List: 7 Members, 2 Soulstones Schemes: Inspection and Frame for Murder (Dr. Grimwell) Perdita Ortega (Trick Shooting, Os Veo, Aural Ancestral), Francisco Ortega (Wade In), Dr. Grimwell (Research Grant) [Sucker], Santiago Ortega (Diestro), 2 Death Marshals, Enslaved Nephilim [Will add photo of Guild crew if player sends photo] Outcast List: 8 Members, 3 Soulstones Schemes: Inspection and Claim Jump Viktoria of Ashes (Sisters in Spirit, Survivalist, Synchronized Slaying), Victoria of Blood (Oathkeeper), Student of Conflict, Sue (Return Fire), Carver [as Killjoy], 3 Ronin Devil’s Right Hand The new frost crunches under the boot of the man, the boot and the rest of his cloths as dark black as the new snow is white. He shifts the weight of his guitar to a new spot on his shoulder while surveying the landscape. He had been hunting this land for a couple months now with the twins. It was now all one shade: white, but it had been many vibrant colors a few days ago: yellow grain fields and red and orange trees standing stark against a blue autumn sky。 But there was another red as well. The harvest went ungathered, the farms abandoned, as night after night, another living person was turned into a nightmare pile of flesh and blood. Something had made this hamlet its territory. It came in the night and dragged its bloody prey into the fields. For months he and the sisters had hunted it. No luck. Now the autumn sorrow had passed and the cold wind blows over bare trees and with the harvest gone and the fields empty, they may have missed their prey altogether. Now there was a new hunt though. The Ortega family had been dispatched to the area. Seems the people started wondering if there really was a devil in these fields or if perhaps it were a human cause. Human like the man in black. Like the twins. The man in black saw the sisters and their band, a crew of rough women who found discipline and purpose under the twin’s guidance, for which the man respected them. But they had done something in the fields last night before the snows, something they hadn’t told the man. They probably know he wouldn’t approve, would have tried to stop them. But here they all were, ready to stand against the will of the Guild. “You sure you want to do this? We can still leave the guild’s territory.” says the man. One of the sisters, he couldn’t be sure which, never could’ve, steps up and tells him “This is our territory, not the Guild’s. We hunted on it. We worked it. We provided for it’s people.” There was a hardness in her. Grit. They all had it. But today they had something else, something harder. Usually the sisters were confident and brave in battle, but today there was a kind of surety, a certainty that someone was going to die. “What have you done?” he says. “You done something, and you’re gonna have the devil to pay for it, aren’t you?” She looks down at his guitar, a black metal thing with a demonic fresco. It started to get hot and glow blue, sensing the coming of death. “You just worry about your devil, we will worry about ours.” She says as the across the field, gunmen can be seen scouting and taking up their firing positions. Setup The board is an icy wasteland with ice walls and pillars standing all around. Lots of hard cover blocking terrain. The Ortegas set up in the Northwest corner with a death marshal and Santiago facing the south, Dr. Grimwell and the other Death Marshal are facing the east, and the Franky, Perdita, and the Nephilim are positioned near the middle edge of the quarter circle. The Viktorias set up with two Ronin facing the west, the other Ronin and Sue to the north, and the Viktorias and Student of conflict at the center edge, ready to slingshot wherever needed. Turn 1 Outcast win Initiative, force Guild to go first Death Marshal double walks towards the southwest corner. Ronin double walks towards the northeast corner. The other Death Marshal double also double walks towards the northeast corner. Sue double walks to the northeast corner, and does Man in Black for good measure. Santiago double walks towards the southwest taking partial cover behind a large wall of ice. Ronin double walks towards the southwest corner. Dr. Grimwell triple walks to circle around to the eastern side of the board approaching Sue. Student of Conflict walks and Pulls Viktoria of Ashes to her through Sisters in Spirit. Franky double walks to the Southwest and does finesse. Viktoria of Ashes does Sisters in Spirit to Viktoria of Blood, walks, and pulls Viktoria of Blood again. Viktoria of Blood Accomplices and discards Oathkeeper to walk, and charge Santiago and kills him in three strikes. Enslaved Nephilim walks and pushes Perdita. Perdita activates and charges Viktoria of Blood, killing her. Carver unburies itself. Perdita then attacks Carver for one hit. Carver gorges back to full health and attacks Perdita twice. Perdita barely manages to cheat high enough to avoid both attacks. In practiced form, the sister’s apprentices spread out to flank the approach. The twins themselves made straight up though the middle with their protégé, a child they took under their wing recently. The man in black follows behind one of the young sword fighting women as she covers their right flank. He sees one of the Guild’s ghostly riders, the Death Marshals, making a beeline for her. If there was ever any sign the Guild was chasing the devil’s herd, it was those flaming skulled lawmen. There also seems to be some psychopath with a chainsaw heading that way, so he keeps up to make sure she was covered. The twins spotted a gunman hiding behind a nearby wall. He probably thought he was covered, but he didn’t know just how fast those ladies could sprint. Before he can set his gun firing, one of them, the twin with the double swords was on him and cut him in half before he knew what was happening. The man in black recognized the man from his nights drinking tequila in the city. Santiago if he recalled. He also recognized the man’s sister, a much more dangerous gun-woman, moving in on the twin. Sure enough, a couple expert shots from here and the girl went down bleeding. Then the man in black saw what he was afraid he would see. They had went and made a deal with the devil and the devil came. Perdita Ortega jumped back out of the way as the blood on the snow started to smoke and burst into flame as the devil, the butcher, the Carver twisted and writhed out of the hellfire. It tested its rusty shears and the candlelight of its flickering, Jack-o-Lantern eyes levelled on Perdita. Turn 2 Guild win initiative and go first. Enslaved Nephilim walks and pushes Perdita out of Carvers threat range (the player never fought it before and didn’t know about the 1 AP charge.) Carver charges Perdita for 1 AP and uses all of it’s 3 attacks on Perdita. Thanks to some skilled cheating and a Df of 7, Carver misses ALL THREE TIMES!!!! Perdita attacks Carver back, hitting with a Red Joker for 8 damage on the first attack, 3 damage for the second, and 0 for the last because of the Black Joker. She takes 2dg from Black Blood. Carver has 1 wound remaining. Viktoria of Ashes double walks and picks up Santiago’s head. Death Marshal walks up to Carver and attacks, finishing him off. He and Perdita both take one more damage from Black Blood. A Ronin double walks to the northeast corner. Death Marshal double walks to northeast corner as well, but not quite in engagement range with the Ronin. Ronin double walks to southwest corner. Dr. Grimwell triple walks to engage Sue. Sue shoots Dr. Grimwell twice, hitting once for 3 damage. Fails to cast Ring of Fire. Franky double walks. End of Turn 2: Outcasts 2 (Headhunter and Inspection) Guild 1 (Inspection) The man in black watches in with equal parts awe and disgust as the scarecrow shambles towards the Ortegas. He believed he knew the twins, knew them better to value their souls more than this. The carver moved forward with glee, if it can feel anything. The man in black supposed it could based on the sound of laughter ringing in his ear echoing from the hollows of the things Jack-o-Lantern. Soon its laughter changed to growls of frustration as it’s would be victim agily sidesteps its shears thrusts. The man knew the Ortega’s reputations, that they were skilled in hunting these devils. He reasoned then that maybe that’s why the Guild sent them, for the Carver, not for them. Too late now either way he reckons. With a sound like a lightning strike, Perdita unloads a perfect shot just as the thing bends forward to lung again. It’s the sound of the scarecrow’s pole splintering into hundreds of pieces. The thing’s arms go limp, its chest and head lolls back and forth. Perdita kicks the flailing thing, like a puppet that had its strings cut, and it falls straight over. She and one of her Marshals unload several rounds into its body. Meanwhile, the madman had caught up to the man in black. He has no idea why a group of hardened gunfighters would keep a loose cannon like this with them, but he doesn’t much care. He unloads into the gibbering fool, but he keeps coming. Turn 3 Death Marshal walks and picks up Viktoria of Blood’s head. Viktoria of Ashes charges Perdita and hits her once and Whirlwinds into the Death Marshal for 3 damage each. Picks up Carver’s head. Perdita attacks Viktoria of blood, missing with the first attack, hitting for 3 damage on the second, but a soulstone prevents all 3 damage, and the third attack hits for 3 damage. Sue shoots Dr. Grimwell again for another 3 damage, and also successfully casts Ring of Fire. Dr. Grimwell fails to Lobotomize Sue, tries to run away Sue succeeds on disengaging strike, so Dr. Grimwell gains 3 Burning condition. Ronin in northeast corner drops a scheme marker on the center line and walks to engage the Death Marshal to prevent him from denying Claim Jump. Enslaved Nephilim pushes Franky into base with the Death Marshal and next to Viktoria of Ashes. Student of Conflict double walks and attacks the Death Marshal with her Melee Expert attack managing to deal 3 damage to the Death Marshal, killing it. Francisco discards for Flurry, attacking Viktoria of Ashes three times, hitting twice for 7+ damage, but she survives thanks to Hard to Kill from the Survivalist Upgrade. Ronin double walks directly on top of Death Marshal’s head. Death Marshal in the northeast corner Pine Boxes the Ronin and moves onto the scheme marker, denying Claim Jump this turn. Ronin in the Southwest corner drops scheme marker and goes defensive. End of Turn 3: Outcasts 4 (Headhunter and Inspection) Guild 3 (Headhunter and Inspection) At this point, what happens next is critical. Viktoria of Ashes is down to one wound and is surrounded by Perdita, Fransico, and the Enslaved Nephilim. If she goes down, they have free range to attack the Ronin who are crucial for finishing the strategy and schemes for the Outcasts. But if Viktoria can steal the initiative... One of those hellish lawmen, after finishing off the devil creature, bends down and takes the head of the fallen sister. Well, her twin was having none of that and ran into it and the leader Ortega. Swiping and cutting them. The man in black sees this. He also sees her make a downward strike, severing the Jack-o-lantern of the devil, but the man can’t figure why. To his right, he sees the wave woman he had been escorting make her stand against the dead lawman. She stood defiant, as if to say that this was their territory, not his. The marshal grabbed her and shoved her into his coffin and sealed it with his black magics. So much for that. The man turns his attention back to the hacksaw wielder. He goes after the man again, but the man steps aside carefully. The man unloads a round of his Colt 45 into the maniac. As if it can sense the blood, the blue glow of the man’s guitar ignites. Suddenly the man and the maniac are surrounded by a blue ring of fire. It doesn’t touch the man, but his gibbering rival starts screaming as the hellfire finds its own. Over on the other side of the field, the man watches as Francisco Ortega, another of Perdita’s brothers sneaks up with the aid of one of the Ortega’s pet demons. He stabs the twin several times, her blood pouring out. The Ortegas and their demon close in to finish her. Turn 4 Outcasts Win Initiative Viktoria of Ashes attacks the Enslaved Nephilim, cheating a Mask card to Whirlwind. The Enslaved Nephilim takes 3 damage, Franky takes 9 damage from the Red Joker, but survives from Hard to Kill, and Perdita takes the last 4 health and dies. Viktoria’s second and third attacks finish off the Nephilim and Francisco. Dr. Grimwell lobotomizes Sue for 4 damage. Sue’s return fire trigger misses and he then disengages. Sue tries shooting Dr. Grimwell twice, misses both times. The Death Marshal in the northeast corner walks and picks up the scheme marker. Ronin picks up the head she was standing on and walks away. The other one stays in the pine box. Student of Conflict walks and uses Sisters in Spirit to pull Viktoria of Ashes. End of Turn 4: Outcasts 6 (Headhunter and Claim Jump) Guild 4 (Inspection) The Ortega’s have sword woman surrounded and outnumbered. Unfortunately, for them, this is not a tight situation for her – this is her life. She is used to fighting on barely anything and against greater odds. Keeping both Ortega’s to her front flanks, she stabs behind her, impaling the imp they brought. The Ortega’s move in to finish her, but the sword woman steps forward to them and cuts her way out of the demon and straight into Fransciso’s gut, and then with a primal scream rips it out and straight up into the sister Ortega. Ripping her sword free again, she then goes in and takes two more swings on the man and their demon. At the same time, her young student has run up and stabbed the nearby Death Marshal in the back. In only a few seconds, the woman and her child student are standing alone on a field of bodies. Meanwhile, the man in black is holding back the insane doctor. The doc manages to drive the chainsaw down into the man’s side, soaking his cloths into a different shade of black. Suddenly the madman is off running away though as he sees the guitar glow blue again. He would rather not suffer the fires again. The man sends a few bullets after him as well, just as encouragement. Turn 5 Wrap up summary. Guild wins initiative and Dr. Grimwell charges Sue, but Sue survives thanks to Hard to Kill. The Outcast player realizes that Dr. Grimwell is probably the sucker and doesn’t do anything to try to eliminate him. The Ronin breaks out of the pine box and fights the Death Marshal, but nothing happens between them. The two ronin and Viktoria pick up heads, place claim markers, and sit in the corner for inspection as they are much too far away to get to Dr. Grimwell or the last Death Marshal. Final total: Outcasts 9 (Headhunter, Claim Jump, and Inspection) Guild 4 The any sane man would properly run away from bullets, but this madman seems to think them an invitation. He charges in machine saw a blazing and rips straight for the man’s head. Nearly scalps him, and it flings away the man in black’s hat, but he’s not that easy to kill. It dawns on the man that the doctor is probably not an asset to the Guild. Probably he was once, but now he’s a liability and they sent him here to get rid of him. Probably an offering to the devil of the fields even. Well, that doesn’t sit well with the man in black, so he whacks the doc in the temple with his colt. The doc will live and the guild will have to deal with him themselves. The man in black won’t be their hangman. To the right, he sees the woman rip her way out of the coffin and starts striking at the Marshal. Looks like no grave can keep her body down. The dead lawman starts to retreat away. The man calls after him and he tells him to “go tell your masters, those long tongued liars, those midnight riders, ramblers and gamblers and backbiters, tell ‘em their all gonna get cut down. Sooner or later, they’ll all be cut down.” The man walks towards the woman. She looks at her fallen sister. She holds her sword in one hand and the Jack-o-Lantern in the other. The devil of the fields here will no longer stalk and murder, it drank it’s last blood. The sisters planned this. They couldn’t hunt it in its fields so they made a deal, they did what they needed to bring it out and finish it. They knew this was the only way. They only had the devil to pay. This was a very fun game. The Guild player had expected the Doc to go down faster which he usually does, but he didn’t this time. The Outcast player also considered the Frame for Murder scheme with the Viktoria of Blood as the Sucker, but wanted more practice with Claim Jump and also the idea of one of the twins framing the other didn’t sit well with them storywise. Obviously it’s a good strategy as it could have netted 3 points first turn. Killjoy was the biggest wiff ever. First time for the Outcast player and they were surprised at how little the monster actually did. Df 7 is hard to hit. Kudos to the Student of Conflict for actually killing something with her practice sword. Those whirlwinds by the Viktorias can really clear the field. Thanks for reading, let us know any thoughts or comments.
  6. Hello everyone, I hope your having a good day so far. I need some help. If you would lend some that would be greatly appreciated . I am looking to start a Viktorias Crew and I do not know what I should get besides the hired swords box. So if you could start a new Viktorias Crew with a $200 cap what would be your boxes that you bought and why. I have a Rasputina Crew and I'm looking to get a second faction for some verity. Thanks in advance.
  7. So I have the Hired Swords box, Vanessa, and the upgrade decks. Now what? I'm looking at possibly: Big Jake, since a resurrecting schemer is neat Desperate Mercenaries, for cheap dudes on the table Lazarus, for hanging out with Vanessa Convict Gunslingers, for getting shooty dudes
  8. The most recent learning game between my girlfriend and myself, using the Lucius and Viktorias starter boxes. Strategy: Interference Scheme Pool: Claim Jump, Eliminate the Leadership, Frame for Murder, Set Up, Last Stand Deployment: Standard Lucius took Eliminate the Leadership and Frame for Murder Viktoria took Eliminate the Leadership and Set Up Lucius set up in a little cluster on the left side of the board, with one lawyer off by himself on the right. The Viktorias had the three sisters almost directly across from Lucius, with Taelor and a ronin in the middle and the other two ronin on the right half. The first turn started slow as the ronin advanced to take a table quarter and Dashel and the guards moved into position. Then Lucius stepped forward and Issued Commands to the guard, pushing them into range of Viktoria of Ashes and hitting her for four Wounds and a VP from Eliminate the Leadership. Red Jokers on damage suck. Turn two, one ronin crossed the centerline to deny Lucius a table quarter, since the lawyer camping in it was going solo, while Taelor and a ronin set up Scheme Markers around Dashel. Viktoria of Blood blitzed a guard to heal her sister, only to score Lucius 3 VP for Frame for Murder once the guard died! Lucius kept ordering shots taken at Viktoria of Ashes, nearly killing her from Dashel and the remaining Guard, then the scribe moved into Viktoria of Blood's charge path to Lucius, annoyingly. The student gave Viktoria of Ashes an assist amd made her Fast, and finally Viktoria of Blood got sued and hit with Fees +2. Viktoria scored 1 VP from Interference and 2 more after revealing Set Up on Dashel. Turn three Viktoria of Ashes cast Sisters in Battle, moved into range of the scribe, and cast Dragon's Bite, dropping her and Blood on the scribe and wasting him easy. Viktoria of Blood then chain activated and charged Lucius. Taelor charged Dashel to keep him tied up, while the student ran after her sisters. The lawyer and guard ran into the fray to try and brin down Viktoria of Ashes, getting her down to 2 Wounds. Turn four, Viktoria of Ashes used Sisters in Battle and Dragon's Bite to drop her, Blood, and the student on Lucius, getting him to a single Wound. Viktoria of Blood then popped off Flight of Dragons, but everyone whiffed or got the damage prevented, but Lucius's hand was completely used in the process. Blood's Melee Expert attack finally killed Lucius, then a lucky hit from the guard killed Viktoria of Ashes. We called the game at that point, since there was no way to score any more points. Final score was 6 to 8, Viktorias' victory.
  9. So my girlfriend has a box of Guild Riflemen on their way to give her Lucius boxed set some kick, and I'm a bit concerned about them. Dashel and Lucius will make it easy for her to get six Focused shots a turn, and the Move It! trigger on Issue Command will help keep important models in sight of the riflemen. I'm especially worried about Stand and Shoot; one rifleman is just a nuisance and Viktoria of Blood can heal the two wounds easy, but two riflemen is half of a Viktoria's wounds! I can't Soul Stone the damage away forever, and I'm paying a lot for those prevention flips. Dragon's Bite seems like it would help out here, since it's a place effect and not a charge, as would hugging terrain and waiting for an opening when they haven't Focused. Any other tips on taking them out?
  10. I played one game against the Viks when I was just learning Malifaux, and they murdered me...but then everything murdered me back then. Recently I met up with them again for the second time (Hi @Mason!), and I had a much better idea of what to expect...and they still murdered me. Does anyone have any particular recommendations for dealing with this whirlwind of steely death? I feel like the general plan is to have something killy in position to counter-charge them and burn one or both of them down before they get to activate again...but with their high defenses, healing. and soulstone use, that seems like it will take a HUGE amount of burst damage to work reliably. What have folks used successfully? Or do you take a different approach?
  11. I started a blog to take note of my successes and failures as I push myself to prepare for 2017 NOVA, a personal goal of mine. So I want to start making Batreps and paint WIP pictures. I'll say that Danielo_s' idea of going down to two masters has been phenomenal for me. Especially since Viks and Parker are apparently my exact fit playstyle wise. Anyway, let's kick things off with an incomplete BatRep of yesterday's tournament, my first win in a year and a half of playing. http://willmalifaux.tumblr.com/post/150641857252/i-won-my-first-tournament
  12. Henchman Ben is back for another 50SS game, his Outcasts against my Neverborn in this encounter from Gaining Grounds 2016. My next two upcoming Gaining Grounds events are April 30th at Lords of War in Oakville Ontario... https://www.facebook.com/events/256783571331891/ ... and the Ontario Masters at Lords of War Weekend June 5th, Mississauga, Ontario! https://www.facebook.com/events/1065584066818527/ Hope to see some of you guys there in person!
  13. Hi Guys, I recently got into this game with the Viks box, and while I'm only starting to get the hang of things, I'm starting to look forward plan my next purchases. It's been very clear that Vanessa & the Malifaux Child are a must buy, but one thing I noticed is that Viks are seriously lacking in Ranged support. So who would you suggest as a ranged support for a Viks crew?
  14. So Have had have a gang of painted Viktorias for years...my wife and I painted up "red" (viktorias) and "white" (Latigo) gangs to play each other and it never happened... how bad is this gang and how much work do I need to make it playable? I guess I am going for a 50 ss gang? Leader: Viktoria 1 X Convicted Gunslinger 3 X Ronin 1 X Taelor 1 X Bishop (not sure what cards to add...)
  15. I have had a painted gang of Viktorias for years now (they are metal) but never seemed to find a close place that had a group playing. well that may have changed so... 1) are there any good army builders? Preferably PC or Android. 2) how many units have the "sister" trait or can you link me a place whre I can find the answer?
  16. I often hear people swearing by Howling Wolf Tattoo (and putting it on Vanessa), but I haven't really figured out how to use this one. The few times I have taken it I haven't used it, so I don't even take it anymore. Giving somebody 'Sister' just seems highly situational. It can give melee expert to a beatstick, but that's just exchanging 1AP for another, so highly situational. Aside from that, having the sister buffs on such a beatstick can certainly boost the damage anywhere on the board, but to take advantage of that I'd have to activate the Viks early in the turn which I usually don't want to do unless they're about to get smashed. So all I can see is that it looks highly situational, and being so I can't see that it's worth the SS cost and upgrade slot. I know there's something about not discarding a card to flurry, but given I'd just discard a low card anyway I'm not sure how useful this one is either... So, what am I missing? How is everybody using this one?
  17. Played in a tournament yesterday, and round 2 I got absolutely destroyed by gremlin....was 9-1 in the end I think. How on earth do I handle Gremlins??? Strat: Interference Scheme pool: Murder Protege, Alits, breakthrough, bodyguard....don't remember the others. I took Murder and Bodyguard (Killjoy), declared Murder (Fingers was the target). Opponent took Breakthrough (declared) and bodyguard (Fingers) I took both Viks, Librarian, trapper, Student of Conflict, 2x Freikorpsmann, Librarian and Killjoy (buried) He took Som'er Jones, Trixiebelle, Fingers, and a bunch of other Gremliny things....... Trapper was in a good spot, but his pot shots were fairly ineffective. Freikorpsmenn pushed up hoping for cover behind a wall, but they got picked off almost as soon at got to the wall. The others....terrain wasn't really my friend. Som'er summoned a few gremlins in turn one then pushed out into the open on my right turn 2. There was some angular cover in the middle, then open terrain until the next lot of cover. I could get my viks from cover to cover without being exposed to Som'er, so I chose to hid behind the cover and take my chances against his blast (bad choice). Turn 3 Som'er pushed out down to the same side a bit more into the open, I tried getting Pokey Vik across, but she was ineffective . She got killed, so I brought out Killjoy (Librarian was already dead) By the time turn 4 came around, all I had left was my trapper still trying to shoot Fingers, Student of Conflict, and Shooty Vik. Shooty Vik ran across the left to try and engage Fingers, SoC also ran down to help out. Killjoy moved up to kill Taelor and to claim 1VP from Bodyguard. Turn 5, Killjoy died, Fingers was still being invincible and we wrapped it up. So, basically, it took until turn 3 to kill anything, and that was Killjoy killing Taelor (who didn't matter in this game anyway). The Squeel trigger just destroyed me, couldn't get more than 1 hit on anything, and it would just run off and heal. So, given that, what on earth could I have done this game? How do I handle gremlins? In hindsight von Schill might have been a better choice...but really, no idea how I could have done anything effective. I just couldn't get anything going at all. Doesn't help that for the first 2 turns I not only didn't have anything higher than 10 in my hand, and I also didn't flip anything higher than a 10 at any useful point
  18. I'm working up a drawing of the characters with the 'Sister' characteristic. For some reason, I've got it in my head that there are five sisters but can only find four (Vik of Blood, Vik of Ashes, Student of Conflict and Vanessa). Have I missed one or am I imagining things?
  19. Here's a YouTube video where I talk about the Viktorias! Hateful Darkblacks Intro to the Viktorias It's intended for those who aren't familiar with the Viktorias, and gives a quick summary of what to expect when playing them or playing against them for the first time. Thoughts and comments are of course completely welcome!
  20. Hi All, How is everyone today? I come to you asking some advice as to what I should purchase next. Just a little background, I tend to purchase alot of things but never get around to doing things with them but I have finally kicked my ass into gear and will actually be starting a painting log with a goal to finish a model or 2 a week at minimum. I own a Pandora box + teddy and am currently waiting on my 2 player starter set. I also picked up Johan and the Malifaux child as I hear they are pretty handy in alot of lists. I have currently only played 1 game of Malifaux so far but intend on changing it. Here's the thing, the other day I stumbled on a store which still had a Vik's box which in Australia has not been in stock for many many months so I snapped it up for the sake of having it and now I am here. I had always planned on doing Guild or Arcanists or even Neverborn but after buying the Viks I looked into the Outcasts and I think I have found my first faction with the possibility of crossing into others. I just have a few questions as per below. 1. I have the Hired swords box + Johan and a Malifaux child, what else should I pick up to help round out my list building? I used pull my finger and Vanessa seems to fit alright but I am unsure 2. I want to pick up a 2nd master box so I will have some variety with outcasts but I am unsure of what will combine well with what is in the Hired swords? I want to stick to plastics so my choices are pretty much Von Schill, Tara, Levy - I am kind of weary of Levy as his mechanics seem pretty crazy for a new player. 3. I want to stick to plastics so I won't be getting very many if any metal models as I don't want to have to purchase the arsenal cards for no reason. If you have made it this far thank you for reading.
  21. Hey guys A buddy and I played a game on Saturday, my Viktorias against his Mei Feng, 50 soul stones. It was really fun and thematic. I wrote it up in "story style" from the perspective of the Viktoria crew. Deployment: flank Strategy: Sabotage with set up camp for defender (Viks attackers, Mei Feng defender) Viktorias schemes: Plant evidence, bodyguard (Johan) Mei Feng schemes: Plant evidence, bodyguard (Kang) Result: 9 - 8 to Viktoria Enjoy! ENTER THE DRAGONS Viktoria received an anonymous envelope with a letter, and a small amount of soul stones inside. On closer inspection, The letter was a contract, asking her to destroy one of the Arcanists supply warehouses along one of their railroads and make it look as if the Ten Thunders did it. If she accepted, she was to accomplish it in two nights time. After successfully completing the mission, she'd need to meet at the Star Theatre the night after to receive the rest of the stipulated lucrative amount in soul stones from a man in red, who would approach her. Viktoria thought to herself, why red? Red? A Guild guardsmen, or just a gentleman in a red suite? It must be the guild, or at least whoever planned this wants her to think it's the guild. She decided to do it. If she could help increase the tension between the 3 power houses of Malifaux, in anyway, then so be it. Especially if she earned a large amount of soulstones from it. --- The night air was brisk, Vanessa could feel the change in season coming, even through her duster coat she could feel the chill. Next to her was Johan, in his thick hooded cape with his massive glowing hammer resting over his shoulder. Just ahead were two Ronin - Tasha and Lisa, both carrying Ten Thunder standard issue dynamite and fuses, some would be used to to blow up the warehouse, some would be used to plant as false evidence. The small group were silent as they approached the point on the map the Viktorias told them to be. The area was close to southgate station, bordering the Quarantine zone. They came up towards an old ruined building on their left and a large dead tree, similar to the hanging tree, on their right. The soil was barren, but Vanessa could feel the energies of a leyline. Not too far ahead, to the right, Johan pointed out the warehouse, "I think that's what we're here to blow up". "Yes, we're in position", replied Vanessa in a whisper. She signalled to Tasha, and with that, Tasha pulled out an old pocket mirror, which she used to flicker some moon light off into the distance. Viktoria saw the flicker she was waiting for in the distance to her right, exactly where she expected it to come from. "Dependable as always", whispered the other Viktoria as she readjusted the straps slung over her shoulders, holding the sheaths that carried the two masamuni swords. Viktoria readied her clockwork pistol, pulled out a small mirror from her coat and looked back over her shoulder, her sister in spirit was there, both hands now moving up from the straps over her shoulders to unsheathe the two masamunis slung across her back. Next to her was the nameless girl, their small protégée, which they now just call, 'the student'. Just behind them crouched Alice, a freikorps librarian, who's arcane abilities have saved the sisters lives many times before. Viktoria flickered some moonlight off the mirror back over to Vanessa and the others on the opposite side of the ruins, signaling to approach the warehouse. As she put the mirror back into her coat, she heard voices coming from the tall ruins on her left behind the tall rock formation jutting out of the earths surface. "Bollocks!", exclaimed Viktoria in a whisper, "Why can't it ever be easy?". "If it was going to be easy, they wouldn't have hired us to do it", replied the other Viktoria, peaking over the small wall they were hiding behind. "I see two men, with construction tools as limbs. A taller man, with a massive shovel. A smaller man pushing a wheel barrow. And a woman followed by a, a flame?" "Mei Feng and her Ten thunders rail workers", said Alice cautiously, "they fight just as well as they build". "Bollocks!" extorted Viktoria as she quickly ducked behind the wall again, "they have a rail golem with them!" As Viktoria ducked down, the massive construct, three times the height of a man, stepped out from behind the ruins with steam billowing out its back on their far left, holding a piece of rail steel the length of two men in it's red hot, iron grip. "We have to go! We have to go now!" shouted the student jumping up. Before the other woman could react, the little girl sheathed her sword and started running into the open towards the warehouse ahead of them. The rail workers saw her, "Mistress, what do we do?" "Catch her!", exclaimed Mei Feng in a calm demeanor. One of the rail workers started running directly for the student, while the other started running to his right towards the wall the others were still hiding behind. "Go! Go! Go!" Shouted Viktoria, as both sisters stood up and started sprinting with unnatural speed towards the student. "Here we go", said Alice as she ran behind the two blondes, trying her best to keep up. --- "What's going on over there?" asked Lisa. "I'm not sure", replied Vanessa, "but it doesn't look good! Lisa, Tasha, Johan, you three run over to the warehouse and do what we came here to do. I'm going to make my way over towards my sisters there, looks like they could use some help." "Yes ma'am" replied Lisa with a sarcastic salute. "I'm coming with you Vanessa", instructed Johan. The two Ronin ran past the large, dead, hanging tree look-a-like and into the tall dry grass behind it. Vanessa and Johan jumped over the rubble they were hiding behind into the open and started running towards the sisters. "We're on a leyline!" said Vanessa. "What's that mean?" asked Johan. A long grin appeared on Vanessa's soft face, "You'll see!" --- As the beautiful blonde twins ran past the tall rock formation on their left, the rail worker running straight after the student came up through the trees next to the rock formation, meters away from the two of them. Viktoria paused, raised her clockwork pistol at the half iron man and released two shots, both hitting him. One shot ricocheted off his steel chest, only winding him and the other exploding a small chunk of flesh off his shoulder. After regaining his balance, he kept running. A blue ball of light hurtled past the two Viktorias on their right with such speed, it almost pushed them to the floor. The ball of light blasted into the rail worker with a blinding flash of light, exploding the man into bits of flesh and steel which landed with splashes and klanks around the twins. "We've got your backs!" Viktoria looked back over her shoulder, running up towards them into the open was Vanessa and Johan. Lisa and Tasha made it out of the tall grass, the warehouse not far away now. "Should we go over there and help?!" Lisa asked Tasha. "No, someone needs to do what we came here for!" With that, Tasha threw a stick of dynamite onto the ground and pointed at the warehouse. "Let's blow that building sky high, get paid and make the Thunders answer for it." --- The student carried on making a beeline for the warehouse, both Viktorias close behind her on either side, reached out and grabbed the little girl on either arm. "What are you doing?!", yelled one Viktoria. "You want to get killed?!" Yelled the other. "Wait for me!", Alice was struggling to keep up with the sisters. Both Viktorias turned around to see how far behind Alice was. Just as they turned around, Mei Feng flew into the librarian, slashing at her with catlike claws, ripping through the freikorp armour. Alice fell to the ground with a piercing scream. Thinking the librarian dead, Mei Feng turned her attention towards the sisters, "What are you two doing here?!" With Mei Feng focused on the twins, Alice focused her mind, closing her wounds with healing energies, pulled out her hunting knife and slashed at the back of Mei Fengs legs with a miss as Mei Feng intuitively dodged out the way. The Viktorias drew their swords and charged towards Mei Feng with a roar. Vanessa readied her arcane staff, Mei Feng was a sitting duck. Just as she was about to unleash a leyline charged ball of arcane energy at the foundry leader, Johan slapped down onto her staff with his hand, "Stop! You could hit Alice!" Vanessa froze in shock, "I, I didn't see her!" "We need to help her!" exclaimed Johan as he lifted his unwieldy hammer and started to run over to Alice and Mei Feng. "Aaaahhh!" Johan swung round to see Vanessa was now on fire. Mei Fengs totem, the emberling had charged at Vanessa out of nowhere and was swirling around her. As Viktoria was about to leap at Mei Feng, both masamunes drawn, she saw something massive rocketing towards her on her right. The rail golem came crashing out into the open through the trees with the speed and power of a freight train, slamming his rail line of a club into the ground, inches away from Viktoria, the force of the slam knocking Viktoria off her feet. She looked up and saw the club coming straight for her head, with inhuman dexterity, she flicked herself out of harms way and back onto her feet. She glanced to her left, her twin and the student had made the charge and were locked in melee with Mei Feng, swords and claws slashing and clanging into each other. She turned her attention back at the behemoth coming at her for a second round. She mumbled to herself, "Time to keep my oath" and leaped out of the way of the rail line steel that came crashing down towards her. Then, before the golem could stand up straight from its own arching swing, Viktoria had leaped onto its back and buried both magical blades down through its neck, into its torso. Viktoria somersaulted off the front of the golem ripping out both blades, sending a swirl of hot coal and fire into the air behind her, whilst the golem let out a deep groan and slumped into the ground. Viktoria landed on both feet and leapt into melee to aid her sisters against Mei Feng. --- Johan dived into Vanessa, exploding through the swirl of fire created by the dancing emberling, sending himself and Vanessa crashing into the dirt. Johan sprung to his knees, whipping off his cloak and used it suffocate the fire engulfing Vanessa. He grabbed his relic hammer and swung around onto his feet, hammer stretched out, but missed the elemental. Vanessa, angered by the emberling, stood to her feet with her short sword drawn and lunged at the fiery aggressor, stabbing it and sending out a spew of hot coal and fire out its back. The emberling let out a high pitched scream and spat out a ball of fire onto Vanessa, setting her duster alight again, though this time Vanessa kept fighting the elemental through the burning. She swung at the emberling again, slicing through its head, causing it to explode into black smoke. Johan glinted through the black smoke to see a scrawny man with a wheel barrow, then a cylindrical red object landing not too far from him and Vanessa. "Fire in the hole!". BOOM! --- "What was that?!", Lisa and Tasha thought they were the only ones using explosives. "I don't know" said Lisa, "but we better get on with it". The two ronin had reached the warehouse and 'dropped' enough discriminating evidence against the Ten Thunders on the way. "I hope we have enough dynamite left after dropping so many on the way here, this warehouse is sturdy". "That's why we throw the dynamite inside, stupid!" exclaimed Lisa. Lisa then carefully pried open a window with her short blade, trying not to make as little noise as possible, in case someone or something was inside. --- The student swung her sword with all her might at Mei Fengs legs, but missed as the martial expert jumped over the blade, twisting into a jackhammer kick that sent the little apprentice flying through the air and into the dirt with a thud and puff of dust. "Oh no you don't!" exclaimed Viktoria at Mei Feng, as she slashed with lightning speed at Mei Feng, who managed to side step most of the blow, with the sword only skimming her side for minor damage. Mei Feng retaliated with cat like swipes of her smoldering metal claws, slashing both Viktorias. The twin with both swords swung at Mei Feng with a whirlwind of steel blades, cutting Mei Feng across the chest with the first blade, but missing with the second as Mei Feng misdirected the blade off her steel claws into the other Viktoria. Viktoria staggered and fell to one knee, bleeding profusely out of her stomach. --- Johan found himself on the ground covered in dirt, he pulled himself up along the shaft of his hammer that stood upright, head in the ground. He could see Vanessa lying in the dirt, just outside the crater of the explosion. She looked dead. Off to the distance, he could see the scrawny man planting dynamite in the ground. Johan didn't care what Willie was doing, he wanted to get Vanessa and get her to safety. He staggered towards Vanessa, picked her up, she was black all over and bleeding from the head. Johan slung Vanessa over his shoulder and made a run for safety through the tall grass towards the rendezvous point. --- Lisa and Tasha positioned themselves defensively outside the window, each of them lighting a fuse attached to a kindle of dynamite. The two young mercenaries threw their charged bundles of dynamite through the window of the warehouse in unison. And then ran as fast as they possibly could into a safe distance from the building. "Ten, nine, eight, seven", Tasha started counting down, anticipating the explosion, "six, five, four " BOOM! The dynamite exploded, blowing out the entire back of the warehouse in spectacular fashion. The two ronin then headed for the rendezvous point, which was in the direction of the Malifaux Exploration Society. --- Alice had managed to bring herself to full health while Mei Feng was occupied with the sisters, and now, the sisters needed her help. One of the twins was flat on the ground in a pool of blood. If she could heal her, she knew the twin would be okay. She had seen her survive worse. Alice walked towards the melee with both hands out uttering an old language. Healing energies flowed out of her hands and into the twins, closing up the cuts on the twin still fighting Mei Feng, but no movement was coming from the sister on the floor. Then, just as Mei Feng was about to send a burning steel fist through the standing sisters chest, she was floored by a sweeping kick from the sister on the floor, who then sprung to both feet. "It's done! The ronin have done it! Let's get out of here!" shouted both Viktorias in unison towards Alice, and with that, they leaped out of reach of Mei Feng, who was still getting back onto her feet. One of the twins picked up the unconscious student as they ran towards the rendezvous point. As they were running, the Viktorias looked back to see if Alice was behind them. She was not. Through the smoke and the flame of the burning warehouse, they could see the larger rail worker with the massive shovel dragging Alice's body away. "We need to get her! She could still be alive!" Shouted Viktoria as she pulled out her pistol and started towards the fiery seen. "No! She's gone! Leave her!" Johan's voice came out of the dark, Viktoria turned around to see him pointing to the far right, where dozens of rail workers were running to the scene of the crime. Behind Johan were the two Ronin and at his feet was Vanessa, "We need to get her to a healer, now." End.
  22. So I never liked the super skinny original Viks, but I liked the alternatives except for the super wyrd hairdo. So I decided to do something about and that something was to give them some fancy hats -
  23. Guild Evidence ID Number: 7672458 Description: Diary of Arcanist Rasputina Note: Evidence has been sanitized. May 17th Encountered Viktoria and the blind one today. They happened to be in the same town as the book I have been looking for. I lost Misha's kin in battle. Misha survived (just barely) I'll kill that blind [Expletive Deleted] if she ever hurts Misha again. I managed to push back both attackers and their minions but it was a close call. Unfortunately the knowledge I seek was not located in the town. However, a bookkeeper told me that a book fitting the description i gave was located in a neighboring town. "But be warned" he said "the place is heavily guarded." We'll see about that. May 18th Heavily Guarded my [Expletive Deleted]. However, I did cross paths with that milky eyed [Expletive Deleted] again. While I was busy dealing with the guards and our unwanted guest Misha and his new friends proved themselves useful by fetching the book. It told of great magic that allows me to freeze the hearts of a dying man and make him my slave. In learning this I took one of the Guild men for my own. His papers indicate that he is one Wallace "Big Foot" Walker. Such a peculiar name for a man whose shoes are no bigger than mine. Speaking of which I stole his shoes. They're cute and a lot less heavy than my old ones. He walks a little slower now but i get around so much better. It evens out. I thought i was done writing for today bit in my readings i discovered a way to use the hearts of the undead to weaken those around me thus making my new ability that much more powerful. There are rumors of a town over run with the walking dead a little to the north. We set off tomorrow and should reach the town in 3 days. May 21 We made better time than I expected. We arrived in town yesterday morning. I ran into the Governors [Expletive Deleted] AGAIN. Does this [Expletive Deleted] follow me everywhere? No matter, she was easy to deal with. The undead however provided a slight challenge. In the end I got what I came for. With a little more study my abilities should be vastly improved. ---------- Post added at 01:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:05 PM ---------- Here are some pictures of the modified Death Marshal that my boyfriend (Alieneggsucker here on the forums) made for the campaign we are playing. Above story is based on our campaign with keeperofgrudges.
  24. Hello, reader. These past two days I've recieved my first Malifaux figures. I've been reading about the game for months and some people at the game club have started playing the game already but only now have I been able to start myself. I've been wargaming for about five years, starting with WH40k but never actually progressing past building and converting figures and vehicles (Orks, what else!). I never really enjoyed the game nor painting for the scale, but quickly moved on to Flames of War, a 15mm WWII game where I've painted a handful of armies (and am enjoying the game a whole lot). Tomorrow will be my first game of Malifaux so I've been rushing to get my figures cleaned up and mounted. Being that I can hardly never build anything straight out of the box without adding, reshaping or kitbashing stuff I brought out the green stuff to fix some things I didn't like about these sculpts as well as adding a poncho flapping in the wind for the Convict Gunslinger. I chose the Alternative Viktorias sculpts, partly because they are great looking but also because the starter box was not very appealing to me. You will notice I added some greenstuff because I didn't care much for some of the fan service. The separated boobs on Bounty Hunter Viktoria looked silly to me so I bridged them together. Swordmistress Viktoria rubbed me the wrong way even more with the very low pants that looked like they would fall off if she started running and whirlwinding, and the vest appearing open without a bra seemed to defy physics so much that I bridged it together as well. I think these sculpts are awesome otherwise, and now I'm very very pleased with them. The Ronin with the revolver had a rather bad looking sword which I understand is a common issue with this sculpt. I managed to trim and shape it into a decent looking japanese sword and I'm liking this figure a lot. The Ronin who is about to draw her blade had a way too big cleavage for me. I added some more clothes to cover it up and make her look more ready to actually fight without her boobs falling out of her loose fitting clothes. The Convict Gunslinger was my biggest undertaking. I've never sculpted anything this substantial before and I don't know how it is going to work out in the end. I wanted to sculpt the poncho much like Clint Eastwood's character in the Dollars trilogy, slung over the shoulder. After four failed attempts I decided to just have him wear it plain and boring. By accident I bent the lower front half of the poncho and it looked like it was dancing in the wind. I quickly adjusted the back, shoulder and neck parts of the poncho to get that windy look. I'm probably going to paint it up with yellows, oranges and dirty whites to get that bandito thing going. I'm already imagining the Gunslinger having a thing for the Ronin with the dreads. She will of course never acknowledge his verbal advances. A man can dream.. In the future I really can see the male Desperate Mercenary going on a job with these wild warrior women going "You women are maniacs. I'm outahere!" by turn three. We will see later in this thread how an inevitable expansion of my collection of mercenaries will plan out. Looking forward to painting these figures up and will be posting more as that happens!
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